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Burke & Wills

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I just saw this on The Movie Show, and thought someone might be interested. Ashley Lyons (who plays Cam in H&A) is in a movie called "Burke & Wills."

Sorry if there's already a topic on this, I couldn't find one.

EDIT: Looks like Libby Richmond, who played Emily Armstrong, is in it too.

EDIT: And Bianca Biasi, who played Const. Pia Correlli, apparently :P

... And Patric Dickson, who played Ian Routledge...

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When I was looking at Gyton Grantley's myspace I accidently came across a myspace for Burke and Wills here. It has a trailer of the film which includes about 2 second clip of Ashley Lyons with a dodgy white suit on! The films seems very low budget by the way!

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