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Bad Girl

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Story Title: Bad Girl

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Johnny, O.C. Lisa, Rocco, gang

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance

Does story include spoilers: Possibly

Any warnings: (V/D) (L) (SC)

Summary: Takes place in an AU of Esp. 4300

Bad Girl.

Summer Bay high.

The bell rings and students despise into the corridors of schools. Johnny and gang are sitting in the school drive waiting for Rocco.

“Look at them man, look at the talent” Sam said, watching a group of girls walk in front of their car.

“How it going girls, come on we’re not going to bite” Johnny called out.

“You’re going to jump in or not” Sam asked the girls.

“Come on you know you wanna” Johnny yelled.

A girl, about 17 turned around head towards the car. She wasn’t dressed in standard Summer Bay High uniform, she wore a boys white shirt, with the sleeves cut to just below shoulder height, she wore a black mini skirt. Her hair was black with highlights of purple and red.

Johnny smiled at Sam as the girl got closer.

“So you’re going to jump in” Sam asked again, the girl smiled.

“Come on, we can show you a good time” Max said from the back.

She rested against the window of driver’s car, she smiled at Johnny.

“What’s up boyz” she asked, Sam grabbed his crotch.

“A lot of things” he smirked at her.

“Come on girl” Johnny motioned for her to hop in.

“You know, I would but you know what they say about guys with fast cars, they have small cocks” She ruffed Johnny’s hair though the window before walking off to her next class.

Beachside Diner- later that afternoon.

Irene frowned as she entered the customer part of the Diner, it was all but deserted except for the gang. Swallowing her nerves, she put on a brave face.

“Are you gentlemen here for drinks or would you like to see a menu?” she asked as politely as she could while Colleen helpfully crowed in the staff area. Johnny smirked at her.

“Oh yeah, wouldn’t mind seeing what you’ve got”. Irene glared at him as the gang chuckled to themselves.

“Don’t get excited I’m just talking about the food”.

Irene spotted the tip left by the pervious occupants of the table next to the gang, she tried to make her way over but before she could get the money, Johnny reached over and grabbed it.

“Ahh that money belongs to this establishment” Irene said, Johnny went to give it to her, she reached over to get it, but Johnny pulled his arm away.

“Come and get it” he dared her, placing it in his pocket.

Irene looks away, no one was there to help.

“You know if you’ve come here to play games, you’ve really come to the wrong place”. She warned.

Colleen watched the affair from in the safely of her retreat.

“Games, I’m not playing any games, have you guys seen any cash?” he asked the gang, the shook their heads and look puzzled.


Just then the other local hoodlum came in, what’s her name, Lisa.

Lisa made her way over to the gang, which wasn’t hard since they were in the middle of the diner.

“Something going on here?” she asked.

Johnny looked up to see the same girl as at the school, he grinned at her, T.J wrapped his arm around her “What’s up beautiful, didn’t think we’d see you so soon”.

Irene went to say something but Lisa was faster.

“Remove you hand from my body or you. Will. Lose. It.”

T.J quickly removed his arm.

Lisa looked over at Irene and Johnny.

“Is he causing trouble?” she asked, Johnny gave her the “who me” look.

Irene sighed as Colleen hurried in.

“That hoodlum took our money” she said before taking off at the look she received from the gang, Johnny snickered at Colleen’s braveness, or lack of it.

“Give them back the money” Lisa said.

Irene frowned deeper, she didn’t want to involve Lisa in this too.

“Its okay Darl, I can handle it”.

“Its simple, you just have to come and get it” Johnny grinned harder as he slipped the tip from his jacket pocket to his pants, this was way to much fun.

“Fine” Lisa said, she walked over and shoved her hand in Johnny’s pocket, pulling out the tip she made eye contact with Johnny.

“Looks like I might have to withdraw my previous comment, you are a big boy” she smiled handing Irene the tip.

“Thank you love” Irene put the tip in the till, trying not to stare at the shocked look on Johnny’s face.

Lisa placed her self at the table next to Johnny’s, “One O.J please” she said, stretching she expose her lower chest area, catching the gang staring at her, she smiled.

“Like what you see” she said, giving them a nice view, drooling, most of the members nodded, the rest must have been gay.

“Well it’s all your going to see, well most of you” she said suggestively, keeping her eyes on Johnny as she suck her Orange juice.

Please comment and say if you think I should carry on.

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this now takes place in a total AU.

Part two.

Summer Bay high.

“Miss Robertson what have I said about uniform” Brad said, Lisa turned and smirked at him.

“Wear it with pride” she baited him

“And how can you if your not wearing it” Brad said looking at Lisa as if she was 5, she grinned internally, she had him hook, line and sinker.

“I don’t know, you tell me” she baited again, holding back a grin as Mr Armstrong’s face got redder. It really was too easy to set him off, he just like the rest.

“If you don’t start wearing correct uniform soon, I will be force to take disciplinary actions” he threatened her, she grinned slyly at him.

“So what your take me over your knee and spank me” she replied.

Brad’s patience finally broke, taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he looked at Lisa, he was in charge here.

“That’s it, you have a detention, today lunch time, with me in Room 19” he said firmly.

Lisa smiled at Brad “Yay it’s a date, should I dress up?” she asked, taking off for class, leaving Brad fuming in the hallway.

Johnny hand Rocco the drugs, “You know what to do”. Rocco nodded nervously as he shoved the drugs in his bag. Lisa tilted her head

“What’s going on” she inquired, looking over at the package now in Rocco’s hands, he quickly shoved the drugs in his bag.

Lisa made her way over to Johnny “Dealing aye” she whispered, “You’ll need a market”.

Johnny looked at her “And how can you help?’ he asked, Lisa smiled “Just leave it up to me, I’ll make sure the right people know”.

Johnny stood up and leaned over Lisa “You better because….”

“Are you threatening me?”

“What do you think?” Johnny replied sarcastically.

Lisa frowned at Johnny, then at Rocco.

“Whatever, but I want 50/50” she demanded, flicking her hair out of her eyes, Johnny glared at her.

“As if, 10/90 at the most”.

Lisa smirked at Johnny, “I have no problem with 90 percent of the profits” Johnny glared at her, clasping his hands together he cracked his knuckles, Lisa sighed.

“Fine 20/80”

“That’s better, good girl” Johnny mocked her, she faked a hurt expression.

“I better get going” Rocco motioned to class behind them.

“Be careful Roc” Johnny cautioned his brother; he glared at Lisa, who shrugged at him.

“What I have free period”, she winked at Johnny before walking off. Johnny lay against his car, he wasn’t really letting Lisa walk right over him was he?.

Lisa frowned at Brad as she waltzed into Room 19.

“Oh Mr Armstrong, I thought we would be all alone”, she sat her self on his.

“Miss Robertson sit down and be quiet” he order, reorganizing his paper work.

“Fine” she moaned, taking a sit next to Rocco, fidgeting she play with the screws under her desk. Brad stared at her till she stopped, she sighed loudly and lay on the table.

“Hey, hey, Rocco” she whispered, Rocco gave her a glance and Brad stared at her.

“What? I’m being quite, I’m whispering”.

Brad shook his head and went back to paperwork.

Lisa smirked, god she loved school.

Summer Bay Park.

Johnny looked over the plans of jewelry shop, “It’s a simple in and out job, no alarms or anything to worry about and we’ll be richer in the morning”.

The gang all smiled and raise their beers in support of the plan.

“So everyone know what they’re doing right?” Johnny asked, everybody nodded.


Sam sat next to Johnny, handing him a drink.

“So how’s it going with that chick?”

“What chick?”

“The Chick” Sam said, staring at Johnny over his sunnies.

“Her names Lisa and its none of your business”.

Sam chuckled, stopping at Johnny’s deathly glare.

“Get ready for tonight, I want everything perfect.”

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Part 3

Lisa’s House.

“Lisa, Lisa get off the computer” Miss Robertson yelled at her daughter, she’d just received a telephone call from the school.

“Yes mum”

“You can lose the attitude” She snapped at her daughter, god she was almost ready to pull out her hair, they had came to Summer Bay to start a new, not pick up bad habits or boys for that matter.


“Don’t you whatever me, little misses, now the school says your not wearing correct uniform and hanging around with bad kids”.

“Did they now”.

Lisa wasn’t going to sit though another lecture from her mother, grabbing her wallet she rushed out the door, blocking her mothers yell’s.

Outside the Diner.

“Hey girls, come over here” Max called out to passing group of girls.

“We won’t hurt you” Sam yelled as the group ignored them and walked away from the diner.

“Hey it’s her” Max said, pointing to Lisa walking down the path.

“Man she looks fine, wouldn’t mind getting to know her”

“Maybe some biology 101” Max snickered.

“You’ll leave her alone” Johnny declared.

“But Johnny, she’s….” Sam started.

“I thought I said you will leave her alone”.

The gang all nodded.

Lisa waved at the gang as she walked up.

“Wazz up boy’s, having fun?”.

“Oh we could with you”

Someone called out grabbing his crotch, the rest all laughed and whistled at her.

“No wonder you don’t get laid” she smirked the gang all went quite.

“Where’s Johnny” she asked, Sam motioned to behind the diner.

“Thank you” she replied in mock politeness, a hand whack her ass she walked pass, she stopped and turned.

“Enjoyed that did you” Max said, leaning on his beach chair, Lisa smirked.

“Yes I did, maybe we could try it in private sometime” She replied, holding in a laugh as Max fell off his chair in shock. She grinning she made her way to Johnny.

Johnny quickly fold up the plans of tonight’s job as Lisa walked up to him.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, noticing how sexy she looked in her loose fitting top and mini skirt.

“Haven’t you heard that all business and no fun makes for a dull boy” she teased.

Johnny glared at her.

“Don’t play with me?” he warned, this girl certainly knew how tom push buttons.

“Oh but I might want to” she baited, Johnny grinned, two could play at that game. He slouched over to her, taking his time, enjoying the puzzled look on her face. He grabbed her in his arms and pulled her up for a kiss, placing her back to the ground he was surprise to see she didn’t look a tiny bit shaken.

Lisa smiled at Johnny, watching him carefully, this was the first time anyone had ever played her right back. She chuckled.

“Alright, I want my share of the money”.

Johnny frowned “And what money is that?”

“Oh you know” she said warningly.

Johnny smirked at her as he reached into his pocket.

“I like you” he said handing over a roll of notes, Lisa flicked them in her, counting them carefully.

“So how did a girl like you get to know how to deal?”.

Lisa frowned at the ground.

“I do what I have to do to make money” she said, “How does one join your gang?” she asked.

Johnny did a double take “Why?”.

Lisa shoved the money in her pocket.

“Just wondering”

With that she turned and walked out to the beach, leaving Johnny gazing after her.

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but I want to :lol:

Part 4

Summer Bay Park

“I don’t know Johnny, isn’t it risky” Rocco whined, Johnny grabbed Rocco by his shirt.

“Well unless you can find another way of making the money” he said, Rocco looked away, he let him go.

“I thought not, now get ready”.

Rocco nodded.

“Isn’t it so much better when we work together” Johnny said happy, grabbing his lil bro in a headlock.

“Yeah” Rocco sighed.

Lisa walked over to the gang, Johnny gazed over at her. Walking away from the gang he motioned for her to follow him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I was on a walk, you know a public place is so not the best place to plan a job” she said, looking at Johnny as if he was stupid.

“What do you want?”

“I want in”


“I want in”

Johnny chuckled.

“You think I’m just going to let you in”


Johnny nodded at her.

“Show me why I should let you in?” he said crossing his arms and staring straight into her eyes.

Lisa pulled her hair out of her face, tying it into a ponytail she walked calmly over to the gang.

“Hey boys”

She rubbed her self against T.J, then Sam, Max, Karl and lastly Rocco who she kissed lightly on the lips, Johnny felt a jealous streak run though his blood before he could crush it.

Leaving the gang in a drooling trance, Lisa handed over a item form each of members, ranging from money to personal items.

“I know what I have and I can use it” she said simply.

Johnny looked out to the horizon, then back at Lisa.

“Fine met here at 7 o clock”

“Yes Sir!” she teased, Johnny swallowed a smile, he had a reputation to upheld.

“Your letting her in the gang, just like that?” Sam inquired, “Is there a problem with that” Johnny snapped, daring Sam to.

“No, it just rather sudden”

“Get a move on we roll in an hour”.

Sam muttered a reply and left leaving Johnny slouching against the tree, thinking about Rocco and Lisa.

“Johnny!” T.J called out, Johnny went to see what was happening now.

Beachside Diner.

Lisa grinned at Colleen discomfort as she served her, as soon as Colleen had her order of fish n’ chips and a milkshake she was off to the safely of staff area. She smiled at Rocco as he entered and sat opposite to her. Looking around nervously he whispered to her.

“Are you should you know what you getting yourself into?”

She shrugged.

“Probably not” she didn’t bother whispering, smiling slightly at Rocco shock.

“Once your in..”

“Your in for life, thanks Colleen” she said, tipping the poor woman who almost fell over herself hurrying away.

Rocco nodded, looking at her with concern, she took his hand in her’s.

“I’m touch, really, you care so much but I can handle it”.

Summer Bay Surf Club

Brad glared at Johnny, right on cue Johnny and gang walked over to block his entrance, Johnny talked to the other guys and acted innocent. Brad coughed and glared at Johnny.

“Oops are we in the way guys” Johnny said, sounding surprise “Come on guys we wouldn’t want to block Mr. Armstrong way now would we” he motioned for the gang to move to the said, Brad walked past without saying a word, Johnny smirked and stretched, Summer Bay was too much fun.

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here the next update, if its no good I blame it on the fact its 11.46pm and Im tired and should alseep

Part 5.

Lisa’s House.

“I’m going out for dinner mum” Lisa called out, shoving her M.P 3 roughly in her ears and rushing out the door, her mother waved to her and yelled something. Lisa just smiled.

Fletcher House.

“Sorry Sal I have to go out” Rocco said, pausing slightly at the door, Sally gave him a concerned look.

“It has nothing to do with Johnny right?”

Rocco shook his head.

“No don’t worry Sal”, he tapped the door once and took off.

“He’s right Sal you worry to much”.

Johnny’s hideout.

“Nice to see you wore something appropriate” Johnny commented to Lisa, she smiled.

“Just the best for you”.

The gang whistled their approval of Lisa’s tight jeans and T- shirt, Johnny glared at them, it wasn’t that he was jealous, he just didn’t want them getting distracted on the job.

Rocco poked his head in the door.

“Nice to see you little brother” Johnny gave Rocco in a headlock, Rocco squirmed in his arms, but just like with everything else, Johnny was the one with power over Rocco, after Rocco was his young brother, it was his duty to keep an eye on him.

Johnny revealed the carefully planned plans.

“Does anyone not understand this”

He stared at Lisa.

“Oh I understand it, but we not doing this”.

“Excuse me” Johnny said, he stood up and crossed his arms, he was the leader here.

“It’s a gym for blind people”

“So” Karl said, clearly puzzled.

“MORALS PEOPLE!, I will NOT condone stealing from young, old or disabled”.

Johnny shared a glance with his gang, maybe he had made a mistake, and maybe Lisa wasn’t a bad girl after all.

“Now where are those plans for the jewelry shop?” Lisa asked, grabbing it off T.J, she laid it over the table.

“We hit here tonight”.

Johnny frowned, then looked around the gang, they were all looking to him for conformation”.

“Fine, Lisa I want a word.”

Johnny pushed Lisa up against the wall, he stared right into her eyes, transferring his anger to her that way, instead of beating it into her.

“What was that?” He demanded, she tried to shove him off but he held tight.

“We’re still doing a job and still getting money”

“The gang is, your not”

“What does that mean?”

Johnny stared into her eyes, her beautiful eyes, he didn’t know it means.

“It means I will see you around”.

He walked back inside, leaving her outside by herself.

Summer Bay high.

Next day.

“Lisa” Sally called out, running to catch up with her,

“What” she grumbled out, Sally looked a bit shocked at her attitude.

“Mr Armstrong said you need a uniform” she said, smiling kindly as if it would fix everything, she frowned at Sally and fold her arms in a huff.

“Oh did he?”.


“Well I tell you something, The uniform sucks, it sucks and I will never wear it ever”.

She marched off leaving Sally dumb founded in the hallway.

Outside the diner.

“I thought that chick was alright” T.J said, slurping down his O.J.

“She’s a very good theft apparently” Karl commented, Johnny nodded, her list of conviction were impressive, but more so her list of suspect crimes, one’s Johnny had no doubt she had done, she was just the type of girl they could do with, except she had morals, she only stole from the rich and dealt drugs to the loser.

He chuckled he could change that.


He would change it.

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Im sorry if this update is no good, but im in rush, Im on a trip soon to a place with NO computers :( hope you like

Part 5

Summer Bay high.

Lisa scratched at the desk, this was so boring she already all this.


Lisa looked up at Miss Fletcher.


Miss Fletcher gave her the “I’m not impressed” look.

“How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand trigger the event that started world war one?.

Lisa rolled her eyes, a stupid question.

“Because then Austria had the reason to attack Serbia and Germany had to fight Russia to protect Austria and for Germany to attack Russia they had to defeat France first”.

Miss Fletcher smiled “Well done Lisa”.

Summer Bay beach.

Rocco tumbled over a stack of clothes, he stared at in them, puzzled. They look familiar, but what were they doing here?.

“Hey don’t stare at what you can’t afford”.

Rocco turned to see Lisa floating in the water.

“Are you?,.. are you skinny dipping?” Rocco asked in disbelief.

“Yes, now are you just going to stand there or join me?”.

Rocco looked up and down the beach.

“I don’t know” he said, Lisa tilt her head at him.

“Oh come on, take a risk goodie too shoes”, she splashed him with water.


He stripped off his top, and short’s.

“Don’t forget you undies” She giggled as Rocco blushed.

“They’re boxers!”.

Lisa rolled her eyes as he turned away from her shucked his boxers off.

No soon than Rocco had jumped in than Lisa took the chance to dunk him, he swam under her and pulled her under. She playfully pushed him off and swam back to the surface, Rocco quickly followed suit.

“Whats going on here!”

Lisa turned to see Johnny standing there glaring at them, Rocco swallowed nervously.

“Skinny dipping, you can join in” she called out.

“Maybe I should go” Rocco said, crawling out of the water, tying to cover himself, Lisa sighed and glared at Johnny. She stomped out to him.

“What were you doing with Rocco?”

“Oh for the love of god, skinny dipping” she exclaimed.

Johnny glared at her.

“Are you jealous?”

Johnny looked away, then walked off down the beach.

“Whatever” Lisa mumbled to herself.

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hey, I'm finally able to update, don't trust the cafe's :unsure: , anyway this one is a long one to make up for the gap in updating, hope its good.

Part 6

Summer Bay Park

Rocco checked up and down the park before he handed over the money.

“That’s all I could get”.

Johnny flicked though the wad of cash, there was 500 dollars there, He grabbed Rocco in a headlock.

“Well done little brother”.

Rocco gave small smile, but Johnny could still see some resistance in his eyes never mind he would soon squash that.

“Still up for the robbery tonight?”

Rocco spun around.

“We did it last night”

“And we’re doing another one tonight”

“Isn’t it to risky?”

“Only if you screw up mate”

He was getting sick of the crap Rocco keep dishing out, he was the older brother here and Rocco followed his orders.

“Hey man” T.J yelled.

Johnny gave Rocco one last glare, Rocco turned away and headed back up to Diner.

“Hey man” Johnny smiled at T.J, “Everything ready”.

“Yup, all sorted what about that chick?”

“Don’t worry”.

Lisa’s house.

Someone knock at the door, Lisa turned up her music.

“Lisa can you go get that”

“I’m busy mum!”

“Oh for crying out sake” Miss Robertson muttered to herself, she opened the door. A teenage boy stood there, tall and lanky with short dark hair, she didn’t like the look of him.


“Can I see Lisa?”


“I want to talk to her”

“Who are you?”

The boy sighed at her questions.


Lisa sat upright as her mum barged into her room.

“Mum privacy” she moaned.

“There’s a boy to see you”

“Send him in here”

“No little missy, you two can “talk” in the lounge”

Lisa rolled her eyes.

“What ever’

“Don’t you what ever me”


“Hey Rocco”

Lisa crashed onto the couch next to Rocco.

“Hey” He gave her a sad smile.

“So what you doing here?”

“Dunno” he admitted, she chuckled to herself.

“So you looking forward tonight?” she asked

Rocco glazed up at her.

“Your involved”

“Yea, of course”

There was a loud thump at the door, Lisa rolled her eyes.

“Now what”.

“Lisa what have you done now” Miss Robertson groaned as she led two policemen into the lounge.

“Lisa Robertson, where were you last night”

“Well I wasn’t in the opera house”

“Don’t play games with us, where were you last night been 9pm and 10 pm”

“Oh now’s there a time limit”

“Please Lisa, just answer the question” her mother begged.

“I was watching a movie”

“With anyone?”

“No, I’m a loner, of course with someone”

“Does this person have a name?”

Lisa snuggled up next to Rocco.

“Yup, Rocco Cooper”.

Summer Bay Park- Later.

“What if they asked Sally, we’ll both be in the ****”

“Johnny’s right, you worry to much, live a little”.

Lisa playfully punched Rocco shoulder he continued to frown, she rolled her eyes it was to believe Johnny and Rocco were related.

Johnny walked to meet them.

“Hey guys” he called out, Lisa faked cough.

“You should get that checked out” Johnny teased, Lisa hit him.

“That’s a nice skirt, that it off” Max grinned at Lisa, who smiled.

“Sure thing”.

She whipped it off to reveal a pair of shorts, grinning at the shock faces off the gang members.

Johnny glared over and Lisa shrugged and slipped on a pair of black pants and walked over.

“What are you glaring at?”

“You strutting around like a slut”

“Excuse me!”

“You heard me!” Johnny yelled.

“You just jealous!”

Johnny smirked, and lean back against the tree.

“Of what” he asked casually.

“Me and Rocco”

“Ha, like you’d want Rocco when you can have me”

Lisa fumed at Johnny, she couldn’t believe she had had feeling for this jerk, she couldn’t believe she still did.

Johnny closed the gap between and swooped in for a remarkable tender kiss, despite her mind saying “No,No,No!!!”, her body said “Yes,Yes,Yes!!!” and she found herself wrapped around Johnny’s rough body,

He smiled at her as they parted.

“You’ll be here at 8?”


“Good girl” Johnny mocked, she glared and punched him in the stomach.

Teaser (if I remember to add it in :) )

Lisa's past catchs up with her

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I struggled with this part, so I hope it good (it should be :) )

anyway here it is

Part 7

An appliance shop- Night

Lisa sauntered over to the security guard, a young man in his mid to late 20’s.

“Hey, how you hanging?” she asked, the guard looked around nervously.

“You shouldn’t be here” he said, she gave him the puppy dog pout.

“Alright, but here what do you think of my perfume?”

Before he had a chance to resist Lisa sprayed him, he stared at her in horror before he slipped into an unconscious sleep.

She motioned to the gang that it was done, they rushed over, Max and T.J taking care of the body while Sam opened the door and disabled the alarm.

“Well you always said your perfume was a knock out” Johnny teased.

“It’s done” hissed Sam, Johnny motioned for the gang to head in. He turned to face his brother.

“Just like old time, aye little brother”.

Rocco nodded weakly and followed Johnny into the building.

“Okay guys” Johnny started, Lisa coughed loudly.

“And tom boys, let make this as quick as possible”

The gang quickly went to work, Johnny clearing the till while T.J and Sam load the car with goods, Max, Lisa and Rocco cleared out the safe. In the distance sirens where heard.

“Okay guys, time to move it or lose it” Johnny called.

Lisa House- Later that night.

“Lisa where have you been” her mother shrieked.

“With friends mum” Lisa rolled her eyes.

“Lisa Marie Robertson you are grounded!”


Lisa slammed her bedroom door shut and fell onto her bed, turning the radio up loud she smiled as she counted the money.

Fletcher House.

Rocco attempted to sneak in the kitchen, only to bump into Brad sneaking out. They both shared a glance before carrying on. He made it into the lounge where he bumped into a table and trip over it. In all the commotion Sally , Ric and Martha all ran into the lounge.

“Rocco? What are you doing up so late?” Sally asked.

“Probably some girl” Ric teased, Martha yawned and stretched.

“I going back to bed” she said sleepily.

“I think that’s a good idea for all of us” Sally eyed Rocco with a hint of suspicion but mainly concern.

Johnny’s hideout.

“Tonight was definitely one of the best jobs we’ve done in ages” Max said, counting the loot.

“Indeed” T.J agreed, Johnny smirked this was by no mean’s the last job they were pulling off here, with all the money they had made from this they could buy tons more drugs to sell at the school to make more money, so imagine how make the make if they did only two more jobs.

“I can now see what you see in the Lisa chick” Sam comment.

“You mean apart from her body” Max laughed.

Johnny smiled smugly, Lisa was as good as his.

Outskirts of Summer Bay.- Car

“Are you should she came here?” A male voice asked.

“Positive” a female voice answered from the shadow of the back seat.

“Well then, let motor”

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OMG its friday the 13th, which means this update is an unlucky one, either that or I really really tried to update yesterday but failed by 6 minutes so now two day will get to updates maybe Im confusing myself enough of this here the update.

Next Part

Outside the surf club.

“What do you want” Rocco asked as he sat down next to Johnny.

“Can’t I just want to see my little brother” he asked in a hurt tone, Rocco bowed his head in shame and sighed.

“What do you want” he asked again, Johnny frowned, Rocco was getting too full of himself, no one pushed him around.

“Look we need cash”

“What about the cash from the job we did last night” Rocco interjected.

“Its tied up in other projects, you know that” Johnny hissed, Rocco got out of the seat and walked awat

“What ever it is I’m not involved”

Johnny followed suit, grabbing Rocco roughly by the shoulder he forced him to face him.

“Look here, I tell you what to do and you do it, got it”

“Yes Johnny” Rocco said in a resigned tone, Johnny glared at him before punching him hard in the stomach.

“Now you get the money we need or else” he threatened, Rocco picked himself up off the ground, he nodded and walked off.

“What was that?”

Johnny sighed, he liked Lisa but did she have to be there all the time.

“What was what?” he asked, Lisa glared at him.

“Don’t play games with me Johnny”

“I thought you liked games” he teased, she sighed and leered at him.

“Why did you punch your own brother?”

Johnny rolled his eyes.

“He refused to obey orders, he made be my brother but he does what I say”.

Lisa nodded “I see, I still think you shouldn’t of hurt him, you’ll push him away more by forcing him to do stuff…..”

“What do you know” Johnny yelled back, storming off into the distance. Lisa rolled her eyes.


Street in Summer Bay.

“Rocco, wait” Lisa called chasing after him; he stopped and turned to face her.

“What do you want?” he sighed.

“To talk” she replied

“About what?”

“What Johnny is forcing you to do”.

Rocco turned and glare at her.

“Johnny’s not forcing me to do anything”

“Looked like it”

“Yeah well, your wrong”

“Am I?”

“Yes you are, I can handle it myself”

“Oh yes because you handled it so well when you got punched”

Rocco raised his fist to her.

“I wouldn’t if I was you” she warned, he lowed it and sighed, a look of stress and confusion flooded his face.

“Just go” he whispered as he turned his back to her, she sighed.

“If you …”

“I know”.


Johnny sat across from Brad, smirking at the uncomfortable look on Brad’s face, pulling Brad’s strings where too easy. He turned to face his mates.

“Hey guys I was thinking, seeing as we dropped out of high school maybe we should start again, you know to get qualifications and all that”.

T.J nodded in agreement “And become respectable members of the general pubic, I mean public”

“Honest mistake mate, isn’t that right Mr. Armstrong” Johnny teased, Brad glared at Johnny before paying for his coffee and leaving. Max smiled at Brad as he past.

“Nice arse mate” he called, causing Brad to check his pants much to the gangs amusement, he glared harder but carried on out of the diner.

A guy, about 22 walked in, he had red hair with blue eyes, he wore a black leather jacket with Black T- shirt and leather pants, he looked around the diner before making his way to Johnny’s table.

“You know Lisa Robertson right”

“What about it?” Johnny asked, eyeing the guy suspiciously, he jus shrugged his shoulder and smiled.

“Nothing, just tell her Petez is looking for her”

With that he walked back out of diner.

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heys here the next update

Next part

Lisa lay on the beach watching the waves, the bay was awesome for surfing which compensated for the lack of everything else. Rocco was walking along the beach by himself, she yelled out to him and wave him over.

“Hey, what you up to” she shouted to him, he smiled slightly at her.

“Nothing much, you”

“Just surfing” she motioned with her head to the waves and her surf board.

“Cool” he started to walk off.

“You should too”

“Huh?” he stared puzzled at her.

“Surfing with me, come on it will be fun”

“I don’t think…”

“Yeah you do, everyone thinks”

Rocco glared at her and she smiled back, baiting him was almost as fun as baiting Armstrong.

“Come on, its not like you can’t surf”

Rocco glanced away and shuffled in the sand, Lisa frowned slightly.

“You can, right?”

“Yes I can, I just don’t”


He shuffled again, suddenly two arms wrapped around her and pulled her up, playful kissing at her ear.

“Johnny” she sighed, she had almost made break though.

“You know you want it”

She rolled her eyes, and then an idea hit her,\

“Lets go surfing, all of us right now”

Johnny stared at her, the rest of the gang stood dumb founded.

“Oh come on”

“Sounds good to me” T.J said.

“I’m all for fun activity’s” Johnny winked at Lisa.

“You won’t get any if you keep that up” she warned much to the gangs amusement, she frowned slightly at Rocco. He just didn’t seem cut out to be a gang member.

Johnny bumps her shoulder and she turns to glare at him.

“By the way, a guy named Peter, no Petez was looking for you”.

Lisa stood shock, what was he doing here, Johnny grin quickly faded.

“Is everything okay”

“Yeah, yeah he’s an old friend, I just didn’t expect him to come here”

“You sure” Johnny pushed.

“I’m fine!”

Everyone turned to looked at her, she clapped her hands together.

“Come one everyone surfing, that includes you Rocco” she said. Johnny and Max raced out to the water, actually looking like fun loving adults, not gang member, she hoped she was safe with them. She jumped when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Lisa you shouldn’t hang out with them if you know whats good for you”

she glared at Brad.

“Whatever, I’m going surfing”.

“Not so fast”

Toby smiled at her, waving Brad off.

“Petez looking for you”

“I don’t care”

“Well you should”

“Get lost”


Johnny ran out of the water, and raced to them

“Is there a problem here”

“Yeah” Toby started “You”

“Toby was leaving” Lisa stated firmly

“Fine, but if I was you dude I'd watch her closely”

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