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Summer Evil

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Story Title: Summer Evil

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters: Ric, Matilda and Lucas. Includes all current UK Bay cast.

BTTB rating: A (SC) (L) (VD)

Genre: Romance/Angst/Horror/Humor.

Any warnings: Violence, Sexual Content, Coarse Language, Spoilers for UK (Story a couple of weeks ahead of UK)

Summary: Ric, Matilda, Lucas and Cassie have it all. Good grades, Great friends and powers beyond anyone's beliefs. No-one could stop them, So no one tried.

I'm not sure about the language,I have written a few pages of my story and it does have some swearing,But I don't know if there is a limit on swearing,What words shouldn't be posted.So if I have gone past that,Could someone let me know and I will change the word.

Wesley: You're all crazy.

Ric: Shhh!!

Ric put his finger to his mouth.

Ric: [whispers] It's a secret.

Wesley: You wont get away with this.

Matilda: We already have.

Lucas and Cassie stepped forward so all four were in line together.

Wesley: Don't do this, You have a chance to just walk away.

Ric: You're right. What are we doing? I surrender.

Ric put out his arms and put his wrists together.

Ric: Take me away.

The others laughed.

Cassie: What is that now? 7Th,8th or 9th?

Lucas: 10th.

Cassie: 10th time someone has said [Mimicking] 'Don't do this'.

Ric: And what do we do?

Matilda: We kill them anyway.

Ric: Damn right we do!

Lucas put out his left hand and pointed his palm to Wesley, He screamed out in agony and fell onto his knees then stomach.

Ric: Oy! It's my turn!

Lucas: You snooze, You lose.

Ric: Ass hole!

They all turned around and started to walk away when they heard something from behind. They quickly turned around and saw Wesley pick up and shoot his gun. Cassie fell to the floor. Blood oozed from her chest, The others looked down at her and back at Wesley.

Ric: Of all the things you could of done, Like Die! This was the worse.

Ric walked forward looking straight into Wesley's eyes who screamed louder and louder the closer Ric walked. Ric stopped and Welsey fell onto his hands and knees. Ric stared at him and then up in the air, Wesley flew up and hoovered in the air. Gasping for breath, He felt his neck getting tighter and tighter. Ric quickly looked to the side and Wesley was thrown over the cliff. The trio walked over to the edge and looked over. Matilda stared at a boulder above Wesley and put her hand out. The boulder started to wobble and wobble, It fell to the sounds of Wesley's screams.

The trio stood over a grave, The grave that they had buried Cassie in. It was deep in the woods. Matilda wanted to say a few words but before she could Ric turned and walked away. Lucas and Matilda looked at each other, Then down at Cassie's grave and walked away following Ric.

Ric sat down on a bench in the park, Matilda and Lucas sat next to him.

Matilda: I can't believe he killed Cassie.

Ric: Cassie was weak!

Matilda: Don't say that! She was our friend.

Ric: She was never really one of us, We will be stronger without her.

Lucas was holding his arm out and move it up and down, A bin in the distanced floated in the air and back to the ground, He continued to do this for quite some time. Ric looked at the bin and made it fly off in the distance.

Lucas: What did you do that for?

Ric: You were annoying me.

Lucas: I was practising!

Ric: You shouldn't be practising with you hands. You know that. If you want to get good again, You just do it, You don't mess about with your hand.

Lucas: Easy for you to say.

It was easy for Ric, He never had a problem mastering his powers. It came naturally to him. Matilda had the edge of being a twin, Her brother was good and weak, She was bad and strong, She was strong when she was able to use her powers but struggled to get them started, She found she got more power when she held out her palm. Lucas was also strong at using his powers and at one point was able to use them without holding out his palm, Until one day he lost the person he had loved. Since that day he could only use his powers when he held his palm out.

Ric: I have to go.

Matilda: Where are you going?

Ric: Aww! Are you going to miss me?

Matilda: F!ck you.

Ric: We did that last night, Remember.

Matilda stuck her tongue out at Ric who retaliated doing the same back, Then winked and walked away. Lucas began to move around a can on the floor with the palm of his hand, Matilda slapped his arm down, He looked at her annoyed.

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Ric walked to the Diner, Even though he had just killed someone with the help of his friends and one of the gang had just died, He loved Sally. She wanted Ric to pick up a cake and that's what he was going to do. He walked across the road and saw Kayley, A typical blonde popular school girl who whispered to her friends every time Ric or one of his friends walked past. She stared at Ric and quickly turned away, She started walking, Ric ran to catch up with her.

Ric: Hey, Kayley. Where you going?

Kayley: Away from you!

Ric: Hey! That's not nice!

Ric grabbed her arm and she turned around and pulled away.

Kayley: Get off me, ass hole!

Ric: Don't ever walk away from me again! And don't ever speak to me like that! I'll rip you limb from limb!

Ric grabbed her by the neck and she looked terrified. Her eyes flicked to the side and back to Ric, Ric looked around and saw Alf grab Ric's arm.

Alf: Let her go Ric.

Ric stared at Alf, He was family,But wasn't afraid to hurt him.

Alf: Ric! Let her go!

Ric let go her arm and she ran away. He looked at Alf and walked past. Alf didn't catch him up. He knew that he had to stop his grandson from hurting people but couldn't push him to far after that.

Ric arrived home and put the cake on the kitchen counter. Sally turned around..

Sally: Thanks for getting the cake Ric.

Ric: It's okay. When's dinner?

Sally: Well I'm going to start cooking soon and we will eat when Cassie get's back, Do you know where she is?

Ric paused, He had taken a glass and put it on the counter.

Sally: Ric?

Ric: Cassie wont be coming back.

Sally: What?

He walked to the fridge and opened it.

Ric: She's dead.

Ric grabbed the juice bottle out of the fridge and closed the door. He turned around and Sally was standing there, He walked past him and began to pour himself a drink.

Sally: How? What happened?

Ric: She got shot. It's not a big deal really, She was weak, Her death showed that. You have to be strong to survive in this world. Besides, I never really liked her too much.

Sally stood there in shock, Her daughter had been murdered, She felt grief but yet relief. She knew what they did, That they killed and how. But yet she couldn't help but love them. What made her confused and scared was Ric. Ric didn't seem to care that Cassie had died, Was murdered. He seemed to have preferred it.

Ric: Call me when dinner is ready.

Ric left with his drink in his hand and walked upstairs. Sally stood there in shock.

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Sally: [shouting] Ric! Come downstairs.

Ric walked downstairs and saw Sally and Alf sitting next to Peter Baker and Jack Holden. Ric stared, Turned around and made his way back upstairs. Sally ran after him.

Sally: Ric!

Ric turned to face Sally.

Ric: What?

Sally: The police need to know what happened and where Cassie's body is.

Ric: She got shot, Her body is buried in the woods.

Ric turned to walk back upstairs.

Sally: Who shot her?

Ric: That doesn't matter, He's dead.

Ric said as he walked back upstairs. No-one ever knew the full stories of what happened within the group, Only the group and the one that they killed. The police didn't force them to tell, Knowing what they could do.

It was the next morning and Sally was making breakfast and talking to Brad. Ric started walking downstairs.

Brad: If you don't want to come to school today because of Cassie, Then I can cover your classes.

Sally: No, It's okay. Ric is acting like nothing is wrong and I don't want to act out of the ordinary. I don't know what he would do.

Brad: It's not out of the ordinary to be sad when your daughter has died.

Sally: I know, I will be okay today.

Ric walked in and smiled at them. He saw pancakes on the table and went over to get some. Lucas and Matilda walked in.

Matilda: Hey Ric.

Lucas: Are you ready to go to school?

Ric: Yeah.

Ric: See you at school Sally.

Ric grabbed his bag and a pancake and walked out. The trio walked along the beach and into the Diner which was full of people talking and laughing. As soon as the trio were seen it fell silent. They scanned the room. Ric whispered to Matilda and Lucas.

Ric: [whispering] There she is.

He was talking about Kayley. Who was sitting there with her friends, Probably gossiping just before they entered, Now staring at the trio with fear in their eyes.

Ric: She walked away from me and insulted me.

Matilda: She is always whispering when we walk past.

Lucas: I don't like the other one. Jessica.

Matilda: What don't you like about her?

Lucas: Everything. The day I arrived in the bay, Before she knew about me. Before anyone knew about me. I went surfing and a wave came over me, Knocked me off. I went up to the beach and she laughed insulted me.

Ric: Why didn't you do anything about it?

Lucas: I thought I was alone here. We had to move from town to town because I would do something and the community came after me.

Ric: Then you met us, So why didn't you do anything about it then?

Lucas: I like the hate and anger. I like it building up in me. It makes me feel good. So the day I do release it. It will be powerful.

Lucas looked around and saw Belle sitting with Drew. They looked at Lucas scared. Lucas stared at them, He wanted so badly to do something to them, Something that would make them suffer and hurt. But as much as he stared at them, He didn't do anything.

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Ric: If I was you, I would of killed them both by now.

Matilda: You would kill the one you loved?

Ric: If they betrayed me. Yeah.

Ric looked at Matilda. Matilda walked closer and kissed Ric.

Matilda: Lucky that wont be happening then.

Ric: Lucky.

Ric smiled and then hit Lucas across the arm.

Ric: You have to do something about them.

Lucas: I will!

Ric: When?

Lucas: One day.

Ric: You always say that but never do anything.

Ric walked towards the counter and ordered drinks from Leah. Lucas continued to stare at Belle and Drew until Matilda walked past him pulling his arm. He walked with her and sat down with Ric. Colleen scuttled over with their milkshakes and put them down on the table. Ric and Mattie always shared, They liked the same flavour, Chocolate, And had fun fighting over it. Lucas used to do the same thing with Belle, But since she left her from Drew, He had no-one to share it with. Belle and Drew got up and walked out of the Diner, Looking at Lucas as they went. They were soon followed by Kayley, Jessica and their friends. They got up from their table and as Kayley walked passed Matilda, Matilda made her feelings clear.

Matilda: B!tch!

Kayley gulped and quickly ran out of the Diner. Lucas looked up as Jessica walked passed. She looked back at him. Jessica wasn't as scared as the others, She never ran from them, But she didn't stick around.

Maths was the first lesson today, The teacher never lasted long at school. Every lesson Ric got bored he would play up, ultimately ending with the teacher leaving the school. The most famous incident was when a teacher revealled her phobia of snakes and ended up in Summer Bay's Insane Asylum. Ric got bored and saw that as a perfect opportunity to have fun. The teacher opened up a cupboard to get a book, Only for a load of snakes to fall out on top of her, Her screaming and the rest of the class screaming led her to the door, Where she grabbed the handle which turned into a snake. She ran to the corner and curled into a ball. That's when Sally and Brad had entered the Room, The snakes were gone, The other students were standing on their desks and the teacher was rocking backwards and forwards, All while Ric, Matilda, Lucas and Cassie were sitting at their desks smiling. That's why Brad or Sally took over a lot of classes. Ric wouldn't do anything to hurt Sally and he knew better to hurt her boyfriend.

Sally: I'll be taking the class today as your last teacher ran out yesterday. Funny really. She didn't like being locked in the cupboard all lesson.

Ric, Matilda and Lucas laughed as they walked in and sat down. Sally looked at them as they walked past..

Sally: But really, Not that funny.

Class had been going on for 10 minutes when Brad walked in.

Brad: Sally, I need your help with something that can't really wait. Miss Meedle will take over the class.

Sally looked at Ric and then back to Brad.

Brad: Are you sure it can't wait.

Brad looked at Ric who was smiling.

Brad: I really wish it could.

Sally walked out of the room as Miss Meedle, A new resident to the bay walked up to the blackboard. She took one last look at her and then to Ric, She knew what was going to happen, She knew they lost another teacher.

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Miss Meedle: I am going to right some sums on the board, I want you to copy and solve them.

Since the day Ric send their other teacher to the insane asylum, Matilda and Lucas had always vowed to do one better. Today was Lucas's turn.

Miss Meedle: When you have done..

Miss Meedle found herself moving the chalk up the board, But she wasn't moving her arm, She looked down and saw herself hovering in the air. The class gasped, The closest to Lucas, Ric and Matilda moved away. Miss Meedle screamed as she flew higher and horizontal.

Ric: Hey, Look. Peter Pan.

Matilda laughed and Lucas smirked, Keeping his palm up at Miss Meedle. He put out his finger and started twirling it around. Miss Meedle started to spin. Ric and Matilda were hysterical.

Miss Meedle: [screaming] Help! Put me down! Help! Someone Help!

Matilda looked up and said..

Matilda: No one can help you now.

Lucas was moving his finger all around, Making Miss Meedle bob up and down. Suddenly Belle entered the room, Gobsmacked to see what was going on. Lucas was shocked by her entrance and dropped his hand. Miss Meedle flew through the window and crashed to the ground screaming, That wouldn't of been so bad, If they weren't on the 3rd flood. Ric and Matilda gasped and then laughed.

Lucas: Oops!

Ric: Nice one, Luc!

Matilda: Really great.

Lucas: I wasn't finished.

Ric and Matilda ran past the terrified class to the window, While Lucas continued to stare at Belle who just stared back and gulped. Ric and Matilda looked down at what was once their teacher for 5 minutes.

Ric: Nice! She landed on the bin.

Matilda laughed and Lucas tried to contain himself. Belle was still looking at him. He felt mad and betrayed every time he saw her, But yet was still over come with love for her. Suddenly the bell went. All the class quickly got up and ran out. Ric walked over to Lucas and smacked him on the back, He grabbed his arm and held it in the air.

Ric: New champion!

Matilda clapped, Ric put his arm down and grabbed his stuff, Belle was gone. Lucas stood up and walked out with Matilda behind him.

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Thanks :D Its the what to do next that gets me,The little bits inbetween the action..But here is another chapter :D

Sally was in Brad's office with Peter and another cop, His name was James Cale. He had come to the bay to investigate the disappearance of his partner Wesley Davids who had come here on a holiday. Sally, Brad and Peter had met Wesley Davids but didn't know what had happened to him, Although if they had to have guessed, They would of got it right.

James: He was suppose to come back last week, But a few days ago he phoned me saying something was going on in Summer Bay and he would phone me again when he had more information.

Brad: Did he say what was going on?

James: Something to do with a group of teens.

Peter: That's why we are here.

James: Any of your pupils acting out of the ordinary lately? Causing trouble?

Sally and Brad looked at each other and then Peter, It wasn't out of the ordinary for Ric, Lucas and Matilda to cause trouble, But those were the kids he was after. If they told him, He would certainly end up dead.

Brad: No, I haven't noticed anything. Have you Sally?

Sally: No, I'm sorry. I don't think we can help you.

Peter: That's what I told Detective Cale before, Maybe it's not Summer Bay kids, But just people passing through the same time as Detective Davids.

James: Well I had to ask. I will be staying in the Bay for awhile though.

Peter and James got up and left the school followed by Brad and Sally. A crowd had formed around Miss Meedle, Other teachers stayed away. Ric, Matilda and Lucas were watching from a distance.

Sally: What's going on?

The crowd turned to see Brad, Sally, Peter and James. They moved to form a gap. They saw Miss Meedle lying on top a bin, Blood pouring down the side and onto the floor. James ran up to the body and checked for a pulse. Finding none he turned around to the students.

James: What happened? Did anyone see what happened?

None of the crowd spoke, They looked at each other and then down to the floor. Sally, Brad and Peter looked over to Ric, Matilda and Lucas who were sitting on the wall watching everything. James saw them and looked over to the trio. They smiled at James. James walked through the crowd and over to them.

James: Did you see what happened?

None of them answered him.

James: Did you hear me? Did you see what happened?

Ric got off the wall and walked away followed by Matilda and Lucas.

James: Hey! Don't walk away from me!

Peter ran up to James and grabbed his arm.

Peter: Don't worry, I know who they are. I'll speak to them later.

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Ric, Lucas and Matilda walked into the Diner, School had ended for the day after the tragic death of Miss Meedle. Ric was laid back and had his feet on the chair in front of him. Matilda was looking at the menu and Lucas was playing with the salt. Colleen rushed over to them with their food, She quickly put it on the table and rushed back into the kitchen looking over her shoulder as she went. Then in came James Cale. Ric sat up and looked at him. James looked back.

Ric: This food stinks, Lets go!

Lucas who had a mouthful of food said..

Lucas: [Mumbling] I'm still eating.

Matilda who had just seen James enter taped Lucas on the arm and pointed to him, Lucas turned around and saw James staring at them. The trio got up and walked past him and out the door, Ric was last and he stared him right in the eyes as he past him. James walked up to the counter, Finding no-one there he peeked his head into the kitchen. Leah turned around and saw him.

Leah: Hi, Can I help you?

James: Yeah, Hi. I'm Detective James Cale. I just came in to get something to eat, But do you think I can ask you both a couple of questions?

Colleen: What about?

James: Those three that were just sitting there, Two boys and a girl.

Leah: You mean Ric Dalby, Lucas Holden and Matilda Hunter?

James: I don't know their names, But they were just sitting at that table.

Colleen looked out at the table that James was pointing too.

Colleen: That's them, They left?

James: Yes.

Colleen: They didn't pay.

James: Do you think I can ask you both some questions?

Leah wasn't too sure about it, But Colleen jumped at the chance.

James: Shall we go outside?

Colleen and James walked outside and sat down at one of the tables.

James: What do you know about them?

Colleen looked around and leaned in closer and whispered.

Colleen: [Whispering] They are evil.

James: Evil?

Colleen: What makes you say that?

Colleen didn't reply, she suddenly had second thoughts, maybe she shouldn't get involved in this, She knew what they were like and have had many run ins with them before.

James: Ms Smart?

Colleen: I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Colleen got up and ran back into the Diner.

James: Ms Smart?

It was no use, Colleen was gone. James got up and walked away.

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  • 2 weeks later...

He walked passed Tony who was walking to the beach.

James: Excuse me? Do you know if there is a Caravan Park around here?

Tony: Yeah, Mate. It's just across from..

Tony explained where the Caravan Park was and James drove there. He got out of the car and looked around. He walked up to the house and knocked on the door. Sally came to the door and answered.

Sally: Detective Cale.

James: Mrs Fletcher.

Sally: Did you have more questions?

James: Er, No. I actually didn't know you lived here. In my phone call to Detective Davids, He said he was staying at a Caravan Park.

Sally: Yes, He was staying here, I was about to tell you that at school, But then we had the incident with Miss Meedle. He actually left his stuff in the Caravan.

James: Really?

Sally: Yes, He paid up front and I didn't know he had gone missing until you told me earlier today.

James: Do you think I could hire out that caravan?

Sally: Sure, Let me just get the spare set of keys.

Sally and James walked over to caravan number 7. Sally gave James the key and walked back to the house, she turned to say..

Sally: If you need anything else, Just let me know.

James: Thank you.

James unlocked the door, Opened it and walked in. Sure enough Wesley's suit case and files were all over the caravan floor and bed. He put down his bag and started to search through all the files that Wesley left. Eventually he found a file that was hidden under the bed. He opened it and read it.


Eric Dalby.

18 years old.

Father died of a heart attack but people suspect it was Eric's doing.

The ringleader.

Matilda Hunter.

17 years old.

She is a twin who's brother mysteriously disappeared.

Very mouthy.

Lucas Holden.

17 years old.

Moved from town to town after people disappeared.

A quiet boy.

Cassie Turner.

17 years old.

Parents are missing.

Shortly after arriving in the bay her grandmother died.

James looked through more files and found various photos of the group and notes.

James: [To Self] What did he find out? What did they do to him?

Suddenly James heard laughing come from outside the caravan, he looked through the window and saw the trio sitting on some steps and laughing. He wondered what they were doing here. He left the caravan and walked over to them. The trio looked up at him.

James: Why did you walk away from me earlier?

Ric: Had nothing to say.

James: One of your teachers died and you had nothing to say?

Ric: Right.

James: What are you doing here?

Ric: I live here, what's your excuse?

James: Excuse me? You live here?

Ric: I could write it down for you if you like.

Lucas and Matilda laughed.

James: Sally is your?

Ric looked at him, fed up he began to speak slowly.

Ric: Foster... mother.

James looked at him and then back at the house. James turned and then walked back to the caravan to the sniggering of the trio. He looked backed at the files and wondered if Wesley came to stay here by chance or on purpose.

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Just a small chapter.

Lucas and Matilda walked home and on the way, they past Belle and Drew who let go of each others hand when they saw Lucas. They turned and walked away looking over their shoulders as they went.

Matilda: You have to do something about them.

Lucas: I will.

They entered the house, Lucas sat down while Matilda went to get drinks. She brought them back, handed one to Lucas and then sat down next to him.

Matilda: We have to do something about Belle and Drew soon, they cant get away with it.

Lucas: What do you mean, we?

Matilda: Ric and I will help, you wont have to do it on your own.

Lucas: I can do it by myself.

Matilda: I know you can. But you wont, you will keep delaying and delaying. Someone needs to happen soon. We'll talk to Ric tomorrow about doing something.

Lucas looked at her and then nodded.

The next morning Lucas and Matilda left to meet up with Ric, they were finally going to do something about Belle and Drew.

Lucas: I don't want to hurt Belle.

Ric: You're joking right? After how much she hurt you.

Lucas didn't answer.

Matilda: What do you want?

Lucas: I, I don't know.

Ric: You should want revenge, on both of them.

Lucas didn't reply.

Ric: We don't have to hurt Belle, not physically anyway.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Ric: I have a plan and you wont have to do a thing.

Lucas looked at Ric.

Lucas: It wont hurt Belle?

Ric: Not physically.

Matilda: What about Drew?

Ric didn't answer, he just smiled at them both. Matilda smiled back.

Matilda: When are we going to do it?

Ric: Tonight.

Lucas: That soon.

Ric: Yes, the sooner it is over the better. That way it wont give you time to think about what you are doing.

Matilda: So what is the plan?

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Later that night Ric arrived at the Hunter/Holden house, he had perswaded Sally and Brad to invite Tony out to Noah's so they had the house to themselves. He opened the door and walked in to see Matilda and Lucas talking, Matilda turned around.

Matilda: Hey.

Ric: Hey.

Matilda walked up and kissed Ric, Ric looked back at Lucas.

Ric: What's wrong? It's still going ahead.

Lucas: I know, I just--

Ric: What?

Lucas: I want to do it. Not Matilda.

Ric: Are you sure?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm sure.

Matilda: So, we spoke about it and I will go and bring Belle back here.

Ric: What excuse are you going to use?

Matilda: The same one, That Lucas wants to talk to her to try and clear the air. But he asked me to get her because he couldn't make the first step himself.

Ric: Sounds good. Lucas will get Drew now, you better leave. You can't be here when he brings him back.

Matilda: How will I know when to bring Belle back here?

Ric: We'll text you.

Matilda left the house and Lucas went to get Drew, while Ric sorted things out at home. Lucas found Drew on the beach, he walked up to him, Drew didn't notice he was there until he looked up and saw he was standing in front of him.

Drew: What do you want?

Lucas: I want to talk to you?

Drew: About what?

Lucas: Belle.

Drew: What about her?

Lucas: She is back at my place, she sent me out to get you.

Drew: Why?

Lucas: Just to talk about what happened to finally sort it all out.

Drew: And Belle is already there?

Lucas: Yeah.

Drew: Okay, lets go.

Lucas and Drew started walking back to the house, Drew tried to keep his distance. Lucas was thinking about what was going to happen and how Drew had no clue to his fate. Thinking that he was going to meet Belle and finally sort things out, at best. At worse, meet Belle there and not sort anything out. But it was going to be far far worse. Lucas opened the door and walked in followed by Drew..

Drew: Where's Belle?

Looking around Drew only saw a empty room, suddenly the door shut behind him, he quickly turned and tried to open it with no luck.

Ric: Leaving already?

Drew spun back around and now saw Ric standing next to Lucas, Ric had a evil smirk on his face and Lucas just stared at him.

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