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Unbreakable Love

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Unbreakable Love

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha mainly but there will be others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: (SC) (L) (V/D)

Summary: Martha and Jack have been together for 4 months and love each other. But one night, their lives are turned upside down.

Another Fic :) . I think I may be addicted :lol: .

I think you will hate me from the start of this fic :)

Chapter 1

Nearly a year ago, a terrible accident happened. One night, Jack and Martha had a row. Jack went out leaving Martha alone. That night, Jack never returned home. This is what happened that night. Martha arrived home after a long day's work. She opened the front door expecting Jack to have made a meal like he had promised. But when she opened the front door, the house was the way it was like when she left. No dishes had been washed, the beds hadnt been made and there was no dinner.

"Jack!" she called

She looked around the house. He wasn't home. It was past 9. Where was he? He promised Martha that he would be back at 7 and would cook a meal. But, yet again, he broke his promise. Martha took her phone out of her bag and dialled Jack's number. She was fuming.

"Hello" Jack said

"Hey, Jack. When will you be home?" Martha asked

"I donno, babe. Tied up in work." Jack replied

"You said that last night…and the night before that" Martha answered

"I know, Babe. But work - "

"Jack! I am your girlfriend! You pay more attention to that job than you do to me" Martha said

"I know, Martha. I am so sorry. I will not be too long. I promise" Jack said

Martha up hung on Jack and out of rage flung her phone across the room. She opened the freezer and took out a microwave dinner. She sat down on the sofa. She eat her food while she watched TV. Outside it started to rain very heavily. After a few hours, Martha checked her watch. It was 11 and Jack was still not home. 12 came and went. Finally, at nearly 1 o clock, Jack arrived home. Jack opened the door quietly expecting Martha to be asleep. But she was still awake and standing in the room with her arms folded.

"Martha!" Jack smiled giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Finally" Martha shouted

"What? Martha I told you - "

"Save it Jack! We have dating for four months and in that time how many times have you taken me out?" Martha yelled

"I told you. I had you work" Jack said

"You know what, Jack I am sick of this, time and time again you break promises you to me" Martha screamed

"Martha, Please" Jack begged

"No, Jack. I am sorry. But this is ridiculous!" Martha yelled

"Martha! You have said this to me so many times. Over and over again." Jack yelled "There is nothing I can do if I have to work"

Jack went to the door.

"Where are you going?" Martha asked

"Out!" Jack shouted and slammed the door behind him

Jack went done to the bar. He downed so many drinks that eventually it reached closing time. He walked out to get into her car and drive home. Being a cop, he should have known that it was dangerous to drink and drive. But, he was too drunk to realise. He pulled out of the car park but not before crashing into a few rubbish bins. Jack headed down the road. It was only a 10 minute drive home. As it was lashing out and he was drunk, he couldn't see properly. He was driving along the long road when out of nowhere a big lorry appeared. Jack then realised he was driving on the wrong side of the road. The lorry was getting closer. He quickly drove to the right side but lost control of the car. He spun out of control and the car went straight into a ditch.

Story inspired by "Unbreakable" by Westlife


Took my hand

Touched my heart

Held me close

You were always there

By my side

Night and day

Through it all

Maybe come what may

Swept away on a wave of emotion

Overcaught in the eye of the storm

And whenever you smile

I can hardly believe that you're mine

Believe that you're mine

This love is unbreakable

It's unmistakable

And each time I look in your eyes

I know why

This love is untouchable

I feel that my heart just can't deny

Each time I look in your eyes

Oh baby, I know why

This love is unbreakable

Shared the laughter

Shared the tears

We both know

We'll go on from here

Cause together we are strong

In my arms

That's where you belong

I've been touched by the hands of an angel

I've been blessed by the power of love

And whenever you smile

I can hardly believe that you're mine

This love is unbreakable

It's unmistakable

Each time I look in your eyes

I know why

This love is untouchable

I feel that my heart just can't deny

Each time you whisper my name

Oh baby, I know why

This love is unbreakable

Through fire and flame

When all this is over

Our love still remains

This love is unbreakable

It's unmistakable

And each time I look in your eyes

I know why

This love is untouchable

I feel that my heart just can't deny

Each time you whisper my name

Oh baby, I know why

Cause each time I look in your eyes

Oh baby, I know why

This love is unbreakable

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Chapter 2

The lorry driver got out of his car and ran over to the car in the ditch. He called an ambulance and the police. Jack was rushed into hospital straight away.

“Male, 24. Car accident” said one of the doctors.

Rachel looked at Jack and ran to phone Martha. Martha was on her bed crying when Rachel phoned.

“Hello” Martha said

“Martha, It is Rachel” she said

“Rachel?” Martha replied and looked at the clock. It was 2 am.

“You need to come down to the hospital. It is Jack” Rachel said

Martha jumped off the bed and got dressed. She headed straight down the hospital. Rachel came up to talk to her,

“Rach…What is going on? Where is he?” Martha asked

“It was in a car crash, Martha. You can’t see him yet” Rachel said

“Please, Rachel. Let me see him” Martha begged

“I cant. Not yet. He is in the operating room. I will get you a coffee” Rachel said and left.

“You must be the man's, partner” a man said

“Girlfiend, Who are you?” Martha snapped

“Sorry. I know this is really hard for you. I was driving my lorry down the road when you husband’s car spun out of control. I called the ambulance” He answered

“Oh…I am sorry. Thank you so much.” Martha said

“It is no problem” he smiled

Rachel came back to Martha and handed her a coffee. All three of them sat down and waited to hear some news. Martha stood up. She went and called Tony. Tony, Lucas and Beth arrived at the hospital. Rachel left them to talk as well as the lorry driver who went home. Hours past until the finally heard something. Rachel walked out.

“I am sorry, guys. Jack is in a coma” Rachel said “he may never wake up.”

Martha broke down.

“Can I see him?” Martha wept

“Sure” Rachel answered “Would you guys like to see him as well”

“We will let Martha to go and see him first” Tony replied

Rachel walked Martha down the hallway where Jack was. She entered the room and looked at him and burst into tears. Martha walked over to Jack. There was so many wires attached to him. She sat at the edge of the bed and looked at him

“I am so sorry, Jack” she wept

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Chapter 3

The next morning, Martha was a mess. She didn’t sleep a wink the night before. She couldn’t eat anything, she wouldn’t talk to anyone. All she wanted, was Jack. She loved him so much. Alf brought her a coffee.

“Here you go, love” Alf said

“I don’t want it, granddad” Martha answered

“Take it! You need your strength.” Alf replied

Martha took the drink.

“This is my entire fault” she said starting to cry

“Martha! This is not your fault. It is nobody’s fault” Alf said

“It is. We had another row. He left” Martha said

“Martha, this is not your fault. Don’t be thinking that.” Alf said

“What if he never wakes up. I will never get to tell him that I love him so much and that I am so sorry” Martha sobbed

“Love, don’t talk that way” Alf said

A man walked into the room where, Alf and Martha were. He had a bunch of flowers

“Can I help you?” Alf asked

Martha looked up. It was the lorry driver.

“I am just here to say how sorry I am” he said

“Granddad, this is the man that called an ambulance for Jack” Martha smiled

“These are for you…Well they are really for Jack” he said handing the flowers to Martha

“Thank you” Martha said

“Well, I better go.” The lorry driver said

“No…No. You don’t have to” Alf said

“I better.” He said

“Ok…” Alf answered

Martha walked the lorry driver to the main area of the hospital.

“See you soon” Martha said

“Yeah. Bye” he replied

Martha left him. Instead of walking out the door in walked into the intensive care unit. He walked down the hallway and into room number four. There, he looked at his very ill wife, Jane.

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Chapter 4

Days turned into weeks. Weeks soon turned into months and still know change. Martha was so stressed out. She loved Jack. But she didn’t know if Jack would ever wake up. Was it time to move on? Martha walked into the hospital and bumped into the lorry driver.

“Oh my god!” Martha smiled

“Hey” he said

“It has been ages…What are you doing here?” Martha asked

“Em…Check up” he lied

“You know what, I still don’t know your name” laughed Martha

“Yeah. My name is Tom” he said

“Nice name -”

A doctor ran up to Tom. She took him to the side and after a few minutes, they ran into the intensive care unit. Martha wondered what was wrong but she didn’t follow them. She waited. A few minutes pasted and Tom returned. He walked up to Martha.

“Are you ok?” she asked concerned

“My…wife…jus…just died” he sobbed

Martha hugged him. She didn’t even know that Tom had a wife.

“I am sorry. I better go. I must tell everyone” he said sadly.

“Tom, will you be ok?” Martha asked

“I hope so.” He smiled

He started to walk out of the hospital but turned back. He walked back up to Martha.

“I am sorry that I never mentioned my wife. It was just she was on dialysis. It has been very hard for all of the family.” Tom explained

“Tom, it is ok.” Martha smiled

Tom and Martha shook hands. Tom left. Martha walked into Jack’s room and whispered to him;

“I love you Jack. Please wake up”

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Chapter 5

It was now ten months since the accident. Martha visited Jack every day. She missed him so much. Mattie and Lucas moved in with her so she wouldn't feel so lonely. Martha insisted that she was okay and that she didn’t need them. Martha had not seen Tom for over three months when she found out about his wife. She hoped that wherever he was that he was happy. One day, Martha was on her way to the hospital to see Jack when she saw who looked like Tom. She walked over to him. When the man turned around it was him. Martha walked into see Jack. Rachel walked into the room

“Hey Martha” she said

“Hey” Martha answered

“You know, in all my years of being a doctor, I have never seen someone that comes in at 8 o clock in the morning and leaves at 8 at night. That was until you.” Rachel said

“Thanks, Rach” Martha replied quietly

“Are you ok” Rachel asked

“No…Not really” she answered

“What is wrong? Is there anything that I can do?” Rachel asked

“Yes…Make Jack wake up.” Martha said and started to cry

“Martha. Please. Don’t cry. Jack will be fine” Rachel said hugging her

“I can’t do this anymore” Martha sobbed

“Do what?” Rachel asked

“This. Spend my whole life in here waiting for him to wake up. I don’t even know if he will” Martha said

“Martha, it is fine for you to be feeling like this.” Rachel said

“Is it? Really? I mean Jack has been in here for 10 months now and I have been waiting around for him to wake up. Why do I get the feeling that I should be moving on?” Martha asked

“Martha, it you feel that is the right thing to do then go ahead.” Rachel said

Rachel left the room. Martha sat on a chair beside Jack and stared at him.

“You know what, I love Jack but I can’t keep doing this” Martha said

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Chapter 6

Martha rolled over on her bed and looked at the date. June 4th 2007. It was exactly a year today that Jack had the accident and here still hadn’t woken up. Martha decided that she loved him, but couldn’t wait around for him any longer. She got out of her bed and went into the kitchen. Lucas had made breakfast.

“Good morning.” Lucas said

“Heya, guys. This looks great, Lucas” Martha smiled

“Yeah…He is a great cook” Mattie said to him

“Well, eat up ladies. Long day ahead of us” Lucas said

“Why?” Martha asked taking a slice of toast

“Well, it has been a year today. So I was thinking we would all go in and see Jack. See if there has been any change” Lucas said

“I am kind of busy today. I will not be visiting him today” Martha said

“What? Why? He is your boyfriend!” Lucas said annoyed

“Lucas! Everyday this year, I have gone in and seen him. And for what? There has been no change. I think it is time we all moved on” Martha yelled

“I cant believe you Martha. He loved you -”

“He didn’t love me. He loved his job!” Martha snapped

Martha stood up and went into her bedroom and slammed the door. Lucas was stunned. Martha was willing to let Jack go. If only she had known that the night after the accident, Jack was going to take Martha of to Paris and propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

After a few hours, Martha emerged for her bedroom. Lucas had left the house. Mattie was watching TV.

“Oh! Heya, Martha. Dinner will be ready at 8 tonight.” Mattie said

“No! I will cook. It is my turn. I have cooked in ages” Martha said

“Well, you have been busy. You know. With Jack.” Mattie replied

“Do you think giving up on Jack is wrong?” Martha asked

“Personally I don’t think it is. But I would think that Tony have a probelm with it. And well, Lucas does. But that is only because they love Jack and you were Jack’s girlfriend. So I can understand why Lucas was annoyed at you” Mattie explained

“I know. And he has every right to be. But, this is my life. I will live it the way I want to live it. I really want Lucas to understand that Jack may never wake up. I can’t just hold back. I have to move on. I will move on” Martha smiled

“Martha, maybe you should tell Tony about this” Mattie suggested

“Why? It is none of his business” Martha said

“Ok…Well, just to let you know. Tony will be so p*ssed at you when he finds you are going to start moving on” Mattie

“Well, he will just have to get use to it. I have to go. Be back around half 6.” Martha said

Martha got ready and left the house. She had to be in work for 3. It was now half two. She headed off and was thinking. Eventually she arrived at work. Alf was behind the till. He was loading bottles onto the shelf.

“Hi granddad” Martha smiled

“Hi, love! You seem very happy today considering what the date is” Alf said

“Well, it is time to move on.” Martha smiled “Would you like me to take over?”

Alf smiled and walked away to clean up some tables. Martha stacked the rest of the bottles onto the shelf.

“Can I have a juice please?”

Martha turned around and smiled.

“Tom!” she said

“Martha!” Tom smiled

“I didn’t know you worked here” Tom said

“Yeah…For the past three or fours years” Martha laughed

“How have you been? How is Jack?” Tom asked

“I am great. Jack is still in his coma.” Martha said

“Oh Martha…I am so sorry” Tom said

“It is ok. I have decided to move on anyways” Martha smiled

“Well, on that note, would you like to come for a coffee with me sometime?” Tom asked

“Sure. Say tomorrow. Yabbie Creek” Martha said

“Yeah. What time? Around 2?” Tom suggested

“Yeah. I will meet you there.” Martha smiled

Tom went to walk off.

“Do you still want that juice?” Martha asked

“Oh yeah…Please” Tom laughed

Martha got Tom the juice and handed it to him. Tom left the shop and Martha smiled. Alf walked over to Martha.

“Don’t you think you are moving on to fast?” Alf asked

“It is just coffee granddad. And I am a big girl now. Stay out of my life!” Martha snapped

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How old is this Tom fella?? He is the one that ran Jacky off the road, and now Martha is going to date him

Tom is like Martha age. So like around 24ish


Chapter 7

Martha left work and headed home to cook the dinner. Lucas and Mattie were watching the TV. Martha was pasted Lucas without saying a word. She started to prepare the dinner. Lucas stood up and walked over to her

“Want some help?” Lucas offered

“No thanks. I can do this myself” Martha said

“Martha, I am sorry about what I said earlier. Mattie and I have spoken and I understand what it has been like for you the past year.” Lucas said

“Thanks, Lucas. But, to be honest with you, I really don’t care what anyone thinks about what I chose to do with my life” Martha replied in a bitchy tone

“Fair enough.” Lucas said trying to hold back his angrier “When will you get to see Jack next?”

“I don’t know yet” Martha answered as she took a pot out of the press

“What about tomorrow? Me, Mattie, Beth and my dad are going in. Would you like to come?” Lucas asked

“I can’t. I am busy. Maybe the day after” smiled Martha

“Ok,” Lucas said and sat down on the chair beside Mattie

Martha finished preparing the meal and they all sat at the dinner table and ate up.

“What did you guys do today?” Martha asked

“I went to see Jack, while Mattie stayed at home” Lucas answered

“I was sorting out our living arrangements” Mattie replied

“Why? Are you moving out?” Martha asked

“Well, when you have enough money and I mean we are only 18 now so maybe in a year or two. But I wanted to just kind of see the prices” Mattie answered

“Yes, she found a really nice one bed home just twenty minutes away.” Lucas smiled

“Do you think that you are moving to fast? If you are thinking about moving in to years why don’t you check the prices of homes in two years?” Martha asked

“That would of made more sense but, we both feel it I never to late to see what prices people want” Lucas answered

Mattie could see the tension between them. Lucas was fuming and was ready to burst. Martha cleaned up ad went to bed. Lucas and Mattie watched the TV.


The next day, Martha got up and started to get ready. She wanted to look causal but sexy as well. She didn’t know why she wanted to. Maybe she liked Tom. She was very excited. When she was ready to leave the house, she walked out into the living area. Standing there was Beth, Tony, Lucas and Mattie getting ready to go and see Jack.

“You love amazing.” Smirked Beth

“Thank you” smiled Martha

“Where are you of to?” Tony asked still unknown to the fact that Martha was moving on

“Oh, just going shopping” Martha lied

“Sounds like fun” Mattie answered

“Shopping where?” Lucas asked

At this point, Tony’s phone began to ring. He went outside and answered it

“Yabbie Creek” Martha replied

“Well, if you are near that beauty shop, will you pick me up that face toner I was talking to you about the other day” Mattie asked “I have none left”

“Yeah, sure” Martha replied nervously

“Here is the money” Mattie said handing Martha 20 dollars

“Ok, I will pick it up. What time are you going at?” Martha asked

Nobody answered. Martha turned around to see Tony standing there. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

“Tony, love, what is the matter?” Beth asked

“It is Jack” he said quietly

Preview: Has Jack died or woken up?

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Chapter 8

Everyone looked at Tony. He suddenly had a smile on his face

“He has woken up” Tony said and ran over to hug Beth

Everyone was overjoyed with happiness. Martha couldn’t believe it. She sat on the sofa thinking. Tony walked over to her and sat beside her

“This is great news, isn’t it!” Tony said

“Yeah” Martha replied and faked a smile

“Are you ok, Martha?” Beth asked

“Yes, I am. I just have to make a phone call” Martha said and took out her phone. She walked into her bedroom and closed the room over. She then dialled in Tom’s number

“Hello” Tom answered

“Hey, Tom. It is Martha here. I have a small problem. . . ” Martha started to say

“What kind of problem?” Tom asked

“My boyfriend, well, ex, has just woken up today like about 5 minutes ago” Martha replied

“Oh, and this means that you don’t what to date me right?” Tom said

“No! I do! I have moved on. I don’t love Jack anymore. Well, not the way I did when we first got together. I am going to have to tell him and I don’t want to go behind his back. He is a great man. So, can we rearrange our coffee date?” Martha asked

“Yes, sure! Whenever you are ready, you call me” Tom replied

Martha hung up the phone and went back out to the sitting room. Everyone was waiting for her. They all got into Tony’s car and drove off. When they arrived, Rachel was waiting. She brought them down to the room. Martha waited outside

“Why didn’t you go in?” Rachel asked

“Because I want to talk to him alone” Martha said worried

“Is everything ok, Martha?” Rachel asked

“I am telling him it is over between us and that I have moved on” Martha said coldly

“What!? You can’t do that?” Rachel said

“Why? People fall in and out of love all the time! Why can’t we?” Martha snapped

“Because you are Jack and Martha! The hottest young couple in town!” Rachel laughed

“Rach, thanks for all the help of the last year, but I can look after myself.” Martha said and walked off. Everyone walked out of the room. Martha walked in and look at Jack

“Baby! I have missed you so much” Jack said and started to cry

Martha walked over to him. Jack grabbed her hand.

“I love you so much” Jack said

“Jack. . . ” Martha started

“What is it babe?” Jack smiled

“It is over between us. It has been for a long time!” Martha replied

“What? What do you mean?” Jack asked puzzled

“I mean, all I have done the past year was wait for you to wake up and one day I just got sick of it! And I said to myself, only god knows if Jack will ever wake up! I have moved one. . . I had a date today. But cancelled because I wanted you to know that I am moving on” Martha answered

“Martha, please. . .” Jack begged

“No! Jack you have known that I was unhappy even before the accident. You always put work first. Always!.” Martha replied

“I am sorry! But, -”

“But nothing, Jack. It is over and that is it!” Martha said cutting him off

She grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

“MARTHA” Jack screamed

Martha started to cry. Tony, Beth, Lucas and Mattie wondered what has happened. Tony ran up to her

“Martha, what is going on?” he asked

“Ask Jack” Martha sobbed and walked out of the hospital. Tony was puzzled. He went into Jack’s room.

“Mate, what just happened?” he asked

“She left me! Martha and me are over!” Jack sobbed.

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Chapter 9

Over the next couple of weeks, things started to become worse for Jack. First he lost his girlfriend, next he was told that he couldn’t go back to work for another few weeks and to make thing even worse, he was sick. Tony had to move him back into his house to take care of him. Martha had moved out and was now living back with Sally and her family. She had rearranged her date with Tom for two days after Jack woke up. They date went great and the new young couple had decided to go public with their relationship. Some people were not pleased – Lucas was one. Others were happy. A lot of people never knew that Jack and Martha were having relationship problem before the accident happened.

“You could see a doctor about that. You haven’t been well all week now” Tony said to Jack

“I am fine dad! Just leave me alone” Jack shouted

Tony walked back out of the room. Beth was making breakfast.

“How is he today?” Beth asked

“Not good. I want him to go to the doctor” Tony said worried

“And I am guessing he wont?” Beth replied

“Correct!” laughed Tony

“Well, he can’t say that we didn’t tell him to go” Beth said

“You are right. I am going to get some shopping in. See you later” Tony said and walked out of the house. Rachel was walking up the path

“Oh, hey Tony. How is Jack been lately?” Rachel asked

“Not well, really. He has been vomiting all week and he refuses to see a doctor. Will you have a look at him?” Tony asked

“Sure. I will let you know” Rachel said and walked into the house

“Hello, Rachel” Beth smiled

“Hey Beth” Rachel answered

“Would you like some breakfast?” Beth offered

“Oh, no thank you, Beth. This is just a flying visit” laughed Rachel and walked into Jack room

“Jack?” Rachel called

“Under here” Jack said. Rachel walked over to the bed and pulled the duvet covers off Jack’s head

“How are you today?” Rachel asked

“I am fine” Jack lied

“Well, I heard you have been sick all week” Rachel said

“What the hell has my dad being saying?” snapped Jack

“Hey, hey! Calm down! He is just worried about you that is all” Rachel said

“I don’t care! I am fine. Now can you please just leave?” Jack replied

“If this has anything to do with Martha -”

“Why the hell would this have anything to do with her?” Jack yelled

“Jack, you were there for me when Kim and I get divorced. I want to help you. I am your doctor” Rachel said

“Rachel, I don’t need you or anyone else. Now can you and everyone else please leave me alone?” Jack said calming down. Rachel smiled and walked out of the room

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tony arrived at the supermarket in Yabbie Creek. He got out of his car and saw Martha kissing Tom. She seemed so happy with him. Martha saw Tony. Tom got into his car. Martha walked over to Tony

“Hey, how is Jack?” Martha asked

“Not well. He has been really sick lately.” Tony answered

“Oh! I didn’t know. Well, maybe I could go over and see him later” Martha said

“I don’t think that is a good idea, Martha. You and him ended on very bad terms” Tony said

“But, I want to see him. I want to make sure he is ok” Martha said

“Well, you can go over but don’t say I didn’t warn you” Tony said

“Thanks. I have some news anyway” Martha grinned

“What kind of news?” Tony asked

“Well, I am pregnant” Martha smiled

“You are pregnant with your new boyfriend’s child and you are going to go and tell your old boyfriend who was going to ask you to marry him. . .” Tony said getting annoyed and also not realising what he had just said

“Maybe it is not. . .”Martha paused “Wait! What?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Tony replied and started to walk off

“It does! What do you mean that he was going to ask me to marry him? When was this?”

“The night after the accident happened, Jack was going to take you to Paris and propose to you” Tony said “But then the accident happened and plans were meant to be put on hold for a while. Well, then you and him ended it and plans were put of completely”

“Oh my god!” replied a stunned Martha

“What would of your answer of been, Martha?” asked Tony

“I don’t know” Martha replied

“Yes, you do” Tony said “I would have been “yes”. You know it and I know it”

Tony walked off leaving a still stunned Martha standing in the middle of the car park. Tom got out of the car and walked over to her

“Hun, you ok? Come on. Lets go home” Tom said and they walked back to the car. Tony watched Martha, still shocked, get into the car and drive off.

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Chapter 10

Martha went over to the Hunter’s house. She knocked on the door and waited nervously for a reply. Beth opened the door and smiled.

“Martha!” she said

“Hello, Beth. Is Jack in?” She asked

“Yes, but I don’t think it is a good idea to go and see him” Beth said

“Please, I really need to talk to him” Martha begged

“Ok, he is in his bedroom” Beth said

Martha smiled. She walked down the hall and knocked on the bedroom room. She took a deep breathe while she heard Jack saying “Come in”. Martha opened the door and walked in. Jack was lying in bed. He looked so pale. He wasn’t well at all.

“What are you doing here?” Jack asked coldly

“I came to see how you are?” Martha said and made room on the bed and sat down

“I am fine. You can go now” Jack said

“Ok, I am not going to push you” Martha smiled and got up of the bed

She walked over to the door and stopped. She turned around and looked at Jack.

“Were you really going to ask me to marry you?” Martha asked

“What? Who told you that?” Jack yelled

“It doesn’t matter who told me. Were you?” Martha repeated

“Yes, I was. But I am glad I didn’t. Now, that I know you are were never really happy with me” Jack answered

“Jack, I was happy with you. But, things changed. We changed. We were two very different people at different stages of our life” Martha replied

She turned to walk out the door when Jack said

“Would you have said “yes” or “no”?

Martha paused

“I don’t know. I probably would have said “yes” Martha smiled and walked out of the bedroom

Jack sat back in his bed. Martha left the home and went back to Tom. Jack started to have trouble with his breathing. He tired to call Martha back in. But couldn’t. Tony was on his way home when he saw Rachel.

“Heya, so how is Jack?” Tony asked

“Well, we sort of had a row” Rachel answered

“What? Why?” Tony asked

“Well, he was annoyed that you were saying to me that he wasn’t feeling well and things with Martha” Rachel replied

“He is trying to get over her. But it is hard, when that bitch is with that other guy all over the town” Tony said outraged

“Tony, that was uncalled for! People fall in and out of love all the time” Rachel said annoyed

“Rachel, what she is doing is so horrible!” Tony answered

“So you mean, what Kim is doing with his new girlfriend is horrible?” Rachel asked

“No! That is different! - ”

“How Tony! Martha and Jack break up and Martha moves on! Kim and I break up and he moves on! It is just because Jack is your son and you love him. You know what, Tony, sometimes you are very unfair” Rachel said

Rachel was very upset. She walked off and into her house. Tony walked into his house. He walked into Jack’s room. He was lying on the bed. Tony went over and tried to wake him up but he wasn’t moving. Tony panicked. He called an ambulance.

Preview: What is up with Jack?

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