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Meaningful Love

Guest Zetti

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Topic Title – Meaningful Love

Topic Description –Entire Cast

Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack Martha Maria and Leo

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Sexual Content

Is Story being proof read: Sometimes

Summary: Leo is in love with someone who is unsuitable for him in his parents eyes. Jack and Martha want different things and struggle to accomodate each others views.

Chapter 1

"Leo pick Maria up from school tonight"

"Oh do I have to?"

"Yes I have to work soon"

"Ok but you owe me"

Leo left the house as Martha walked in from her lengthy shower.

"Hey Leo gone?"

"Yes just going to jump into the shower

"Ok I will see you later"

"Why where you going?"

"Work, I did tell you"

Martha kissed him and walked out to the bar in the surf club she had worked there for about 2 and half years. She was working extra shifts while Alf went on holiday.

It was pretty quiet throughout the day and she saw families pass through and realised that the void she had been feeling for the past few months could only be filled by a baby.

She thought to herself how do I tell Jack about what I want. How will he react? Will he want a baby or will he say something negative?

"Penny for them" Jack asked as he came in from work

"hey I was just thinking about you"

"Something bad?"

"No actually I have something to talk to you about"

"Ok what is it?"

Next Chapter: Martha reveals to Jack what she wants. How will he react?

:lol: Tell me if I should continue

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Chapter 2

Jack's phone rang as soon as Martha had geared herself up to talk to Jack about the issue that she wanted to talk about.

"Sorry babe, I have to take this"

"Its fine, take it"

He picked the phone upand listende to the person through the phone and was very shocked when he hung up the phone. Martha spotted this and asked "whats wrong?"

"Leos been arrested"


"I dont know, Im heading down the station, will you pick Maria up and I will ring you as soon as I can"

"Yes I can"


Jack walked into the police station and spoke to McGrath "Senior, where is he?"

"Interview room" Jack set off for the interview room but McGrath stopped him "Holden he's is hiding something"

"Such as"

"The identity of the real culprit"


"I dont believe he did it but the evidence suggest other wise and as you know I have no choice but to charge him and remand him in custody if I cant prove it wasnt him who assaulted his fellow student"

"I will try to get him to tell me"

"Ok good"

Jack walked in to the room and saw Leo with his head on the table facing the window sniffling from his tears.

"Hey mate"

Leo looked up and ran towards Jack and Jack hugged him "Are you ok?"

"Yeh, get me out of here please"

"I can but it depends"

"On what"

"The actual culprit"

"What I did it"

"I dont believe that at all, you are not like that"

"well if I cant tell you anything else"

"If you dont tell me then I have no choice but to let my boss charge you and keep you in custody"

"really" tears forming

"Im sorry, I will do what I can"


Jack hugged him before retreating and ringing Martha, "I am coming home and I will explain everything"

Jack left but he saw Leo being put in the cell and he looked so upset that it broke his heart to see him like that

Next Chapter: Court date is set

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Chapter 3

"Members of the jury, I urge you to find the defendant Leo Holden not guilty of assualt on Mrs Heworth"

Morag sat down feeling a bit scared as she waited for the judge to dismiss the jury to make their decision

"Members of the jury, your job now is to review the evidence and see if Leo Holden guilty or not guilty, you are dismissed from the court"

As the jury walked Leo was led down into the cells to wait for the jury to decide his fate, Jack and Martha went to see him and Leo broke down in tears. Martha held Leo in her arms

Why was this happening to her beautiful baby! She started to cry as well and Morag came in

"The jurys back"

"its been 30 minutes"

"Is that good"

"Well they know what they want and only time will tell"

"i cant handle prison"

"I will be there to get you out I promise" Jack told him scared for him

"I cant do this" he kept repeating till he got in the courtroom

"life doesnt have guarantees but u have to try at least to be strong Leo" Morag said as she entered the courtroom with him.


"members have you reached a majority or full verdict"

"Yes we have a full verdict"

"Will the defendant please stand up now"

Leo stood up feeling weak and he looked at Jack and Jack smiled and he felt hope stir up inside him. He had the best dad ever

"How do you find the defendant on the charge of assualt"

"We find him guilty"

"Noooo" Jack shouted as Leo was crying

"Ok, 10 minutes adjournement while I consider the sentence

10 minutes later

"I have been watching this case very closely and I know that you regret the assault you carried out, so thats a plus but it was a very serious attack and I have no choice but to sentence you to 6 years in prison"

"Take the defendant down"

Please dont be angry :( I dont know why I did that :(

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I am going to run now cos I need to :P

Chapter 4

Leo and Jack were in the meeting room struggling to come to terms with Leos jail sentence.

"I will try and get you out soon as I can"

"dont make promises you cant keep Dad"

"i cant bear to see you unhappy"

"I will be alright, but what about mum"

"She is ok, just in shock"

"It cant be good for her or the baby"

"I know but she is panicking a lot and I cant stop her at all"

"Go and see her and I will plod along"

"Are you sure?"

"yes I am, I need some time to myself anyways"

"Ring me as soon as you can"

"I will"

Jack got up to leave when Leo said "Dad I love you"

"I love you too son"

Leo went to his cell and lay on his bed when the cell door creaked open and 4 men walked in looking like hell themselves

"well, jack holden little bastard himself"

"What did you calll my dad"

"A little bastard but I can think of many more but I need to sort you out first"

Leos mouth was covered with a cloth while a small burly man stood lookout. Leo was beaten loads of times and left there for dead.

Jack had recieved the phone call that Leo was seroiusly ill in hospital and ran the whole way there to be with his son.

Martha was already by Leo's side and refused to let Jack in

"Its your fault, they beat him up because he was your son"

When Jack heard this, he felt a pang of guilt and he left the hospital and got himself


He went to the cliff where he told Martha to run off and stood there teetering on the end, I should jump. its my fault that Leo is ill and Martha hates me.

Next Chapter: Will Jack jump?

You will all haterme now but I am sorry, my demention led me to this.

Sorry :(

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ph34r.gif You will hate me but thats me tongue.gif

Chapter 5

Jack was teetering on the edge of the cliff and on the edge of his life, not knowing how to cope with the fact that he had caused his son to be in hospital and on the brink of life and death.

He stood a few centimeters from the edge, contemplating what he was about to do, should he jump or not?

He moved a few millimeters forward and jumped; he hit the water and the ripples came shuddering out, and as it did, Leo awoke almost in a knock on effect.

"Where’s Dad"

"I don’t know, why?"

"I had a vision, like dream or something, and he was falling off a cliff"

"Im sure he hasn’t"

"But you dont know that"

"Ok, I will talk to Peter and ask him to look for your dad ok?"

"Yes ok"

2 hours later and Peter had located a body off shore; he needed Martha to confirm the body, even though he knew full well who it was.

“Are you ready to see the body?”

“Yes I am”

Peter pulled the cover off and Martha gasped, Leo gasped as well, bursting into tears,

“Martha is this Jack?”

“Yes it is”

“This is all your fault” Leo said as he cried

“I know”

“I hate you, I hate you so much”

“You can never hate me as much as I hate myself”

“You are not my mother!”

Next Chapter: The funeral happens

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Thanks to Rach

Chapter 6

Martha was sat in the church as Jacks coffin was brought in, she had a poem in her hand and a song to play in the back ground when she was to go up.

The funeral went on for a while until it came to Marthas turn to walk up; she felt nervous and upset.

“I blame myself for Jacks death and I have a poem which highlights the ways I felt about him.”

The song started in the background

Is it really over?

Between us two,

Then why don't you love me?

The way that I still love you,

So many mistakes made,

In so little time,

“Here goes

I loved you, more than life itself

Somehow you were taken from me

And I now know that life is cruel and

I am the reason that you died, I will hate myself forever

And I will love you forever”

She paused and the lyrics from the song made her start again

I don't wanna live another day

Without you by my side

I don't wanna run anymore

Running out of places to hide

Ever since you went away

Slowly I've seen

That I shoulda got

Down on my knees

And begged you to stay with me

“Love between us will never fade and

I will never forget you at all, I hope that one day

The rest of the world can realise that”

She broke off fighting back the tears. The song continued and she began again

And what I'm feeling for you,

Never could I try to hide,

The fact that I adore you,

Always seems to come outside,

You were my heartbeat,

The reason I breathe,

Please baby forgive me,

While I'm down on my knees

“To end, this poem I say one last time I love you.

You are my soul mate now and forever”

The rest of the people in the church listened to the song as it faded out.

I shoulda got down on my knees

And begged you to stay with me

I don't wanna see

I don't wanna throw

I can't see the night

You're my heart and soul

“We now are going to proceed to the graveyard”

Everyone proceeded to the graveyard and after a heartful speech from Leo, Lucas and Tony, Jacks body was placed into the grave. Martha sat next to the grave with Tony as everyone left them alone.

“Jack loved you and you need to remember that”

“How am I going to live without him, what hope have I got now”

“Im your hope Mum” Leo said appearing with Maria. He had got out of prison as the real culprit came forward

“Yes you are”

“Its not going to be easy, but we have to at least try”

Next Chapter: A face of Jacks past returns.

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Heres my update as promised now :lol:

Chapter 7

There was a knock on the door and Leo went to open it. He opened it and the young woman there said to him "Is Martha in?"

"No, she is out"

"Oh, will you give her a message"


"Tell her to ring Becky, she will know who I am"

"Ok, I will bye"


Martha came in a while later feeling very tired and said to Leo "I am heading to the shower"

"Ok, Becky came by earlier, she said you know who she is"

"Yes I do, she's Jack oldest friend"

"Ok nothing wrong is it?"

"No, I would tell you if there was"


"Where Maria"

"At Sarah's"

"Ok, I will ring her after my shower"

"Good I am going out"

Martha headed for the shower and when she came out of the room all dressed she remembered Becky and she rang her.

"Hey, just wanted to say how sorry I am about Jack"

"Thanks it's not been easy but with Leo and Maria, its been good"

"Can I come around and we can talk about anything?"

"Yes, we can"

Becky hung up and after about 10 minutes she arrived at Martha's flat.

"Hey, its good to see you" Becky said

"Yes, you too it's been too long"

"It has"

"We need to keep in contact more" Martha said

"That will be easier as I am moving here soon"

"That's good"

They both enjoyed the chat with each other and they listened to each other talk about the good memories of Jack and the good memories of their times with him, they talked about everything till they were both in tears.

Next Chapter: Becky meets Leo and Maria for the first time

Edit: I think the next chapter will be shorter so I can fit in more chapters so this fic is longer than I have already planned :D

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This is for Becky because she is persisent and doesnt care that I am tired from revision. Love you really :lol::D

Chapter 8

“Leo and Maria, sit down, I want you to meet Becky”

“Hiya!” said Maria

“Oh my God” Leo said as he saw her


"I better go" said Becky

"No dont" Leo said

"Ok, now you are beginning to scare me, whats going on?"

"Mum, Beckys my girlfriend"

"What" she gasped in shock

"Look. I better go, Leo ring me"

"Fine, see you"

Martha sat there in shock and Leo tried to think of ways to soften the blow to his mum as he didnt want her to find out this way.

"Look mum"

"Shes only 20, you are too young"

"Dont patronise me mum, I know how i feel. I am 17 tomorrow and I need you to trust me when I say that I love her"

"Fine, but you have to be careful"

"Yes and so do you because stress is not good for the baby"

"I know and its your birthday tomorrow"

"I know, i planned a party but I can cancel it"

"No, its your 17th and your dad wouldnt have wanted you to miss these chances"

"Yes. dad" tears threatened to form

"I am going to find Becky, will you be ok?"

"Yes, Maria is outside so I will watch her and relax"

Leo went to find Becky and they chatted about how Martha was accepting their relationship

"I really like you"

"Me too and the funny thing is I never thought we could be together"

They sat together and watched the world go by. Becky rested her head in Leos arms and Leo held her and they stayed there for a long time

Next Chapter: The party is in full swing.

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Chapter 9

The party was in full swing and Martha was sat on the edge of it watching Leo enjoy his birthday and how much as he grew up that he looked like Jack

“Hey, mum, whats wrong?”

“Nothing, just thinking of how much I miss your dad and how you look like him”

“Don’t upset yourself”


“What?” Leo said worriedly

“The baby just kicked”

“Let me feel”

Martha led his hands to the stomach and Leo felt the baby kick


“Anyway where is Becky?”

“I didn’t invite her”

“Why Leo she is your girlfriend”

“I know but I know you don’t approve and I didn’t want to hurt you anymore”

“It’s your birthday and your girlfriend should be here”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes all I want is for you, Maria and the baby to be happy”

Peter came to the door and Martha and he stepped out.

“I came to tell the operation was successful”

“Good I am glad”

“Are you going to tell Leo?”

“I cant it’s his birthday and he is happy and I can’t do it to him”

“He’s needs to know”

“I know and I will tell him but not now it’s too soon”

“Will you please be careful and I will do all I can to help you”

“I will. I promise”

Leo had overheard the conversation but decided not to push the issue for a while.

Next chapter: This is set 3 months later when Martha gives birth.

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lol Becky you're only realising that now :P

Duh Jacky is alive, she wouldnt really kill him off <_<

More please


I cant kill my Jacky off!

Chapter 10

“Does he know?”

“He does and he wishes to be here but he can’t”

“Oh I know that”

Martha was in labor and she desperately wanted Jack there with her to be there for the birth of the baby they had wanted for so long.

“Aaaarghhh” she screamed

“Sorry Martha, you can’t push yet, the cervix is not dilated far enough yet, and it’s only 4cm”

“Aaaarghhh” she kept on screaming out

13 hours later

“You can start to push now”

A place not so far away, an argument had begun to form and Peter and Jack was in the midst of it all.

Jack wanted to be with Martha as she gave birth but Peter was skeptical about it because he could get caught and they wouldn’t stop arguing.

“Please Peter!”

“I can’t”

“Please, this is my baby she is giving birth to”

“People will see you”

“Not if I go in with a disguise so only Martha knows who I am then I am straight back into witness protection, I promise Please!”

“Ok, but if its goes wrong”

“It’s my fault I know”

“Thank you”

Jack suited himself up to look totally different but so Martha would know who he was. He was happy that he could be there

Jack walked into the room and Martha looked over at the figure and knew it was Jack. Jack went over to her and kissed her for so long but then he had to let go because the contraction had come back on and she had to push again.

She held onto Jack’s hand squeezing all the pressure out of him and making him cringe himself.

Twenty minutes their baby was born, Jack spent an happy half hour with his baby girl before knowing he had to go, when he relayed this to Martha she was heartbroken and started to cry

“Martha don’t cry please”

“I can’t help it, I need you Jack”

“I need you as well but I cant you know that”

“Mum?” Leo’s voice came

“I have to go now, I love you all”

Jack let himself out and hid himself outside as Leo came in. Jack stole a glance at him and Maria and then went back to witness protection knowing that he was doing the right thing even though he didn’t want to leave them all alone in the world.

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