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Neighbours Soap Awards For 2006

Guest simmins

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As you may remember, it was around this time last year that Smurfy (forum contributer) launched the first Neighbours Soap Awards as an answer to the British Soap Awards (which, obviously, Neighbours is unable to compete in). So, Perfect Blend has decided to use the same categories once again to discover your views and recognise the triumphs of the 2006 season.

If you need a reminder of the cut off points and all the highlights of 2006, please check out Perfect Blend's Magic Moments section:


To make your vote, simply copy and paste the categories below, and reply with your answers. Or if you prefer to stay private, you can send your votes to vote@perfectblend.net (when voting, please include your username on this messageboard in the email)

The voting closes on Saturday the 30th of June 2007, and results will be revealed on Perfect Blend in early July. Please only vote once.

Sexiest Male

Sexiest Female

Villain Of The Year

Best Comedy Performance

Best Newcomer

Best On-screen Partnership

Spectacular Scene Of The Year

Best Single Episode

Best Exit

Soap Bi*ch Of The Year

Best Dramatic Performance

Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress

Best Storyline

Best Actor

Best Actress

Lifetime Achievement Award

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