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Before the Gang

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Ok lol its a bit rude towards the end lol naughty Rocco I know =]]

“I’ve got him Amanda, it worked now we have to wait till Cassie finds out, then Rocco will be all mine!!” said Kelli,

“good work sister, how’d you do it?” asked Amanda, they had planned for Kelli and Rocco to get together, she didn’t think it would really work,

“I had him against the wall and he kissed me!!” said Kelli, she couldn’t believe Rocco made the first move,

“so he made the first move?” asked Amanda,

“yeah he did, I couldn’t believe it but he did!!” said Kelli, thinking about the kiss,

“so all we need now is for Cassie to see you two together!!” replied Amanda.

Rocco was getting ready to go to Kelli’s, he didn’t have to worry about Cassie because she had gone out with Mattie and Belle, then they were going back to Mattie’s for the night. Rocco reached into his pocket for his cell phone, he had just received a text from Kelli, asking him to come over ASAP, he grabbed his house key and ran out the door , he didn’t want to be late to Kelli’s.

“Sorry I’m late Kelli, I was just getting ready!!” said Rocco out of breath, he had run all the way to Kelli’s house,

“hey its ok you’re here now, that’s the main thing, would you like a drink?” asked Kelli, grabbing Rocco’s hand and pushing him to the couch while she got him a drink of wine,

“thanks Kelli!!” said Rocco, thanking her for the drink,

“no problem babe!!” replied Kelli, going to sit next to Rocco,

“Nice house, I like it!!” said Rocco, looking around the house,

“would you like to go look at the rooms, they’re pretty spacious!!” replied Kelli, standing up,

“yeah ok please, it would be lovely!!” smiled Rocco, going with Kelli,

“this is Amanda’s room, messiest of them all!!” laughed Kelli, taking Rocco to her room,

“nice and big it is, but to messy for me ha ha!!” said Rocco, laughing with Kelli,

“here’s my room, tidiest of them all, we cant go into Ryan’s room because he’s in there sleeping, I have to look after him for Amanda” replied Kelli, pushing Rocco on her bed,

“hey!! Your in one of these moods now are you?” asked Rocco moving up to the pillow, Kelli jumped on top of him,

“mm yeah I am, because I’m around you!” replied Kelli, kissing Rocco passionately on the lips,

“wow, you’re a good kisser, I’m glad I’m with you, I think I should tell Cassie!!” said Rocco, his lips still tingling from the kiss,

“babe don’t tell her just yet, she’ll be heart broken, I don’t want to see her like that yet, just give it time then tell her!” replied Kelli lying, she’d love him to tell Cassie, but she wanted her to catch them in the act,

“ok, she’s going to be so upset” said Rocco thinking about how Cassie would feel when she found out about him and Kelli,

“lets not talk about it babe, lets enjoy the night together” replied Kelli, changing the subject,

“ok…” said Rocco, going in for another kiss, this time they kissed longer than they usually did, Kelli took Rocco’s top off,

“wow, you’ve got a nice sexy body!!” replied Kelli, kissing down to Rocco’s belly button, pulling at his pants with her teeth, Rocco couldn’t help himself any longer, he pulled her top off and her bra and started fondling with her breasts, they ended up having sex that night, it was Rocco’s first time, so that means he had lost his virginity to Kelli Vale.

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Cassie came home, wondering where Rocco was, he wasn’t in his room nor the bathroom,

“Hey Sally, do you know where Roc is?” asked Cassie, worried about her boyfriend,

“um no he hasn’t been home all night, have you tried texting him?” asked Sally,

“er no, I’ll go do that no, wonder where he stayed” said Cassie, she hoped that Johnny hadn’t come back for him,

“Hey Roc, came home and you weren’t here, just wondering where you’ve been for the night, text back when you can,

Love Cassie ♥

She pushed the send button, she waited for a reply but never got one.

Rocco was laying in Kelli’s bed, looking at the text Cassie had just sent him, he chucked his phone back on the bedside table near the bed and went back to watching Kelli sleep, next minute the door opened, it was Amanda,

“oh my god, **** I’m sorry Kelli for walking in on you two!!” said Amanda, embarrassed by what she saw, she had a small smile on her face,

“Amanda can you please leave while we put some clothes on!!” shouted Kelli, covering herself up,

“I’m sorry really, I’ll go make you two a coffee while you get dressed!!” said Amanda, going to make them a coffee, shutting the door behind her.

“Sorry about that Roc, she wont tell anyone!!” said Kelli apologizing for her sister walking in on them,

“its ok, was a bit embarrassing though” replied Rocco, blushing, putting his clothes back on,

“stay for breakfast?” asked Kelli,

“yeah ok, I suppose I have time!!” replied Rocco, stretching,

“sweet, I’ll just get dressed then we’ll go have a coffee with Amanda!!” said Kelli, jumping out of bed and putting her night robe on.

“uh thanks Amanda!!” said Rocco thanking Amanda for the coffee, he found it hard looking her in the face,

“no problem Roc, would you like something to eat, I’ve just made some pancakes if you want some” replied Amanda, putting some pancakes on a plate,

“yes thanks I’ll have a few!!” said Rocco,

“count me in sis!!” replied Kelli, smiling over at Rocco.

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this updates a short shot one sorry =[[

“where were you all night?” asked Cassie,

“I stayed at a mates house, sorry I didn’t reply to your text, I didn’t have any credit left!” replied Rocco, lying about where he stayed,

“you could of at least called me” said Cassie,

“sorry, I didn’t think to do that, really I’m sorry” replied Rocco apologizing,

“apology accepted babe” said Cassie, going to hug Rocco,

“thanks for accepting my apology sweetie, I love you so much!!” replied Rocco, kissing Cassie.

“I cant believe you got Rocco in bed!” said Amanda,

“it was quite easy actually, he wanted it I wanted it” replied Kelli, thinking about the night she had with Rocco,

“so when are you going to tell Cassie?” said Amanda,

“hmm since things are going so well, I’m going to do it today, I know that Cassie hangs around the diner all the time, I’ll get Roc to meet me there at lunch time” replied Kelli, she couldn’t wait to see the look on Cassie’s face when she found out her boyfriend was in fact cheating on her,

“you’re an evil Genius Kelli, I wish I could see her face when she finds out!” said Amanda, she could just picture Cassie’s face when she found out.

“hey Roc, thanks for coming babe!” said Kelli, she wanted to laugh, but she held It in,

“Hey its ok, but why here? Cassie comes here all the time” replied Rocco sitting down next to Kelli,

“I think its time she knew, I want her to see us together!” said Kelli, grabbing Rocco’s hand,

“are you sure, wouldn’t it be easier if I just told her about us?” asked Rocco,

“she might take it easier if she finds us together, she’ll believe it! Here she comes!!” said Kelli, kissing Rocco while Cassie was walking in the door, Cassie saw them, tears came to her eyes, she then ran straight out of the diner.

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Rocco returned home ten minutes later, he saw Cassie crying on the couch,

“how could you cheat on me Roc? I thought you loved me!!” spat Cassie through tears,

“I did love you Cass, she had me up against the wall, I couldn’t help myself!!” replied Rocco, he loved Kelli now,

“she’s older than you, she could be charged with rape for **** sakes Roc!!” said Cassie,

“no she wont, I gave consent Cass we love each other, I’m sorry” replied Rocco, he really did love Kelli and she loved him, he knew she did,

“bull**** Roc, she doesn’t love you, she’s using you to get back at me!!” screamed Cassie running up to her room and slamming the door behind her.

“Kelli do you love me?” asked Rocco into the phone,

“yes of course I love you, what made you ask that?” asked Kelli,

“Cass thinks your using me” said Rocco, twirling the phone cord round his fingers,

“I’m not using you sweetie, she just wants you to dump me” replied Kelli,

“I’m not going to dump you don’t worry, wont let her words get to me, I’m happier with you” said Rocco,

“good, because I’m happy with you to, anyway I better go babe, do you want to come around later?” asked Kelli,

“um yeah sure ok!” said Rocco,

“ok see you then, love you, bye bye!” replied Kelli,

“love you to, see you!” said Rocco, putting the phone down

“Rocco is it true?” asked Sally, she wanted to know if he really was with Kelli,

“um yes it is true, we love each other Sal!” said Rocco, he knew Sally would try and coax him out of the relationship,

“Roc, I thought you loved Cassie, how could you get with someone like Kelli Vale” replied Sally,

“I did love Cass, till I met Kelli, Sal don’t try and make me end this relationship because I wont!” said Rocco, and he wouldn’t end it either, not if it was the last thing on earth.

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Here's the long awaited update =]

“Rocco is it true?” asked Sally, she wanted to know if he really was with Kelli,

“um yes it is true, we love each other Sal!” said Rocco, he knew Sally would try and coax him out of the relationship,

“Roc, I thought you loved Cassie, how could you get with someone like Kelli Vale” replied Sally,

“I did love Cass, till I met Kelli, Sal don’t try and make me end this relationship because I wont!” said Rocco, and he wouldn’t end it either, not if it was the last thing on earth.

“Kelli, Sally knows about us” said Rocco,

“what, how?” asked Kelli, she knew Cassie would of told her,

“Cassie would of told her!!” said Rocco, Cassie was probably hoping that Sally would talk him into leaving Kelli, but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon,

“cant she keep her big mouth shut, did Sally try and talk you into breaking up with me?” asked Kelli, she wasn’t planning on breaking up with him,

“no, not yet and its not going to work if she does, so she shouldn’t waste her time trying!!” said Rocco, he loved Kelli more than anyone in his life right now,

“so I can come round for dinner now?” laughed Kelli,

“ha ha, you might be able to, we shall have to see about that one babe” said Rocco, laughing with Kelli, he grabbed hold of her hand,

“it’d be nice to spend some time with you and your family, if only they’d accept us” replied Kelli, lightly kissing Rocco on the lips,

“they’ll accept us eventually, when they realize we’re not going to break up ever, anyways I better get home!” said Rocco,

“love you so much baby, meet you at the diner round 8ish yeah?” replied Kelli, hugging Rocco,

“um yeah that’ll be fine, Love you to sexy!!” said Rocco, leaving Kelli’s house.

“um Sally, I wont be in for dinner, I’m meeting Kelli at the diner at 8” said Rocco, telling Sally not to bother about making him dinner,

“Roc, why are you with her, she’s only using you, cant you see it!” replied Sally, she didn’t like the idea of Rocco being with Kelli Vale,

“Sal, she’s not using me, she loves me, she tells me everyday and nothing you say will break us up!!” said Rocco,

“are you sure she’s not just saying she loves you to make you stay with her?” asked Sally,

“she’s not Sal, she wouldn’t of got with me if she didn’t want to”” said Rocco, he walked out of the room, he didn’t want to hear anything more about him and Kelli.

Rocco walked down to the diner, all he could think about was Kelli, he was glad he was with her, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her,

“Hey sweetie!!” said Rocco, going to join Kelli,

“hey, oh I see you brought the gang” replied Kelli, looking over to Sally and Brad,

“uh no I didn’t, they must be here for dinner to” said Rocco, turning his head he saw Sally staring at them,

“God I hope Sal doesn’t come and have a go at me, she looks like she wants to!” replied Kelli, giving Sally an evil glare,

“well if you give her evil glares she’ll be sure to come and have a go at you” laughed Rocco,

“sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I don’t think she likes us together!!” replied Kelli, taking her glance away from Sally,

“well she’ll have to get over it, she’s not going to break us up ever!!” said Rocco taking hold of Kelli’s hand.

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Your long awaited bday pressie Jane =]] hope you like it:

Kelli was sitting in the bathroom, thinking, she had a pregnancy test in her hands, she was scared, she wasn’t yet ready to have kids, but maybe it would bring her and Rocco closer together, he’d have to move in with her and Amanda so he could help look after their child, she did the test and it cameo ut positive, Kelli Vale was pregnant to Rocco Cooper.

“did you see the look Kelli gave me in the diner” said Sally,

“well maybe you should well give Kelli a chance maybe she’s good for Rocco, if its keeping him out of the gang and all!!” replied Brad, he thought Kelli and Rocco were good together he couldn’t see anything wrong with it, so what about the age, look at Kim and Rachel,

“he’s only 17 Brad she’s like 23 6 years difference, I think its wrong, but I’ll give them a chance” said Sally, she had to give them a chance, she didn’t want Rocco to move out.

“Roc, we need to talk, don’t worry I’m not breaking up with you” said Kelli, she was going to tell him he was having his child,

“yeah what is it, what’s wrong?” asked Rocco, he prayed to god she wasn’t breaking up with him,

“I’m having your child Rocco!!” said Kelli, she was wondering how he was going to take it,

“are you sure? Oh my god I’m going to be a dad!!” replied Rocco, he was going to be a father, he couldn’t wait,

“yeah I’m sure I took the test late last night, I didn’t tell you till today because I didn’t want to wake you up or anything!!” said Kelli, she couldn’t believe Rocco was pleased, that he wanted to be

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Ok i know this may be a short update =p but at least its something lol,

10 months later, Kelli’s had the baby.

“she’s so cute” said Rocco, staring at Baby Lara, they had both decided on that name, in the end,

“I know and she’s your daughter, she’s lucky to have you as a father!!” smiled Kelli, passing Lara to Rocco,

“lets take her over to Sally’s” said Rocco, kissing his daughter on the cheek,

“what, are you sure?” asked Kelli,

“yeah of course I am, she’s gotten better with us now” said Rocco,

“what really? I’m glad she is!” replied Kelli, packing some stuff to take to Sally’s house.

“aww isn’t she cute!” said Sally, staring at her granddaughter in Kelli’s arms,

“yeah she is isn’t she, we named her Lara!” replied Kelli, looking down at her daughter,

“cute name to, it suits her!” said Sally,

“would you like a hold?” asked Kelli,

“yes please” said Sally, supporting Lara’s head, she looked so cute, she was actually proud of Rocco, he was going to make a good father,

“we were thinking about asking you if you wanted to be god mother to Lara” replied Kelli, Sally would be the perfect person for god mother and they were think about letting Brad be god father,

“wow, are you serious? I’d love to be god mother, who have you chosen as god father?” said Sally, she was happy that she was chosen to be god mother,

“we were thinking Brad if he’s ok with it” replied Kelli,

“he’d be happy to do it, do you want me to ring him so you can tell him!” said Sally, picking up the phone,

“tell me what?” asked Brad, walking into his house,

“I was wondering if you wanted to be god father to little Lara here, Sally’s accepted god mother” said Kelli, taking Lara back from Sally,

“wow really? I’d love to be god father” replied Brad, he was glad that Sally decided to give Kelli and Rocco a chance,

“aw thanks you two!! You’re a great help!” said Kelli,

“it’s a pleasure doing it for you!” replied Sally, looking at Baby Lara.

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Bet none of you were expecting this lol =p.

"Rocco I think we should move to the city" said Kelli, suggesting that they should move,

"what, why?" asked Rocco, he didnt want to move he was happy in the bay, though his brother wouldnt leave him alone,

"for starters your brother will never leave you alone, he's always going to hassle you, we can always come back up every weekend to see Sally" said Kelli, she'd always wanted to move to the city,

"well i'll have to think about it and let Sally know of our plans!" replied Rocco, maybe he should say yes to the move and come back up every weekend to visit Sally,

"ok let me know when you make a desicion!" said Kelli, going to change Lara's nappy.

"Sally, what do you think of me and Kelli moving to the city and coming to visit you every weekend?" asked Rocco, he hoped Sally w3ould be ok with it,

"I think that's a good idea, your brother will finally leave you alone to live your life with Kelli and your baby and i'd be fine with you coming up in the weekend" replied Sally, she thought it was a good idea and she could always go up and see them in the city sometimes,

"you really think so? thats great, you can come and visit any time you feel like it and if you want Lara for a few days you can come and pick her up or we could bring her to you!!" said Rocco, he was happy that Sally was happy with him moving to the city with Kelli,

"so when are you guys moving then??" asked Sally, she'd miss having Rocco here with her, but she'd soon get used to it,

"um sometime next week i think Kelli said, I'm not quite sure" said Rocco,

"oh ok well I better go I need to go shopping, will I see you before you move?" asked Sally,

"yeah of course you will, maybe we could take Lara and Pippa to the beach tmorrow sometime" said Rocco, Lara would love to go down to the beach with Pippa,

"yeah sure, give me a ring when you want to go!!" replied Sally, smiing at Rocco,

"will do, bye Sal!!" said Rocco, leaving Sally's house.

"well Sallys happy with us moving to the city, i told her when ever she wants to come up she can and if she ever wanted Lara for a few days she could come up and get her!" said Rocco, telling Kelli the news,

"so you want to move to the city to then?" asked Kelli, she never thought Rocco wanted to,

"yeah of course I do, i told Sal we're moving next week!!" said Rocco, that was probably a bit to soon but he didnt care,

"wow, next week? are you sure you want to move that soon?" asked Kelli, she thought it would take him months to want to move,

"yeah I'm sure, i've been thinking about it and i want to move next Tuesday!!" said Rocco, smiling over at Kelli,

"wow ok, we better get packing then shouldn't we that's only four days away!!" replied Kelli, getting all excited.

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4 days later:

"have you packed everything?" asked Rocco, puttting the last thing of his in a bag,

"think so, i'll go around and see if we've missed anything!" replied Kelli, passing baby Lara to Rocco,

"hello little thing, your so cute!" said Rocco, Lara looked up at him and smiled,

"we've got everything, lets go and say a final good bye to Sally aye, then we'll hit the road!" replied Kelli, putting Lara in the push chair.

"Hey Sal, I thought we'd come and say good bye before we left" said Kelli, walking into Sallys house,

"aw are you guys leaving already, god four days came around fast!" replied Sally, going to hug Rocco and Kelli, she was going to miss Rocco,

"afraid so, but we'll be back up next weekend maybe!" said Kelli, letting go of Sally,

"well I guess we'll see you all then" replied Sally, walking Rocco and Kelli to the car,

"yeah you will, dont miss us to much and I'll be sure to look after Rocco for you!!" said Kelli, looking at Sally one last time.

Rocco and Kelli settled into there apartment quickly, it was a nice little apartment near the beach, they went and visited Sally in the weekend.

A year later:

Lara celebrated her first birthday in the city, Sally came up for it, a month later Kelli and Rocco got married.


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