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    Home & Away and Supernatural! <3

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    Hopelessly addicted to: HAA, Supernatural, DH, Rocco/Ian, Jensen Ackles, PB, ER, hot chocolate, taking photos, music, friends, movies etc etc... lol<br /><br />Lurve making random new friends - give free hugs!! <3 hehe

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  1. oh my word i completely forgot about thisplace!! =O Howz things been for ya? Gd I hope lol. Aye Ireland is still the same, more rain & wind lol. But I could be moving to england jst over a mnth and im scared aaagh!! lol. So wats new with u? I'm off to read this sequel then, always loved ur fics xP


  2. Hey there, just made a sequel for a third chance lol. I havent talked to you in ages and ages. How is Ireland, hope you have been behaving lol

  3. lol i do hav msn, i added u! its i_xx_westlife@hotmail.com btw!! just so you dnt tink its sum randomer...x

  4. aws well have u msn? Mite be able to keep up with wats goin on with each other more often lol! If u do, im lowi_rulz@hotmail.co.uk (haha yeh i was young wen i made it!) so feel free to add me xD hehe xx

  5. Hiii! oh wow 3mnths! nope dont hav either unfortunatly! :-( sorry hun... x

  6. oh my word its been like 3 mnths since ive last looked here!! Cant believe its been tht long lol. How have ya been keeping? Have ya got bebo or myspace? Im on there more often so mite actually see ya more often lol

  7. Hey, havnt been talking to u in ages!! So how you keepin?? xx

  8. LOL well, wen I said summer, it was jst rain pretty much all the time bt still lol. How long have u been back at skool for? I only started on Tues but 2day was my first day of classes (& only til 11am!) cuz we went to the zoo yesterday! hehe

  9. Its summer over there :o shocking lol, im good thanks, I've been outrageously busy with school :(

  10. oh my, been aaages since I've been online again! Howz things with u? I quit my job hehe but I only have a wk of summer hols left! >.<

  11. Lol, Im good, I been offline for a few days and come back all is different lol, big shock, so I take it work is fun filled? lol

  12. hey, long time no speak, again lol. Work is still keeping me busy. How gay lol. Howz u?

  13. I don't hectic, it usually goes with work and I don't like work either. Im okay, the weather is too cold here

  14. oh my, it has been waaay too long since i been on here! Lofe is a little hectic atm, what with the weather, not seein friends much, work etc etc lol. Howz life for u? Been anything exciting going on?

    wbs xx

  15. lol that bit made me smile but it's so unlike Sal...what's she thinking, getting with Diesel! Go back to Rocco! Someone's gonna be a little dead when Cassie finishes with him lol, but I'm glad he still loves Sal ^^
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