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In The Wake Of Death

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Story Title: In The Wake of Death

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter and Amanda, Leah, Dan, Drew, Belle & Ryan

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: In he wake of Peter and Amanda's Wedding.


This is a story about Amanda And Peter, It is set in the middle of episode 53 IN SEASON 20. But then carries on from that day.

Part 1

At Leah And Dans House

Amanda Knocks On The Door

Amanda:- Sorry I Am Wanted To See Peter

Dan Speaks Over The Top Of Amanda

Dan:- No Go Home I Think You've Done Enough For One Day

Drew:- You Have No Right To Show Your Face Here

Peter Appears

Peter:- It's Ok, I'll See Her

Dan:- You Don't Have To Do This Now

Peter:- I Want To

Leah:- We'll Leave You Alone, Come On

Dan, Drew and Leah Leave The Room

Amanda Walks Into The House

Amanda:- Peter, I'm Sorry, I'm So Sorry

Peter:- What Do You Want

Amanda:- I want to explain everything

Peter:- Then Explain

Amanda:- I had no idea that it was going to turn out like this i can't even remember what happened that night. Ethan was using those photos to munipulate me.

Peter:- So why didn't you tell me this before

Amanda:- Because I was scared I didn't want to lose you. I love you so much, if only you just knew how much. If you can just find a way to forgive me then i now that we can get through this.

Peter:- Do you remember the promise we made to each other Amanda?To always be honest, to tell the truth, to not keep any secrets. I just keep wondering why you couldn't keep that promise. Why could you tell your daughter and your sister but you couldn't tell me the person you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

Amanda:- I wanted to, i just didn't want you to

Peter:- What you didn't think i would understand, If you had just been honest with me we may have been able to get through this

Amanda:- We still can

Peter:- No we can't, It's too late

Amanda:- But i love you and i know that you love me you told drew this morning that i was the most incredible thing that happened to you

Peter Interupts speaking over the top

Peter:- Goodbye Amanda

Amanda with tears in her eyes runs out of the house

Part 2

Down by the warf

Peter leans against the fence thinking about Amanda, he then turns around and pulls his wedding ring off his finger and looks at it whilst leanig over the side of the bridge again, with the ring being held between two fingers. He then drops it into the sea.

Amanda's House

After leaving Leah's house Amanda had gotten into her car in a rush and driven home as quickly as she could. Once inside her house she ran upstairs straight away, heading straight for the bathroom aiming for the bathroom cabinet. She searched through the cupboard looking for the pills,

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Part 2 Continued

Amanda's House

After searching through the cupboard Amanda eventually found the pills she had been looking for. She took them from the cupboard and went down stairs. Amanda placed the bottle of pills on the table, while she went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Amanda opened the fridge door and found the bottle of wine. She took it from the fridge and carried it to the living room where she placed it on the table alongside the bottle of pills. Amanda then stood up and walked over to the tabel with the lamp on and raked through the draw for a pad of paper and a pen.

At the diner

Belle was at the Diner she wanted to get out of Amanda's way for a while and to give her time to go and see Peter. Belle decides she will go and pick Ryan up from Leah's house later as it is her mums turn to have him.

Belle thinks to herself, I hope Peter and MuM have sorted everything out, because i know that she really does love him and would give up anything, just aslong as he forgave her. I thought he would be a supercool stepdad aswell, so i personally hope they sort things out. Anyway what should i have to eat.

Irene:- Can i get you something to eat Belle

Belle:- I'll just have a salad and a strawberry shake please irene

Irene:- Hows your mum doing?

Belle:- I don't know i haven't seen her for a while, the last time i saw her i told her to go and see peter, so everything may be fine right now, if he truly loves her he would forgive her. So everything might be perfect right now.

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Part 3

Leah's House

Peter walked into the house after being out by the warf. He went straight for the fridge and got out a beer. He went into the living room sat down on the couch and cracked open the beer and started to drink it. Just as he was nearly finished the beer, he hear the front door open, he wondered who was home. It didn't take long to know who it was as Ryan ran straight into the living room. Behind him walked Dan and Leah. Leah carried bags of shopping, which she took straight into the kitchen. Ryan went over to Peter and sat on the couch opposite him.

Ryan starts to talk to Peter

Ryan:- Uncle Peter does this mean your not going to be living with us anymore?

Peter:- Yeah, but don't worry we'll still get to see each other a lot, when you are over here.

Ryan:- I wish i could live here all of the time. And i wish Leah was my mum, nobody would laugh at her, whereas everyone at school was laughing about mum.

Ryan leaves thee room and goes to his bedroom. Dan enters the living room after helping Leah put the shopping away.

Leah:- He'll come around, I'm off to Sals to pick up VJ, i'll be back soon

Leah shouts from the kitchen

Dan sits down on the sofa next to Peter

Dan:- Despite whats happened Amanda is still Ryans mum and she does love him

Peter:- I know

Dan:- Well it would have been nice for you to try and not let your opinions pass onto Ryan, otherwise he will hate Amanda.

Peter:- Yeah ok, is it still ok for me to live here, i mean i could get my own place?

Dan:- Its fine for you to live here aslong as you want you know that.

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