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Lucky for you,I spent time last night writing ahead abit. So you wont have to wait long at all.. :P

Drew: What do you want?

Ric: We want--

Lucas put his arm out to stop Ric and he stepped forward.

Lucas: I want you to suffer.

Drew: Look, Lucas. Last thing we wanted to do was to hurt you, we really didn't want that.

Lucas: It's too late now.

Lucas raised his hand and Drew flew back into the glass door shattered it and falling onto his side, blood poured from his body, he lifted his head to see Lucas walk closer then passed out.

Lucas: Are you sure this will hold?

Ric: It'll be fine.

Drew was starting to hear voices but didn't open his eyes, he was in pain and was weak and was scared about what he would see. He felt something tied around his legs and wrists, something tight.

Lucas: Shall we text Matilda now?

Ric: Yeah, I'll go do it. You stay here and look after Drew.

Ric smiled as he said that and walked outside taking his phone out of his pocket.

Drew slowly opened his eyes and saw that what bound him was rope on both his legs and wrists, he tried to fight them off but couldn't. Lucas turned around to see Drew was awake, he bent down and smiled at him. Drew spoke but felt blood in his mouth.

Drew: Please, Lucas. I'm sorry. Please.

Lucas: Begging? That's a very strong sign of weakness you know.

Lucas laughed.

Lucas: You're going to die tonight Drew.

Drew felt his heart sink, he had never been so scared in his life, he closed his eyes and whispered to himself, begging and pleading to live through this. Ric walked back in and put the phone back in his pocket.

Lucas: Are they coming?

Ric: Mattie's going to find her now.

Drew: Please, guys. Don't do this.

Ric: Shut up, you're starting to make my ears bleed with your whining.

Drew had nothing to lose, pleading didn't work and he couldn't physically fight against them, so he took a chance.

Drew: It's not my fault she never loved you!

Lucas looked at him.

Lucas: What did you say?

Drew: You heard me. She loves me, not you. She never did. She was just upset about what happened between us and wanted a rebound guy, that was you. She never really cared about you.

Lucas: Shut up!

Drew: She loves me!

Lucas: [shouting] I said shut up!

Lucas shouted so loud and put his hand towards Drew, the windows smashed and the glass flew towards Drew and into his body. Drew gave one last gasp and then closed his eyes. Ric who had ducked down when the glass came towards him stood back up, he looked at Drew then at Lucas.

Ric: Woah! Well, I suppose that gets the job done.

Lucas: I'm out of here.

Ric: You're not sticking around? Mattie will be back soon with Belle.

Lucas: No, I'm going.

Lucas walked to the door and opened the shattered door, there he saw Matilda and Belle. Belle had a shocked look on her face, seeing all the glass but not being able to see inside. Lucas looked at her and then walked past her. He walked down the steps and heard a scream, he didn't look back but carried on walking, he heard sobbing which was getting louder and louder. He then saw Belle run past him and across the road, running down the street.

Matilda: This place is a mess. We will never get it cleared up before the police get here.

Ric: It did get alittle messy.

Matilda: So, what are we going to do?

Ric: Nothing.

Matilda: Nothing?

Ric: You're right, we can't clean this up in time, It wasn't suppose to get messy. There is nothing we can do.

Matilda: This is evidence.

Ric walked towards Drew and bent down and untied his wrists and legs, he stood up holding the rope.

Ric: This is the only evidence, the only thing that has our finger prints on. Nothing else was touched by us.

Matilda: They are not going to believe this is a accident.

Ric: They are also not going to be able to prove that it was us, plus you know the cops here. They wont mess with us.

Matilda: You are forgetting two things though. This was Peters son and there is also a new cop in town.

Ric: There is nothing we can do about it, Belle has probably already told someone. We just wont be here when they get here.

Ric and Matilda left the house.

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I actually had alot of ideas and a need to write,So I have gotten far with this..Which means I can post another chapter now.

The next morning the whole bay was reeling with shock of the death of Drew, Peter was determined to stop the trio now, whether it was through the law or his own way. Lucas hadn't been seen since Ric, Matilda and Belle saw him leave the house the night before. Ric and Matilda were also keeping a low profile away from home, they were hiding in a old caravan that Ric stayed in before he settled into the bay. It was in the bush and hard to find if you didn't know where it was.

Matilda: How long will we stay here?

Ric: I dunno.

Matilda: What are we going to do?

Ric: I dunno.

Matilda: Ric.

Matilda looked at him, he was looking out the window, wondering what to do now and where Lucas may be.

Ric: I don't know Matilda. Peter will be coming after us and that new cop and maybe--

Matilda: Maybe what?

Ric: Maybe we wont be able to stay in the bay anymore.

Matilda: You mean we are going to leave?

Ric turned back around and faced Matilda.

Ric: Yeah, we have to leave. But not before we get Lucas, we can't leave him.

Lucas was sitting on some rocks hidden from view, the tide was coming in and would cover a lot of the rocks, but where Lucas sat the water never reached. He had been sitting there since the night before. He thought about what Drew had said, that Belle had never loved him. Why couldn't he of just let it go, like any normal person that had gotten dumped. He never felt guilty about killing anyone, it wasn't too long ago when he killed there substitute teacher, he just shrugged it off. But he felt guilty for killing Drew, what had he really done to hurt him. He and Belle were together before himself and Belle and obviously them going back together meant that they really had feelings for each other, He just hated being treated like that. He looked up and saw someone in the distance walking in his direction, he felt no threat by them so didn't move.

Ric opened the door to the caravan and walked out, Matilda quickly followed.

Matilda: Where are you going?

Ric: I'm going to find Lucas and bring him back here before he does something stupid.

Matilda: I'm coming with you.

Ric: No.

Ric turned around and stopped Matilda.

Matilda: Ric, I want to come.

Ric: It's not safe, It's best that I go on my own. I'm going to find him and bring him back, you need to stay here.

Matilda didn't like the idea of being alone and fearing the worse with her boyfriend and best friend out there, but she agreed.

Matilda: Okay.

Ric smiled, gave her a kiss then shut the door.

Lucas noticed that the person was walking closer and closer to him, he still couldn't make out who it was, but could see that it was a girl with long blonde hair. He could also see that the girl was looking at him as she walked closer. Lucas still didn't move. The wind started blowing the girls hair in her face and she would move her hand and brush it out of her face, suddenly Lucas knew who she was. He sat there opened mouthed, staring at her, wondering why she was walking over to him. Closer and closer until she was by the rocks.

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Lucas: Hi Jessica.

Jessica: Hi Lucas.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Lucas was really confused, Jessica had never spoken more than a few words to him and only because they were at the same place by chance, never has she walked up to him.

Jessica: Wanted to see how you were.

Jessica climbed up the rocks and sat next to Lucas, Lucas looked at her but then quickly turned his head.

Lucas: Why do you want to know?

Jessica: Well Drew died last night in your house, now you, Ric and Matilda are missing. Doesn't take a genius to work out what happened and as you and Belle had a history, It is very obvious what happened and why.

Lucas: Ric and Mattie are missing?

Jessica: Yeah, they vanished last night. Left without you?

Lucas: No!

Lucas spoke sharply and with any other person it would of made them jump, knowing what Lucas and there others were like, but Jessica didn't move.

Jessica: Sorry.

Lucas: I'm sorry for snapping.

Jessica: Do you know where they are?

Lucas: No. I left before them, didn't know they were gone.

Jessica didn't reply, she sat there silent.

Lucas: Why are you here?

Jessica: I told you, I wanted to see how you were.

Lucas: You never seem bothered before.

Jessica: I just never showed it.

Lucas felt her hand move down his leg and held onto his hand. Lucas looked at her.

Ric was still searching the bay for Lucas while trying to keep out of the public view. Last thing he wanted was to be found by someone and he hoped Lucas thought the same, so looked at places that were out of the public eye. Having no luck finding him after a hour he thought about going back to the caravan. Matilda must be worrying by now, but she was safe, whereas Lucas wasn't. He kept looking.

Jessica: It's getting cold and late, we should go.

Lucas: I have no-where to go and I'm not going to get caught.

Jessica: I have somewhere you can go.

Lucas looked at her, still suspicious why she was here.

Lucas: Where?

Jessica: Follow me.

Jessica stood up and climbed off the rocks, she turned and looked at Lucas who was still sitting there looking at her. He stood up and climbed down the rocks, Jessica walked forward and Lucas followed.

Ric was still looking for Lucas, more time had passed and he found it harder to keep out of the public eye while walking around the Bay. He decided he would go back to the caravan and check on Matilda then come back looking for Lucas when it was dark.

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Jessica led Lucas up to a old abandoned house in the middle of no-where. She opened the gate and allowed Lucas to walk through, they both walked up to the house and Lucas pushed open the unlocked door. They both walked in.

Jessica: No-one has been here in years, you wont be found here.

Lucas: Why are you helping me? Is this some sort of trap?

Jessica: I thought I answered you question when I held your hand, but if you want to know more.

Jessica stepped forward and held Lucas's hands and moved her body towards his, Lucas lent back as she lent forward. Both looking into each others eyes, Jessica leaned forward more kissing Lucas on the neck and then on the lips. Lucas tightened his grip around Jessica's hand and leant forward into her, pushing her back and onto a old mattress that laid on the floor.

Matilda: Where's Lucas? Did you find him?

Ric walked into the caravan, closing the door behind him.

Ric: No, I couldn't find him.

Matilda: You don't think Peter found him.

Ric: Lucas wouldn't of allowed himself to be taken like that.

Matilda: What if Peter killed him?

Ric: I'm going to look for him later, when it's dark.

Matilda: I'm coming with you.

Ric: Mattie.

Matilda: I'm coming with you.

Ric nodded and then sat down next to her holding onto her hands.

Peter was questioning Tony, Alf and Sally at the police station when Leah and Dan came in.

Peter: I know we have all been protecting them before, but they can't keep doing this. They have gone to far, I know this is personal for me. But it has gone to far, Detective Cale is investigating now and it could lead us all into trouble for covering this up. We have to find them, if you do know where they are, then you need to tell me.

Sally: We don't know. They never tell us anything and we were always afraid to ask.

Peter turned around and saw Dan and Leah standing there, they walked over to him.

Dan: Peter, you should come home.

Leah: You need to be with family.

Peter: I need to find my son's killers and finally stop this madness.

He turned to the others.

Peter: It has gone on long enough. I know you love them, but it has come to the point where we can't let it slide anymore. They are murders, we have to find them and end it.

James was searching through the notes his partner had made while writing his own, The names Ric Dalby, Matilda Hunter and Lucas Holden came out at him with every step he made. The names haunted him, three teenagers, how could they be responsible for what had happened in the bay, what had happened to Wesley Davids. James looked at the other name, Cassie Turner, where was she. What happened to her. Wesley had made a note of her and took photographs, but suddenly she was gone, in just a matter of days. Could Wesley and Cassie have suffered the same fate. James got up and left his caravan. He walked to the house and looked through the window, the lights were off and there was no sound coming from inside. He walked to the door and forced it open, he walked in and looked around on the desk, for any information that may get him somewhere, anywhere.

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Thanks :D

It was now dark. Jessica and Lucas were sitting on the bed huddled up to each other, Jessica was smiling and so was Lucas. But he always felt a threat, after Belle he never believed that anyone liked him. They were either nice to him out of fear or it was a trap. Jessica moved her hand across Lucas's naked body, up his shoulders and his neck and in his hair, she leaned in closer and kissed him on the lips and down his neck. Lucas titled his head back and closed his eyes, if this was a trap then at that moment he didn't care. Finally someone loved him, someone at that moment was thinking about him and only him.

Matilda and Ric walked out of the caravan and closed the door, Matilda held onto Ric's hand as they walked out of the bush and started looking for Lucas once again. No-one ever wandered around the bay at night, It was rare you saw a person out on the streets, either they were at home, the diner or Noah's bar. So Matilda and Ric were able to walk around the Bay in search for Lucas without worrying about being seen.

Matilda: Where could he be? Where did you look before?

Ric: I looked all over, I have no clue where he could of gone.

Matilda: You don't think he could of left the bay do you?

Ric stopped and looked at her.

Ric: No, he wouldn't leave without us.

Matilda: Are you sure?

Ric didn't reply.

Jessica sat up on the mattress while Lucas continued to lay there looking up and smiling, he put his hand out and rubbed her back, Jessica turned around and smiled. Lucas sat up.

Jessica: I want to show you something Lucas.

Lucas: What?

Lucas looked confused, Jessica had shown a lot of love to her in those two moments, did they just happen for her to get something. Jessica looked at Lucas and then turned to the table that had to old cups on, she stared at the table and Lucas watched her. Suddenly the cups moved around on the table, Lucas stood up shocked.

Lucas: You can--

Jessica: Yeah.

Lucas: Why didn't you tell me before.

Jessica grabbed Lucas's hand and pulled him back down on the mattress.

Jessica: You know, not everyone that has powers like these are murderers.

Lucas looked at her, but didn't speak.

Jessica: I have never hurt anyone with what I can do and I really don't plan on it. But I know that you, Ric and Matilda have hurt a lot of people and killed some. I didn't want to get involved in that, so never said. Why did you start hurting people? What made you do it?

Lucas: I was angry.

Jessica: A lot of people get angry, but never kill anyone, powers or not.

Lucas: Then maybe I just had it in me to kill, powers or not.

Matilda: This is useless Ric, we have been searching for ages. Maybe he did leave town.

Ric: I don't believe he would just leave.

Matilda: Let's go back to your place and think.

Ric: Only if no-one else is there.

Ric and Matilda started to walk home.

James Cale was still searching the house for any information or proof that the teens are responsible or something to tell him what happened to his partner and the forth teen. He walked downstairs and was about to start checking through the laptop when he heard noise at the front door, a key going into the keyhole. He quickly and quietly opened the cupboard door in the hall and slid in, closing it gently behind but open just a gap to hear who was there and what they had to stay.

Ric: Do you want a drink?

Matilda: Yeah, thanks.

Ric walked over to the fridge and got out two bottles and handed one to Matilda.

Matilda: What are we going to do now?

Ric: Well, I was thinking. Maybe we should search in the bush, where Cassie is.

Matilda: Why would he go there?

Ric: I dunno, It's just something I thought of. We have checked everywhere else.

Matilda: What about on the cliff where we killed that cop?

Ric: I looked there earlier, he wasn't there.

Matilda: Okay, then lets go into the bush.

Ric and Matilda got up and walked out of the door, shutting it behind him. James opened the cupboard door and quickly ran out of the front door and followed closely behind.

Just to say that it is now night in the story and I have decided it will end that night,So it is coming to a end,but I don't know how many more chapters are coming,Should be still quite a few..Have got the ending in my head,just don't know how to write it.

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Peter was still at the station in his office with the door closer, talking to Sally, Alf, Tony, Jack, Leah and Dan.

Peter: They have to be stopped, they--

Peter paused and looked at them.

Peter: They have to die, its the only way it will stop, tonight.

Peter: I'm not asking any of you to be there. These kids are your family, it will be hard on you. Even though you all know that it is the right thing.

Tony: I don't think it is the right thing. Lucas caused problems but he didn't kill anyone until he came here.

Sally: Are you saying it's Ric's fault?

Tony: No, I'm saying that before they all got together Lucas wasn't a murderer. It's when they all got together that caused it all to happen. If maybe--

Peter: Maybe nothing! They need to pay for what they have done.

Peter walked out of the office leaving the others there. Tony looked at Jack and they both stood up and left.

Jack: What are we going to do?

Tony: I know he is bad, but if he was back on his own, away from them. He wouldn't do anything.

Jack: Are you saying we should take him away?

Tony: I can't see my son die, Jack.

Ric and Matilda walked down a lane with James close behind, when they turned a corner, he turned the same corner seconds later. He was determined to find out what had happened to his partner, still clueless about what the teens have done and can do. Peter drove past them and then stopped at the end of the street. None of them saw him, but he saw them. He got out of the car and ran up quietly to James who he saw hiding in the shadows.

Peter: What are you doing?

James turned around shocked to see Peter there and not wanting to be found by Ric or Matilda.

James: I'm following them. They are going to where-ever Cassie is. I want to know what is going on here.

Peter saw that Ric and Matilda had just turned the corner, he grabbed James arm and pulled him along, now both following Matilda and Ric.

Lucas and Jessica were dressed and sitting on the grass outside looking up at the stars. Jessica was sitting behind Lucas and was holding him close to her, he leaned his head back on her shoulder.

Jessica: I want you to stop seeing Ric and Matilda.

Lucas sat up.

Lucas: What? Why?

Jessica: They're murderers.

Lucas: So am I.

Jessica: But they wont stop. You can, you can have a normal life. Without them, but with me.

Lucas: They are my best friends, I can't abandon them.

Jessica: They are going to get you killed. Like Cassie?

Lucas: What?

Jessica: Well, she is dead isn't she?

Lucas: Yeah, she is.

Jessica: And that cop that came to town, looking for his partner, is the partner dead?

Lucas: Yeah, he killed Cassie.

Jessica: So they killed him.

Lucas nodded.

Jessica: That cop wont stop until he finds out the truth and when he does, he wont cover it up and now Drew. Peter wont just let that go. He is probably searching for you, Ric and Matilda now.

Lucas: Then I have to go and find them.

Lucas stood up and began walking towards the gate, Jessica ran up to him and grabbed his arm.

Lucas: I'm not leaving them.

Jessica: I want you to come with me.

Lucas: Where?

Jessica: Away, away from here and away from them.

Lucas: Not only are my friends here but my family aswell.

Jessica: Your friends are no good and your family would want you to stop what you are doing and get away from this, get away from here.

Lucas: I'm not leaving them, they wouldn't leave me.

Lucas opened the gate and walked away, Jessica following behind.

Sorry if it is now seeming like its unenthusiastic,but I am lacking ideas and words..Trying to keep it going.

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Matilda: What are we going to do if Lucas isn't there?

Ric: We'll have to leave, we checked everywhere else, if he isn't hiding out in the bush, he must of gone.

Matilda and Ric were still being followed by Peter and James, James asking questions about what had gone on in the bay during Wesley's stay here, what happened to Cassie and everything else to do with the teens. Peter however wasn't keen to answer questions or talk at all. He was there to get the chance to kill Matilda and Ric.

Ric stopped and looked behind hearing a twig snap.

Matilda: What's wrong?

Ric: Thought I heard something.

Matilda: We are in the bush in the middle of the night, of course you thought you heard something.

Ric smiled and carried on walking, still being followed by Peter and James.

Matilda: How much further is it?

Ric: Just by that tree.

Ric pointed 300 yards ahead, Peter and James took note of that and split up, going in different directions to surround Ric and Matilda.

Tony and Jack were driving around looking for Lucas, they found him running down the street with Jessica behind, he pulled ahead and stopped infront. They got out of the car and ran to Lucas.

Lucas: Dad. What are you doing here?

Tony: We have been looking for you, Peter is trying to find you and the others, he is going to kill you.

Jessica: I told you Lucas, we need to leave.

Lucas: I'm not leaving.

Jack: Yes, you are.

Tony: You have to get out of the bay, you're leaving now.

Jack: We got you some money and packed up some of your clothes.

Lucas: I can't go.

Tony: Do you want to die?

Lucas: They're my friends.

Tony looked at Jack, not knowing what to do.

Jack: We overheard Matilda and Ric saying that they were going to leave, they may already be gone. They have left you.

Lucas: What?

Lucas looked shocked and upset, Jessica held his hand and Tony put his hand on his shoulder.

Tony: You have to leave.

Lucas looked at him.

Lucas: You both come with me?

Tony: We can't?

Lucas: Why not?

Tony: We can't leave here, they may find us if we all go. You need to vanish, you can do that, we can't.

Lucas: I don't want to go on my own.

Jessica held his hand tighter and Lucas looked at her.

Jessica: I'll come with you.

Lucas: Really?

Jessica: Yeah.

Jack: Great, get in the car. We'll drive you out of the Bay, then you are on your own.

Lucas and Jessica got into the car, Jack gave Tony a look and then nodded both getting into the car and driving off.

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I wasn't feeling too well when I wrote this,but near the end I was feeling alot better and up for writing,thats why it is suddenly better :P

Matilda and Ric had arrived at Cassie's grave.

Matilda: He's not here. What are we going to do?

Ric: We have to leave without him.

Matilda: We can't do that.

Ric: We have to go, we can come back for him at another time.

Matilda: What if something happens to him before then, like getting arrested or killed.

Ric: We can't stay here Mattie. Drew is dead and that cop, they wont leave us alone. We have to go.

Just then Ric spun around after hearing another branch snap.

Ric: I know there is someone there.

Matilda: Ric, It's probably nothing.

Ric turned to face Matilda.

Ric: And what if it is something?

Matilda looked at him and then looked past and behind him, open mouthed seeing that Peter was coming towards them. She put her hand out and pointed at him.

Matilda: Ric, it's Peter.

Ric turned around to see him, then back grabbing Matilda's arm and running away from him.

Ric: Keep up Mattie.

Ric was running through the trees with Matilda trying to keep up, Peter was running behind. Ric was too fast for Matilda and she tripped and fell onto the ground.

Matilda: Ric!

Ric turned around and saw Matilda on the floor.

Ric: Mattie!

He ran back and helped her get up and they carried on running, Peter was getting closer. Ric turned and looked at the tree infront of Peter, branches broke off the tree and fell infront of Peter, making him stop and duck out of the way, but then he continued his chase. Ric and Matilda were dodging through trees when suddenly a thick branch came out of nowhere hitting Ric in the head, he fell to the ground and pulled Matilda down with him. James came out from the trees and looked down at them. Ric was holding his head and looked up at him, James flew through the air and into the tree behind him, he fell to the ground with a thump. Peter came behind and grabbed Matilda, putting his hand over her mouth to stop her alerting Ric. But Ric looked around anyway and saw that Matilda was being held, before he could do anything Matilda looked at a rock on the ground, it flew up and hit Peter in the head making him fall to the ground unconscious. Matilda ran to Ric and held him in his arms.

Matilda: Are you okay?

Ric: Yeah, I'm fine.

Matilda: We have to get out of here.

Ric was weak after being hit with that large branch, for once he was scared for his own safety and Matildas. He held onto Matilda's hand as she lifted him up. He leaned on her as they began to walk out of the bush. Ric turned back to see that both Peter and James were still out cold.

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lol :P

Tony stopped the car and turned around to see Lucas. Tony didn't want to see his son leave, but he didn't want him to die. He got out of the car and opened up the back door to let Lucas and Jessica out. Jack went around the back and opened up the boot getting out his bag. Tony grabbed Lucas's hand and pulled him close.

Tony: Please Lucas. Make a life for yourself, don't hurt anyone else. I don't want to see you die, but I don't want you to hurt anyone else. I am taking a big risk in letting you go, just please, make a better life for yourself.

Lucas looked at his father, maybe he was right. He had caused problems before and only killed one person by accident before he moved to the bay. But when he moved to the bay and got invovled with Ric, Mattie and Cassie he got far far worse. Now because of that he had to leave his father, the people he cared more about than his friends that caused him to kill. He felt so bad after he had killed Drew out of anger and hurt. This was his chance to make something of his life. He nodded to his father and held his hand tight as Tony brought his son in for a hug. Jack dropped the back on the floor and walked over to Lucas giving him a brotherly hug before pushing him away playfully.

Jack: I'll miss you.

Lucas: I'll miss you too.

Lucas looked at Tony who was trying to hold back his tears.

Tony: I love you Luc.

Lucas: I love you too.

Lucas hugged his father who had broken down and cried. Tony pushed Lucas back and stopped crying.

Tony: You have to go now.

Lucas picked up his bag and Tony turned to Jessica.

Jessica: I'm not sure if it is good for you to leave with him. You should go back to your family.

Lucas: I agree, you have a family here and friends.

Jessica: My family hate me, they found out what I could do last night and kicked me out. I think they would kill me rather than let me live there. And my friends aren't really my friends. I want to go with you.

Lucas hesitated and then nodded, he walked forward and took her hand. They turned to walk when Tony stopped them and gave them some money, he patted Lucas on the shoulder and smiled. Jack stood next to Tony and watched Lucas turn and walk away. Lucas and Jessica walked down the street holding hand. Lucas gave one last look behind, smiling at his father and brother before turning again to focus on his new life.

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Just finished it :P

I think you will be happy :D

Last Chapter.

Ric and Matilda were still making there way through the bush, Ric fell a couple of times. That hard knock to the head made him really weak and dizzy. Matilda was really worried and wished that Lucas was here to help them. Ric kept on walking with her though, Matilda helped him along as he guided them. They reached a stream, not much water was there but it was hard to cross with all the rocks and Ric being unsteady on his feet. They started to walk up in the stream finding a easy way to cross.

James awoke and saw that Ric and Matilda were now gone, he saw that Peter was lying 50 yards away from him, he struggled to get up before staggering over to him, bending down and checking his pulse. Peter was alive, but out of it. James stood up and looked around, noticing that branches on a nearby bush were broken. The bush was far from were they were fighting before so he knew that they headed in that direction. He left Peter and walked on following what trail he go see. He reached the same stream that Matilda and Ric were walking up, he saw there was some blood on the rocks and continued following them in the right direction He had his hand held on his gun, ready to use it before he could be taken down again.

Ric and Matilda had found a safe place to cross the stream, the bush wasn't as thick and Matilda could see through that they weren't that far from getting out of it, in the distance she saw a lot of rock in the open which she knew was the cliff were they killed Wesley. From there she knew which way they had to go, they just had to get to the cliff. Ric was staggering more and more, blood covered his head which Matilda had just noticed because of how dark his hair is, it ran down his neck. Matilda had ripped off the sleeve from her jumper and wrapped it around Ric's head, but she knew that he needed help. But what was she going to do when she got him out of there. Who would help him?

Peter started to stir, he put his hand to his head and felt it throbbing, he opened his eyes and everything around him was just a blur of brown. He closed his eyes again and reopened them, things around him started to look more clear. He took his hand off his head and looked at it, blood was on his hand, he put his hand back up to his head and back down making it clear that his head was bleeding. He took of his shirt and wrapped it tight around his head. He tried to get up but immediately fell back down. The trees started to spin and his head throbbed more, he closed his eyes and laid back down.

Ric stumbled and Matilda tried to catch him, he fell to his knees.

Matilda: Ric, come on. You have to get up.

Ric: Can't. My head hurts.

Matilda: We have to get out of here Ric, please. Just try.

Ric leaned against Matilda as she helped him up he wobbled but was able to get to his feet. They carried on walking and made it out of the bush and onto the cliff. Behind them they heard another twig snap then tapping noise on the rocks behind them. They both turned, Matilda still holding onto Ric to keep him up, they saw James pointing a gun at them.

James: I don't know what you can do, but I know you killed my partner.

Ric managed to get some energy to speak, he couldn't resist winding someone up.

Ric: It was right here actually.

He smirked as James looked on, pulling back the trigger.

Ric looked at some rocks that were next to James, he saw that and turned to watch the rocks vibrating but not moving, he turned back to Ric who was struggling to do anything before slumping down. The rock stopped moving. James turned and smiled at Ric, he stepped forward and saw Matilda lift her hand and point toward some broken branches. James ducked in time as they flew over his head. He quickly stood up and shot his gun. Matilda fell to the floor next to Ric who was on his knees.

Ric: Mattie!

Ric looked down at her, her eyes were open but in shock. Ric saw her move her hands up to her chest were blood oozed out. He took her hands and put them over the wound holding them down. He turned to look at James who had the gun pointed at Ric. He looked at the branches that had just missed James and they flew back and caught James off guard knocking him over. Ric looked back to Matilda who had her eyes closed.

Ric: Mattie? Mattie? Mattie, open your eyes! Mattie!

Ric shook her softly to try and wake her up, only to see her arms fall from the wound and down to her side. Ric heard more footsteps and quickly turned his head and as he did a another rock flew through the air and hit the person knocking them over, Ric saw that it was Peter, James still laid behind him. Peter got up from his knees and pointed his gun at Ric and shot, the bullet missed and Ric got up and ran at Peter knocking him down, the gun flew from Peter's hand and near the edge of the cliff. They struggled, Ric trying to pin Peter down and Peter trying to pin Ric down. Ric was still weak and Peter manage to get away from him, running to the edge of the cliff to get his gun, he picked it up and turned in time to see another branch coming towards him. Peter couldn't move out of the way in time and was hit making him fall backwards and off the cliff. Ric walked forward looking over and saw that Peter had fallen all the way and was not moving. He closed his eyes and sighed, then remember that Wesley was still alive. Ric spun back around to see that Wesley had stopped up and was only yards from him pointing the gun at him. Before Ric could do anything Wesley shot the gun, hitting Ric in the chest, he fell to his knees holding his chest. Wesley stepped forward and over Ric who just stared at him, he reached his hand back to hold on to Matilda's as Wesley shot him again.

Lucas and Jessica held hands as they walked down a empty road, Lucas saw a car coming from behind, he turned and put his thumb out, the car drove past but then stopped. Ric smiled at Jessica as they ran to the car. Lucas put his head through the window talking to the driver, then opened the back door of the car and Jessica and Lucas got in. Lucas smiled at Jessica who smiled back, she then looked out the window and smirked.

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