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Gasping for Life

Guest Reo

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Story Title: Gasping For Life

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Sally, Brad, Ric, Cassie, Alf, Rachel and new character Justin.

BTTB rating: T (SC) (V/D)

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Violence, Sexual Content, Drug references, Teen Rebellion. (V/D)(SC)

Summary: Justin is 17 years old and is happy in his life..He lives with his foster mother Sally and his foster siblings..He was traumatized by the death of his foster father but kept his emotions bottled up..Until one day he meets a girl that changes his life.

I have always had stories in my head,Tons and tons of stuff,But most didnt go anywhere..But i really wanted to write something,I just gave up before even starting because of how hard it would be..Making the characters and scenes and everything,But then i thought if i turned it into a H&A story then it would be easier for me..Characters are already set up and things i dont want to have happened that have happened in real H&A history wont happen in my story.

Im not sure if i am going to follow through on this,Hopefull I will.

All main characters are from H&A expect Airi and the very main character who is called Justin.

Justin was fostered by Flynn and Sally,Justin was stealing food from their house(When they lived in the current Hunter/Holden house),Flynn and Sally reached out and Justin soon accepted.

I have read over it,But my eyes often go over mistakes and I miss them,So if people can tell me if you see the wrong word in something that will be great,Everything has been spellchecked though.


Justin staggered to the large mirror at the end of the room, Staring into his own eyes,Sweat pouring from his forehead.

Flynn: How did you get yourself into this situation?

Justin startled,He quickly looked away from his own gaze in the mirror and stared at the person sitting on the bed behind him.

Flynn: A lot of people have tried to help you, You have had many chances to get out of this situation, To get back to your normal life and make something of yourself, Instead you are here.

Justin: I'm here because of you! Its all your fault, You are the reason why I am here, Why I am like this! Its your fault! You died! You left me! You got cancer and you died! You weren't here to help me! Its your fault!

Justin slid down the wall and hugged his knees..Looking down, Eyes slowly closing.

Justin: You left us, You left me.

Justin started rocking back and forth, Holding his knees close to his chest, He started to think about his life, What had happened and what to do next. Justin fell to his side still continuing to hold his knees close, He started to shake.

Flynn: Why don't you go and get more? That's what you want. That's what will help you. The only thing that can help you.

Justin slowly raised his eyes up to the bed where Flynn still sat.

Justin: I have..

Justin began to pant and gasp.

Flynn: No money? That didn't stop you before.. Plenty of stuff here for you to take.

Justin shook his head.

Flynn: From Ric, From Cassie, From Alf, From Brad, Even from Sally.. But you wont steal from Airi. The person who did all this to you.

Justin raised his head.

Justin:It wasn't her fault!

Flynn: Of course it was her fault, They were her friends! She introduced you to them. If you hadn't of met her or if she hadn't of introduced you to them, Would you be here now?

Justin looked down not answering.

Flynn: Well?!

Justin: [Whispering] No.

Flynn: What? I cant hear you? Would you be here now?!

Justin: No.

Justin closed his eyes.

Justin: [Whispering to himself] No.

Justin closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Flynn: Weak!

Justin awoke, Grabbing onto the dresser to try and lift himself off the floor. Failing he crawls into the chair next to the dresser.

Justin: What time is it? How long was I out?

Flynn: You have a watch don't you, What do you think that is for? I'm not doing everything for you.

Justin sighed with depression and looks at his arm.

Justin: I..I.. don't have my watch.

Flynn: Ohh, That's right, You sold it didn't you or don't you remember that.

Justin wiped his nose, Still shaking he tries to get to his feet.

Flynn: I wouldn't try that if i were you.

Justin fell back into the chair.

Flynn: Told you.

Justin: [Angrily] What do you want?! Why are you here?

Flynn: I'm here because you want me here.

Justin: I don't want you here.

Flynn: Then.. Why am I here?

Justin: Just GO!

Justin looked up and no-one was there, Flynn was gone. He was once again alone in the room.

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Thanks :D

I'll try and make the chapters not so long next time,I just wrote what i did and i didnt want to split it because it was all good together,But they will be shorter.

Chapter 2

The door burst open, Standing there was Sally, Brad and Airi. Just Still shaking looked at them.

Sally: Let us help you Justin.

Justin: I don't need or want your help.. I'm fine! I..I just need..

Brad: We know what you want Justin but you cant have it, We can give you help though.

Justin: I said no! I can help myself.

Airi: Justin, They just want to help you get better, Listen to them.

Justin: This is your fault! Its all your fault! He was right!

Sally: Who's fault? Who was right?

Justin struggled to get out of the chair, Grabbing onto the arm of the chair he pulled himself to the edge, He struggled to stand and fell onto the floor. Sally, Brad and Airi rush over to him.

Brad: I'll call a ambulance.

Sally put her hand against Justin's forehead.

Sally: He's really hot, He's burning up. Justin can you hear me? Justin? Say something?


Rachel rushed over to Justin who was brought in on a trolley. Sally held on to Justins hand while Brad and Airi were walking behind.

Rachel: You found him? Was he awake when you found him?

Sally: Yes, But only for a few minutes, Then he tried to stand up but fell.

Rachel: Justin? Can you hear me? Justin? We need to bring down his temperature.

Nurse: He's stopped breathing.

Sally: No!

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You are going to have to wait awhile to see if Justin makes it.

I have noticed i have been using both past and present tense,Sorry about that..Im trying to check to see if i have done it all the same,But may miss some.

Chapter 3

3 Months earlier.

Justin walked downstairs and into the kitchen to see Sally trying to feed Pippa, Who was refusing to eat. Ric and Cassie were making their breakfast while Brad and Alf were talking at the table.

Sally: I called you over 20 minutes ago.

Justin: I like my sleep, You should know that by now.

Ric: The only person i know who can get bathe,dress,eat and get to school within 15 minutes.

Justin: That is I.

Justin's bows and Ric laughs while Cassie rolls her eyes.

Brad: You might want to think about maybe getting up just five minutes earlier as you have been late for school twice this week and once last.

Justin: I could, But then you would have nothing to complain about, I cant take that away from you. What kind of person would I be.

Ric starting laughing again and Sally stared at Justin.


Lucas: Hey Justin, Cassie wait up.

Lucas and Matilda ran to catch up with Justin and Cassie who were on the beach.

Lucas: Hey, What did you get for question five on the maths homework?

Cassie: I think I put..

Justin: We had maths homework?

Justin looked at them confused.

Justin: Guess I'm in trouble.. Unless.. Cas.. Do you think you could, maybe..

Cassie: I don't think so.

Justin: You will purposely cause your only brother to get into trouble when you could help him?

Justin looked at Cassie with pleading but sarcastic eyes. Cassie shook her head and smiled.

Matilda: Only brother? You remember Ric right?

Justin: Ric? Ric? So high?

Justin raised his hand to a height just below his own.

Justin: Scruffy hair? Odd smile and smelly? I think of him more as a pet than a brother.

Lucas: [sarcastically] Nice.

Matilda: That's my boyfriend you are talking about.

Justin: All I'm saying is, You can do better.

Justin winked and laughed. Matilda smiled.

Lucas: So, Are we going to the beach after school?

Cassie: I'll be there, Don't know about Justin though. He'll probably be in detention.

Justin: What are you talking about? I will just use my charm and wit.

Justin smiled.

Matilda: So you will be in detention until you are 20 then.

Justin continued to smile but stared at Matilda.

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Chapter 4

Lucas: So you finally made it out of detention?

Justin sat down next to Lucas on the beach, Cassie was sunbathing while Ric and Matilda splashed each other in the water.

Justin: I told you, You just need charm and wit.

Cassie sat up and looked at Justin.

Cassie: That's why you are out of detention one hour later then?

Ric and Matilda ran up to them from the sea,Grabbing their towels to dry themselves and then sat down.

Ric: What's this about me being your pet?

Justin: Who told you that? I would never say such a thing.. in public.

Ric threw his towel at Justin who threw it back.

Matilda: To the diner?

Justin: I just got here.

Cassie: Not our fault you were in detention.

They started walking up to the diner,Ric and Matilda started kissing and grabbing each other.

Lucas: Guys, Please I'm about to eat.

Justin: And I'm about to throw up.

Matilda stared at Justin.

Justin: I once saw a documentary on a anatomy of a whale. It was less disturbing than watching you two suck face.

Lucas and Cassie laughed, Ric pushed Justin and then walked hand in hand in to the diner with Matilda. Lucas and Cassie followed them. As Justin walked through the door he bumped into a tall blonde haired girl, He stared at her for what seemed like minutes.

Girl: Excuse me?

The girl stared at Justin who was looking straight into her eyes.

Girl: Excuse me?

Justin: Yes?

Girl: Your in my way.

Justin: Sorry, I'm sorry.

Girl: Are you going to move then?

Ric, Matilda, Lucas and Cassie laughed from the corner of the diner as Justin jumped out of the way hitting his arm on the wall, Still staring at the girl as she left shaking her head.

Ric: Smooth mate, Real smooth.

Justin shook his head and looked embarrassed, He brushed his hand through his hair and stood there looking outside.

Ric: So, Are you going to join us any time soon, Or are you going to eat standing up in the door way?

Ric smirked and Matilda, Lucas and Cassie laughed. Justin made his way to the table just as Sally and Brad walked through the door. Justin sat down and grabbed the menu out of Ric's hands.

Sally: What's wrong with you?

Cassie: He just totally embarrassed himself in front of a girl.

Brad: We've all been there mate, The first time I met Sally isn't something to be remembered nor is the time I got locked outside the house naked and..

Ric turned his head and put up his hand.

Ric: I really don't want to know.

Brad and Sally laughed and sat down at another table.

Justin: I have to find out that girls name. She must be our age, So why haven't I seen her at school?

Lucas: Maybe she doesn't go to our school.

Cassie: Maybe she is new in the bay.

Ric: Maybe she is a figment of your imagination.

Justin: I wish you were a figment of my imagination. I got to find out her name.

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Chapter 5

Irene put plates of food on the table in front of them, Ric grabbed his before it even hit the table.

Justin: I cant eat.

Ric grabbed Justin's plate and pulled it towards him.

Justin: Yeah, Sure, You can have my food Ric. No need to ask.

Lucas smirked while Ric carried on eating.

Justin: I'm going to find that girl, Summer Bay isn't a big place, Can't be too hard.

Matilda and Cassie: Good luck.

Both laughed.

Ric: Don't screw up this time.

Justin: Thanks for the support.

Justin left the table and walked out the diner. He turned the corner in a hurry and ran into Drew and Belle.

Drew: Woah! Watch where you walk mate.

Belle: Are you ok?

Justin: I'm looking for someone.

Belle: What's their name?

Justin: I don't know, I bumped into her in the diner but she left before i could talk to her. I know she is tall, blonde and very pretty.

Drew: That doesn't narrow it down, There are a lot of tall, blonde pretty girls in the bay.

Drew went off in a daydream and smiled. Belle elbowed Drew in the side.

Belle: Hey!

Drew: Sorry.

Belle: Good luck finding her.

Belle walked off ahead of Drew who tried to catch up. Justin carried on walking as he turned another corner he saw a blonde tall girl standing with her back towards him. He waited to see if she would turn around. After a few seconds he started walking towards her, Taking a few steps before stopping and walking back.

Justin: [Whispering to self] Don't mess up. Don't mess up. Stay calm. Don't say anything stupid. Don't do anything stupid. Don't mess up.

Justin took a breath and turned around and started walking, A car drove past him and stopped next to the girl,The girl turned. It was her. She opened the car door and got in, The car drove of, Justin stopped walking.

Justin: Nuts!

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Chapter 6

Back at the Summer Bay House, Justin walked in to see Ric and Matilda yet again sucking face and Lucas and Cassie watching them disgusted by what they saw. Cassie turned around to see Justin walk in.

Cassie: Hey, Justin. Did you find that girl?

Justin: Yes.. and no.

Ric removed his face from Matilda's and looked towards Justin.

Ric: So that means you saw her, But in your head again.

Justin: [sarcastically] Haha, Your so funny.

Ric smiled.

Ric: I try my best.

Justin: I saw her, But when I was getting my nerves up to speaking to her a car came and picked her up.

Cassie: That's really unlucky.

Justin agreed and left the room, He walked up stairs and into his room. He laid down on his bed and put his hands behind his head, Looking up to the ceiling thinking about the mystery girl that had stolen his heart when he knew nothing about her, Hours had past and he was still thinking about this girl and how he could possibly find her, Then he fell asleep.

Ric: Justin! Get up!

Justin quickly awoke just in time to see a pillow headed for his face.

Justin: Oof! Thanks for the wake up call Ric.

Ric: Any time.

Ric walked away laughing.


Justin came downstairs to the same scene every morning. Alf and Brad talking at the table, Sally trying to feed Pippa who always refused to eat what Sally wanted her to and Ric and Cassie mocking each other about something stupid. Justin walked passed and grabbed some fruit on the way out of the door before anyone could speak to him.

Sally: Where's he going off in a hurry?

Cassie: Probably to find his mystery girl.

Ric: The one in his head.

Sally: I think I am missing some vital information here.

Cassie: Remember he was embarrassed because he made a idiot of himself in front of that girl in the Diner yesterday? Well he found her again.

Ric: But a car came and picked her up before he got the bottle to speak to her.

Ric laughed.

Sally: So, No-one knows anything about this girl?

Cassie: Nope.

Sally: Well I hope Justin is careful.

Justin was walking past the Diner thinking about his mystery girl, In a world of his own he bumps into Colleen.

Colleen: Oh! Watch where you're going.

Justin: Sorry Colleen.

Colleen continued to moan to him about watching where he is looking, But Justin walks away back in his own head about the mystery girl that he so wants to meet. Just then he hears some shouting on the beach, He turns his head to see his mystery girl. But she is arguing with another guy. Justin looks on for a few seconds, He then sees the man throw his arm up in the air and begins shouting. Justin runs down to the beach.

Justin: Hey!

Man: What?! What do you want?

Justin: What's going on?

Justin looked to the girl and puts his hand out towards her.

Justin: Are you okay?

Girl: I'm fine.

Man: You heard her, She's fine. This is non of your business, Get lost.

Justin: I'm not going anywhere.

The man moved closer to him, He looked at Justin straight in the eyes.

Man: I said this is non of your business.

Justin: I'm making it my business.

The man continued to stare at Justin but became frustrated and walked away giving the girl one last look.

Girl: I didn't need your help!

Justin: He was shouting at you and getting close.

Girl: I have been in arguments before and I came out of them fine.

Girl: Wait. You're that boy that got in my way in the Diner aren't you.

Justin confirmed.

Justin: That was me, Sorry about that.

The girl cheered up and joked.

Justin: Well you are certainly more confident now than before aren't you?

The girl smiled at Justin.

Justin: Yes, I could of done better yesterday.

Justin: My name is Justin.

The girl nodded and started to walk away.

Justin: Wait.

Justin ran up to the girl.

Justin: Are you going to tell me your name?

The girl thought for a second and then turned and walked away. She turned her head back and smiled to Justin. Justin looked on disappointed but then smiled realizing that he finally spoke to his mystery girl and she knew his name, Even if he didn't know hers. It was still better than before. As Justin turned around and started to walk away he heard.

Airi: [shouting] Airi!

Justin turned back round to see the girl standing 100 yards away facing him.

Airi: [shouting] My name is Airi.

The girl turned and walked away, Justin smiled and watched her leave the beach.

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Sorry I havent been updating as much,I got caught up in my other story. But here's another chapter and I think I can write the next one easy enough and put it up later.

Justin entered the Diner and walked over to the table that Ric and Matilda were sitting at.

Justin: I finally found out her name.

Ric: You mean you finally made up a name for her.

Justin threw some chips from a plate on the table at Ric.

Cassie and Lucas walked in and sat down, Overhearing what Justin had said..

Cassie: What's her name?

Justin: Airi.

A few days had past since Justin found out the name of her mystery girl, Not having seen her since he went to see if he can casually run into her. Walking down a lane to go to the beach someone suddenly jumped up behind him and put their hands across his eyes.

Girl: Guess who?

Justin: Err.. Matilda? ... Cassie?

Airi removed her hands and pushed him in a playful way.

Airi: You couldn't of forgotten me already?

Justin smiled from cheek to cheek.

Justin: No, I didn't forget you, I was just joking.

Airi: Of course you were.

Justin and Airi walked down to the beach, Justin couldn't stop staring at her and walked into a overhanging branch. Airi laughed while Justin tried to play it off. Justin continued to stare at Airi and as Airi looked at Justin he would look away.

Airi: Do I have something on my face?

Justin: What? Oh, No.. Nothing.

Airi laughed.

Airi: You're such a dork.

Justin: [sarcastically] Gee! Thanks.

Airi: Listen, I have to go. I got to be somewhere. But would you like to go to a party tonight?

Justin: Really? Err.. Yeah, That would be great. Cya then.

Justin started to walk away.

Airi: Don't you want to know the time or the place? Or are you just going to guess?

Justin laughed and became embarrassed.

Justin: Yeah, Sorry.

Airi: Give me your hand.

Justin: What? Why?

Airi: I just have the feeling that you are the kind of guy that will forget everything, So I think I should write it down.

Airi held Justin hand and wrote the time and place. She put away the pen and walked away, Turning her head to say..

Airi: I'll see you there.

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Justin knocked at the door, Inside he could hear loud music and people shouting, No-one came to answer the door so he pushed it slowly opened and walked in. The room was small but full with people, At one end of the room people were dancing and at the other people were sitting on the floor with bottles in their hands. The room was full of smoke. Justin saw that there was a door the other side of the room and people were outside, As he walked towards it he saw Airi outside. He picked up the pace and walked outside. Airi was dancing, Spinning around with her arms out, her head back and her flowing. Justin stood there and watched her. Suddenly he was pushed from behind.

Man: Hey! You're that idiot from the beach aren't you? The one that wouldn't mind their own business!

The man pushed Justin again. Airi saw this and stopped dancing, She rushed over to them.

Airi: What are you doing here Karl?

Karl: Heard there was a party, Then I saw this guy.

Karl pushed Justin again.

Airi: Leave him alone, Just get lost.

Justin: So you need a girl defending you know do you?

Karl pushed Justin again, Justin had enough and grabbed his arm, He twisted it around his back making Karl fall to his knees. Justin pushed him forward so he was bent down and his face touched the grass. Still holding his arm he pushed it up higher, Karl shouted in pain.

Justin: I don't need anyone's help in defending myself as you can see.

Justin pulled his arm up further with more protests in pain, A crowd had gathered around them, For a second Justin feared that maybe he had made a mistake. Until one said..

Random Guy: Not so tough now are you Karl.

Karl gave a angry look, But was still clearly in pain and embarrassed, The crowd started laughing and hurling insults at Karl.

Karl: Let me go!

Justin pulled him up, Let go of his arm and pushed him away.

Justin: Get lost!

Karl walked backwards away from Justin and bumped into the crowd, He turned around and pushed his way through, Then ran out. The crowd split up, Some went back to dancing, Others drink. Two guys walked up to Justin and Airi.

Guy 1: Hey Airi.

Airi: Hey guys.

Airi smiled and introduced Justin to Egan and Gavin, Egan and Gavin invited Justin and Airi to join them. They all sat down in the corner of the room, Egan and Gavin started to drink and offered Justin one. Justin looked at Airi who was also drinking, He took it.

Egan: I think i know you from somewhere Justin.

Justin: Maybe school?

Egan and Gavin laughed.

Gavin: We don't go to school.

Egan: I think I saw you at the hospital a few weeks back.

Airi: Are you okay?

Justin: Yeah, I'm fine. I just had to give something to one of the doctors there.

Gavin: You know one of the doctors there?

Justin: My foster mother's boyfriend has a sister who is a doctor there.

Egan and Gavin were intrigued by what they heard.

Egan: What's her name?

Justin didn't know why they wanted to know, But answered anyway.

Justin: Rachel Armstrong.

Gavin: I've seen her around, She lives with that cop and dork from the gym doesn't she?

Justin: The cop moved out, But the dork is still there.

Egan and Gavin laughed and then looked at each other.

The party was coming to a end. Most people had left, While others were passed out on the floor. Egan and Gavin were nowhere to be seen. Justin and Airi walked towards the door.

Justin: I can walk you home if you like.

Airi: That's sweet, But I'm going to stay here tonight.

Justin looked a little disappointed until Airi stepped closer and kissed him on the lips. Justin smiled at her and Airi said goodnight.

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Egan and Gavin were walking past some houses, They were whispering to each other and then Gavin pointed to one of the houses. The slowly and quietly walked around the back of the house. Egan looked through the kitchen window and couldn't see anyone in the house.

Egan: There is no one there, Find something for me to stand on.

Gavin looked around for a box or bin strong enough to hold their weight, He bumped into the bin which fell and made a loud crash, Gavin ran into the bush followed by Egan who whispered some strong words to him, Gavin looked back at him in anger. After it became clear that either no-one heard the loud noise or no-one cared about it they climbed out from the bush and quietly grabbed the bin and lifted in front of the window. Egan climbed on the bin and put his hand through the open window, He took it off the latch and pulled the window open. Egan climbed in followed by Gavin. Gavin pointed in the direction of the desk.

Gavin: [Whispering] You look over there, I'll look by the by the television.

Egan and Gavin moved around, Lifting up books and other items, Looking in drawers and boxes. After a minute..

Egan: Maybe she has a doctors bag somewhere. Try a bedroom.

Egan began looking in the kitchen drawers while Gavin made his way to the bedrooms. Before Gavin even opened the door he heard various crashing noises behind him. Gavin jumped back in shock and ran back to the kitchen, Egan was on the floor picking up a lot of knifes and forks.

Gavin: What did you do?

Egan: I just pulled the drawer open and they fell out, Relax. No-one heard the bin crash, There is no-one here.

As soon as Egan spook those words they heard a door open from the bedrooms, Egan quickly climbed up on the kitchen counter and opened the window. Kim came running into the kitchen seeing that two boys were in the house and trying to get out, He grabbed Egan and pulled him back in.

Egan: Get off me!

Kim: What are you doing here?

The struggle continued, Kim was holding on to Egan and Gavin ran to the window.

Egan: Gavin! Help me!

Gavin turned, He saw Kim pin Egan down to the ground who was still struggling against him. Gavin walked forward and picked up a knife. Kim looked around to Gavin.

Kim: Put the knife down.

Gavin: Let him go!

Kim pushed away from Egan and let him go. Gavin moved closer to Kim as he moved back. Gavin looked at Egan.

Gavin: Are you okay?

Egan brushed himself down and said..

Egan: I'm fine.

Gavin: Good, Let's get out of here.

Egan: Not until we get what we came here for.

Egan looked at Kim..

Egan: Where is it?

Kim: Where's what?

Gavin: That doctors prescription pad. Where is it?

Kim: That's why you are here?

Egan: Where is it!

Kim: It's in her medical bag.

Gavin: Where's that?

Kim: At the hospital, with Rachel.

Gavin and Egan looked at each other. Suddenly Kim rushed forward at Gavin. They struggled for the knife. Fighting each other they both ended up on the floor still wrestling for the knife. Suddenly Kim felt a stabbing pain in his back. He turned around and saw Egan holding a blooded knife. Kim let go of Gavin and fell onto his side. Gavin stood up and looked at Egan.

Gavin: Let's get out of here.

Egan: Not yet. He knows what we look like and your name. We have to finish him off.

Egan lunged forward with the knife.

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Tony and Beth were setting the table for dinner, Matilda came through and started helping them.

Tony: [shouting] Lucas, Jack! Dinner!

Matilda: Did you hear noises before?

Beth: What kind of noises?

Matilda: Banging and shouting.

Tony: Yeah, Actually I think i heard something before. But there have been a lot of dogs knocking of trash can lately.

Matilda: But that doesn't explain the shouting.

Beth: Could have been kids.

Jack: What could have been kids?

Tony: Matilda said she heard some banging and shouting earlier.

Lucas: Yeah, I think I heard something as well. Sound like it came from next door.

Jack: Really? Rachel is working today, I don't know where Kim is.

Tony: Do you think someone was in the house?

Jack: I think we should go around to check.

Jack and Tony walked up to the house and saw that the front door was slightly ajar.

Tony: The door is open.

Jack pushed the door open and looked inside. He saw Kim laying on the floor in a puddle of blood.

Jack: Kim!

Jack rushed in followed by Tony.

Tony: I'll call a ambulance.

Jack kneeled down to Kim to check his pause.

Jack: They wont be able to help. He's dead.

Rachel was invited to stay with Sally and Rachel after Kim's funeral.

Sally: How are you feeling Rachel?

Rachel: I'm okay, A little numb. Are you sure it's okay for me to stay? Is there enough room.

Sally: There's plenty of room.

Brad: You need to be with family now.

Sally sat next to Rachel and handed her a drink.

Peter: Have the police said anything else since you last spoke to them?

Rachel: No, Nothing. They spoke to witnesses who said they saw two boys room away, But they couldn't give much of a description.

Brad: They'll find them.

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