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A New Chance

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: A New Chance

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Rocco/Belle/Drew

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC) (L) (V/D) (Drug Use) (Abuse)

Summary: Rocco Cooper has just arrived in town. Belle Taylor is the popular girl at school but has a lot of secrets. She befriends Rocco.

Chapter 1 coming soon....

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Chapter 1

Rocco Cooper walked down the long road. It was a long hot summer’s day. There were no clouds in the sky. The sun was shining. Most of the town was on the beach. It was a typical day for the middle of June. Rocco looked at the sign that read; “Now Entering Summer Bay”. He smiled. It had been a long journey to get to here. Rocco was going to be staying with his Aunt, Irene. Rocco’s parents had just died after a car accident and he had no other family to go to. He was a very good looking 16 – year - old. He would fit right in with the beautiful people of Summer Bay. Rocco walked up to the beach house. He knock on the door and waited for a reply.

“Rocco!” smiled Irene Roberts

“Aunty Irene” Rocco replied

“Come on in! Let’s get you settled right in” Irene said

“Ok.” Rocco said and walked into the house.

The beach house was really nice. It looked like a proper home unlike is home back in the city. His house was a small bungalow with two bedrooms. The kitchen was small and so was the sitting room. His parents would always be fighting. Rocco would always here them. His father used to hit his mother. Sometimes, when he mum was scare of his father, she would come into Rocco’s bedroom and sleep on the floor beside his bed. Rocco knew from the moment that he arrived in Summer Bay, he had a new life. A new chance. The beach house was very different. It was very big. It had a spacious living area and kitchen. The garden was well looked after and had the smell of fresh cut grass. Back at his house, the garden was filled with broken down cars parts, broken seats and grass up to your knees. Irene walked up the stairs and showed Rocco is new bedroom.

“This is it, doll” she smiled

“Thanks” Rocco said

“How are you?” Irene asked

“I am ok. I know I will miss them, but I need to try and forget about it” Rocco replied

“Yes, that is for the best. Well, dinner will be ready at seven. That is four hours away. If you want you can go out and check out the town. The people are lovely” Irene smiled

“Thanks. I think I will just stay here and listen to my Ipod. Anyway, it is a lot cooler in the house” laughed Rocco

“Right, well I have to go to work for a few hours. I will be back at around 6” Irene and stood up “You know where the kitchen is. If you are hungry you can go an get something to eat”

“Thanks, Irene” Rocco said and put the earphones in his ears. Irene walked out of the room and left to go to the diner.

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Chapter 2

After about an hour of listening to his ipod, Rocco got hungry. He walked down the stairs to make a sandwich. Eventually he found everything but the glasses. He opened every press but couldn’t find any. Suddenly he heard a noise. He turned around. There was a girl standing at the back door

“I am sorry. I am looking for Irene” she smiled

“She is not here. I am Rocco, her nephew” Rocco said

“I am Belle. Nice to meet you” she smiled

“Would you like to come in. I am making a sandwich if you want one. But I can’t seem to find the glasses” Rocco said laughing

Belle walked into the house and opened a press beside the fridge. She took out two glasses

“I used to live here” she smiled

“Thanks.” Rocco smiled

Belle made a sandwich and sat down beside Rocco.

“So why are you staying here?” she asked

“My mum and dad died. So I have no other family in Australia but Irene. She was my mum’s sister” Rocco said

“Aww…I am really sorry. I wish my parents died” Belle muttered

“What did you say?” Rocco asked

“Nothing. Doesn’t matter” she lied

Hours pasted. Irene came home.

“Hi, girly. What are you doing here?” Irene asked

“Oh…I came to tell you that I can’t work tomorrow.” Belle said

“Why?” Irene asked

“Because my mum wants me to mind Ryan” Belle said

“Ok, Rocco. Can I ask a favour?” Irene smiled

“Yes, I will take over for Belle” Rocco laughed

Belle looked at her watch. It was past 6 o clock. She was supposed to be home at 6.

“Sh*t! I have to go. Bye Irene. Is was lovely meeting you Rocco” she shouted as he ran out the door

“So what is her story?” Rocco asked

“What do you mean?” Irene asked

“She said she used to live here” Rocco said

“Yes, when she was about 10. She is 16 now, like you.” Irene said

“And why didn’t she move out?” Rocco asked

“Let’s talk about this some other time.” Irene smiled

“Please!” Rocco begged

“Right, but you cant say it to anyone that I told you.” Irene said

“I promise” Rocco said

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Chapter 3

“Right, well when she first arrived here, she lived in the bush. I found her one day and she decided to live with me. After a few months, her mum arrived looking for her. Her mum’s name is Anne. Anyway, Anne found out she was living here and flipped.”

“Why?” Rocco asked

“Turns out, that the man that Anne was with wasn’t Belle’s father and that her real dad lived here. And course, I am sure you can guess what happened. They were having an affair. Anne ended it but later found out she was pregnant. But here is where is gets strange. Anne’s husband and she had never had sex before. And now she was pregnant. It took about two weeks to get him to sleep with her. And then, she told him a month later that she was pregnant. That way Anne would be able to past the baby of as her husbands”

“So what happened was that Anne was having an affair. She hadn’t slept with her husband and was pregnant.” Rocco asked

“Yes. Then when, Belle arrived in the Bay, Anne was so worried that her husband and the man she had an affair with would find out. In the end, about three years ago, Anne and her husband, Tom moved here. One day when they were unpacking, Tom found Belle’s birth cert. Who’s name was on the sheet?”

“The man she had the affair with” Rocco answered

“Correct. His name is John. When Tom found out, Anne came out to him, John and Belle. Tom left town. Then, Belle and Anne moved in with John. He is a very violent man. Very violent. Who knows what happens at that house.” Irene said

Suddenly all the memories of Rocco’s old life came back. He remembered all the times when his father would hit Rocco and his mother. He hated violent people.

“Anyways, I better get started on the dinner” Irene said and stood up.


Belle ran home as fast as she could. It was nearly half six now. She opened the door and took a deep breathe.

“Where have you been?” her dad shouted

“Sorry, daddy! I was…-”

John walked over to Belle and slapped her across the face. Her alcoholic mother came in the room;

“Is that Belle?” she asked

“Yes” John shouted as looked at Belle who was sobbing on the floor

Anne left the room. John bent down and whispered to her;

“Go upstairs. I will be up in a minutes make sure you are ready”

“Daddy pleases! No! Please” Belle begged

“You were late home. You know that you can’t be late home.” John spat

John kicked Belle and the dragged her by the hair. Belle got up and ran up the stairs. John looked at Belle running. He followed her. They both entered her bedroom. He started to touch her. She flinched. John kissed Belle's neck and soon went further and further down her body. Belle started down. John pushed Belle on her bed. He touched her touched figure and started rubbing his hands all over her. After a while, John zipped up his trousers and stood up. Belle lay curled up in a ball on the bed and cried.

“Don’t be late again” John smiled and walked out of the room.

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Chapter 4

Rocco had just finished his dinner. It was nearly 8 o clock. The phone rang.

“Hello” Rocco said answering it

“Hey, Rocco. It is Belle” she whispered

“Oh, hey. Why are you whispering?” Rocco asked

“No reason…I was just wondering if you would like to hang out tomorrow?” Belle asked

“Sure.” Rocco grinned

“Ok…Meet me at the diner. Say around 11” Belle said

“Ok. I will be there. See you tomorrow” Rocco said and hung up the phone.


When, Rocco went to the diner the next day, Belle was already there. She smiled when she saw he come in.

“Hey” he said

“Lets go” Belle said

Irene came out of the back

“Be back here at 3. You are working remember” Irene smirked

“Yes, I remember” Rocco said

Rocco and Belle walked out of the diner. Down on the beach was Drew Curtis with all his friends. Both saw Belle and Rocco come out of the diner. Belle and Rocco walked down the beach. They turned in different direction that to where Drew was. But he ran after them

“Belle!” he called

“Hey, Drew. This is Rocco” Belle smiled

“Hey. Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?” Drew asked

“No thanks. I am busy. Made plans” Belle answered

“Oh, ok. With who?” Drew asked annoyed

“Rocco. Yeah. We are watching a movie in his house” Belle said

“Oh” Drew said “Well, maybe another time”

“Yeah…” Belle said

Drew walked off and Belle said “In another life time maybe”

“Who was that?” Rocco asked

“That was Drew. I hate him and his friends. They are a bunch of w*nkers” Belle laughed

“So are we watching a movie tomorrow?” Rocco asked

“If you don’t mind. I am sorry. I really didn’t want to go out with him” Belle said

Updates will be very couple of days for the next few weeks (until May 30th)

I have exams...From May 30th I will be on summer break so I will update alot

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Chapter 5

Belle went home to mind her brother, Ryan. After her parents came home, she went out. She sat on the beach for the rest of the day. She didn’t want to go home. Not to her abusive father and alcoholic mother. Ever since, the father of Belle was revealed, her mum starting drinking. Anne loved Tom so much. She hated John. Belle hated him more. She never knew why he sexually abused her. The first time it happened was when she was 11 years old. Belle was asleep in her bedroom. John and Anne had come home from a night out with friends. Anne went to bed. John was so drunk. He crept into Belle’s bedroom and took off her duvet covers. He pulled down her trousers and started touching her in inappropriate places. Belle woke up and saw what her father was doing. He had this evil look in his eyes;

“Daddy” Belle sobbed

“Shut your trap!” he snarled “It will be all over in a while”

Belle sobbed until her father was finished. He stood up and looked at Belle who was crying uncontrollably. He father went straight into her face;

“Tell mummy and you will die” he spat

Belle stopped crying. She had too. After that night, he abused her every so often. Mostly when he was drunk. When she turned 14, she started to go out a lot more with friends. He made sure she was back for a certain time everyday and if she missed the curfew, he was abuse her when she came home. Sometimes even when she was home on time, he was did it to her anyway. From the first time he did it, Belle knew it was wrong. Daddies didn’t do that thing to their children. She was 11. She knew a lot for her age. What p*ssed Belle off the most was when she got the courage to tell her mum. She told her mum when she was 14. She mum laughed in her face and told her to stop lying like that. Belle was so tied of what was happening in her life. She overdosed, twice. One at 13 and another time when she was 15. But someone always found her in time. She had tied to commit suicide several times. But she couldn’t go though with it in the end. She started smoking at 12. Stopped at 14 when she mum found out. Her father abused her for hours and hours that day. She would often go out and drink. She was able to escape from the world when she did. Things were becoming too hard for Belle. All boys thought she was easy to get into bed. But technically speaking, she was a virgin. She had never gone that far with her past boyfriends. Her pervious relationships never lasted too long…Most was about 5 weeks. Her father didn’t allow her to date. She wanted to. So she did. She had to end her relationships before her father found out. Nobody knew the real Belle. Nobody. Not even her close friends. Belle stood up and walked home. John was watching the football when she came home. Anne was passed out of the dining room table.

“Are you not going to put her to bed?” Belle asked

“No” John said opening a can of beer.

“But look at her” Belle said

John stood up. She looked at Anne on the table and then looked at Belle

“She is fine” he said and sat down on the chair again.

Belle rolled her eyes and then went upstairs and took out her diary. It was her way of dealing with the sh*t she was going thought. She took of her diary and started writing

Dear Diary,

It happened again. I thought about suicide again today. It has been three months since my last attempt. (Well, if you can call it that!). I always chicken out. On a better note, a met the most amazing guy ever. He is new in town and is so nice. Not like the other d*ckheads in this town. He is great. I hope we start hanging around more often. He makes me feel safe. Anyways, got to go. I hear footsteps. This can only mean one thing. Love Belle xxx

Belle put her diary down and John walked into the bedroom. He grinned and walked over to her.

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Chapter 6

The next day, Rocco got out of bed. Irene had made him some breakfast. He walked downstairs and into the kitchen. He loved this place. All of his problems had seemed to disappear. Rocco sat down and eat his breakfast. Belle came over. She sat down and started to eat up.

“So what movie are we going to watch?” Rocco asked

“Huh?” Belle said confused

“Movie. Tonight. Here” Rocco said

“Oh yeah. I will have to ask my parents first” Belle said

“Oh…Ok. Why don’t you ring then now?” Rocco said

“Nah…I will wait until I get home” Belle smiled

Belle looked at Rocco. They had they rest of the food Irene made. They got up and left the house.


Drew was sitting on the beach smoking pot. He stood up and saw Belle and Rocco walking together. Belle was smiling and laughing. So was Rocco. A violent rage took over Drew’s body. He was so jealous of anyone that was friends with Belle. He loved her and wanted to date her. He finished up smoking and walked over to them. Belle saw him running over to them.

“Belle!” he called running over

“Heya Drew.” Belle said

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Drew asked

“Em…I don’t know yet. Why?” Belle said knowing what he was going to ask her

“Do you want to go out with me?” Drew smiled

“Oh wait, I just remembered. A friend is having a party and I said I would go” Belle said

“Oh, Karen’s?” Drew asked

“Yes.” Belle replied

“I thought you hated her” Drew grinned

“I used to but dont anymore” lied Belle

“Well, see you around” Drew said and walked off.

“Who is Karen?” Rocco asked

“This b*tch in my school. I hate her so much.” Belle said annoyed

“So why are you going to the party then?” Rocco asked

“Duh! Free beer!” Belle smiled “Want to come?”

“Ok. I am sure Irene will let me go” Rocco said

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Chapter 7


“Please, Irene” Rocco begged

Rocco went home and asked Irene if he could go to the party. She wasn’t letting him

“No, Rocco. There will be no parents there. They will be alcohol, smoking, drugs and sex. No way!”

“That is what being a teenager is about!” Rocco argued

Irene sighed. Rocco laughed nervously and smiled

“Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes and my answer is still no!” Irene said

“What if I promise, not to drink and smoke or do drugs. Will you let me go then?” Rocco asked

“Maybe” Irene said

“Ok, I promise to not drink, smoke, do drugs and…well you know the last one” Rocco laughed

“Ok, you can go. But you have to be back by 12” Irene said

“Ok, great” Rocco smiled

Irene left the room and went upstairs. The phone rang. Rocco answered it

“Hey, Rocco. It is Belle”

“Oh, hey! I am able to go to the party tomorrow” Rocco smiled

“Great. I can’t come over tonight” Belle said

“Why? Is everything ok?” Rocco asked worried

“Yeah, everything is fine” Belle said and hung up the phone.

Belle walked back into the sitting room of her house. Her father was asleep on the chair. Over in the dining room, her mother was sleep with her head on the table right beside an empty bottle of red wine. Belle walked up the stairs, Ryan was still lying on the floor like the way he was when she arrived home. He was crying.

“Ok, Ryan. Tell me what happened?” Belle said getting down on her knees

“Mummy was asleep. On the ground in the hall when I came home…” the 9 year old started to say

“Yes. And…” Belle said

“Well, I tried to wake her. John saw me and he kicked me. I couldn’t breathe.” Ryan wept

“It is ok.” Belle said hugging him “I will never leave you”

“I want my daddy.” Ryan cried

Ryan’s father was Tom. When, Tom left he was so upset. Ryan never saw Tom after he left. Tom would call him and would sent birthday and Christmas cards to Ryan and Belle. They both preferred Tom to John. Belle put Ryan to bed. She sat at the window in Ryan’s room looking out at the moon. It was a lovely night. She smiled. It was a wonder to herself how she managed to kept of her feeling bottled up inside. She could never leave Ryan…not with John around.

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Chapter 8

Belle got up the next day, she went down stairs. Her mother was still asleep in the dining room and her dad was in the sitting room watching telly. Belle rolled her eyes and left the house. She walked down to the beach and sat there. It began to rain. Belle didn’t care. Anywhere was better than her house. Drew walked out of the diner and saw her sitting on the beach. He ran down to her

“Belle! Belle!” Drew called

“Does this guy never take the hint?” she asked herself and rolled her eyes

“So you are going to this party tonight, right” Drew said

“Yes, why?” Belle asked

“So I am!” Drew smiled

“Great, well, I have to go now” Belle said

“Save me a dance!” Drew shouted

Belle turned around and looked at Drew. She laughed. And the walked off. Drew was a very nice guy. Belle took out her phone. She ran the only person she could think off…Tom.

“Hi, you have reached the message minder of Tom. Leave a message after the beep and I will get back to you”

Belle rolled her eyes.

“Heya, Tom. It is Belle here. I really need to talk you. Can you please call me back? Please.”

Tom never calls Belle back when she rings him. He didn’t want to talk to anyone out if her family. Belle hung up the phone. She started walking back home. She walked into her house. Ryan was asleep on the sofa. John was watching the TV. She walked into the kitchen. Anne was cooking

“Mum, what are you doing?” Belle asked

“Cooking dinner, Belle” Anne answered

“Why? I will cook, mum” Belle said

“No! I want to! I haven’t in a while” Anne replied

Belle looked around. There was no wine glassed or bottles around the kitchen area. Anne didn’t appear to be drunk either. This was the first time, Anne was not drunk in years. Belle smiled. Was this the beginning of a different life? John walked into the kitchen. He didn’t looked happy

“What are you doing?” he yelled

“Cooking dinner” Anne answered

“Why? That bitch over there does it” John said pointing at Belle

“Don’t call her a bitch. She is your child” Anne shouted

John walked over to Anne. He grabbed her and punched her once and slapped her across the face. He then threw her on the ground. John laughed while kicking her. He walked out of the room. Belle ran over to her mum.

“Are you ok?” Belle asked and tears formed in her eyes

“Yes, I am” Anne said bravely

Anne stood up and looked in the mirror.

“I will be back in a second.” Anne smiled and walked out of the room. A few minutes later, Anne returned. She had fixed her hair and cleaned up the blood that was on her face. She continued cooking like nothing happened. Belle was shocked. She needed to get out of her. She needed to escape. She couldn’t take this crap anymore.

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Chapter 9

That night, Belle started to get ready for the party. She walked to her front door.

“Right, I am ready to go now. I am staying at a friend’s house. See you all tomorrow” Belle said.

Ryan walked out of the sitting room and hugged Belle. Anne smiled. John didn’t even look. She walked out of the house and walked over to Irene’s house.

“Heya girlie” Irene said

“Hey Irene” Belle smiled

“You look lovely” Irene replied

“Thanks” belle answered

“How is you mum? Haven’t seen her in a while” Irene asked

“Yes, she is…fine” Belle replied “Where is Rocco?”

“He should be here is a second. Getting ready up stairs” Irene laughed

Belle sat on the sofa. Was her mum trying to change? She thought. She hoped that she was. Irene sat looking at Belle

“Are you ok, doll?” she asked

“Yeah, I am just very tried” laughed Belle

Rocco walked down the stairs. Belle stood up and smiled. He looked very cute.

“Right, well, we better be going” Rocco said

“Ok, you two be home at 12 now” Irene said

“We, will. See you later” Rocco said and he walked out the door with Belle

“So, why don’t you like Karen?” Rocco asked

“Just don’t. She doesn’t like me either” Belle said

“Then, how did you get invited to the party?” Rocco asked

“She is tying to make friends with me. It will not work” Belle laughed

“She seems nice” Rocco said “I saw her in the other day.”

“Well, Rocco. Sometimes, things in life are not as prefect as that seem to be” belle said

“What do you mean by that?” Rocco said confused

“Nothing.” Belle replied “Come on, her house is just down here.”

Belle and Rocco walked down the road. There was lots of people walking down the road to the party also. They walked into the garden of a big house. The front door was wide open and you could hear the music for the front lawn. Belle and Rocco entered the house. Suddenly, they got a wired smell. Rocco looked around. On the sofa, three guys were smoking hash. Rocco looked at Belle. She was fixated on what they were doing. She walked over to them. Belle sat down near them.

“Would you like some?”

Belle heard a voice. She turned around and saw Drew standing there smiling.

“No, no thanks” Belle laughed

“Go on!” Drew encouraged her

Rocco looked at Drew. He walked over to her.

“Listen, mate! She doesn’t want any! So f*ck off!” Rocco said annoyed

“Rocco!” Belle replied angrily

“What?” Rocco said

“Don’t tell anyone to do that again” Belle answered annoyed. She stood up. “Come on, Drew”

Belle grabbed Drew shirt and walked out of the room with him.

“Wait! Belle! Where are you going?” Rocco yelled

Belle ignored him. She and Drew walked into a different room and sat down. Drew gave her some hash. She started smoking it. After a few minutes, she was out of it. She grabbed Drew and kissed him.

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