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If Only Love Was So Simple

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Story Title: If only love was so simple

Type of story: Love/Romance/Teen

Main Characters: Mattie, Rik, Cass, Luc, Belle and Drew

BTTB rating:

Genre: Love Comedy

Does story include spoilers: YES YES YES YES

Any warnings: may have some sexual content


Who will Mattie unexpectedly fall in love with?

Cassie and Rik are together but are not happy

Luc and Belle are together

Drew is single and Mattie is single

What Willl Happen?

'Hey has Rik left for school yet?' asked Mattie as she walked into the kitchen where Sally was putting pippas shoes on

'No i dont think so' said Sally

'Oh do you mind if i wait?' asked Mattie

'No problem, actually you could try and have a word with them they had an argument last night' said Sally sying

'Not again, this is getting rediculous' said Mattie

'Tell me about it' said Sally as she put pippa down on the floor

'What about?' asked Mattie

'Something to do with Rik not paying Cassie enough attention' explained Sally

'Great!' said Mattie sarcastically she was really getting sick of Cassie being so insecure

'Anyway i have to go if Riks not down in 5 min, go up and encourage him' laughed Sally

'Will do Bye' said Mattie

'Bye' giggled Pippa


'Hey Mattie' said Rik as he came into the kitchen

'Hi are you ok?' asked Mattie

'I take it Sal told you about me and cass then' said Rik

'Yes' said Mattie rolling her eyes

'Im sick of her,she is so insecure and so jelous' said Rik

'Umh we need to go lets talk on the way' said Mattie

'So she just came up to me and shoute at me for not paying her enogh attention' said Rik as they began walking

'Seriously Rik i love her and all but she needs to get a grip' said Mattie

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