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My Guiding Star

Guest Perry

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Story Title: My Guiding Star

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Kim, Robbie, Ric and Lucas

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual Content including Gay themes

Summary: Rachel has left Kim, Ric is now with Lucas they both live with Kim who is now with Robbie who has left Tasha.


Robbie layed down in bed, he rubbed his hand across Kim's chest and rested his head against Kim's. Kim wasn't as lovingly towards Robbie, he layed down with his arms by his side, staring up at his bedroom cieling.

"That was amazing" Robbie gleemed.

"Yeah" Kim muttered.

Robbie put his arm right around Kim and cuddled up tightly against him.

"You don't regret any of it do you?" Robbie asked worried.

"Of course not" Kim forced a smile.

Kim sat up on the bed and looked up at the clock-alarm on his bedside table. 2.04 AM.

He stood up and searched the floor for his clothes.

"Where are you going?"

Kim found his Black work trackpants on the floor and pulled them on.

"I'm getting something to eat" he bagan to walk out the room before turning back to Robbie. "Did you want me to make you something as well?"

Robbie threw the sheets off his naked body and sat up.

"I'll help you" he smiled.

"No" Kim snapped.

"Ok I won't" Robbie said a little confused.

"Ric and Lucas might be up"

"At two in the morning?

"They're gay, two in the morning is like seven pm our time".

"Our time?" Robbie questioned him.

"You know what I mean"

"No I don't" Robbie sat unsure. "I don't know what you mean... I don't know what we mean... I love you... Do you feel the same?" Robbie stood up and threw his white boxershorts up his legs. "Or am i just someone to keep you enertained while you get over Rachel?"

Kim ignored the questions and walked out of the room, making sure he closed the door behind him.

He walked into the kitchen where Ric stood in nothing but his red boxer shorts and was downing a glass of milk.

"If I had a camera right now I could make millions selling milk" Kim commented

Ric pulled the glass from his mouth to laugh.

"I won't tell Luc you said that" Ric smiled, wiping the milk from around his lips.

"Where is he?" Kim asked heading towards the fridge.

"In bed asleep... I couldn't sleep".

"It wasn't bacause of me was it? I was singing along with my ipod"

"No" Ric shook his head. "But I thought I heard voices".

Kim pulled out a plate of left-overs, peeling the glad wrap off the top he sniffed it to make sure it was still eatable.

"I wouldn't" Ric warned him.

Kim shrugged, he peeled off the glad-wrap and placed the plate in the microwave.

Ric threw the empty glass into the sink.

"Don't come crying to me if you end up with a head in the toilet seat". Ric laughed.

He headed towards his bedroom. "Goodnight mate".


Kim opened up the microwave, he pulled the plate out and put it to his nose and then quickly moved the plate away from it. He grabbed a fork from the draw and scraped the left-overs into the garbage bin.


Ric closed his bedroom door and hopped into bed, his boyfriend Lucas turned to him.

"Where did you go?" he asked Ric.

"For a drink" Ric answered giving him a short kiss on the lips. "Kim was up".

"I know he's got someone in his bedroom"

"How do you know?" Ric asked.

"I can hear talking... and other stuff".

Ric pushed his boyfriend playfully. "You're listening to our roommate have sex"

"Not on purpose" Lucas defended himself.

"He wasn't anyway... I just talked to him... He was singing along to his ipod"

"Oh he was singing alright but it wasn't to music" Lucas laughed.

"Well good on him" Ric snuggled up with Lucas. "It's about time he moved on after Rachel".

Lucas kissed Ric on his forehead. "Goodnight" Luc whispered.

"Oh... I almost forgot" Ric told Luc excitedly. "Guess what Colleen told me?"

"Who knows with Colleen?" Lucas rolled his eyes.

"No it's different... Robbie's back from America without Tasha"



"He left Tasha"

"I guess so... There's alot of that going around at the moment".



Kim returned to his bedroom and hopped into bed with Robbie, who was prentending to be asleep.

"Robbie" Kim whispered. "Are you up?"

Kim cuddled up against him.

"I'm sorry" Kim whispered in his ear before putting his head onto the pillow, closing his eyes.

Robbie opened his eyes and turned to Kim, who looked as if he was asleep but he only just closed his eyes.

"I am too" Robbie told him before laying back down and closing his eyes as well.


Ric let the hot water pour down his naked body, it was morning... Ric had to get ready for work, the boys had slept in. Lucas walked into the bathroom and drobbed the blue boxer shorts he was wearing.

"Why did last night have to be Sunday night?" Ric asked.

Lucas opened the shower curtain and joined Ric.

"What's wrong with Sunday Nights?" Lucas asked giving his boyfriend a backrub with the bar of soap.

"Monday mornings"

"I don't know" Lucas turned Ric around and gave him a quick pash. "Showering together to save time is definetly a bonus".

It was just the thing to say to cheer Ric up on a Monday morning, Ric wrapped his arms around Lucas, he couldn't help himself. He kissed him on the neck... on the collar bone, on his nipple.

"Can I call in sick to work?" Ric asked as he got lower. "And you can stay home from school".

"I wish we could but I've got a test and you have to make money so we can pay the rent, the money I get for Rental assistance doesn't cover much."

Ric stopped himself from kissing Lucas.

"I didn't say stop... we can be a little late" Lucas laughed.


Robbie and Kim were asleep in eachother's arms, the alarm clock went off, Kim leaned over and punched it to turn it off. Robbie opened his eyes and looked to Kim who still had his eyes closed, Robbie smiled as he opened them.

"Good morning" Robbie kissed him.

"Good morning" Kim smiled.

"I got worried for a second I thought last night was a dream" Robbie told him.

"No it wasn't" Kim smiled. "But it felt like one" he got up out of bed and walked to the door, he opened it to see if anyone was around. He closed it when he heard the shower going. "Someone's in the shower" he told Robbie.

"Did you want me to leave now? While the coast is clear?" Robbie asked him.

"I don't want you to leave at all" Kim confessed to him. "About last night... I'm sorry... I shouldn't of acted like that".

"I understand... You're not quite over Rachel yet... I can wait for you"

"You don't have to wait anymore" Kim told him. "The reason I was like I was last night was not because I was still not over Rachel... It was because for the first time I realised I was over Rachel". He sat down on the bed and kissed Robbie on the lips.

Robbie pulled Kim off him. "When I found out Rachel left you... I came here as soon as I could to be with you and now I'll always be here for you".

"You aren't going back for Tasha?" Kim asked.

Robbie shook his head. "I'd rather be here... I'd rather stay with you... I love you more... I love you only"

They kissed again a little more passionately this time.


"Hurry up so I can give you a lift to school" Ric told Lucas.

They were in the bedroom, Ric was ready to go but Lucas was having trouble with his school tie. Ric helped him tie it.

"How did you do this without me?" Ric asked as he tied it up.

Lucas shrugged, he really knew how to do it but always loved it when Ric did it.

"Now grab your bag and lets go" Ric ordered him, slapping his boyfriend's butt to hurry him up.

Lucas grabbed his schoolbag from the floor he threw a few school books inside it, zipped it up and threw it onto his back.

"Okay I'm ready" Lucas told him.

Ric opened the door and they walked out, at the same time Kim opened the door to his bedroom he quickly walked out closing the door behind him.

"Are you still here?" Kim asked them

"Just leaving now" Ric told him. "Is everything alright?" He asked a little worried.

Kim smiled and nodded.

"Okay I'll see you this afternoon then" Ric smiled.

"See yah" Lucas smiled.

The two boys headed towards the door.

"No wait" Kim called them back.

"What's up?" Ric asked.

Kim opened the door to his room. "Robbie... Did you want to say hi to your new roommates?"



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