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Moving On From The Past...

Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Story Title: Moving On From The Past...

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Clare

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Comedy/Action

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: L

Summary: Continues with Clare's life after Peter.

Hey everyone who reads this,

This is going to be the sequel to 'Scarred for life'. I know most of you didn't like the ending of it, but I hope you like this fic! Mostly written by me, but some will be written by Allibaz too. Enjoy!

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Chapter 1

Dear diary,

I am really glad that Peter enjoyed his party while he was alive, although I still miss him very much. The cops still have no idea where the gas leak came from, but they have told me they think someone had put it there deliberate. If the cops were right about someone putting gas there on purpose who had done it? Who would of wanted Peter dead? When I ask myself that question, all I think of is 'Eve, Eve, Eve'. She can't have done it, right? I mean she's dead, forever. No one can come back from the dead. Well that's what I hoped. It seemed pretty silly to think that someone could come back from the dead, otherwise Peter would have done that ages ago......

Well I have to go now, the phone is ringing, talk soon, Clare......

Clare got up from her desk and ran over to answer the phone.

"Hello? Clare?" It was Doctor Rachel Armstrong calling from the hospital.

"Yes, it's me" Clare replied sweetly, but the phone line was a bit crackly, so her voice sounded long range.

"Sorry if I woke you up" Rachel apologized. Clare glanced at her watch, 10:30pm.

"No, you didn't wake me up, it's fine"

"We have some good news, it's about Peter"

Clares face lit up, "Good news, how can there be any good news when he's dead?"

Rachel told her that Peter wasn't really dead, he was just in some sort of a deep coma, and he just regained his consciousness.

"That's great! Thank you so much for letting me know! Can I come in and see him? I'll be right over!"

At the hospital, Rachel greeted Clare with a friendly hug and then walked her over to Peter's room.

There he was, smiling, staring into his girlfriend's beautiful blue eyes. She went over to him and kissed him lightly, but lovingly on the cheek.

"I missed you so much! Everyone thought you were dead!". She had tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Happy tears. Joyful tears. Clare had never been so happy in her life. Clare and Peter both thanked Rachel as she walked out the door.

"So when will he be coming home?" Tracey Thompson asked.

"Some time next week, the doctors informed me that the cause of his coma wasn't shock from the explosion, but he was injected with some sort of drug"

"Oh, so sorry to hear" Tracey said blankly, not sounding to surprised.

"Thank you" Clare replied, and she walked out of Tracey's office to go and meet Leah at the diner.

Things had been pretty good the last few days, Clare thought as she straightened up a cushion on the couch. Today was the day her beloved Peter was coming home and she wanted everything to be just right. She glanced at the clock on the wall. 10am, time to go get Peter. She grabbed her keys and walked out the door, making sure it was locked behind her.

"Geez babe, you have kept this place neat and tidy" Peter laughed as he walked through the door. Peter was glad to be home. The hospital can be pretty boring, he thought. And since he had awoken from the terrible coma, Dan's lame jokes were starting to get to me! But he had to admit, being in a coma wasn't that bad, he laughed as Clare helped him settle down onto the couch. "Really babe, I'm fine, I don't know why your fussing over me like this". "I just want to make sure you're fine" she smiled sweetly. "Wow", he laughed, "I guess you really have missed me"!

Peter had taken the past few days off work, and today he had finally talked Clare into letting him back into his own office. Tracey greeted them both as they entered the police station. Something, he noticed, was weird about that smirk on her face, and he wanted to know what it was.............

As he sipped his coffee, Clare knocked on the door. "Come in!" He called out to her. There was a lot of things that he had missed out on since the horrible result of the party, and he was anxious to get them back on track.

Wow, she is so sexy today, he thought as Clare waltzed into the room, what have I been missing out on?

"Hey, be quiet" she warned him as she sat on his knee and started messing up his hair with her hands. "You don't want us to get caught, do you?"

He immediately knew what she had meant. This were about to get back on track after all.........

Clare pulled his face down so that it was level with hers. He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. He gently pulled back to take a breath. "Wow, I've been missing this!" he joked, and kissed her back. She started un-doing the buttons on his work shirt. Not now Clare, he thought. But he didn't really mind, as long as no one caught them.

Tracey grabbed some papers from the fax machine and headed over to Peter's office to give them to him. The door was locked. "Strange" she muttered under her breath, although she had a slight idea what could be going on in there.

She went up to Lara, "Where do we keep the master key to the offices?". Lara replied, "Over there in the top draw of the filing cabnet, why?" "Because Peter's door is locked, and I think him and Clare may be getting it on!" Tracey and Lara both laughed. "And besides, I need to give him these papers ASAP" she said, "They're urgent!"

"Ooh!" Lara added, "I have an idea"

"What's your idea this time?" Tracey laughed, Lara was always coming up with the weirdest ideas.

"Grab the master key, we're going in!"

"We're going in? As in---"

"Yes", Lara cut Tracey off her sentence, "In there" she said, pointing to the locked door.

"Oh baby! I really missed this!" Clare said, hoping no one would open the door.

"Me too", Peter added.

"Oh my god I can't believe we're doing this! This is hilarious Lara!"

"Shush, keep it down Trace, do you want them to find out what we're doing?"

"No", she replied shyly as Lara slowly unlocked the door. She turned it quietly and with a soft 'click' the door pushed open.

"Wha- Wha- What are you doing in here?" Peter asked, his expression totally alamed.

"I thought you said it was safe" Clare said, embarrased by the whole situation.

"Well, that's what I thought", Peter said, kissing her quickly one last time.


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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Chapter 2

"Peter, you have work to do, there's no time for making out!" Tracey scolded.

"This is my work!" He laughed at his little joke.

Clare got up from his lap and apologized to Tracey and Lara. 'How embarrasing!' she thought and she walked quickly out the door.

Dear diary,

Today was sooooooo embarrasing! Me and Peter were practically 'getting it on' and Lara and Trace just walked through the door! I felt so silly. Peter didn't seem to care though. He thought it was just a funny joke. Not much news in the Bay really. Everyone was just so glad to see Peter back though. Well I better go now, Peter's home with our dinner, Clare xoxoxo

Clare dropped her pen and shoved the diary in her top desk drawer before Peter could see it. She never told him she had a diary. She thought he would go reading it if she did tell him. She trusted him, but this was just too personal. she didn't need her deepest secrets shared with everyone, especially Colleen. 'She can just be a little too nosey sometimes', Clare thought to herself. "Hey honey" she called to Peter, "What smells so good?"

"Dinner", Peter told her, he had just grabbed takeaway from the Diner, it was his turn to cook, and let's just say cooking wasn't his best skill.

"How about we watch a movie?" Peter suggested after dinner. "It's your turn to choose one Clare".

"Mmmmmmmmm, sounds good. Shall I get the champagne?" Clare asked him.

"Ooh, sure, I wouldn't mind a bit of bubbly" Peter laughed.

A few minutes later, the happy couple lay snuggled up on the couch, sipping from there drinks. "The Notebook? Clare, what's with girls and their romantic movies? I was hoping we could watch Hannibal: The Silence of the Lambs or something" Peter groaned. They had watched The Notebook at least 10 times a month, literally. Clare laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

A dark, shadowy figure ran along the side of the Fletcher's house. No one was home except Sally and her child Pipper. The person dressed in back got out a crowbar and used it to break the lock off the screen door out the back of the house. They snuck in quietly. He ducked behind the couch as he saw Sally walking upstairs to put Pipper to sleep.

A few moments later, he watched her come back down. 'Time to make my move', he smiled a evil, cold smile. He got up and raised his arm around Sally's head, chocking her. He placed a gloved hand over her mouth, to muffle any screams or cries for help. He raised the gin so it was at her eye level, pressing it against her temple. He placed his finger over the trigger and pulled slowly. He left her dead body, flowing with blood, on the couch and ran out the back door where he had entered.

Tracey's mobile rang, it was from her boyfriend, Johnny. "Hey babe", she answered. "Sorry it's late, just wanted you to know that it's done, Colleen has been drugged and now has the gun". "Thanks honey". He started saying something, but his voice cut off. 'His phone must be flat' she thought, as she put the phone down on the coffee table in front of the television.


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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Does that mean you like my fic? Thanks!!! Will be updated tomorrow probably. I guess I better update if you like it or you might poke me with that stick! Lol.

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Chapter 3

Pipper started crying wildly. Brad knocked frantically. No one answered. He waited 5 minutes. No reply. He hurried around to the front of the house and looked through the kitchen window. He saw Sally's dead body laying on the floor in a puddle of blood. He gasped at the terrible sight with a look of horror and disgust on his face. He burst through the back door and ran over to check her pulse. None. He rang the police.

Colleen woke up and got out of bed. She looked around her small caravan. Why was her vision slightly blurred? And why couldn't she remember anything? 'Weird' she thought as she went to make a coffee. Something black caught her eye and she stopped in her track to bend down and see what it was. Was it a gun? She couldn't quite tell. If it was a gun, what was it doing here?

The police zipped up the body bag containing Sally's dead body and put in the ambulance. "I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Brad" Jack said as he walked out the door.

Colleen's vision had started to regain sight. She walked over to what she thought was a gun and picked it up. Yes! It was a gun! But she never remembered having one. She placed it in the rubbish bin and went out to the Diner for work.

"Leah! Oh Leah! I have some terrible news!" Colleen called out to Leah, running up to her. Leah rolled her eyes. "What is it now Colleen?" Leah asked. Leah thought it must be bad, because Colleen was pretty shaken up. "There's been a hamburgular in my house!" Colleen exclaimed. "You mean burgular Colleen?" Leah asked, confused. "I know what I mean Leah!" Colleen snapped back rudely.

"What happened? Are you alright? Is anything stolen?"

"No, no, it's not like that, and thank you but I'm perfectly fine. But why did the hamburgular leave a gun in my house? What should I do Leah? I woke up with a headache and I couldn't see very well, and I can't remember anything!"

"First", Leah began "we should take you for a check up at the hospital, you may have been drugged or something" Leah said calmly.

"Drugged? First the hamburgular leaves his gun in my house, and now I'm drugged? Does that make me a........."

"A what?" Leah asked her.

"A drug attic?" Colleen whispered. Leah laughed. "No Colleen, you're not a drug attic ok? Now, let's call the cops and take you to the hospital", Leah said, pushing Colleen out the door to her car.


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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Yeah, I killed her sorry!

Lol, did you like the whole 'I'm not a drug attic am I now?' thing about Colleen? Lol yeah, poor Colleen!

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