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Confessions Of A Lonely Heart - by me and Jane (Roccoluver)

Guest Sally_Fletcher

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Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: T, maybe A but we'll put a warning before the chapter

Main Characters: Rocco, Sally and Johnny.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: Dangerously hot Cooper boys...

Is Story being proof read: By each other...

Summary: Okay, so now you probably think that Jane and I are obsessed with Sally and the Coopers and you know that we are crazy! LOL. But I must say that this time it's her fault! Basically this is just about a love triangle...

So please tell us what you think - even if you think we're crazy!

Chapter 1

"You should have thought of that - before you dissed your family to go shacking up with some teacher you have the hots for!"

Some teacher you have the hots for...

Without wanting to, Rocco kept hearing those words in his head. Over and over.


She was the only person in the world who was willing to give him a second chance...

Obviously he was going to feel grateful.

But what he felt… was it really just gratitude?

Was it gratitude making him think about her? Dream about her?

Was it gratitude that made his heart skip a beat whenever she smiled?

“Face it, Cooper! She’s a teacher! There is no way she’d ever think about you that way! Not a chance!”

He stands up and walks to the bathroom where he continuously splashes cold water on his face.

He bumps into Cassie when he leaves the bathroom.

Dear sweet Cassie… he knows that she has a crush on him… and she’s an attractive girl… but she’s not Sally.

“Hey, Cas.”

“Hey Rocco! Sally sent me to get you – it’s dinner time.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right there.”

He watches Cassie hop down the stairs, a frown on his head.

“Why can’t I like her? She’s beautiful, sweet and young… but she’s not Sally.”

He walks down slowly, his shoulders hanging.

Imagine what Johnny would do if he knew how right he was…

“She’s an outsider! A filthy outsider who stole my brother away!”

Johnny angrily kicks a drum down and sits down on his bed.

“Then why am I jealous of Roc? Because he’s the one living in her house.”

Johnny lies down, closing his eyes – picturing Sally’s long dark her. Petite body. Smouldering eyes… Soft lips…

His mind wanders off to a journey of it’s own – a journey in which he discovers every inch of Sally’s body, holding her close to his heart, kissing her…


Johnny sits up angrily, rubbing his forehead.

How could that woman have gotten under his skin?

In his head?

She’s an outsider… a gorgeous outsider, but still…

There was this innocence about her… Usually innocence bores him but in her case it’s… intriguing…

There had to be a way to get her. He has to own her…

Sighing, Johnny walks out of his house, leaving the door open.

Perhaps a walk on the beach could clear his head…

Make him stop thinking about her. Stop dreaming about her…

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Rocco smiled as he dug into the diner dished up by Sally.

"This is fantastic meal Sal"

"Thanks Rocco, at least someone has manners"

Martha sighed and went back to her room, while Alf shook his head.

"The lads right, this is delicious"

"I'm enjoying it" Ric said, Rocco laughed.

"We can tell"

"Like you talk"

"Boys" Sally said in her mother tone, her eye catching Rocco's. He smiled at her. Sally shook her head, she was imagine things, although Rocco had been extremely kind to her, it was only to say thanks for her help, right?.

Sally walked along the beach, letting her feet drag in the warm sand. The quietness of the beach, only broken by the sound of the waves breaking and the birds chirping away in the tree made it a prefect place to come for a quiet time to think things over.

She sat down and stared longingly out to bay and the peaceful waters of the open ocean. A lone figure in board shorts made their way up the beach. As the figure can closer, Sally could recognize him as Johnny, Rocco's old brother. He walked up to her and before she could say anything kissed her passionately on the lips, smiled and walked off. Leaving her with more to think about than when she first arrived.

She let herself fall back and tried not to think about anything for a moment,while hoping that no one saw them and wondering whether it would happen again.

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