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Summer Of Love

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Summer Of Love

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha mainly

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC) (L)

Summary: Martha comes from a wealthy family. She is on holidays in Summer Bay where she meets Jack. Based on the movie “The Notebook”

Chapter 1

It was the summertime. Martha had arrived with her family for a holiday in Summer Bay, a beachside town in New South Wales Australia. She lived in the city. Martha came from a very wealthy family. Jack on the other had lived in Summer Bay is whole life with his father, Tony. The night of the carnival was when Jack and Martha first spoke. Jack saw Martha and fell in love because of her beauty. He turned to his mate, Ric.

“Who is that?” he asked

“Her name is Martha Mackenzie.” Ric answered “Her father is in the oil business”

“Wow!” Jack replied.

Martha got on the bumpers cars with Ric’s girlfriend, Mattie. Jack watched in amazement. He smiled at her. She was laughing and joking with Mattie. After a while, Martha and Mattie got out of the bumper cars. Mattie ran over to kiss Ric. Martha started to walk ahead of them. Jack headed in her direction.

“I was just wondering would you like to dance?” Jack asked

“No!” Martha answered abruptly

“Why not?” asked Jack

“’Cause I don’t want to” Martha answered

Another guy walked over to them. It was a guy from the lumber yard where Jack walked. His name was Tomas.

“Hey Martha. Would you like to ride the ferris’ wheel with me?” he asked

“Sure” Martha smiled

“Great!” Tomas replied.

Tomas and Martha headed on to the ferris wheel. Jack watched as they sat on a seat and started to go up. Jack ran and jumped onto the ferris wheel. The man who was controlling it stopped it. Jack was up at the very top of the ferris wheel and he shouted up to Jack.

“Jack! You can’t do that!”

“I know, Jimmy. Wait a minute.” Jack replied

Jack was now hanging onto a bar on front of Tomas and Martha.

“What do you want?” Martha asked

“I wanna know will you go out with me?” Jack asked

“No.” Martha answered

“Please! I will have to let go if you don’t.” Jack said and let go of the bar. He was now holding on with one hand. Martha started to scream. So did Mattie and Ric

“Get down from there” Mattie said

“Not until she agrees to go out with me” Jack replied

“Fine, fine I will go out with you” Martha said

“What? I didn’t hear that?” Jack smiled

“I WANNA GO OUT WITH YOU!” Martha screamed

Jack put her hand back on the bar and replied “Ok! Ok! I will go out with you!”

“Oh! You think you are so smart! Don’t you!” Martha said.

Martha grabbed Jack belt of her trousers and opened them.

“What? What are you doing?” Jack asked

Martha pulled down his trousers and now showing were his whit boxers. Martha sat back in the sat and smiled at the very intelligent thing she had done

"Not so clever now!" Martha said

Everyone at the carnival saw it and started to laugh at Jack.

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Chapter 2

The next day, Jack was walking with Ric and some others of this mates from work. Ric looked over at the shops.

“Hey, Isn’t that Martha?” he asked

“Yup. Catch you guys later” Jack smiled

Jack ran over to the pathway. Martha started to walk on ahead. Jack started to run after her. Eventually he caught up with Martha.

“Hi. Do you remember me?” Jack asked

“Yes.” Martha smiled

“Great. So I was thinking…Do you wanna hang out? Maybe” Jack asked

“Now, why on earth would you think that I would agree to that?” Martha asked and countined walking,

“Well, I am smart, funny and a little cute” he grinned

“I don’t think so” Martha replied.

Martha walked ahead of him. Jack ran after her and shouted

“You promised me a date?”

“No I didn’t” Martha said

“Yeah…Yes! You did. Last night” Jack said “So you wanna go out?”

“Nope” Martha said

“Why not?” Jack asked “You promised”

“Well, now I am changing my mind” Martha said

“You cant do that!” Jack answered

“Listen, if you want to go on date, then you will have to figure something out.” Martha said and got into her car

“Like what?” Jack shouted

“You will figure it out” Martha smiled and the car drove off leaving Jack alone.

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Chapter 3

Jack and Ric headed to the cinema in Yabbie Creek

“Are you sure this will work?” Jack asked walking down to the cinema

“Trust me” Ric smiled.

Ric and Jack walked down and standing there was Mattie and Martha.

“Oh…Look who it is! Jack you remember Martha!” Mattie smiled

“Yeah…Hey Martha” Jack smiled

Martha nodded and then dragged Mattie away and whispered

“You told me it would be just me and you”

“I didn’t know he was coming!” Mattie smiled

“Shall we, ladies!” Ric said

They all went into the cinema. Jack was sitting beside Ric and Mattie who were kissing. At the other end, Martha was sitting. She glanced at Jack. He smiled and she turned away. Jack moved down beside her.

“I so don’t get this movie” Martha laughed quietly

“Well, she likes him but just want admit it” Jack smirked

After a while, the movie ended. They all ran out of the cinema and Ric and Mattie got into the car. Jack and Martha looked at each other.

“Should we?” Martha asked him

Jack shrugged.

“Yeah…We are going to walk” Martha smiled

“Are you guys in love?” Ric laughed.

Ric and Mattie drove up while Martha and Jack walked down the road. After a few minutes Jack spoke

“So what did you think of the movie” Jack asked

“It was good. Loved the ending” Martha replied

“So did I. So what do you do at home?” Jack asked

“My days are kind of planned. Get up, dance lesson. Lunch, family time, piano lesson, dinner then I read”

“What do you do for yourself?” Jack asked

“Nothing. Haven’t got the time” Martha answered

“Come here!” Jack said grabbing Martha’s arm

“What?” Martha asked

“Lie down with me.” Jack said and lay down on the road

“No!” Martha replied

“Please!” Jack begged

“Fine” Martha laughed

Martha lay on the road beside Jack.

“What is a car comes?” Martha asked

“We die” Jack replied

“What?” laughed Martha

“Me and my dad used to sit here and watch the lights change” Jack said

“What did you stop?” Martha asked

“Just did.” Jack said

An awkward silence followed that. After a few minutes, Martha spoke;

“I paint”

“What?” Jack asked

“You asked what I did for myself. I paint” Martha said

Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was a car. They got up of the road very quickly and ran onto the path.

“We…nearly…died” Martha said out of breath

“Would you like to dance with me?” Jack asked

“There is no music” Martha said

“We can make some” Jack answered

Jack took Martha’s hand. Jack started humming and they slow danced in the middle of the road. Jack tilted Martha back and kissed her for the very first time. From that night on, it was love.

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Chapter 4

After that night, Jack and Martha were inseparable. They spend very waking moment of very day together. Martha learned a lot from Jack. She learned a lot of life lessons because of Jack. He thought he how to drive, they played around in the lake with Mattie and Ric. Like ever other couple they would fight but quickly make up. One night, Martha went over to Jack’s home. He was on the porch with his father. Martha walked up to them. He was reciting a poem.

“Martha” Jack smiled

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I can go and call back” Martha said

“No! No…Don’t be silly” Tony, Jack’s father said

“Really? It is no problem” Martha said

“None what so ever” laughed Tony.

“Ok, so what were you saying anyway?” Martha asked

“Well, when Jack was younger he had a lisp. So I started to get him to read poetry. It helped”

“Dad” Jack said throwing his arms in the air

“What Jack? She doesn’t mind. Do you Martha?” Tony laughed

“No! Not at all” Martha replied

“Right! Come on in and we can get some drinks. Not alcoholic because well I am not that type of parent” Tony said walking into the kitchen

Jack was annoyed at his father. Martha found Tony very amusing. They all went into the sitting area.

“So what bring you into town, Martha?” Tony asked as he handed Martha a drink

“Thank you, Tony. Summer holiday with my family.” Martha replied

“Ah…A summer romance” laughed Tony

“Dad!” Jack said

“Jack! I am just trying to get into your minds! When I was a teenager, we spend the summer study. Never went out. If we went to dances, we had to be a foot apart for the person you are supposed to be with dancing with. It was ridiculous!” Laughed Tony. “Also, we would never be allowed to swap spit! If you know what I am talking about”

“Oh my god! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!” Jack replied

“I better go.” Martha said “It was lovely meeting you, Tony”

“And you Martha!” Tony smiled

“I will walk you out” Jack said

Jack and Martha watched out of the house and onto the porch.

“Your dad it lovely!” Martha laughed

“He is so embarrassing!” Jack said

Jack and Martha kissed. Tony saw form out the window and shouted “That wasn’t allowed in my day! You guys are so lucky to be alive in this era”. They stopped and laughed. Martha left and Tony walked out onto the porch.

“She’s a keeper!” Tony said

Jack smiled. It had only been a few weeks but he knew in his heart that Martha was the girl he wanted to marry.

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Chapter 5

Jack went to drop Martha of at her house. When Jack pulled up at the house. Martha kissed him. She went to get out of the car but leaned in to kiss her again and again. Eventually, she got out of the car. She ran up to the door


Martha screamed. She looked and saw her father, Jimmy sitting on the bench in the porch.

“Daddy, you scared me” she said

“You like that boy?” he asked

“Yes, Daddy. Very much” Martha replied

“You will bring him by the house for dinner” Jimmy said

“Yes, daddy” Martha smiled

Martha walked over to her father and kissed him. Then she went into her house and went to bed.

:( This chapter is very short! :(

Next one should be longer :lol:

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Chapter 6

The next day, Jack was coming over to have dinner with Martha’s parent and a lot of the rich people from the town. Jack arrived and sat down at the table.

“So tell me Jack. Where to do work?” Anne, Martha’s mum asked

“The lumber yard” Jack answered.

Whispers filled the table. Martha sighed.

“And, how much to you earn?” Jimmy asked

“Daddy” Martha sighed

“No. It ok’s. I don’t mind” Jack said to Martha. “I get $4 dollars an hour”

Whispers filled the table again.

“Ah…I see” Jimmy answered

“Money isn’t a objective to me. What I get is enough. I have everything I need and that is what is important” Jack said

For a third time, whispers filled the table again. Martha was getting annoyed. She and Jack knew very well, that they were judging him as he wasn’t rich like very other person at that table. Jack didn’t care. He was proud and happy with where he was in his life. Money does not equal happiness. Jack knew this. Martha in the other hand did care. She could believe how horrible they were being to Jack.

“So what are you going to do after the summer? You know, when Martha leaves” Anne asked

“Well, the city is that far away…So I will drive up” Jack smiled to Martha

“Oh but Martha is going to college. St.Matthew’s” Anne smiled

Martha sighed again.

“I know” Jack answered

“St.Matthew’s is in Perth” Anne answered

“I didn’t know that” Jack said

“I was going to tell you” Martha said to Jack and then looked at her mother

“It is ok” Jack smiled

After dinner, Martha and Jack went out to the lake. Jack took of his top and jumped in. Martha was pulled in by him. From afar, Martha's parents were watching them.

“That girl seems to love him. He is not of our standards” Anne said

“It is just a harmless summer romance. It will not last” Jimmy replied

First can I say that I am sorry about my geography references in that chapter.

I think Perth is on the other side of Australia :lol:

I was just trying to think of a place away from Sydney

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Chapter 7

After dinner, Jack drove Martha home. He kissed her very passionately.

“You want to go somewhere?” Jack asked

“Yeah…” Martha replied

Jack and Martha got into the car and Jack drove up to an abandoned house. Martha looked at the view while, Jack went into side. It was a gorgeous view of a lake. Martha smiled. Jack came back out and called her. The walked inside.

“It was a plantation” Jack explained “When I am older, I am going to buy it”

“Do I get a say in this?” Martha asked

“Do you want a say in it?” Jack asked

“Yes. I want a big white house, with blue shutters and a room overlooking the lake where I can paint.” Martha said

“Anything else?” laughed Jack

“A porch around the whole house” Martha smiled

Martha walked over to the piano. She started to play. Jack followed her over and started to kiss her neck. She turned around and kissed him on the lips. Jack walked over to the floor and laid out a blanket for them. He stared at Martha who was on the other side of the blanket. One by one, each part of the clothing was removed. They started to kiss. Each kiss became more and more passionate. Martha stopped kissing him.

“It is everything ok?” Jack asked

“Yeah” Martha said

They continued kissing. Martha stopped again.

“What are you thinking? I mean…Did you know this was going to happen when we came here?” Martha asked

“No” Jack answered

“I am sorry. I am ruining it - ”

Suddenly the door opened. It was Ric. Jack shouted at him

“Quickly!” Ric said

“What?” Jack asked

“Martha, your parents are looking for you. The police were called and everything” Ric said

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Chapter 8

Jack and Martha ran out of the house and quickly drove back to Martha’s house. When they arrived they saw police cars in the garden. Martha got out of the car and ran into the house. Jack followed her.

“Daddy!” Martha said running into the study.

“Where have you been?” shouted Anne

“Out” snarled Martha

“Where!?!” yelled Jimmy

“She has been out until 2 am with that boy!” Anne yelled at Jimmy

“Do you love him?” Jimmy asked

“Yes…Yes Daddy. Every much” sobbed Martha

“I will not let you see him anymore” Anne said

“You can’t do that” screamed Martha

“I am your mother! I can’t do anything I want” Anne shouted back

Martha ran out of the room crying. Jack had just walked out of the house and was about to get into his car when Martha came out of the house.

“Jack! Jack” called Martha

Jack turned around. Martha was running towards him

“Where are you going?” Martha asked

“Home Martha, Home” Jack answered

“Why? Don’t mind them” Martha cried

“They are your parents. We can’t ignore them” Jack said

“No! No! We don’t have too. I don’t care what they think” Martha sobbed

“Martha!” Jack shouted “We are from two different worlds!”

“What does that mean?” Martha asked

“It means that we can't be together” Jack answered

Martha was very annoyed at Jack. She started hitting him.

“Don’t! Don’t! Stop” Jack said to her but she didn’t listen. Jack slapped her back. He got into his car

“Fine! Fine! It is over then! Get out of here” Martha sobbed

“Fine!” shouted Jack and he drove off

Martha ran after the car crying and saying “Jack! Jack! Come back! I didn’t mean it”. But Jack was already gone.

This is my 500rd post! :)

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Chapter 9

The next morning when Martha got up, she woke up to a surprise. The maids were putting suitcases into the car. She ran downstairs and into the dining room where he mother was eating her breakfast. She was reading the paper. Martha walked over to her and grabbed the paper out of her hands.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Martha

“We are leaving” Anne answered

“Why? We have another 3 weeks here!” yelled Martha

“We have had enough for one year” Anne replied “I will have, Lucy to get you suitcase.”

“I am not going” Martha said

“Yes! Yes! You are. Lucy will you pack Martha’s thing’s” Anne said

“Yes, Ma’am” Lucy answered and walked out of the room

“Wait! I don’t want anyone going through my stuff” Martha said

Martha went back up to her bedroom. She quickly got ready and ran over to the lumber yard. She saw Ric there;

“Ric! Ric!” she called

“Martha?” Ric said

“Where is Jack? I really need to talk to him” Martha said

“He is on a job. What are you doing here?” Ric asked

“I need to tell him. I need to explain” Martha said

“I don’t think that is a good idea” Ric said

“Why?” Martha asked. She looked around and saw her parent’s car pulling up into the lumber yard

“He was in a bad way last night. I was up with him all night.” Ric said as he saw Martha’s parents. “Are you going somewhere?”

“I am leaving town. Going home” Martha said

“When?” asked Ric

“Like now. Right now” Martha answered

The horn in the car started. Martha shouted that she was coming. She turned to Ric and said;

“Tell him I will miss him”

Martha ran to the car and got in. They drove off. Ric got back to work. A few minutes later, jack arrived at the yard. Ric ran over to him

“Martha! She was just here!” Ric shouted to him

“What? Why?” Asked Jack

“She is leaving Jack” Ric answered

Jack quickly got into the truck and drove around to Martha’s house. He got out of the car and looked into the garden. The cars were gone. The house was locked up. Martha was gone. Gone…Forever.

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Note: The movie is set during WW2. I should have put that at the start! Sorry :(

Chapter 10

When Martha left, Jack was so upset. He wrote her a letter everyday. Martha never received them. Instead, her mother took them and hid them from her. Finally, after a year, Jack a final letter to Martha. It was time to move on. Jack decided to go to the war in Europe. He was there for two years. He and Ric went. One day, during the winter, Ric was shot. He died. Martha decided to get a job helping out injured war soldiers. One day, Martha was helping out a soldier

“Thank you Ma’am” he said

“It is my job” Martha smiled

“Say, would a lovely girl like you want to go on a date with me?” he asked

Martha stared at him. He was in a cast for top to bottom.

“Maybe when you are better” laughed Martha

“Fair enough. I am Lon” he said

“It is lovely to meet you Lon” Martha smiled and walked off.

“Will you not tell me your name?” laughed Lon

Martha looked around. She smiled and walked off shaking her head. Lon lay back into his bed and laughed at himself. After a few days, Martha was walking down the street with her friends. Martha saw Lon and smiled

“Oh miss!” he laughed

Martha walked over to him.

“I am all better now” he smiled

Martha smiled back. After that moment, Martha fell for him. And why wouldn’t she? He was smart, funny, charming and rich. The kind of man that Martha’s parents wanted her to marry.

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