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Keep Neighbours on The BBC petition!!!

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Some channels (like ITV) have a history of treating programmes terribly. ITV is notorious for cutting and dropping episodes, and moving programmes around in the schedules if the ratings are bad. Soaps Night&Day and Crossroads are examples of ITV's impatient treatment of programmes. I think the BBC have always treated Neighbours with respect even during periods of very low ratings and that's why fans want it kept there.

I was very happy when I heard H&A was moving from ITV to Five (except for the year's wait obviously) because I hated ITV's treatment of H&A. I expect it's this same reason why Neighbours fans don't want it on there.

My personal preference would be to move Neighbours to Five, but keeping it on the BBC would be my second choice. Anything but ITV.

I hope that explains why people are concerned. It's not just about "at least it will get shown".

If you "personally don't care" about a topic in the forum, then no-one's asking you to post in it.

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I agree with Ste thats why many people want neighours to remain...in line with the bad treament of certain shows by moving them around...ITV also has bad habbit of cutting alot of scenes from shows shown b4 9pm. for example when H&A was on ITV editing sometimes made it that bits of storyline where cut out and so didn't make sense.

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