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Brokeback Bay

Guest Perry

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Story Title: Brokeback Bay

Type of story: Oneshot Short/Medium Fiction

Main Characters: Lucas and Ric

Rating: A 15+ (SC)

Genre: Romance

Any warnings: Sexual Content and Gay Theme

Summary: Lucas is so afraid of his relationship with Ric being exposed the only way they can be together is to go on a Camping trip in the bush.


The sun started shining through the trees in the bush... The greens of the leaves becoming different shades... it was dawn.

Lucas pulled his hand out from the sleeping bag, wiping his eyes awake. He wanted to sleep longer but the tent was getting cold and the sun wasn't out yet... well not out enough to warm him up. Of course Lucas could of wore clothes while he slept but that would of defeated the purpose of sharing a sleeping bag with Ric.

Lucas looked over at his sleeping bag partner, he smiled as he watched him sleep peacefully, he hoped Ric was having great dreams... dreams about him... dreams about what they did last night.

Lucas crawled out of the sleeping bag and used his hands to search for his clothes- there wasn't enough light to see them. Shuffling through the tent made an awful lot of noise.

"What are you doing?"

Ric wiped his eyes and smiled at the sexy naked boy- There was enough light for him to see that.

"I'm looking for my clothes its freezing" Lucas quivered.

Ric unzipped the sleeping bags and held his arms out inviting Lucas in.

"I'll warm you up"

Lucas blew onto his palms before rubbing them together to warm up. He looked at Ric and smiled. How could he refuse an offer like that?

He crawled back towards Ric and pecked him on the lips.

"Thankyou" Lucas smiled.

Lucas laid himself inside Ric's arms. Ric let go of him only for a second to zip the sleeping bag back up.

"See you don't have to scuttle around the tent to get warm you just need me" Ric whispered into Lucas' ear before pecking him on the cheek and wrapping his arms around him once more.

"I didn't want to wake you"

"Hey if it means you're going to snuggle up close to me I wouldn't care" Ric affirmed.

"If I knew that I would have kept you up all night" Lucas laughed.

"Hey there's always next time"

Lucas shifted himself around so he faced Ric.

"Will there be a next time?" Luc quizzed.

Ric looked into Luc's eyes, caressing his cheek with the tips of his fingers.

"There will always be a next time" Ric confirmed for him.

Lucas kissed Ric on the lips, sharing his tongue with his mouth and tasting his breath. Lucas rolled onto his back while Ric layed on top of him- Ric was always on top but Lucas like it that way. Luc's hand caressed Ric's back from his broad shoulder to his lower back resting above his backside.

"How long have we got?" Luc stopped worried.

"Mood killer" Ric protested.

Ric leaned over Luc and pulled the the tent open to see how much light was outside.

"The sun's out" Ric confirmed Luc's fear.

"So we have to get back soon" Luc sighed.

Ric held Luc's cheek.

"Hey they can't stop me from loving you... If we tell your dad and brother the truth... We can be together forever" Ric told him.

"They will never understand"

Ric kissed him once more.

"We'll make them understand".

Lucas scooted out of the sleeping bag, there was now enough light to see where his clothes fell when they were thrown off him the night before.

"Luc, I love you nothing's going to change that"

Lucas grabbed his pale blue and white striped cotton boxers and pulled them up his legs.

"You may always love me but it doesn't mean we'll always be together" Lucas scoffed.

"Luc, the way I feel about you... I don't think anything can come between us".

Lucas pulled his jeans up his legs and zipped them up.

"Dad will kill me"

"I won't let him"

"Do you mean it?" Luc asked.

"Forever and ever".


Ric's Kombi pulled up outside the Hunter/Holden home.

Luc unbuckled the seat belt, ric held his hand.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ric asked him.

Lucas nodded before lifting their hands up and pecking Ric's knuckles.

"If we want to be together... What choice do I have?"

Ric let go of Luc's hand and unbuckled his seat belt.

"What are you doing?" a confused Lucas asked.

"Well I'm going with you to tell them".

"You'll do that for me?"

"I'll do anything for you... Anything!"

"We do belong together don't we?" Luc smiled.

"Forever and ever" Ric agreed.

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The breeze from the trees made sounds like a rainforrest that surrounded Lucas with the smell of saltwater from the bay. He had just hopped out of the Kombi but wasn't going anywhere. Nerves attacked his body and he was shaking.

"This is going to be hard but it would be worth it"

Ric walked around the van and gave Lucas a small pat on his shoulder. He opened the side door to the Kombi and pulled out Luc's blue Duffel bag. He handed it to Lucas before pulling out the sleeping bag they had shared the night before. Ric slammed the door shut.

"What would telling them change?" Luc asked sharing his second thoughts out loud.

"It would mean no more sneaking around and that we can finally be honest to everyone."

Lucas looked his boyfriend in the eyes.

"But if they stop me from seeing you..."

"They won't, they can't... Look at us"

Ric's confident smile eased Luc's nerves a bit but he still had more of those questions in his head.

Ric playfully hit Luc with the sleeping bag.

"Come on I'll race you" Ric laughed as he ran towards the house.

Lucas wasn't going to chase him, he wasn't in a hurry.

Ric was already at the front door.

"Come on" Ric called out.

Luc slowly caught up, a little annoyed at Ric, doesn't he realise how hard this is?

Of course he doesn't, Ric's foster mum, Sally, is so caring she only wants him to be happy, it also helps that her younger brother, Ric's Uncle Chris who is only 2 years older then him is gay...

Beth, Luc's stepmum was like Sally but a little more old fashioned she probably wouldn't mind that Luc was gay but she wouldn't be happy that he was in a relationship with Ric. Ric was previously in a relationship with her daughter, Matilda. Beth wasn't at all happy with the age gap of two years between them and the fact Ric wasn't the best role model, seeing he was expelled from school for cheating on his School Certificate. Ric assured her that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to Matilda and that he would never hurt her but when Ric's feelings for Lucas grew stronger, he ended his relationship with Matilda without giving her any explanation leaving her broken hearted.

And then there's Tony, Luc's father. When his mother died, Luc only had his father and his older brother Jack to look to. They both watched Lucas grow into the young man he has become but if they knew the truth... If they found out he was gay, Luc was sure it'll devistate them.

Lucas walked up to the front door to the extention.

"Aren't we going to go in there?" Ric asked pointing to the main house.

"I just want to put my stuff away first" Lucas told him while opening the door.

Ric followed him inside as they walked through to Luc's bedroom. Luc opened the door to his room and his jaw dropped.

"Dad, what's going on?"

Tony was setting up a spare bed, with the help of Henry the twin brother of Matilda and was once the best friend of Ric.

"Henry's going to be staying a few days, I hope you don't mind sharing a room"

Luc shook his head but the way threw his bag down, Ric could see he was a little unhappy.

"How are you guys?" Henry asked.

"Yeah good" Ric answered. "How's yourself?"

"Good, I don't know if I can talk to you after what you did to my sister" Henry admitted.

"Henry, we're mates no matter what" Ric reminded him.

"Yeah I know... even if you are jerk" Henry laughed as he shook his hand.

"Dad, can Ric stay for dinner?" Lucas asked.

"I don't know" Tony answered. "I'll have to run it by Beth but I can't see why not... Didn't you guys get sick of each other out bush?"

Ric and Lucas looked at eachother and smiled before shaking their heads.

Tony dropped the pillow down on the bed.

"Now that you're here you can give Henry a hand fixing up his bed" Tony walked out of the room.

Lucas looked to Henry. "Me and Ric can finish this if you want to watch TV or something" Luc suggested to him.

"No it's cool" Henry told them. "I won't go Jack on you's".

Lucas grabbed the folded white sheet and spread it along the bed, he grabbed the top of it, Henry grabbed the bottom part and they tucked it under the mattress together, Ric sat down on Luc's bed and watched.

"How's gay school going?" Ric joked.

"Yeah it's ok" Henry answered as he finished tucking the sheet in. "I got suspended".

"You?" Ric shook his head in didsbelief. "What for?"

"Fighting" Henry shrugged it off.

"How much trouble are you in?" Lucas asked.

"Like alot, mum's grounded me here so I can't do anything and then when I get back to school I've got detention forever".

"That sucks" Lucas said with a smile.

"Yeah it does" Henry agreed. "But it could have been worst" he continued. He then looked to Ric "Pass us the sleeping bag".

"Ah why?" Lucas asked.

Ric threw the sleeping bag over.

"Oh you know mum she could have..."

"No the sleeping bag" Lucas interrupted.

"There's no quilts in the cupboard, I have to sleep in something".

Lucas didn't want his stepbrother to use the sleeping bag he and Ric slept together in the night before. In fact Lucas didn't want to share his bedroom with him either.

Henry pulled the sleeping bag out of it's cover and spread it over the bed.

"Henry" Tony knocked on the door. "Your mum wants a word with you".

Henry walked out of the room, leaving the door open. Lucas walked over and shut it behind him. He ran to his bed giving Ric a passionate kiss. They both layed down, Ric layed on top of Luc again rubbing his hands over Luc's body before pulling himself off of him.

"Henry can come back any second" Ric whispered.

"Yeah" Luc realized.

But he gave Ric one more short kiss before getting up off the bed.

"Are you still going to tell them?" Ric asked.

"Tonight at dinner, we'll both tell them".

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Sorry this is only short, Warning Sexual Content:


Ric and Henry finished making the spare bed in Luc's room.

"Help me move it against Luc's bed" Ric ordered his mate.

"Why do you want to do that?" Henry asked a little confused.

"I'll show you in a second" Ric grinned.

Henry grabbed the side of the stretcher bed and Ric grabbed the other side pulling it against Luc's bed.

"I don't want to sleep with Luc" Henry confessed.

"It's not Luc I want you to sleep with" Ric whispered before kissing him passionately.

The hair on the back of Henry's neck stood up stiff, it wasn't the only part of Henry that did. It was probably just Henry's young adolescent mind or the lack of sexual stimulation he got at Boarding School but right then Henry knew only one thing... He never wanted anyone so much as he wanted Ric.

Henry pushed his mate onto the bed jumping on top of him, almost ripping the T-shirt off his muscular chest while reaching down into Ric's boardshorts.

"Taste me" Ric ordered.

And Henry only wanted to do just that, starting from his neck... Then slowly working his way down to Ric's naval, giving it a good cleaning with his tongue before going lower again. Ric smiled as Henry ripped open the velcro on Ric's boardies but...

"What if Lucas walks in?" Henry stopped.

Ric shook his head.

"Lucas is so stupid he thinks I'm in love with him... I was only with him until you came back... He isn't half the man you are" Ric confessed.

"Lucas" Henry menacingly laughed.

"Lucas" Ric joined in...

They kissed again before saying "Lucas" together...


Lucas opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

"It was only a dream" Lucas thought out loud.

"What was?" Ric asked curiously.


"Mum and Tony want you to set the table" Henry told him standing at the doorway to the extension.

"Tell them I'll be there in a second" Lucas snapped at his stepbrother before sitting up properly on the lounge.

"Don't shoot me I'm just the messenger" Henry walked off slamming the door behind him.

Lucas looked up at Ric sitting all the way over the other side of the lounge. He shifted himself to sit next to him.

"I didn't snore did I?" Lucas asked worried.

"Not at all" Ric told him shaking his head. "You looked peacefull and adorable".

"Peacefull and adorable?" Lucas questioned. "But the dream I had was so horrible".

"What was it?" Ric asked. "Was it about dinner? Telling your family?"

"No" Lucas shook his head. "It was about..." Lucas faced away from Ric.

"What?" Ric asked gently caressing his face and turning it back towards him.

"You were cheating on me with Henry"

Ric cracked up in hysterical laughter.

"It's not funny" Lucas told him.

"It is" Ric choked.

Lucas gave him the look.

"It's funny because it's not going to happen". Ric told him.

"I know it's just..." Lucas stopped himself and gave Ric a short kiss on the lips. "I love you so much, I don't want to lose you"

"Well you won't" Ric assured him. "Espescially not to Henry" he laughed.

"Well you and him use to be best friends..."

"Yeah for like a week before he went away to Boarding School and before that we'll mortal enemies... It wasn't love at first sight like it was with us"

Lucas smiled at the confirmation before being interrupted. Tony opened the door to the extension, Lucas quickly stood up, hoping his father didn't see how close he was sitting to Ric but by the look on his face it seemed he did.

"Lucas come and set the table now" he yelled at his son.

"Sorry dad, I was talking" Luc apologized.

"I'll give you a hand" Ric stood up.

"No I want to have a word with you Ric if you don't mind" Tony told him.

Ric and Lucas turned to each other thinking the exact same thing, 'does he know?'

"Luc!" Tony yelled at Lucas to get out.

Lucas did just that, Tony gestured to Ric to sit down. Ric swallowed air before sitting down, Tony sat down next to him.

"I had a talk with Beth and Matilda..." Tony began to tell Ric. "This stuff with you and Mattie, I know it's none of my business and I respect that... These things happen, I was your age once... A long time ago..." he tried to joke, but Ric didn't laugh; he was too nervous to laugh even if he wanted to. "Lucas had been through a lot before Summer Bay, losing his mother... Having to move a lot... He never got to make any friends, well no real friends anyway" Tony patted Ric on the shoulder. "Since we moved to the bay you've been there for him, through thick and thin... A true mate... Turning Lucas around after his break up with Belle, being there for him... You can have dinner with us whenever you want" Tony laughed. "just not too often okay?" Tony reached his hand out for Ric to shake...

'If only he knew' Ric thought as he shook the hand of his boyfriend's father.

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"Lucas can you pass the bread?" Jack asked from across the table.

Lucas sat in silence; no he wasn't dreaming again, he just had a lot on his mind. 'What will happen if I'll tell them?'... 'What will happen if I don't tell them?'... 'Will it all be worth it?'

"Lucas... the bread?" Jack asked again.

'Will Ric hate me if I don't tell them?'...

Henry tried waving his hand in front of Luc's face but recieved no reaction. Henry decided to pass the bread over himself.

"Thanks Henry" Jack smiled before looking at Lucas and shaking his head.

"What is up with him today?" Tony asked out loud. "He has hardly said a word".

"Are you sick?" Beth leaned over her son Henry to feel Luc's forhead.

Lucas felt his stepmother's hand on her face, he looked at her.

"I'm ok... I'm just thinking".

"About what?" Mattie wondered.

"A girl" Henry laughed.

"I'm fine leave me alone" Luc snapped at his family.

"It must be a girl" Henry decided.

Suddenly Luc felt a tickle on his hand, Ric was sitting right next to him... He had felt Ric's hand on his and suddenly he came to a realisation 'Ric is right there beside me'. How could he forget that?

Matilda put her eyes off her sphagetti bolognese for a second to look at Ric, she wasn't happy he was there one bit.

"The food's delicious Mrs Hunter" Ric complimented.

"Thankyou Ric" Beth smiled.

"Are you sure you like it?" Matilda questioned her ex-boyfriend. "You have a habbit of saying you like things when you really don't".

"Matilda we talked about this" Tony lectured.

Matilda rolled her eyes and continued to eat her dinner, if she was eating she couldn't say the wrong thing or in Matilda's eyes the right thing but nobody cared enough about that to listen.

"Lucas do you like the dinner?" Beth asked.

Lucas stopped thinking for a second and looked up.


"You haven't touched your dinner, there's nothing wrong with it is there?"

"Ah no"

"Is there something you want to talk about?" Beth's motherly insticts kicked in.

"No it's ok" Luc said taking a fork full of bolognese to his mouth so he didn't have to talk.

"Are you sure?" Ric asked wanting him to tell the truth.

Lucas shook his head.

"What's up?" Jack said. "You can talk to us".

"Is it about Belle?" Tony asked.

Lucas shook his head.

"Did you want me to tell them? Would that make it easier?" Ric asked.

"No" Lucas snapped.

He looked around the table, everyone's eyes were on him, he knew he had to tell them, now was the time. 'Just open your mouth and tell them' Lucas ordered himself. He felt a tear come down his cheek, he was starting to cry.

Ric leaned his hand towards Lucas and wiped the tear from his boyfriend's face.

"You can do this" he whispered.

Lucas took a deep breath, he swallowed air, he took another mouthfull of Spag before taking a sip of Cola. Everyone on the table was holding their breath in anticipation.

"Me and Ric... Ric and I..." Lucas stopped there.

"Yeah...?" Henry asked.

"Come on Luc" Ric rubbed his shoulder.

"Me and Ric are in love" Lucas got it out.

Of course they were speechless... Ric gave Lucas a hug proud of him for telling them. Of course maybe he should of told them another way...

"With who?" Henry asked.

"Yeah who are the lucky girls?" Jack asked.

"Um..." said Luc. "There are no girls, we are in love with eachother... We're gay!"

Henry started laughing. "Very funny".

Beth hit him softly on the shoulder. She looked at her stepson and smiled, she had to give him a hug. Matilda stood up and ran to her room.

"Oh Mattie" Beth pulled herself off Lucas. And went to follow her but stopped when she noticed Tony.

Ric could see the look on Tony's face. The anger, the disgust... The nostril's opening up and closing so erratically like they are about to errupt... Well the nostrils were not going to but Tony was...

He leaned over the table and grabbed Ric by the shirt... Jack raced over and pulled his father off him.

"Dad, calm down". Jack warned him.

"How can I?"

"Tony" Beth pleaded with him.

Lucas saw the anger in his father... Even his brother didn't look to happy, they both looked at him like he was a murderer... Like he did something wrong. Lucas started crying, Ric wrapped his arms around him, Lucas falling into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry" Lucas said.

"You don't have to be sorry" Ric assured him. "It's not your fault... It's mine"

"GET OUT" Tony screamed at the boys.

"Mr Holden please" Ric begged.


"Tony, honey, sit down" Beth tried to calm him.

Lucas ran out of the front door, Ric chased after him...

"I'll go check on Mattie" Henry walked towards the bedrooms.

Jack let go of his father, who walked towards the door.

"I'll kill him" Tony yelled.

Jack held him back and decided it was best not to let him go.

"What's wrong with you?" Beth asked him. "That's your son".

"No he isn't".

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Lucas rummaged through his draws in his room, throwing clothes onto his bed.

"Love... You don't have to do this... Your father will come around" Beth pleaded.

Lucas grabbed his duffel bag and threw the clothes into them.

"Lucas listen to me... It doesn't have to be like this". Beth cried.

"If dad won't accept me for who I am then I don't want to be able to live under the same roof as him".

There was a knock at the door and Ric walked in.

"How did you go?" Lucas asked.

"Sal said you can stay with us for as long as you need" Ric told him.

Lucas zipped up the bag and wrapped the strap around his shoulder.

"Thankyou for being so understanding" Lucas hugged Beth and kissed her on the cheek.

"Are you going to say goodbye to your father?" Beth asked.

Lucas shook his head.

"Can we just go?" he asked Ric.

Ric nodded and the two walked out of the room.


"What is it with me that is so repulsive that I turn all my boyfriends gay?" Matilda cried.

She layed on her bed, hugging her pillow.

"Oh Tilly" Beth sat down on the bed.

"How could they do this to me?"

"They didn't do it to you..." Beth gently patted her daughter's face. "They couldn't help the way they felt, I'm just glad they're happy and you should too... Like you were with Dean when he told you the truth"


Kim, Jack's best mate grabbed two beers out of the fridge. He walked over to the Dining table where Jack was sitting and handed him one of the beers.


Henry jumped into the bed that was made for him... He looked over to Luc's bed... The empty bed.


Beth layed in bed, her eyes open... She had alot to think about. Tony joined her, he leaned over and went to kiss her on the cheek but Beth turned her head. Tony layed down on his side facing away from her.


Lucas helped Ric push the spare single bed against his single bed making it a double bed...

"Now we can share more than just a sleeping bag" Ric smiled.

Lucas kissed him. "We do belong together" he told him.

"Forever and ever" Ric agreed.



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