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The End Of The Road?

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: The End of the Road?

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Peter, Lara, Drew & others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: Living life as a single man is going to be tough but with good friends and family will Peter be able to cope?

The End of the Road?

Drew sat thinking about his confrontation with Belle earlier, how he couldn’t bare to let Belle get away with keeping Amanda’s dirty secret. Having his dad in his life had made a big difference, he hated seeing his dad hurt and upset.

Peter walked out of the bedroom with just his shorts on, “Mate you need to stop blaming Belle for Amanda’s lie’s”

Drew turned his head looking at Peter, “dad Belle was the one person I thought I could trust, the one person I loved couldn’t do the decent thing and stop my dad from getting hurt.”

Peter started to smile at Drew, “I didn’t think anyone could ever be as stubborn as me but you are Drew, you’re just like your good old dad”

“I’m nothing like you dad I’m sooo better looking” Drew joked.

“Drew it’s your 18th birthday next week, don’t you think it’s about time you put the all this mess behind you, you can’t loose the person you love”

“It’s not that plain and simple dad, she lied and hurt me let alone stuck up for that slag,” Drew said harshly.

“Mate I’ve got to go to work but please just think about what I have said, you love Belle” Peter said putting his shirt on before grabbing his keys and heading out the house.

Peter was finding it hard to get Amanda out of his head, and nothing he did would stop his thoughts.

Peter looked towards the door as he heard someone knocking, “come in”

Lara slowly entered with a small smile on her face, “Hey what’s up” Peter asked.

“Nothing I just thought you could do with this” Lara said handing Peter a flat white.

“Thanks” Peter replied taking the drink.

“Your shift finished over 30 minutes ago, Pete”

“I thought I would just catch up on some paper work” Peter replied not realising Lara knew there was no paper work to catch up on.

“How about a drink?”

“You have just brought me one” Peter joked.

“A real drink, a light beer perhaps?” Lara said noticing Peter was still upset.

“Lara I wouldn’t be much company” Peter said taking a swig of his flat white.

Lara walked behind Pete, grabbing his coat from the back of his chair then took Pete’s keys placing them in her pocket.

“15 minute walk from here to the house” Lara laughed leaving Pete no choice but to go for a drink.

“Ok, ok Fitzy you win” Peter smirked walking out of the station.

Peter and Fitzy arrived at Noah’s bar, all the way here it had been pretty quite. Pete had virtually said nothing but Lara knew how much he was hurting. She decided to let Pete talk when he was ready.

Pete walked over to an empty table where he sat in a bit of a daze still, confused and upset. Lara walked over with their drinks, she just looked at him before he turned giving her a slight smile, “I’m sorry I think I will go”. “No Pete stay if you go that means I have to go home and watch television and well it’s Tuesday nothing is on at this time” she laughed.

“Ok but I’m buying the drinks all night” Peter laughed. “That’s fine by me” she grinned as she saw a genuine smile from Peter.

Peter brought another round of drinks and he started to enjoy himself, “Thanks Fitzy”. “For what detective?” she asked.

“Just you know…. Bringing me out trying to get my mind off everything that has been going on” he said smiling. “Well I’m glad that it’s helping”.

A few hours had passed, Pete was having a real good time with Fitzy it was just what he needed, all of a sudden Pete stood up “Let’s go” Pete said grabbing his drink in one hand and grabbed a shocked Fitzy with the other.

Peter ran out of Noah’s bar laughing at Fitzy, “Pete where the hell are we going?” she asked confused.

“Just some place that I always used to go to” he laughed as he ran down the road taking dragging Fitzy with him.

After about 5 minutes of running down a long road Peter finally turned towards a bush with a short path leading into more bush, “Pete is getting dark” Lara said worryingly still holding her drink well what was left of it after it had been shook up and down as they ran here.

“We will be fine” Peter laughed as he carried on through the bush until he finally slowed down near a little lake.

Lara stopped amazed at how beautiful the lake was, she looked to her left where there was rope swings going across the lake. Peter starting smiling as he headed towards a little box under some rocks, he pulled out his keys as he undone the padlock to the box. Lara started laughing as she saw some beers as the box was opened.

Peter turned handing Lara a beer before sitting on the edge of the rocks over looking the small lake beneath them.

“Pete this is beautiful how did you find this place?”. “When I first came to the Bay I was out on a shout and I spotted it, ever since then I have been coming here when I need time to think or just somewhere to have a swim”.

“You fancy a swing” Peter joked as he jumped of the rocks and heading towards the swings. Lara followed him as she started laughing at Pete who was struggling to get on the swing.

After about 20 minutes of fooling around on the swings Peter and Lara made their way back up to the rocks edge where Peter opened another drink for them both.

They both just sat quite looking at the lake beneath then until Fitzy said, “Won’t Drew or Dan be waiting up for you?”

“Yeah more then likely I can’t go anywhere these days without a phone call every hour asking me if I’m ok” Peter laughed.

“But what about you haven’t you got some man at home cooking dinner for you” Pete asked. Fitzy looked at Pete laughing, “No I’m a single constable,” she laughed.

Peter opened another drink, passing another to Fitzy. Just as he handed Fitzy a drink he asked, “Fancy a swim?”

“You being serious, it’s going to be freezing” she reminded Peter.

They both laughed as the headed towards the edge of the lake, Peter began to take off his top and trousers. Lara started to laugh, “That’s a nice six pack,” she said jokingly.

He laughed as he said, “The past few months I haven’t had time to go to the gym but I assure you I had a six pack”

Peter turned as he saw Lara in her bra and thongs, he was shocked when Lara begun to take off her bra, “Were not going skinny dipping you know” Peter laughed.

Lara turned as she said, “Why not I have always wanted to”

Peter was shocked but didn’t hesitate in taking off his boxers as he started to get into the lake, Lara was already in the lake. Peter was surprised but wasn’t too bothered about being naked in a pool with a hot chick.

Pete swam over to Lara just smiling. Pete suddenly splashed Lara who splashed him back. They were laughing at each other until Lara face dropped point behind Pete, “What the hell is that?”

Peter turned scared as he said, “what where” he said getting scared.

As he turned he saw nothing, he faced Lara as she looked at him laughing. “I knew you was a big wimp”

Peter started to laugh before splashing her, they were having fun splashing each other.

The splashing suddenly stopped when they both aw flashing lights through the bushes, “that’s one of our cars” Peter said as he and Lara both jumped out of the pool and hid behind a rock, they couldn’t believe it when they heard Jack shouting “Hello is anyone here?”

The further Jack got towards the rock the more Lara and Pete laughed.

“Someone has been here Harper there are two sets of clothes”


Will Jack catch Fitzy and Peter?

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Pete knew he had to do something so he popped up from behind the rock. Luckily the rock was tall to cover his bottom half just showing his stomach.

“G’day Jack” Peter said smirking.

“Pete what are you doing here we had a call out of a noise disturbance down here”

“Erm just came for a swim and to relax sorry about the noise I’ll turn the music off my phone” Peter said trying to think of a reasonable excuse.

“You sure you are ok?” Jack asked worried.

“Yeah mate I’ve just got to dry my self off them I’m going back home”

Jack looked over at Pete’s boxers near the side of the lake then noticed a bra and thong near his.

Pete gave jack a little grin as Jack begun to laugh, “You naughty detective”

Peter just laughed as he watched Jack walking back through the bushes.

When Jack had eventually gone Pete ran over grabbing his boxers and Fitzy grabbed her clothes and started to get dressed.

“Now that’s what I call a close call,” Lara said laughing.

“Yeah but you should have seen jack’s face it was priceless”

They both were dressed and started to walk back down the long road still laughing about Jack nearly catching them skinny dipping.

Peter walked through the back door trying to be quiet but stumbled over Ryan’s rut sack lying in the middle of the floor, Drew entered laughing at his dad, “bit drunk dad?”

Drew helped Pete into the living room where Peter looked up as he began to get

All emotional towards Drew, “Drew my little boy”

Drew pulled back, “dad look I don’t want your drunk talk here”

“Drew come here” Peter said smirking as he put one of his arms around Drew bringing him closer to him laughing.

Just as Pete was about to speak they heard a voice coming from in the kitchen, Drew got up and Pete well just fell back on the sofa giggling to himself, “Everything ok Jack?” Drew asked concerned.

“Yeah I just wanted to know if your dad was here?”

“Well yeah he is here but in not sober state to talk to” Drew laughed as he and Jack walked into the Living Room.

“Jacky boy” Peter shouted as he tried to stand but failed.

“You stay there,” Jack laughed at Pete falling back down.

“Was he alone when he came back?” Jack asked Drew.

“Yeah why wouldn’t he be?” Drew asked confused.

“I’m going now Pete see you tomorrow bright and earlier”

“Sure” Pete muttered.

Drew followed Jack into the kitchen, “Jack why did you ask if he was alone?”

At that point Dan entered worried, “What’s wrong?”

“No, no nothing is wrong” Drew replied.

“Just pop your head into the Living room” Jack laughed as he watched Dan do so, Dan took a look before turning back laughing, “He’s really out of it”

“Has he been drinking on his own?” Dan asked the both of them, Jack started to smile as he looked at Dan, “Well that what I was just about to tell Drew. I was called out to a Lake about 10 minutes away from The Dinner. Anyway I arrived and heard people giggling, as I got further towards the Lake I saw Peter naked. Well he was hiding behind a rock giggling and smirking.”

“Dad naked but why if he was on his own” Drew asked dumbly.

“But as I looked around there was two sets of clothing, Pete’s and a thong and Bra”

Drew and Dan both looked at each and laughed, “Where was the other person”

“I guess hiding behind the rock with Pete but he differently looked liked he had been for a swim” Jack joked.

“Go dad” Drew said laughing, Dan and Jack just laughed. “I better be going” Jack said as he aid goodbye.

Drew and Dan walked back into the Living room to find Pete snoring on the sofa, “Shall we wake him up?” Drew asked.

“I think he will be ok there” Dan said as he grabbed a blanket then put it over Peter.

Pete slowly began to wake up, holding his head in pain as he eyes struggled to open fully, and the sun was straining his vision.

Slowly turning his head Pete was looking at Leah, Dan, Ryan and Drew who just sat staring at him.

“What?” Pete said still holding his head.

“I see your have you clothes on today” Dan laughed amusingly at Peter who just looked confused and hangover.

“Clothes of course I am wearing them” Peter shot back until he began to remember last night. Peters face dropped, he quickly got up and raced into the bedroom looking for his mobile.

It was about 15 minutes when Pete walked back into the Living room still in the clothes he wore last night, “Erm, Leah where are the clean towels?” Pete said trying to avoid a big conversation but was glad when Leah was alone.

“Yes here you go” Leah said handing Pete a clean towel.

“Thanks” Peter replied heading towards the bathroom but stopped hearing his name being called.

“Leah, yes honest I’m fine” Pete said smiling as he didn’t even let her ask him,

Leah smiled amusingly, “Are you sure?” she asked concerned.

Last night I had a laugh, I got a bit drunk but it’s just what I needed. Last night I realised how much I don’t need Amanda”

Leah gave Pete a warm smile, “I’m glad Pete I really am”

“Pete have you thought about what you are giving Drew for his 18th?”

“I was thinking about buying him that sports car he wanted. I’m going to put a deposit down later but I was thinking about throwing him a party at Noah’s as well?”

“Yes sounds great” Leah replied happily.

“I better get in the shower I think Dan and Drew are back” Pete said rushing into the bathroom as Leah carried on cleaning.

About 15 minutes had gone by until Pete eventually walked out of the bathroom with just his towel rapped round him.

Drew gave his dad a smug look as he grinned at his dad from the door way, “Well I have to admit a towel is better then a rock”

Pete gave Drew a blank stare, “funny Drew, haven’t you got school to go to?”

“Yes but I found this place… about 10 minutes from the Dinner, It happens to be a Lake and well I thought I might take my trunks and go for a swim but in your case detective you do not need shorts do you” Drew laughed before being hit on the head with a magazine by Dan who had just heard what Drew said.

“School now… Leave Mr skinny Dipper alone” Dan laughed towards Peter.


Peter and Lara have a heart to heart but what happens?

A devastating accident happens........

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Chapter 3

Drew sat looking through his wallet noticing the photos of him and Belle. He started to feel warm inside as he thought of the happy times he and Belle shared.

Pete stood by the door feeling even worse, having to watch his son argue with the girl he loves because of his failing relationship, Pete knew something had to be done.

Pete walked over to the table grabbing his keys, Drew quickly pushed the photo’s back in to his wallet hoping Pete hadn’t noticed.

“I’m going out now mate,” Peter said leaving the house.

Pete pulled up in the car outside Amanda’s house noticing most of the lights on, he took a deep breath as he walked towards the front door, ringing the doorbell.

“Peter!” Amanda said in shock but a slow smile grew on her face.

He noticed Belle looking confused by the kitchen, “I’ll leave you two alone” Belle said as she went to walk upstairs. “No Belle it’s you who I want to see” Peter said hoping Belle would listen.

Amanda looked at Peter confused and shocked as to why he wanted to see Belle.

Belle was jus as much shocked as her mum but headed towards the door, “You better come in” Amanda said angrily as she stepped away from them both.

“Why do you want to see me?” Belle asked confused. Peter began to feel weird as he stepped down the steps and further into the Living room but he knew he had to do this even though he didn’t want to be anywhere near Amanda.

“It’s about Drew” Peter said clearly.

Belle looked surprised as she waited for Peter to speak.

Peter cleared his throat, “Belle I hate seeing Drew like this”

“Peter do you think I like fighting with him but I can’t just let him slag my mum off”

Belle sat down on the step next to the door, Pete sat next to her.

“Come on, surely you two can work this out. He’s only trying to protect me,” Peter reminded her.

“I know that, I know he’s only trying to stop all this mess but No matter what happens I’m going to stick by mum”

Peter rolled his eyes trying not to think too much about Amanda but it was hard when he knew the woman who broke his heart was one room away.

“Belle me and your mum are not going to get back together. Too much has happened, you two have been through so much just to throw everything away”

Belle looked away from Peter trying not to show him the tears that were built up in her eyes, “Hey come here” Pete said pulling Belle into his arms.

“I love him I really do” Belle said crying into Peter’s arms.

Amanda walked out of the kitchen, angry as she saw her daughter in Peter’s arms.

“What the hell are you doing, how dare you come round here making Belle upset?”

Peter stood up, “Me making Belle upset?” Peter shot at her angrily.

“Please mum just leave it” Belle said trying to calm Her down.

“No Belle she needs to hear this” Peter shot an angry look at Amanda.

“Because of your lie’s, you have broke up your daughters relationship” Peter yelled at Amanda.

“I have done nothing wrong to Drew and Belle’s relationship, Drew is the one who has lost Belle”

“Pete please just go.” Belle pleaded as she saw Amanda getting worked up.

Pete looked at Belle then at Amanda, “This isn’t over” he shot angrily at Amanda before walking out of the house.

All the way back home Pete could feel his anger building up inside he just couldn’t believe how Amanda said she had done nothing wrong. Peter stormed into the house just going straight into his bedroom ignoring Drew, Dan and Leah in the Living room.

After about 20 minutes Pete walked into the Living room, “I just got a phone call from Alf he said I can move into the flat above the Dinner”

“Your moving out” Drew said shocked.

“I can’t stay here forever mate” Peter replied with a slight smile.

“I know but I was just getting used to having you back here” Drew said upset.

“I’m not far away, you can come round when ever you want” Peter said happily.

Drew smiled as he carried on eating his sandwich.

Drew, Dan, Pete and Leah were all outside the Dinner apartment taking boxes upstairs. Peter noticed Drew hadn’t been himself since he told him he was moving out, “Drew are you ok?” Peter asked as they waked into the flat.

Yeah I’m good” Drew replied bluntly.

They both placed the boxes in the flat as Peter stopped Drew by the door, “Look mate I’m sorry but I can’t stay at Dan and Leah’s place forever”

“You already told me that,” Drew said moving further into the flat.

“I’m just going to miss having you around” Drew said with a slight smile.

“Hold on a minute, let me just check…no my hearing aid is not broke” Peter said laughing.

“Funny!” Drew said upset.

“Mate you could always move in as well?” Peter asked Drew.

“Really?” Drew said surprised.

“Yeah of course…. I didn’t want to ask because I thought you might have said no” Peter explained.

“Yeah of course it would mean everything to me if we lived together”

“I would love that” Drew said feeling warm inside; he walked up and hugged Peter tight.

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Pete and Drew sat watching the TV when there was a knock on the door, “Only me” Dan said walking into the flat.

“Nice to see you are keeping the place tidy” Dan laughed looking around at the boxes around the room.

“Come on mate I have only been here 2 days” Drew reminded Dan.

“So what can we do for you Dan?” Peter asked.

“I have come to ask a favour actually”

“And what’s that uncle Dan?” Drew joked.

“Well me and Leah are going out tonight and wondered if you could look after Ryan and VJ?” Dan asked with a grin.

“Sure why not, your working tonight aren’t you dad?”

“Yes” Peter replied.

“Ok thanks a lot mate… see you at the house around 7?” Dan said as he left the flat.

Peter sat at his desk going through a big pile of paper work when Jack entered the room, “Hey Pete, have you got a minute?”

“Sure” Peter replied as he put the paper work to one side.

“It’s Fitzy… I know it’s none of my business but I wanted to know if you two have had a fight or something,” Jack asked concerned.

Peter looked up confused, “What do you mean a fight… mate your going to have to give me something more then that… I’m lost”

“Ok, ok well I’m a man as well as you and when you see a distinctive thong you don’t forget it easily” Jack smiled.

Peter was stunned he just didn’t know what to say except, “what?”

“Come on mate I know It was Fitzy who was with you the other night and every since then she just seems distance and she is hasn’t been herself” Jack said hoping Peter would tell him why.

“I honestly don’t know… Yeah fizty and me were there that night. We had way too much to drink and had a laugh but after I walked her home I haven’t heard or seen anything of her”

“Owe ok” Jack said confused.

“Is she in the station now?” Peter asked Jack.

“No that’s why I’m even more worried…she phoned in sick and we both know Fitzy and she would at least try and do her shift”

Peter smiled trying not to show how worried he was, “Ok leave it with me I’ll go and see her”

Peter waited for Jack to leave until he picked up the phone dialling Fitzy mobile number but it went straight to voicemail. Peter waited for the beep on her voicemail message when he said, “Lara it’s Pete just calling to see if your ok? Jack told me about you not coming into work. I just wanted to make sure you are ok? By the way thanks for the other night… I really enjoyed it. Thanks it meant a lot to know that you were there for me when I needed someone. Maybe….” The phone went dead.

Peter sat back in his chair worried about Lara.

3 hours had passed, Pete had still not heard anything from Lara and nor had Jack.

Peter decided that he would go round to her flat to put his mind at rest.

All the way to her flat, thoughts went through his mind, “What if I done something and I haven’t remembered?” he said to himself.

Peter finally arrived outside the flat, he looked up at the flat noticing none of the lights were on. He walked up to the door as he rang the bell. There was no answer, He started to look through the window but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

As he looked tried to get round the back of the flat his mobile began to ring, “Pete it’s jack, Lara has been into the station and she’s handed in her notice!” Jack said still shocked.

“Her notice what the hell?” Peter practically yelled down the phone.

“Where has she gone now?” Peter asked hurriedly as he ran back to his car.

“I don’t know she left the letter on the front desk… no one has actually seen her!” Jack stated.

“I’m on my way back to the station now” Peter said putting the phone down as she sped off towards the station in his car.

Peter raced into the station looking for Jack, as he ran throw the door he saw Jack and Ken looking at Lara’s letter.

“Let me see it!” Peter said as he took the letter.

“I don’t understand” Peter muttered still looking at the letter.

“It just doesn’t make sense she is a good copper,” Ken said loudly.

“What shall we do?” Jack asked.

Peter cleared his throat, “Uh don’t give this the super yet. If anything I want to find Lara first to know what the hell is going on”

A few more hours of pacing up and down the office passed, Pete and Jack were going out of their minds with worry, and they couldn’t understand why she would hand in her notice. It was like Fitzy just to give up.

Pete sat on the chair just thinking about them sitting by the Lake, the laughs they shared. The only thing he knew was that he just had to find her no matter what.

Ken entered the office with no news, it was like Fitzy had just disappeared, they were all really beginning to worry.

“Peter I think you should go home” Ken said as he could see how tired he looked.

Peter shot his head up, “I’m not going anywhere until we find her!”

“Its not an option, its an order” Ken shot at Peter as Jack threw Peter his jacket.

Pete gave them both an angry look before storming out of the station feeling useless.


Where is Lara?

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Peter headed into the Dinner where he saw Leah and Dan at one of the tables, they called him over. “Hey mate you ok?”. “Yeah I’m fine” Peter said quickly.

Leah and Dan looked at each then looked up at Pete, “Come on Pete we know something wrong?” Leah said sharply.

“You regretting living with Drew, I did warn you he was messy” Dan joked.

Peter laughed, “No me and Drew are fine. I’m so happy that we are finally getting along and living together just like we should have been all those years ago” Peter explained.

“So what’s the problem?” Leah asked.

“It’s Lara….” Pete said softly.

“Fitzy?” Dan asked confused.

“Yes she has handed her notice in and no one has seen her for a couple of days, I can’t find her anywhere I’m worried about her?”

“I’m sure she will fine…. Why are you so worried all off a sudden?” Dan asked.

“The other night I got to know the real Lara… not the one who I boss about at the work, the real kind hearted Lara.” Peter said softly.

“When you say the other night do you mean the…OTHER NIGHT?” Dan asked grinning.

“Yes the other night?” Peter not realising what Dan meant.

“Well then yeah you definitely did get to see something of Lara that you wouldn’t at work” Dan said laughing.

Peter just smiled at Dan, “I think I’m going to give Jack a call”

“I’m sure she’s ok” Leah said as Pete left the Dinner.

Peter ran up the stairs towards his apartment but he stopped in shock as he saw, “Lara”

Lara looked at him blankly as she tried to walk past him avoiding eye contact with him, “Lara stop” Pete said trying to stop her from walking away.

“I have to go” Lara insisted trying to get by him

“No I’m not letting you run off until you tell me what the hell is going on” Peter said sharply.

“Ok” Lara said softly as her and Pete walked into the flat.

“Lara why have you handed in your notice?” he asked confused.

Lara just stayed silent trying not to look at Pete, avoiding eye contact.

Pete slowly sat down next to her on the sofa, he placed his hand on top of her arm.

He was shocked when Lara suddenly flinched as he touched her.


Lara just looked at Pete as she stood up hurrying for the door but was stopped by Pete.

Lara tried to get past Pete, “Please just let me go”

Pete was not letting her go, he wanted to know why she had gone all weird, after about 30 seconds of trying to get past Pete, tears began to fill up in hers eyes as she just looked into Pete’s eyes.

“Hey, hey come here” Peter whispered as he brought Lara into his arms.

Lara eventually pulled away from his arms, wiping the tears away from her cheek.

“I feel so stupid” she said biting her lip.

“Don’t be so silly” Peter replied with a small smile walking to the sofa as he and Lara sat down.

“First the other night and now tonight, I’m such a fool” Lara said suddenly.

“The other night?” Pete asked confused.

“When I made a complete fool out of myself,” Lara said

“We both did remember, we both took our clothes off,” Peter laughed.

Lara just gave Peter a blank look, “You can’t remember can you?”

“Remember what?” Peter asked dumbly.

“Just the fact that I told you how much I like you but you just didn’t say anything, you jus… just ran off” Lara blurted out feeling stupid.

Pete looked at her shocked and surprised, Lara looked away as she walked towards the door but Pete grabbed her arm, looking into her eyes. He touched her face with his hand still looking lovingly into her eyes, he bit his lip nervously before leaning closer to her as his lips touched hers.

Lara kissed him back for a split second until she pulled away just looking up at Peter before moving towards him away kissing him passionately.

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Peter slowly opened his eyes as he watched Fitzy lye asleep in his arms, he just listening to her breathing as she slept, he couldn’t wipe the massive smile from his face. He was so happy. Lara slowly began to wake looking up at Pete, “Hey” she said softly as he leaned towards her kissing her lips tenderly.

She kissed him back lovingly, and Pete felt a shiver down his spine at having her lips on his again. The night before had been incredible, and knowing he had her all to himself again now, was … amazing. He kissed her passionately, pulling her close into his arms, and it only took them a few seconds to get extremely carried away again! They could’ve stayed there all night, but Pete pulled away.

“Mm, we’d better get going,” he said regretfully. “We need to go to the station.”“They can survive without wonder-Detective for a few hours,” Lara teased him, kissing his neck lovingly. “I want you all to myself a little longer …”“Well, when you put it like that …” Lara grinned and kissed him again on the lips, and Pete couldn’t help but respond. She had this power over him that made him lose all willpower. He sank into a tender but fierce embrace, and felt that he really could have stayed there all day. But much to his disappointment, Lara pulled away from him a few minutes later, smiling.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” he joked. “Thought we were staying?”

“As if you could bear to be parted from your precious desk for a few more hours!”“Oh, well, I think you’d make it just about bearable,” he replied, and she grinned.

Lara slowly climbed out of the bed reaching for clothes, “Lara nice thongs by the way” Peter said cheekily as he grabbed his jeans.

Pete had put all his clothes on before slowly walking behind Lara who was still getting dressed, he wrapped his arms around her, and she turned to face him smiling.

“You know ever since the other night I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you” he said looking into her eyes.

Lara kissed him tenderly on the lips before they both made there way out of the flat, All the way to the station Pete couldn’t believe how much he had fallen for Lara, he felt excited again but how we felt for Lara was much more stronger then he felt for Amanda.

Lara walked into the station followed by Peter, “Hey Jack” Lara said with a warm smile. Jack ran over hugging Lara, “Never do that to me again!” he shot at Fitzy.

“That’s never going to happen,” Peter said walking towards them smiling,

Jack smile grew as he saw Peter take Lara’s hand and bring her in close to him.

“I’m so happy for you guys” Jack said as he shook Peter’s hand.

“uh erm, Jack have you got the letter?” Lara asked but then saw Peter reaching into his pocket and showed them Lara’s resignation letter. “Can I?” Peter asked. “Sure go for it” she said smiling.

Peter tore the letter into pieces then gave it to Jack who threw it in the bin.

“I’m sorry for everything Jack” Lara said really sorry.

“It’s fine, I’m just happy that you now how someone to keep you on the straight and narrow” he said looking at Pete.

“I think she will be the one looking after me,” Pete joked.

“Right I better be going” Jack said grabbing his bag, “Yeah thanks for everything” Peter said as him and Lara watched him leave the station.

Where do you want to go now?” Lara asked grinning, “Erm I could drop you off at your place” he said with a dull look on his face, Lara pulled Peter close to her as she whispered, “How about going back to yours?” Peter looked at her grinning as he said, “well I think that can be arranged”

Drew slowly rubbed his eyes, trying to pull his blanket over his eyes to stop the sun shining in his eyes. He tried to get back to sleep but the delicious smell of a full breakfast soon made him shoot up from his bed, he slowly made his way to the door and walked out.

Drews jaw dropped as he saw Lara’s turn and face him as she smiled at him from the kitchen wearing just Peter’s white shirt that he wore yesterday.

Peter emerged from his bedroom with just his tight dark blue boxers on grinning at his son, “You want some breakfast mate?” Drew just stood shocked by his room as he finally managed to say, “Yes please”

Peter just kept laughing at him, “mate it’s only Lara” Peter said happily. Drew looked at Lara giving her a small shocked smile. Lara handed Drew and Pete their breakfast before kissing Pete on the lips. Drew began to fake cough, interrupting there kiss but Lara pulled away smiling at him as she headed into the bedroom to get changed.

Drew had finished his breakfast hardly saying a word as he ate it. Lara walked out of the bedroom, Peter got up and walked over to her kissing her goodbye, “I’ll see you at work” Peter said as Lara left.

Peter sat back at the table looking over at Drew, “Mate I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about Lara, it’s just it happened so quick I’m still trying to get used to it myself”

“No it’s ok dad but it’s just not what I expected to walk out of my room and see” Drew joked.

“Thanks for being so cool about this mate”, Drew smiled at his dad as he said “as long as you’re happy that makes me happy and from what I saw today I think your perfect together”

Peter smiled at his son, he couldn’t be happier, he was falling in love again and he had a son that loved him.

“I better get ready for work” Peter said as he walked into the bedroom but stopped by the door turning to face Drew, “Owe and Drew don’t think sucking up to your dad will get you a big birthday present”Drew looked up acting innocent, “You know me to well” he joked.

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Lara and Pete lay on the sofa watching TV when Dan entered the flat, “Hey Pete, Hey Lara”. Dan walked over as he sat on the chair, “What can we do for you?”

“Erm… I just saw Drew on the beach with Ric and Maddie so I thought it would be best to come over and talk about tomorrow night!” “Tomorrow night?” Pete said confused but smiling.

“Don’t be a prat you know what I’m going on about” Dan replied laughing, Lara started laughing as well at Pete.

“It’s all sorted… well the car is anyway. Everyone is meeting around 6:30 at the Surf Club to get things set up but you know what Drews like he will be trying to catch me out and see what I’ve got him” Dan laughed, “Yeah that’s Drew for you” “So how are you going to keep Drew away from the Surf Club he only needs to walk outside and will see people going in and will know” Lara asked.

“Lara I’m a detective, this has been planned for weeks” Peter joked giving her a loving look.

“So how exactly have you planned this mate?” Dan asked confused.

Ok, I thought that I would pick up the car around 4ish and park it at the station then you can call Drew around 7 telling him to get his presents… About 8ish I will drive to the house with the car” Peter explained smiling at how good his plan sounded.

“Ok, Ok that’s all good but how do we explain not to give him his presents in the day?” Peter smiled, “That’s where my good old mate, Ryan comes into it. Ryan can call him telling him to come over instead of you. That way he can have your presents in the Day but Ryan’s the excuse so he goes over at 7.” “Well you must have put a lot of thought into that Pete, I better go Leah wants me to help in the Dinner” Dan said laughing

Lara looked up smiling at Pete, “What?” he said grinning.

“You, your just one big softie” she said kissing him.

Later that night Pete just going through some old papers when a picture of him, Jack and Lara fell out. He picked up beginning to remember that night, he couldn’t believe how he didn’t realise sooner, and Lara was the one for him. After he’d been so hurt in the last few years he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Pete looked in the bedroom as he saw Lara fast asleep, he turned grabbing his keys and left the flat.

Just as Peter was heading out of his flat he saw Drew and Belle together, “hey guys,” he said just about to walk past he stopped to look at them. “So does this mean…?” They both looked at each other hugging as they smiled, “Yeah it does”.

Peter’s day was getting even better, his son was back with the girl he loved.

A few hours later, Peter walked into the flat with a massive bunch of flowers, he put them on the table before getting into bed ready to the big day ahead.

Lara slowly woke up looking over at Pete who was asleep then she began to kiss his neck teasing him to wake up. His smile grew, as he knew that it was Lara. He opened his eyes then leaned over kissing her passionately.

Just as Pete and Lara were getting really into each other Pete heard Drew walk from his room. “Uh I better go and wish him happy birthday” he said regretfully.

“Ok but I’m coming” Lara insisted as she got out of bed.

“Hey dad I know I’m eighteen but surely I’m not at that age to get red roses?” Drew joked.

“No of course your not, your too old” Peter laughed as he turned round to Lara giving her the flowers.

Lara face beamed with a massive smile, she ran over to Pete, kissing him passionately.

“So where’s my present?” Drew asked interrupting Peter and Lara.

They both turn round looking a little bit embarrassed as they head into the bedroom and shut the door. Drew looks confused thinking they are ignoring him just as he heads over to the bedroom Peter quickly opens the door holding a huge bag.

They all laugh as they head over to the table; Drew looks in the bag and takes out his presents.

Peter and Lara watch on happily.

Drew opens his first present which is a watch, “it’s awesome” Drew says as he looks on the back to see, ‘the worlds greatest son love dad x x’ Drew is amazed as he hugs his dad “I love it” Drew grabbed more presents from the bag which were, shorts, tops, shirts, trainers, alarm clock, shoes, boxers.

Just as Drew didn’t think there were anymore, Peter reached into the bag handing Drew a thick brown envelope, drew looked curious as he opened it to find a large amount of money.

Drew looked at his dad shocked as he said, “dad I can’t except this!” “Yes you can mate. Look for all those years when I wasn’t apart of your life, I put money into a safe. I knew one day would come when you deserved to have what is yours and today’s the day, you deserve it. I was quite shocked I saved $3600 over the passed years but mate it’s yours.” Drew smile grew as he hugged his dad, he was so happy.

“Drew I think Dan and Leah wanted to see you this morning”

“Yes I’m heading over there now” Drew replied as he took all his presents into his room.

Drew then left leaving Peter and Lara in the flat to get ready for the party tonight.


Drews party is finally here!

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Lara and Pete were having breakfast, “Thank you” Lara said looking at Pete.

For what?” Peter said smiling at her.

“The flowers and everything I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with you” she said lovingly.

Pete leaned towards her, kissing her lips tenderly as he pulled back smiling, “No I’m the lucky one”, Lara kissed him passionately as he pulled away once again, “I have to go” he said regretfully.

“But where are you going? Can’t it wait until later” Lara said cheekily kissing him again.

“I have to go and see Ryan about tonight but I promise I will be back soon or do you want to come?” Peter said smiling at her.

“Yes let me walk out of here in your shirt and shorts,” she joked as they both got up and headed towards the door.

They both walked down the stairs of the flat holding hands, Pete turned giving Lara a very passionate kiss before he walked over to his car constantly looking back at Lara.

Pete walked in Dan and Leah’s house were he saw Drew, Leah, Dan and Belle all eating cake. “Here’s the best dad in the world” Dan joked as he saw Pete.

“Hey” Pete said greeting them all.

“You spoil him” Leah said as looked over at Drew.

“He deserves it” Peter replied as he winked at Belle.

Belle noticed Pete’s wink as she looked at Drew, “You want to go for a walk?”

“Sure” replied Drew as he and Belle left.

“Pete I thought you was getting Drew a car?” Dan asked confused.

“Yeah I am” Peter replied with a grin.

“You really do spoil him” Leah laughed.

“Yes but it’s like I told Drew, all those years I missed out on I’m giving him for his eighteenth” Peter explained.

Leah got up walking over towards the door when she heard the door being knocked. Ryan ran straight in the house throwing his bag on the floor.

“Hey mate” Dan and Pete said together.

“Is Drew here?” Ryan asked looking around.

“No why mate?” Dan asked curious.

Ryan looked up at Pete grinning, "Uncle Pete" Ryan said showing Peter his cheeky grin

“Yes ok” Peter replied reaching into his pocket pulling on $50 then gave it to Ryan.

Dan looked at Leah then at Pete, “What’s going on?”

“Well when I told Ryan that I needed his help to get Drew back here he told me he’d only use his acting skills for $50”

“But why would he be acting?” Leah asked confused.

“Because Drew isn’t getting a present from him until tomorrow so he would have to pretend to get him something” Peter explained as Ryan just smiled cheekily at the three on them.

“So basically he has just robbed $50 of you?” Dan laughed as he shook Ryan’s hand for conning Pete.

“Ok I got to go, Drews car is ready to be picked” Pete said as he left the house.

Peter drove into the Dinner as he quickly parked up the car, he raced out of the car then headed up to his flat trying not to be spotted by Drew.

Pete and Lara sat flickering threw a magazine trying to act normal and not to give Drew any idea of there being a party. “How do I look?” drew asked as he walked into the Living room wearing one of his new shirts that Pete brought him.

Pete and Lara looked up smiling, “Wow mate I must admit your fashion sense is amazing” Peter joked.

“For once dad your pick of clothes were great” he said grinning at his dad.

Drew’s mobile began to ring, “hey mate, what’s up?” Drew asked

“Yeah ok I’ll come round now,” Drew said quickly as he put the phone down.

“Who was that?” Lara asked curious.

“Ryan he wants to give me my present so I said I’d go before I meet Belle” Drew said as he headed towards the door.

“Have a good night mate don’t come home to drunk” Peter said trying not to give the party away.

Drew stopped by the door and looked over at his dad, “Dad is it ok for Belle to sleep, thanks dad I knew you would understand” Drew said as he hurried out the door not even letting Peter give him an answer.

Peter just looked at Lara as they both jumped up and started to get ready for the party.

It was about 8 o’clock, Lara and Pete both left the flat. Peter leaned towards Lara kissing her passionately “I love you” Lara blurted out to a surprised Peter.

Peter looked at her lovingly as he cleared his throat, “I love you more”. Peter kissed her again before as she headed into the Surf Club to help set up while Pete walked to the car.

Peter pulled up outside Dan’s house pap ping the horn repeatedly; it was about 5 minutes later when Drew, Dan and Leah walked out the house. Drew ran over to the car amazed, “What the hell?”.

They all started to laugh at Drew who was standing shocked, “Well I can’t have you borrowing my car forever” Peter joked as he saw Drew open the door looking at the expensive stereo that was playing the snow patrol album.

Drew shut the car door and walked round to his dad, “dad this is just… it’s amazing I love it”, “hey come here” Peter said pulling Drew towards him and hugging him. “I love you Drew” Peter said as tears built up in his eyes, Drew lifted his head up, “I love you to”

“Now there’s one last surprise” Peter said grinning.

“What, where?” Drew asked curious.

“Get in” Peter said happily throwing Drew the keys.

“Can you drive? I have had a few drinks earlier” Drew said laughing as he threw the keys back.

Peter and Drew both got in the car and headed towards the Surf Club as well as Dan and Leah who got in their car and followed them a few minutes behind.

Drew started looking around the car trying out all the different buttons still amazed he owns a car, Peter was concentrating on the road as they drove towards Noah’s, as they drove down the Hill near turners lane, Peter shouted “what the hell” repeatedly trying to brake but nothing was working, he immediately pulled the handbrake which led them to swerve down the hill.

As the car swerved and skidded towards the bottom of the hill a lorry came from the other direction crashing full speed into the car leaving Drews car crushed and smashed further down the road near the bushes.

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Irene, Belle and Matilda stood outside The Surf Club when Dan and Leah arrived, “He is on his way” Dan shouted as he ran towards them to go inside and hide, just as they were about to ho in Matilda spotted black smoke from a distance, “Guys look at that” she said looking over at the thick black smoke.

They all looked over to where Matilda was pointing, confused but Dan immediately ran over to the car with Leah, Matilda and Ric who got in the car as well. Irene and Belle followed behind in Irene’s car.

Dan drove at a fast speed trying to figure out where the smoke was coming from they eventually drove towards Turners lane where they saw a Lorry smashed into two.

Dan, Ric, Leah and Matilda jumped out of the car.

Dan ran over as he looked at the driver of the lorry, he was moving. As Ric looked around he was horrified as he caught sight of Drews car further up the road.

“OMG Dan” Ric yelled running over to Drew’s car.

Dan ran over to the car with Ric as he looked at Drew and Peter badly injured in the car lying lifeless.

“Peter, Drew” Dan yelled as he tried to get in the car.

Leah searched frantically threw her bag looking for her phone as she dialled 000.

Dan and Ric began to try and open Peter’s door but the locks were wedged shut.

Ric grabbed a brick from the grass verge as he threw it through the back window; he reached in opening one of the back doors, Ric climbed in reaching over the seats to feel for Drews pulse.

Dan managed to open Peter’s door. He could feel a slight pulse, but it was weak. Really weak, “Come on mate … wake up” Dan said desperately, trying to get Peter to open his eyes.

Belle and Irene pulled up in the car, and Belle’s face dropped as she realized what was going on. She raced out of Irene’s car and ran to Drew’s side as tears built up in her eyes. This couldn’t be happening.

Matilda grabbed Belle roughly and held her back. Belle’s heart began to sink as she saw Drew lying lifeless in the car. Ric looked up at Dan.

“There’s no pulse.”

Dan just looked shocked before getting out of the car and running round to Drews side. Ric moved away as Dan pulled Drew of out the car, trying with all his might to revive him, as the tears welled up, stinging his eyes.

“Please mate, just wake up,” Dan yelled as he did compressions furiously, determined not to lose his nephew.

Leah held Pete’s hand as tears streamed down her face. She touched Pete’s face softly as he sat upright in the car, with nothing more than that slight pulse keeping him alive.

Tears streamed down Belle’s face as she watched the paramedic stop compressions, he looked up at the other paramedic, “Time of death, 8:20pm”. Dan stood just looking at Drew he didn’t even hear the paramedic, “what are you doing, why have you stopped?” Dan yelled running up to the paramedic.

“It was to late… I’m so sorry” The paramedic replied softly.

Dan just stared at the paramedic before his words actually started to sink in…. “NO” he yelled as he ran over to Drews body frantically trying to revive him, Irene and Ric pulled him away. “Dan, look at me….” Irene shouted turning his face towards her.

“Peter needs you” Irene said as she pointed towards Peter who was being carried into the ambulance.

Dan slowly walked over to the ambulance as he kept looking at Drew, Leah took his hand as they got in the ambulance. Belle dropped to the ground next to Drews body crying, she couldn’t believe he was gone.

Peter was rushed straight into a hospital room where Hugh and Rachael were waiting for him.

Dan and Leah stood by the door feel helpless, all they could do was stand watching helpless.

Lara ran through the hospital doors frantically trying to find Pete, “Lara wait” Jack yelled trying to catch up with her

Lara came to a halt when she caught sight of Dan and Leah. She ran towards them searching for Peter. When she saw Peter she ran towards him but was held back by Jack. Lara looked on as she shouted “Peter!”

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Will Pete survive?

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Tears slowly fell down Lara’s cheek, her heart was sinking as she watched the man she loved in a hospital bed not knowing weather he would make it through the night.

Jack took Lara’s hand and walked towards a chair outside the room, she didn’t even realise that Jack had pulled her away from the door because she could still see Pete through the window over looking the room.

Dan turned away suddenly making Leah turn to face him confused, she caught of his fists clenching, “Dan?” Leah asked worried.

Dan gave her a blank look before running out of the hospital.

Dan burst through the hospital entrance door when he saw the lorry driver in to the hospital from the ambulance.

Dan headed back into the hospital, walking up to Leah, Jack, and Lara who were sitting waiting. “Dan” Leah said racing over to him as she hugged him tight.

Dan pulled away, “Where’s Pete?” he asked looking in the room in front.

“He is in theatre” Lara replied looking up at Dan.

“I can’t just stand here doing nothing,” Dan said angrily just before the lorry driver was taken into the room in front of them.

“He should be the one to loose his life” Dan shouted as he ran towards the room, Jack quickly got up holding Dan back.

Slowly walking down the corridor Rachael approached Dan, Leah, Jack and Lara with a distressing look on her face. Dan shot his head up wanting answers so did everyone else. “Rachael where’s Pete? Is he ok?”

Rachael gave them each a glance before she cleared her throat, “I’m not going to make any promises Dan, in theatre we lost him twice. The depth of his injury was three times as worst then we thought"

“But he will be ok?” Lara asked Rachael.

“ Pete has broke his left leg, collarbone, 2 ribs on each side and a lower vertebra, and remained in critical condition throughout surgery, he will be kept heavily sedated because the pain from chest injuries made it difficult for him to breathe”

Leah gasped in shock looking up at Dan that just stared at the walls in front.

“I’m sorry Dan but this is all I can tell you at the minute… It’s up to Pete now to pull through” Rachael said softly.

Jack pulled Lara into his arms as he held her tight. Tears fell down her cheek as Rachael’s words began to slowly sink inn.

A few hours had passed and all four of them had barely said a word to one another. Rachael wasn’t allowing anyone to see Pete until a bit later.

Rachael finally came over to them, “you can go in now” Rachael said softly showing them to his room.

Dan headed straight in, stopping by the door looking at Pete who was hooked up to all sorts of machines, battered and bruised. Looking nothing like his brother, the Pete he knows.

All four of them couldn’t believe Pete was lying in front of them. Looking at Pete in that way was too hard for Lara, she couldn’t bare the fact of loosing Pete. Lara looked at Pete before racing out of the room upset.

Jack walked off after Lara and Leah went to get Dan a drink.

Dan pulled a chair from the other side of the room as he sat down looking at Pete.

He placed his hand of top of Pete’s, trying to think what to say, how the hell was he going to tell him his son was dead. The pain of Drews death hadn’t really sunk in for Dan yet but as he watched Pete lye there the reality of the situation was growing.

“How come it’s always you that ends up in here aye? I would love to know how bro” Dan said trying to make the situation feel lighter but it wasn’t working, tears fell down his face trying not to think of loosing Pete as well as Drew.

Rachael entered the room with Pete’s test results looking at Dan with a serious look on her face, “Rachael what’s wrong?” Dan said jumpy up from his chair worried.

“The latest results show Pete has gone into a deep coma” Rachael replied softly.

“But he is going to wake up” Dan shot at her with worry.

“I’m sorry but we don’t know, only time will tell” Rachael trying to remain positive.

“But…. He has to wake up” Dan shot at her.

“I’m sorry Dan but we will do all we can” Rachael said walking over as she hugged Dan in comfort.

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