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Before the Gang

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Before the Gang

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Rocco, Sally, Cassie, Matilda, Ric and more

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: What it would have been like if Rocco hadn't joined the Gang.

Ok I've decided to do another fic about Rocco, some should be up later on maybe..

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Ok first bit is short but sweet!! =] Dedicated to RoccoLuver =]] dont ask why but it is!!

Rocco woke up at 20 past twelve in the morning, he couldn’t sleep so he decided to go downstairs to make himself a drink, he had to sneak down the stairs, he didn’t want to wake anyone up, he could see someone else was already awake,

“Hey Rocco, what are you doing up at this time?” asked Cassie,

“couldn’t sleep, you have the same problem to?” asked Rocco, getting a cup from the shelf and filling it with water,

“uh yeah, to busy worrying about the exams!” said Cassie,

“you have nothing to worry about mate, you pass them, as for me I wont!!” replied Rocco,

“I wont pass them, I haven’t been studying much, I leave it till the last minute!!” said Cassie,

“ok lets change the subject yeah, so would you like to come out with me to lunch or breakfast sometime today?” asked Rocco,

“um yeah ok why not!” said Cassie, she’d always had a crush on Rocco, but was to scared to act on it just in case he didn’t feel the same,

“sweet so I’ll see you in the morning then” replied Rocco, going back up to his room,

“yeah, I’ll see you in the morning!” said Cassie, going back to her room she shared with baby Pippa.

“Morning Sal!” said Rocco, coming down the stairs, stretching, he’d just woken up,

“morning Rocco, so what were you doing up so early in the morning? I heard you go down the stairs” replied Sally,

“yeah I couldn’t sleep so I came down for a drink of water, sorry if I woke you” said Rocco, apologizing,

“hey its ok you didn’t wake me, do you want some breakfast” asked Sally,

“uh yes please, if your making some” said Rocco, sitting down at the table,

“Hey Cass!” replied Sally,

“Hey!” said Cassie, going to sit down next to Rocco,

“so, the big exams today huh!” replied Sally,

“yeah, I so don’t want to go, I’m going to fail the lot of them!!” said Rocco,

“I’m sure you’ll do fine Roc and you to Cass! Good luck!!!” replied Sally, wishing the two of them luck,

“thanks Sal!!” they both replied.

Rocco was walking along the beach before school he saw Johnny in the distance, he walked the other way, he didn’t want to bump into him after all these years he didn’t want to get involved in the gang, not when he’s got a family now and he’s happy,

“Hey Roc, what’s up?” asked Ric running to catch up with Rocco,

“ah its nothing mate, its just my brother, he’s up there I don’t want to bump into him, not now that I’ve got a family!” replied Rocco, looking at the ground,

“do you want me to go have a word to him for you mate?” asked Ric,

“oh god no, he’d probably give you a beating or something, he’s not the sort of person who talks or even listens for that matter, I just wish he wasn’t my brother!!” replied Rocco, looking over to where Johnny was,

“ok, you sure mate, I’m not scared of people like him!!” said Ric, he began to love Rocco like a brother of course, nothing else,

“yeah I’m sure mate its ok, I’ll be fine as long as I don’t bump into him!” replied Rocco.

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Ok guys i hope you dont mind the updates being short but here's another one as promised:

The Date

Rocco was getting ready for his lunch date with Cassie, he was kind of shy to go on his first date with Cassie, part of him didn’t want to go, but the part of him that had a crush on her wanted to go, in the end he decided to go,

“Hello Cassie!!” said Rocco, going to sit down opposite Cassie,

“Hey, I’m glad you came!” replied Cassie, grabbing Rocco’s hand and staring him in the eyes,

“me to, so would you like a drink or something to eat, my shout” said Rocco, trying to shout Cass lunch,

“I’ll just have an orange juice thanks Roc” replied Cassie, she wasn’t really felling hungry that much,

“aww isn’t that sweet, you and Rocco, would you two like to order anything?” asked Colleen Smart,

“um just two orange juices thanks Colleen!” replied Rocco,

“coming right up sweet peas!” said Colleen rushing off to get two orange juices,

“is she always like that?” asked Rocco,

“ha ha yeah she is, but that’s our Colleen for you!” replied Cassie, smiling at Rocco,

“she’s such a sweet old woman!” said Rocco, Colleen came and put there orange juices on the bench,

“thanks Colleen, yeah she is, the sweetest I’ve ever met!” replied Cassie, thanking Colleen for the juice she had just put in front of her,

“so how do you think you went on your exams?” asked Rocco, he didn’t think he did quite well, all the questions were hard,

“I don’t know, I think I did ok I suppose! You?” asked Cassie,

“Not so good, half the questions I didn’t even know!!” said Rocco,

“I bet you did good, we tried our best and that’s all we can do!” replied Cassie sipping on her orange juice Rocco had just bought her,

“guess so, so do you want to go for a walk on the beach with me?” asked Rocco, finishing off his orange juice,

“two dates in one day huh, yeah of course I’d love to, your so much fun to be around!” replied Cassie, putting her empty cup on the table,

“yeah well your just to gorgeous to not be around, I want to spend all my time with you now!” said Rocco, they weren’t even together and he liked spending time with her,

“aw thanks Roc your not to bad yourself!” replied Cassie blushing from the compliment Rocco had just given her,

“so shall we go then?” asked Rocco, going to the counter to pay for the juices.

Rocco and Cassie were strolling down the beach slowly hand in hand, none of them were making conversation they weren’t even attempting to try and make one, they were happy just walking in silence, they were together and that was the main thing,

“I’m enjoying this walk with you Roc, I’m glad we went on a date, I’ve enjoyed the whole thing!” said Cassie stopping and turning to face Rocco,

“So have I Cass, you’re so fun to be around” replied Rocco, there faces only moments away from kissing,

“aw well I’m glad your enjoying it to!!” smiled Cassie, leaning into kiss Rocco, she felt wrong for doing it on there first date, but she couldn’t resist it any longer, it had felt like they’d been together forever, five minutes later Rocco pulled away from the kiss,

“wow…that was great, you’re a good kisser!” replied Rocco, he wasn’t expecting them to kiss so soon, but he was glad they did,

“ha ha your good yourself, anyways shall we walk home now babe?” asked Cassie, grabbing hold of Rocco’s hand again.

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Well here's a little gift =]]

Rocco was lying on his bed thinking about how happy he was with Cassie, he was glad he had asked her out otherwise his feelings would have been locked inside himself,

“Hey Roc would you like a hot drink or something?” asked Sally,

“uh hey yeah thanks Sally!!” replied Rocco, his head in the clouds,

“so I hear you and Cassie went on a date? How’d it go?” asked Sally,

“it went quite good thanks Sal, she’s a really nice girl to be around!” replied Rocco, following Sally down the stairs,

“well ‘m glad you two are together, better than her being with Macca!!” said Sally, smiling and turning the jug on to make everyone a hot drink,

“speak of the devil, here’s Cass now!” replied Rocco, looking over to Cassie,

“Hey Roc and Sal!” said Cassie, taking a seat next t Rocco on the couch,

“Hey Cassie!!” replied both Sally and Rocco,

“I’ll have one Sal if your making one” said Cassie, looking over to the jug,

“ok three coffee’s coming right up!!” replied Sally, getting three cups from the cupboard,

“Thanks Sally!” said Rocco and Cassie, they were holding hands on the couch staring into each others eyes,

“you two look so happy together!” replied Sally,

“aw thanks Sal, we are happy, I’m glad Roc came to the bay!” said Cassie smiling,

“I’m glad he came to!!” replied Sally giving Rocco and Cassie a cup of coffee.

“Mattie are you ready yet?” said Ric, he was about to go on a date with his girlfriend,

“uh yeah I’m ready, lets go!” replied Matilda grabbing hold of Ric’s hand, they’d been together for around three months now and still going strong,

“so have you heard Cassie and Rocco are together?” asked Ric, walking out the door, Matilda behind him,

“yeah I did I think they’re cute together, they make a good couple so much better than Macca, we should so double date one day soon!” replied Mattie, walking down the street with Ric,

“yeah we should, that’d be awesome to do!! said Ric.

Rocco had just received a text message from his brother Johnny, asking if he’d meet him down at the beach, Rocco didn’t bother replying or even going to meet him, he knew what Johnny wanted and he wasn’t going to ruin his relationship with Cassie or with his new family just to do something for Johnny.

“Hey Roc!” said a familiar voice behind Rocco, he was going for a walk with Cassie,

“Johnny just go away and leave me alone, I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore!!” replied Rocco, holding onto Cassie,

“I cant do that mate, you’re my brother!!” said Johnny walking in front of him,

“you heard Rocco just leave him alone!! He doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore!! He has a new life now!!” replied Cassie, standing up for her boyfriend,

“who said you could talk Bitch, Roc can stand up for himself!” said Johnny, touching Cassie’s cheek,

“you touch her Johnny your dead, I’m just going to walk away from you now, I’m not saying another word!!!” replied Rocco walking away from Johnny with Cassie, Johnny didn’t follow them,

“Sorry about that babe, really I am, he’s a nasty person!” said Rocco, he had finally gotten away from Johnny,

“hey its ok, when did he come to the bay?” asked Cassie, looking behind her to see if Johnny was still there watching them walk, but he wasn’t he had disappeared,

“few weeks a go, I’m not going to get into that gang again, I’m happy where I am, a family to look after me and a sexy girlfriend!!” said Rocco reassuring Cassie that he wouldn’t get into that business again,

“aw babe I believe you!!” replied Cassie walking along the park with Rocco hand in hand.

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More!! =]]

Rocco was sitting in his room again, he was thinking about going down to talk to Sally about Johnny,

“hey Sal, I don’t know if this is the right thing to do or if you even want to know about it…” said Rocco, he was sure no one wanted to know about his bully of a brother,

“yeah what is it, of course I want to know Roc” replied Sally,

“well here goes, its my bother he’s in the Bay and he wants me to join the gang, so far I’ve ignored everything, I had a run in with him today while I was going for a walk with Cass, I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him and to keep away from me and walked off!” said Rocco,

“well you did the right thing telling him to back off and I’m glad you told me about it instead of bottling it up inside, well I think you should keep on ignoring him Roc, he wont do you any good if you join the gang!” replied Sally, she didn’t want to lose Rocco to the gang, she enjoyed his company in the house and she was sure Cassie would miss him if he left,

“thanks Sal for the help, I’ll ignore him and if he doesn’t give up I’ll go to the police and get a trespass order thing against him!!” said Rocco, thanking Sally for the help,

“hey no problem that’s what I’m here for Roc!” replied Sally, going to fold the washing up.

Johnny was hiding in the bushes at Sally’s house, his plan was to go after Sally and kill her to get her out of the way so he could get his brother back in the gang, he was about to jump out when Ric came from the side of the house,

“what the hell do you think your doing here!!” screamed Ric, so loud that Sally, Rocco and Cassie heard and came running outside,

“I’m here for my brother mate, can I talk to him please?” asked Johnny, lying, it wasn’t the real reason he was there,

“Johnny I told you I don’t want anything to do with you or the gang so give it up and leave the Bay, I’m happy where I am!!” shouted Rocco, it looked like he’d have to get the trespass order thing, Johnny wouldn’t give up till Rocco gave in,

“to bad brother, I’ve been here your whole life looking after you, getting you out of fights everything and you repay me by doing this!!” replied Johnny shouting back at Rocco,

“don’t you listen Johnny, he doesn’t want to join your pathetic gang now leave!!” screamed Cassie, she was scared of some low life gang member,

“you better watch your mouth bitch or you’ll get a hiding of a lifetime!!” replied Johnny,

“you wont touch me, you do you’ll be dead!!” spitted Cassie, standing in front of Rocco,

“as if an anorexic bitch like you would be able to kill me pfft don’t make me laugh!!” replied Johnny grabbing Cassie by her shirt,

“oi you better let her go now mate!!” shouted Ric, punching Johnny,

“what are you going to do? beat me up or call the police, those bastards cant do anything!!” screamed Johnny, letting go of Cassie, he wasn’t going to hurt her, all he wanted to do is scare her nothing else,

“I’ll do more than that mate now **** off out of here!!” shouted Ric, with that Johnny ran off into the distance never to be seen again,

“are you ok babe?” asked Rocco, putting a comforting arm around his girlfriend,

“yeah I’m fine babe, the main thing is he didn’t get to you!” replied Cassie, wiping away a stray tear from her cheek.

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Rocco was sick of his brother in the Bay now, there was absolutely no need for him to be there, all he wanted to do was get him back in the gang, but it wasn’t going to work, Rocco wasn’t going to go back to his old life, he decided to go an talk to Alf about it, he seemed bigger than Johnny, he’d do enough to scare him off,

“hello Alf!!” said Rocco, he couldn’t believe he was asking someone like Alf to scare Johnny off,

“gidday Rocco, how’s things?” asked Alf,

“everything’s ok, I suppose you heard about Johnny?” asked Rocco,

“yeah I did mate, hope everything’s ok, that flaming Galah deserves to be in jail!!” replied Alf,

“yeah well I was wondering if you could do a little something to scare him off?” asked Rocco, he was hoping Alf would accept and scare Johnny off, he wanted to life a happy life here with Sally and Cassie,

“yeah sure mate, anything to get rid of him!!” replied Alf,

“thanks Alf!!” said Rocco, he was thankful for what Alf was going to do.

Alf was wandering around the beach when he saw Johnny, he was going to do this, he was going to scare Johnny off,

“oi **** face!!” shouted Alf, he wasn’t usually the swearing type,

“what the **** do you wan Alf Stewart?” asked Johnny, shocked that Alf confronted him,

“I want you to get your gang the hell out of the Bay, your not wanted here!!” screamed Alf, grabbing Johnny by the shirt and shaking him around,

“if you get the **** off me I’ll disappear now, please just let me go!!!” replied Johnny, he was scared, all Alf did was shake him around,

“go on you flaming Mongrel get out of here!!” said Alf throwing Johnny to the ground, that was the last they were going to see of him.

“Hey Sal!” said Brad, sitting at his desk,

“hello Brad!” replied Sally, walking into her boyfriends office,

“so I hear you had trouble with Johnny yesterday!” said Brad,

“yeah we did, but I have a feeling he’s going to disappear today!!” replied Sally, after Alf was finished with him he’d be out of here like a rocket,

“glad to hear, its about time he left Rocco alone to live his life!!” said Brad. Walking over to Sally,

“ yeah, him and Cassie seem to be getting on well, they went on a date a few days ago!” replied Sally, telling him about the date Cassie and Rocco had,

“aw well that’s good to hear, now how are you feeling?” asked Brad, holding Sally’s hand,

“I’m fine thanks Bad!” replied Sally, kissing Brad on the lips passionately,

‘glad to hear that to, anyways I better get back to work, don’t want to be running behind!” said Brad, going to sit back at his desk.

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Here's some more =]] but wait can someone give me some idea's cause slowly i'm getting Writers block =[[,

“he’s gone Roc, all I did was grab the mongrel by the shirt and shook him around and he ran off like a little girl!!” said Alf, pleased of what he had done,

“thanks Alf, you’re a life saver!!” replied Rocco, he was glad that his brother was now out of his life for good,

“no problem mate!!” said Alf, going back out side.

“Hey Cassie, Johnny’s gone, he’s left the bay!! Alf scared him off!” said Rocco, happy that he could now live a happy life,

“that’s great, how’d he do it?” asked Cassie, cuddling up to Rocco,

“he shook him around, then Johnny ran off!” said Rocco, putting his arms around Cassie,

“LOL Alf did that ha ha that’s so funny” laughed Cassie, leaning up to kiss Rocco,

“mm yup he did!!” said Rocco, smiling, his lips still tingling from the kiss.

Johnny packed the last of his things into a bag , he was going to get out of this **** whole of a town, it was a shame he couldn’t get Rocco to go with him, but he’ll realize he needs his big brother sooner or later, he wont be able to live without him for long,

“come on guys lets get out of this **** hole of a town!!” said Johnny picking up his bags.

“Hey Cass!!” said Mattie, running to catch up with Cassie,

“hey Mattie, how are you and Ric?” asked Cassie,

“we’re fine, good actually, what about you and Roc?” asked Mattie, she thought those two made a cute couple,

“we’re good, he treats me good! I hope it lasts, well it will now that his brothers left the bay!” replied Cassie, thinking about Rocco made her feel all warm inside, she liked that feeling,

“aw well that’s good to hear, I hope you to stay together!!! Anyways I better go, Mum wants me to help her with the housework, catch up later?” said Mattie,

“thanks Mattie, I hope we do to, yeah catch you late Mattie bye!!” replied Cassie, walking towards the diner.

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“Hey Cass!!” said Mattie, running to catch up with Cassie,

“hey Mattie, how are you and Ric?” asked Cassie,

“we’re fine, good actually, what about you and Roc?” asked Mattie, she thought those two made a cute couple,

“we’re good, he treats me good! I hope it lasts, well it will now that his brothers left the bay!” replied Cassie, thinking about Rocco made her feel all warm inside, she liked that feeling,

“aw well that’s good to hear, I hope you to stay together!!! Anyways I better go, Mum wants me to help her with the housework, catch up later?” said Mattie,

“thanks Mattie, I hope we do to, yeah catch you later Mattie bye!!” replied Cassie, walking towards the diner.

Amanda was sitting in her lounge when there was a knock at her door, she couldn’t be bothered getting up to see who it was, but she did anyways,

“Hi, Amanda, miss me??” said Kelli Vale, Amanda’s younger sister, she hadn’t seen her in years,

“Kelli, what’re you doing here, oh my god, I haven’t seen you in so long!!” replied Amanda, shocked to see her sister here in the bay,

“I came to visit you sis, I’ve missed you after all these years being apart” said Kelli, going to give her sister a hug,

“I’ve missed you to, so where have you been staying?” replied Amanda,

“I was in Melbourne for a few years then moved to Sydney, I decided to move to the bay a few weeks ago!!” said Kelli, going to sit on the couch,

“well I’m glad you decided to come here sis!!” replied Amanda, following Kelli to the couch.

Sally sat in the bathroom, staring at the pregnancy test she was about to take, though there was no chance she could be pregnant the doctor told her she couldn’t get pregnant again in her life, she took the test and waited two or three minutes and checked it again, she closed her eyes before she looked, it came out positive,

“what!! How can I be pregnant, it cant be true!!” Sally said to herself, going out of the bathroom to ring up Rachel.

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As promised =]]

Rocco was sitting on the beach, when a beautiful blonde skinny petite woman walked past him, he couldn’t help but stare, he could keep his eyes off her, she was coming his way, he tried his best to stare away,

“Hi, I’m Kelli Vale Amanda Vales sister, I’ve just come to the bay, would you be able to show me around please?” asked Kelli, sitting down next to Rocco,

“uh ah yeah ok why not I can do that, would you like to go and get a drink at the Diner with me first?” asked Rocco, he couldn’t believe the hot girl was Amanda’s sister,

“um ok yeah sure lets go!” said Kelli, grabbing hold of Rocco’s hand.

Cassie couldn’t believe what she saw, though she trusted Rocco with other woman, she new he wouldn’t try anything,

“Hey Roc, whose this?” asked Cassie, looking over at the unknown woman,

“hey, she’s Amanda’s sister Kelli, I was just showing her around the bay, she just moved here, want to come with us?” asked Rocco, he didn’t want Cassie getting the wrong idea,

“no no its ok you two go alone, I’ve got no problem with it!!” said Cassie,

“you sure, I’m sure Kelli wouldn’t mind if you tagged along!” replied Rocco,

“no you two go on ahead I’ve got other things to do!” said Cassie, kissing Rocco on the cheek and walking off.

“I quite like the Bay” said Kelli, she had Rocco up against the wall,

“I, I’m glad you do, so are you going to stay here then?” asked Rocco, he could feel Kelli’s, breath on his cheek, he was tempted to lean up and kiss her,

“mm yeah I think I might, I can stay with my sister till I find myself a house!!” said Kelli, brushing her lips against Rocco’s teasing him,

“so, I’ll see more of you then?” asked Rocco, he couldn’t resist it any more, he leaned up and kissed Kelli passionately,

“wow, I didn’t expect you to do that Roc!!” said Kelli smiling, she enjoyed the kiss, she knew it was wrong, kissing a 16 year old young man,

“oh my god, I’m so sorry Kelli, really I am I didn’t mean to!!” replied Rocco, apologizing over and over again,

“hey you don’t have to be sorry babe, I liked it, but if we’re going to do this you have to keep it a secret, no one can find out!!” said Kelli, going in for another kiss,

“really? Wow, I wont tell anyone, what should I do with Cassie, should I stay with her?” asked Rocco, smiling at Kelli, his recently secret girlfriend, he loved her to much already,

“stay with her babe, it’ll make it look obvious if you dump her, she’ll ask who the other girl is” said Kelli, holding Rocco’s hand,

“well will I get to see you often?” asked Rocco, rubbing Kelli’s hand,

“yeah of course everyday, I wouldn’t want you to miss me for to long, Amanda’s going out tomorrow night so why don’t you come around then?” asked Kelli,

“yeah, ok cant wait!! Anyway I better go before Cassie wonders where I am, bye babe love you!!” replied Rocco, giving Kelli one last kiss,

“ok bye gorgeous, love you to!!” replied Kelli watching Rocco walk off.

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More!! =]

Rocco couldn’t believe what he had done, kissed Kelli, even more he couldn’t believe he was having a secret relationship with her, the one person who couldn’t find out about it was Cassie and Sally for that matter.

Cassie was sitting on the beach looking out to the ocean, she heard footsteps behind her but didn’t look back,

“Roc is that you babe?” asked Cassie, turning her head slightly,

“no its not ****ing Rocco, its his brother Johnny, your coming with me!!” replied Johnny, this was the only thing he was back for Cassie, he was going to kidnap her, till his brother came to him,

“let me go!! I don’t want to go with you!!” Cassie screamed so loud that Alf heard from the surf Club,

“let her go you flaming mongrel, I though I told you to leave the bay!” said Alf, kicking Johnny from behind, so hard that Cassie flew out of his arms,

“your going to regret you did that mate!!” spat Johnny,

“dream on kid your going to be so scared you’ll wish you never came back to the bay!!!” screamed Alf,

“don’t make me laugh Alf, look at you your not fit enough to kill me!!” said Johnny laughing, he didn’t expect what was coming to him, Alf grabbed Johnny and punched the living daylights out of him,

“don’t make you laugh aye, your lying on the ground, dumb **** don’t mess with the Bay again!!” replied Alf, calling the police, he made up some story and left the scene of the crime.

Cassie couldn’t belie Alf beat Johnny up, she was expecting Alf to be in hospital but he wasn’t,

“Hey Cass, are you ok, Alf just filled me in” said Sally, Rocco standing behind her,

“yeah, I’m fine” replied Cassie, she looked over to Rocco,

“glad to hear, well I’ll leave you and Roc alone then!!” said Sally, leaving Cassie’s room,

“I’m sorry about Johnny Cass, I really thought he would of left the Bay after Alf had did what he did!” replied Rocco,

“Hey its ok you weren’t to know he’d come back, I’m ok babe he didn’t hurt me anyways, he didn’t get the chance” said Cassie,

“he should be gone for good this time!!!” replied Rocco, leaning up to kiss Cassie, they spent the rest of the night sleeping together.

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