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Secrets Friends Keep

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Secrets Friends Keep

Type of story: Short/Medium fiction - 15 chapters

Main Characters: Mattie, Ric, Drew, Lucas, Belle, Cassie + Other cast members

BTTB rating: T

Genre: A mixture

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Possible (V/D) (SC)

Summary: Mattie is with Lucas, Cassie and Ric are together and Drew and Belle together. They all are 16 and still in school. However, they all have their own little secrets that will be found out one way or another. Note: Drew and Amanda never happened and Belle is living with Amanda.

Chapter 1

Matilda Hunter rapped her hands around Lucas Holden’s neck and looked into his bright blue eyes. She was so happy with him. She was glad they got over their recent problems and were happy again. She kissed him and they walked along the beach hand in hand laughing. Lucas saw Ric Dalby walking down the beach and called him over.

“G’day mate” Ric said.

Lucas and Mattie both said hello to Ric.

“What are you doing tonight?” asked Mattie “because Drew and Belle are coming over to my place to watch a movie. Would you like to come around?”

“I can’t. I have already made plans with Cassie” Ric smiled.

Ric and Cassie had been together for nearly 3 years. Cassie was Ric’s first boyfriend and Ric was Cassie’s first girlfriend. Mattie could tell how much Ric loved her. They would spent all there time together which wasn’t hard as they lived together and were in the same class at school.

“Ok…it was just an idea. Maybe tomorrow night?” Lucas said

“Sure. No problem!” Ric said and ran off as he saw Cassie on the phone.


Cassie Turner was sitting on a bench under a tree near the beach talking on the phone. She was laughing and smiling. Cassie saw Ric coming toward her and quickly hung up.

“Who was that?” Ric asked.

“Oh…just a friend from school. Let go home.” Cassie said.

She got up off the bench and kissed her loving boyfriend. They both went back to their house. He has cooked her a meal and it was waiting for them back at the house.


Drew Curtis called over to his girlfriend Belle Taylor’s house. He walked into the garden and noticed Belle’s mum’s car was not in the drive. He was very excited and ran up to the front door. He knocked on the door. After 2 minutes, Belle opened the door.

“Is your mum here?” Drew asked her

“No” she replied and started walking up the stairs smiling.

Drew smiled back at her and ran up after her.


Meanwhile, over at Ric and Cassie house, they had just finished the meal and when lying on the sofa together.

“Thank you Ric. The meal was lovely.” said Cassie as he kissed him.

Ric smiled back. He got up off the sofa and started to clean up after the dinner.

“I will do that. It is the least I can do!” Cassie said.

“No. No, you will not. You can go upstairs and have a shower and I will clean up.” Ric said.

“Well if you don’t mind!” laughed Cassie.

“Of course I don’t! I love you!” Ric said and kissed her.

“I love you too.” Cassie replied.


Back over at Belle’s, her mum arrived home. They quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Amanda Vale stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked as Belle and Drew walked down the stairs laughing and joking.

“Mum!” Belle said shocked to see her mum standing right in front of her. She thought she would of been in the kitchen.

“Belle.” said an annoyed Amanda. “What have I told you about having boys up in you bedroom?”

“Em…don’t” Belle said

“Exactly! What were doing?” Amanda asked

“Studying. We have a biology test on Monday.” said Belle

“On a Saturday?” Amanda replied.

“Em…yes…we have to go now.” said Belle and she, and Drew ran out the door laughing.


Cassie was only out of the shower when her phone rang. She quickly got it and closed the bedroom door.

“Hello…I am glad you called! We need to talk” She said

Preview: Whom is Cassie talking too? What other secrets are we going to discover?

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Chapter 2

“Ok I will meet you then” said Cassie and she hung up the phone.

Cassie quickly got dressed, grabbed her bag and ran downstairs. Ric was sitting on the sofa watching the television.

“Where are you going?” asked Ric.

“Oh I need to go to shops!” Cassie smiled.

“What do you need?” asked Ric.

“Em…something for women issues” Cassie said. It was the first thing she could think of. After all, she didn’t want Ric to find out what she was really doing. Ric didn’t reply. He said goodbye and Cassie told him she would be back in a little while.


Belle and Drew reached Mattie’s house. They were still talking about what happened at her house with her mum. Drew knocked on Mattie’s door. Lucas answered it.

“Hey. So what are we watching” asked Drew.

“Mate. You don’t want to know!” Lucas said.

“Why not!” Drew asked.

“Mean girls!” Mattie said as she came into the sitting room.

“Are you for real?” Drew said looking at Belle.

Belle laughed and said “Yes. Pay Back!”

Belle and Mattie picked “Mean Girls” because last weekend the boys made them watch “Jaws”.

After a little while, Drew went into the bathroom and Lucas made more popcorn. Belle and Mattie were in the sitting room talking.

“Hey. Guess what happened?” laughed Belle.

“What?” Mattie asked.

“Well Drew and I were…well you know doing it in my room and my mum came home. We went down stairs and she was standing at the bottom of the stairs. I just said we were studying!” Belle replied.

“Oh My God!” said Mattie. “If my mum came home and I was in my room and came out of it with Lucas she would kill me!”

The girls continued laughing and joking until Lucas came back into the sitting room. However, Drew was still not back.

“I will go get him” said Belle.

Belle walked down the long narrow hallway and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Drew? Are you okay?” she asked

“Yes I am fine. I will be out in a second. Just washing my hands” Drew said.

Belle went back to the sitting room. At that moment, Drew snorted a line of cocaine in the bathroom. He quickly cleaned up the mess he had caused and washed his hands. Drew went back into the sitting room and sat on the sofa looking very happy with himself.


Cassie went to the bench that she was sitting on earlier that day. She was thinking repeatedly in her head what she was doing. It was wrong. She loved Ric. Why was she doing this? It would break his heart if he ever found out.

“Hey Cass” said a voice

“Hey Dylan” Cassie replied

Dylan Jacobs walked up to Cassie and kissed her very passionately. After 2 minutes, she broke away from the kiss.

“Dylan…I cant do this anymore. I love Ric and he loves me so much. I am sorry but this has to end now.” Cassie said.

“Why? He will never find out! I love you Cass and I know you love me too.” Dylan replied

“No…It is over. And I don’t love you.” Cassie said.

“Cassie please. Don’t to this to me. I really really do love you.” Dylan begged. “I will do anything for you”

At that moment, Dylan grabbed Cassie and started to kiss her again. In Cassie’s head, she knew what she was doing was wrong. She loved Ric. This was her third time trying to end it with Dylan. Every time she tired to, he would just reel her back in. He had that power over her.


Dylan brought Cassie back to his house. They went upstairs. Cassie lay on Dylan’s bed for a second time that day. The first was just before she went to meet Ric. Dylan unbuttoned Cassie’s blouse and started to rub her stomach up and down. Dylan took of his trousers and he took of Cassie’s skirt.

“I have to go” Cassie said after a half an hour.

“Stay a bit longer” Dylan said.

“I can’t I told Ric I was only going to the shops. I have been nearly an hour now.” Cassie said and she got dressed.

Dylan showed Cassie to the door and kissed her again.


Cassie arrived home and Ric was still watching television. Sally was in the kitchen.

“What took you so long?” Ric asked

“Oh sorry I ran into a friend. We got chatting and I didn’t notice the time go by.” Cassie said. She had felt so guilty about lying to him.

“Oh I see. Well I am going to go to bed. Oh I said to Lucas that we would go over to his house tomorrow night.” Ric replied

“Ok. That is fine” Cassie smiled.

“Is that alright, Sal” Ric asked.

“Yeah. That shouldn’t be a problem.” Sally said.

Ric left the room and went upstairs. Cassie sat on the sofa and put her hands on her head.

“Is everything alright, Cassie” Sally asked

“Yeah. Everything is fine. Just have a bit of a headache. I think I am going to hit the hay as well. Goodnight Sally” Cassie said

Cassie went upstairs. Sally wondered what was wrong with her. Maybe it was just a headache…but maybe it was something else.

Preview: Drew’s addiction gets worse. Mattie has something very important on her mind.

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Chapter 3

The next morning, Cassie woke up very early. She went to the beach and sat there for a little while thinking. She made her way back to the house everyone was still in bed. She showered and then went down for breakfast. Sally and Ric had awoken by then and were in the kitchen.

“Good morning Cassie” said Sally. “How are you feeling today?”

“Good. Thanks.” Cassie said.

“Hey are you ready?” Ric asked

“Ready? For what?” Cassie asked.

“Well I am going to take you out for lunch.” Ric smiled.

“Ric. First, you make me dinner. Now you are taking me out for lunch. Seriously what I done to deserve you?” Cassie laughed

Ric and Cassie left the house. Sally watched them leave and then she went to get Pippa for her afternoon feed.


Drew got up when Belle rang him on his phone. He went into the bathroom and like every morning lately, he would snort up a line of cocaine. Then he would go into Leah and Dan and he would pretend as if he had doing nothing.

“Hey are you able to look after VJ and Ryan later?” asked Leah “I have a shift at the diner and Dan has to go and work in the school”

“On a Sunday, Dan?” Drew asked. He had planned to go to see his dealer and get more cocaine from him.

“Yes” replied Dan.

“Fine.” said Drew slightly annoyed. He would go and see him later when Leah came back.

Drew went back into his bedroom and rang Don, his dealer. After that, he then rang Belle and asked would she be able to come over to his house instead of them going out. She said that it was all right.


Lucas went for his early morning surf. When he got out, he noticed a beautiful girl sitting on the beach beside his clothes. It was none other that his girlfriend Mattie. She looked like she was thinking about something very important. He went up to her and hugged her.

“Is everything ok?” Lucas asked as he dried himself.

“Yeah…” said Mattie

“Was that supposed to of convinced me?” laughed Lucas

“I guess not.” said Mattie.

“Good. Because it did not. So are you going to tell me what is wrong?” asked Lucas

“Ok…Do you feel the pressure to have sex?” asked Mattie in a serious tone.

“No…why?” Lucas said

“Well…in my opinion…I think it is harder for girl. Especially when your friends have had sex. It was just something Belle was saying to me yesterday about her and Drew.” Mattie said

“Mattie…if you are ready…you know…we can.” Lucas said

“No! I don’t think I am just yet. What about you?” replied Mattie.

“Well…to be honest I am not really bothered about it. I don’t feel any pressure from Drew or Ric. However, if I have to decide who my first time would be with well it would be with you. I love you Matilda.” Lucas said

“I love you too” said Mattie

They kissed. That was the first time that they had told each other that they love each other. It was a very special moment.

“When you are ready we will.” Lucas said

Mattie smiled. She was so happy that she was with Lucas.


Ric had blindfolded Cassie. He brought her to the park where he had a picnic ready. Ric took off the blindfold.

“Surprise!” Ric said

“Ric!” Cassie smiled

They both sat down and eat. They spent the rest of the day there. They chatted for ages and ages. Ric realised that it was the first time in a long time that he has seen old Cassie. The one that had no worries on her mind. Nevertheless, little did he know, that she did but put it to the back of her mind that day.


Drew was playing football with the boys in the garden when Belle arrived. She looked stunning him thought. However, the only thing he had on his mind was how he was going to manage getting those clothes off her and get her alone in his bedroom. It was very hard too because of the kids. They decided that couldn’t do it. VJ and Ryan continued playing football out in the garden as Drew looked on.

“I can’t wait to have my own kids one day!” he said

“Really! You want kids? Well they will have to be girls. That way I can warn them what teenage boys are really after!” laughed Belle

Drew sat beside Belle on the sofa.

“No way…They will be all boys so I can kick the football around with them” he told Belle

“Well…in the end we will not get to choose.” Belle said

Drew started to kiss Belle. It got very passionate and their hearts were racing. The idea of someone walking in on them excited them both. Belle took of her top. Suddenly out of nowhere, they heard a little voice.

“What are you doing?” asked Ryan

VJ covered his eyes and ran into the kitchen.

“RYAN!” shouted Drew.

Belle quickly put her top back on and stood up. At the moment, Leah walked in.

She looked around. Belle’s hair a mess , VJ covering his eyes and Ryan still asking the same question…

“What is going on in here?” she asked

“They were doing something they shouldn’t be doing on the sofa. And she didn’t have a top on!” Ryan said pointing at Belle

At that stage, Belle said goodbye and quickly ran out of the house.

“We were only kissing” smiled Drew

Leah got the boys and brought them into the kitchen and started to make them their dinner. Drew went into his bedroom and got his wallet. He had no money in it. He went out into the sitting room and noticed Leah’s bag on the table. He quickly took her purse out and took 50 dollars. He went into the kitchen and then out the back door saying goodbye to Leah and the boys.

Preview: Drew get more drugs. Will he be able to stop? Lucas confines in Ric about his relationship with Mattie.

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Chapter 4

Drew walked down to the beach. The last time he had his fix was that morning. It was driving him crazy. To make matters worse he had no money so he had to “borrow” from Leah. He sat on the beach and waited and waited for Don. Finally, after a half an hour, Don arrived.

“G‘day mate. Sorry got held up” said Don. “Thought you had given up?”

“Tired and failed.” replied Drew

“What about your girlfriend?” Don asked as he took the cocaine out of his pocket.

“She doesn’t know.” Drew said.

A week before Drew had told Don that he had given up because he didn’t want to hurt Belle. Drew paid Don 50 dollars. Where was he going to get the next amount of money? He couldn’t take it from Leah again. She might notice it. Drew saw Lucas and quickly stepped back from Don so it didn’t look like they were talking.

“Why were you talking to Don Fisher? The guy is bad news.” Lucas said.

“I wasn’t.” Drew said very quickly

“Ok right. It just looked like you were. Anyway, I am glad I caught you. Mattie isn’t feeling the best so there is no point coming over later on. And I also have a lot of homework to do.” Lucas said

“Oh ok…I will let Belle know” Drew said.

“Thanks. I am going over to Ric‘s now. So I will tell him.” Lucas replied “Ok…Well see you tomorrow in school”

“Right. Bye” Drew smiled

Drew headed over to Belle’s house and Lucas went over to Ric’s.


Cassie had finished her picnic and went into the diner to get a muffin for herself and Ric. She walked into the diner and saw Dylan there. They looked at each other and Cassie went to the counter. She walked out but Dylan followed her.

“Hey. Haven’t seen you all day” Dylan said flirtiously

“I was with Ric.” Cassie said.

“Want to come over to my house?” Dylan asked Cassie.

“I cant. I am going over to a friend’s house for a while and then I have to do some homework. I will call over tomorrow after school.” Cassie said.

“All right. See you then” said Dylan.


Lucas reached Ric’s house. He knocked on the door. Sally answered.

“He is up in his room” said Sally.

Lucas walked up the stairs. He looked at the photos on the wall. He noticed one of Flynn and Ric. Ric thought Flynn was great dad to him. It was very hard for him when Flynn died but Lucas and everyone else were there for him and Sally.

He opened Ric’s bedroom door. Ric was doing homework.

“Hey. I am just here to let you know that Mattie is not well so we are not going to be watching the movie like we had planned.” Lucas said

“Oh… Right. I will let Cass know when she comes home. Is she ok?” asked Ric

“Yeah…she will be fine for school tomorrow” said Lucas

“Ah…good. ” Ric said

“Can I talk to you about something?” Lucas asked Ric

“Yeah…”Ric said

“Well…when did you know you were ready?” Lucas asked nervously

“For what? Sex?” Ric asked

“Yeah” replied Lucas

“Well I guess it was when I met Cassie. I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with her. When we were both ready we did it.” Ric told Lucas

Lucas told Ric that he was ready and was waiting for Mattie to be. They talked for a little while after that and then Lucas went home.


Drew called over to Belle’s house. Amanda answered the door.

“Belle is not here.” said Amanda.

“Where is she?” asked Drew

“She is gone to the shops” Amanda told Drew

Amanda went to close the door when Drew said

“Can I use you bathroom?”

“Go on then” Amanda said

Drew walked upstairs and into the bathroom. He didn’t ready need to go to the toilet. It was to get his fix. He snorted a line of cocaine. Relief! He then flushed the toilet so it looked like he went. He returned downstairs, thanked Amanda, and told her to tell Belle that the movie night at Mattie’s was cancelled, as she was sick. He set off home.


Another weekend had ended. Secrets had been killing people inside. Lying to their loved ones so they would not be hurt. Thoughts also had been exchanged between couples. Yes, another weekend had ended and a new week was about to begin. What lies ahead for the teenagers of Summer Bay?

Preview: Monday = School. What will happen at school that is going to have all the teens in Summer Bay very excited about the weekend.

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Chapter 5

Monday morning only meant one thing. Work and school. All of the children would get and set off for school while their parents or guardians work go to work. Everyone hated Mondays as it meant that it was 5 days until the weekend. However, when you want something to come really quick, it will come really slow.


Lucas and Mattie called over to Ric’s house. Ric grabbed his bag and they set off for school. Cassie had left earlier that morning because she had to study for a test. They called over to Belle’s and Drew was there. They all walked to school together.

“Hate Mondays!” Belle said breaking the silence.

Everyone had agreed. As the walked up to the school, they noticed everyone when in a great mood. Why? They all thought. Ric saw a person from their class.

“Chris!” he shouted

“Hey…mate!” Chris said

“Why is everyone….happy. They are never like this on a Monday!” Ric laughed

“Didn’t you hear? There is a wild party on Saturday night.” Chris siad very excitedly.

“Really…Where?” said Drew.

“Mmmm….some guy’s house called Dylan‘s. The whole of our grade is invited!” said Chris.

Chris left and headed of for class. Belle and Mattie looked very excited. Drew, Lucas and Ric could not stop talking about it. They met up with Cassie inside the building and Ric went over and kissed her. They filled her in on the news. In the corner of her eye, she could see Dylan smiling.


After school the gang went to the diner. They were only talking about one thing. The party.

“Oh I have a new black dress that I have never worn!” said Belle

“Oh yeah…I was with you that day when you bought it. I have the dress I got. The green one. I can wear that.” replied Mattie.

The boys decided to sit separately for the girls. They didn’t want to listen to the girls talking about what they were going to wear. It was Monday and the party was at the weekend and they were already discussing what they were going to wear. Ric noticed Cassie was very quiet.

“Are you ok?” asked Ric.

“Yeah…I am fine” smiled Cassie.

“Oh…It was just I noticed that you weren’t talking about what you were going to wear.” laughed Ric

“Well I want to keep it a secret!” Cassie said.

“Don’t do this to me!” Ric said laughing.

“Well I am sorry….but you are going to have to wait and see.” Cassie said.

Cassie looked on her watch. She had agreed to meet Dylan at four. It was now quarter to 4.

“I have to go.” Cassie said.

“Where are you going?” Ric asked.

“Oh I am helping a new girl in my biology class catch up on the work.” Cassie said

She got up and said goodbye to everyone. Ric walked her out of the diner and kissed her. Ric watched Cassie walk of sight. He smiled and started to walk back inside when Dylan walked into him.

“Sorry mate!” Dylan said smiling as he knew exactly whom he was talking too.

“Oh it‘s ok.” Ric replied.

Dylan walked off. He stopped and turned around and said to Ric

“Hey did you hear about my party that is on.” asked Dylan

“Yeah…I did” replied Ric

“Are you and……Ciara coming?” Dylan asked

“Cassie…. Yes we are” Ric replied

“Yeah…Cassie that is her name. Well see you then” said Dylan smiling.

Dylan walked off in the same direction as Cassie did and Ric went back into the diner.


Cassie called over to Dylan’s house. There was no answer. She went out of his garden and saw him coming down the street.

“Hey…hun! Guess who I just ran into? Ric” laughed Dylan

“What did you say to him?” Cassie asked Dylan

“Oh we were just talking about my party.” smiled Dylan

“I find it very funny that he has no idea what is girlfriend is really up to!” laughed Dylan “Come on…lets go inside. Do you have to be back with lover boy anytime soon.”

“No” Cassie smiled. Cassie started to develop feelings for Dylan that had disappeared lately. They were so strong that she couldn’t help herself. After all, you only live once. She thought. She and Dylan walked hand by hand into the house. Once inside they ripped off each other clothes and headed upstairs kissing very passionately.


While, his girlfriend was doing it with someone else, Ric was planning another romantic night in. He had completely changed since he had met Cassie. Before her met her, he was a mess. Now he was in love. He phoned his girlfriend. There was no answer. Probably put her phone on silent as she was with the girl who she was helping.


Lucas and Mattie went to their house. Mattie made Lucas and herself something to eat. They have been eating of a while when Mattie said.

“I am ready.”

“Are you sure?” Lucas asked

“Yes” Mattie replied

“Well….nobody is here.” Lucas said

“Lucas…I want it to be special. Not just a quick romp and then it is all over.” Mattie said nervously unknown to what Lucas’ reply would be.

“Mattie. That is no problem. What about at the weekend. Saturday? Beth and my dad are going out that night so it will just be me and you.” said Lucas

“What about the party?” Mattie asked

“We don’t have to go? It is not like they will notice as they will all be drunk.” Lucas laughed

“Ok, Saturday it is” Mattie smiled


Cassie got dressed and quickly went home. She went in the back door. She turned on her phone and saw that she had three messages from Ric.

“Hey Cass” Sally said.

“Sally! I didn’t see you there.” Cassie said.

“Ric is waiting for you.” Sally said.

Cassie went into the dining area and Sally went upstairs to put Pippa to bed. She saw Ric have prepared a meal for her. There were two candles lighting to give the room that romantic touch.

“Ric” she smiled

“Cassie sit down and eat up” Ric said unaware that Cassie was sleeping with Dylan only ten minutes ago.

“How did the studying go with that girl. Has she caught up yet in biology?” asked Ric

“Yes” said Cassie. She started to get that guilty feeling again.

Preview: What secrets will Mattie and Lucas discover?

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Chapter 6

The weekend was finally here. The whole of the class woke up on Saturday morning thinking about the party that night. However, Lucas and Mattie were not thinking about the party....they were thinking about what was going to happen that night. Was it going to happen? Would either of them back out? Mattie got out of bed and called Cassie and Belle. She really needed to talk to them. She went into the kitchen and Beth was there making breakfast.

“Are you sure you and Lucas will be alright tonight?” Beth asked Mattie

“Yes…mum. We will be fine.” said Mattie

“Because Sally said that you and Lucas could stay at her place tonight if you would prefer that.” Beth told Mattie.

“No. It is okay. We will be fine. I have to go mum. I am meeting up with Cassie and Belle. Have a great night tonight.” Mattie said as she left the house.

“Bye Tony” she said and he passed her.

“Why is she in a hurry?” he asked Beth.

Beth shrugged.


Mattie went to the diner. Belle and Cassie already had a table ready. She sat down.

“Now. What is this urgent thing we have to discuss that go me out of bed so early?” asked Belle

“Lucas and I are not going to the party tonight.” replied Mattie looking down at the menu.

“That‘s it!” Belle said angrily

Mattie looked up. Belle now new exactly why. However, Cassie had no idea.

“Oh My God! You are going to sleep with him!” said Belle quietly.

“What? Mattie…I have know idea you were even thinking about that.” said Cassie

“Well…we don’t really spend a lot of time together. You are always disappearing.” said Mattie

Cassie suddenly realised that her relationship with Dylan had to end. It was not only breaking her inside but now it was ruining her friendship with Mattie and Belle.

“I have to go. Have to get ready. Oh and good, luck tonight Mattie. Let me know how it goes” said Belle

“Belle… it is 1 o clock!. The party is at 7.” said Cassie

“It takes very long to achieve this” laughed Belle while she stood with her hands on her hips.

Cassie and Mattie laughed and said goodbye to Belle. Belle left and headed home. Cassie and Mattie continued talking. Cassie realised that she had missed spending time with her friends. She promised to herself that her relationship with Dylan was going to end tonight.


Drew went into the bathroom and snorted up his last bit of cocaine that he had. He went out to the kitchen and Dan was in there.

“What time will you be home at tonight?” Dan asked

“Emmm….late I guess around 1 or so” he replied.

“Ok well don’t make too much noise coming in.” said Dan as he left the house thought the back door. Ryan and VJ came into the kitchen. It was very awkward since last week with the whole him and Belle incident.

“Do you want to play football?” Drew asked them

“Ok…But that girl will not interrupt us. Will she?” asked Ryan

“No” Drew laughed.

The three of them went out into the garden and played football for a while. Leah called them in for their lunch.

“There you go” said Leah giving them each their lunch.

Drew finished his and washed his dishes. He went into his bedroom and rang Don on his phone.

“I need to ask you a favour. Meet my at the surf club at 6.” Drew said and the hung up the phone.


It was nearly six o clock. Ric was getting ready in his room, when Sally came in.

“You look nice. What time will you and Cassie be back at?” she asked

“Around 1. Is that ok?” asked Ric

“Yeah that is fine” said Sally said Sally. “Where is Cassie?”

“She had to go out for a while. She will be back in a few minutes. I am dying to see what she is going to be wearing as she would tell me.” said Ric

Sally could see how much he loved Cassie. She could tell that it was the happiest he had been forever. Sally left the room and went down stairs. Ric put his shoes on.


Cassie was behind the diner talking to Dylan.

“I can’t do this anymore. It is over. I will come to the party but after that, it is over. I am so sorry. It should have never happened.” Cassie told Dylan

“Please Cass. Please don’t ” Dylan said to her

“No! It is over. I will never ever let this happen again.” Cassie replied in a very serious tone.

Dylan kissed Cassie for the very last. He knew that it was over and nothing would ever happen again. Mattie walked pasted the diner and noticed Cassie kissing someone. However, it was not Ric. Mattie stood there and looked to see who it was. Finally, they broke from there kiss.

“Well it was nice while it lasted, Cass” Dylan said.

Mattie realised that her friend was cheating. That is why she had been disappearing - to go and have a quickie with him! Mattie went home very annoyed.


Drew walked to the beach. He had got dressed for the party so he could go over to Belle’s and collect her straight away. He was going over and over in his head what is was going to say. He saw Don on the beach and went up to him.

“Listen I am out of stuff and I have no money. Would you be able to give me some stuff and I promise I will pay you when I get some money.” Drew said to Don

“When?” asked Don.

“Couple of days?” Drew said to him

“Tomorrow and we have a deal.” said Don

“Fine…tomorrow is good.” Drew said.

Don gave Drew the cocaine and they both went in separate directions

“Don’t have me to come looking after you!” shouted Don.


Cassie went home and got ready for the party. Ric was dying to see what she was wearing as she wouldn’t tell him. Ric and Sally were in the kitchen talking when Cassie came in. She was wearing a blue dress that Ric had bought her a while ago. Ric had only ever seen her wearing it once or twice. She looked stunning.

“You look stunning” Ric said.

Cassie smiled. They both said goodbye to Sally and left to go to the party.


Lucas went into the surf club. He went to get a bottle of non-alcoholic wine for himself and Mattie. He paid for it and then went into the bathroom. He opened the door and got the shock of his life - Drew snorting cocaine. He shut the door and quickly left the surf club reeling from his shocking discovery.

Preview: The party is on. What will happen at it? In addition, how will Mattie and Lucas‘ night go? Will they still go thought with it after they both recently discovered secrets that their friends were keeping.

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Didn't have to go to school!

Here is chapter 7

Chapter 7

Mattie went home and sat on the sofa. What was Cassie doing? This would break Ric’s heart. However, what Mattie didn’t know was that, Cassie had just ended it with Dylan. She walked around the kitchen. What was she going to do? Would she tell Ric? Would she say anything to Cassie? Lucas came in the door. He too had witnessed something terrible also.

“Hey I got the drinks” Lucas said to Mattie.

“Thanks” said she quietly.

“Are you ok?” Lucas said. Lucas thought she might be not ready to sleep with him.

“Em…I am fine. But -” she stopped.

There was a knock on the door. It was Ric and Cassie. Lucas opened the door. Ric and Cassie went into the sitting room and sat down.

“You look lovely Cassie.” Mattie said

“Thanks. Em…I am here to talk to you about something. Can we go to your room” asked Cassie

The girls went up to Mattie room. She closed the door. Maybe Cassie saw her at the diner and was going to explain what was going on.

“Em… I just want you to know that I am sorry I have been a bad friend lately. It is just I have been really busy with Ric and school and - ”

Mattie cut Cassie off, said, “and hooking up with Dylan”

“What?” Cassie said

“Cassie don’t stand there and say that you don’t know what I am talking about because you do. I seen you behind the diner. The reason you have been disappearing you have been with Dylan Jacobs! Do you know what this you do to Ric? Do you even think about what you were doing?” Mattie said very annoyed

Cassie stood there. She was speechless. What was she meant to say? She had been caught be one of her best friends.

“I have ended it! I swear to you. It is over. What you saw was him kissing me for the very last time. I love Ric and it is over. I have tried to end it with him so many times! I swear Mattie. It is over!.” Cassie explained.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Ric.

“Are you ready?” he asked Cassie

“I will be down in a second.” Cassie said

Ric went back into the sitting room leaving Cassie and Mattie in her bedroom.

“Mattie say something” Cassie begged.

“What can I say, Cassie?” she said

“Anything. Please. I regret everything that happened.” Cassie told Mattie

“Do you swear that it is over and nothing else is going to happen” Mattie asked.

“Yes.” Cassie said

They hugged each other. However, little did they know that the problems were going beginning. They went in the sitting room and Ric and Cassie left for the party.

Mattie decided what she found out was not going to stop her from having a good night with Lucas. Lucas had decided the same thing. He would not see Drew until tomorrow.


Belle and Drew met up with Ric and Cassie at the party. Drew and Ric went and got drinks. Cassie saw Dylan. She ignored him.

“So how do you think Mattie will get on tonight?” Belle asked.

“Should go well.” replied Cassie

Drew and Ric came back with the drinks. Belle and Drew got up and were dancing.

“Don’t think I have ever seen Drew dance” laughed Ric

“I saw see why!” Cassie replied.

“Would you like to dance?” Ric asked Cassie

“Sure!” Cassie said

Cassie put her drink down and they both got up and danced. Drew and Belle were still dancing. Belle was trying to show Drew how to dance.

“I need to use the bathroom” Belle said smiling

“Ok… I will wait here.” Drew said.

Belle smiled and Drew finally realised that Belle didn’t actually need to use the bathroom. They went upstairs hand in hand. Belle found on empty bedroom. Drew followed her inside and locked the door so nobody would come in. They lay on bed and Drew started to take of his clothes and Belle done the same.


Meanwhile, over at Lucas and Mattie’s, Mattie had just gotten over of the shower. She called Lucas. There was no answer. She went into the sitting area and saw Lucas had a romantic meal made, just like Mattie wanted. They had the meal and were lying on the on the sofa.

“The dinner was so nice, Lucas. Thank you.” Mattie said and she kissed him

“You are very welcome. It was jus what I needed to take my mind of things” Lucas said.

“What things?” Mattie asked concerned

“Oh…just school” Lucas said

“Oh yeah… I so know what you mean. Mr Murphy gave my history class a 3 A4 page essay to write for Monday.” said Mattie oblivious to the fact it wasn’t actually school that was bothering Lucas, it was Drew.

“Well what should we do now?” asked Lucas.

Mattie looked up at Lucas. They both knew exactly what each other was thinking. They got up and went into Lucas’ room.


Back at the party, Drew and Belle reappeared. Cassie and Ric were in a corner making out and when Drew and Belle interpreted them.

“Get a room! That is what we did!” laughed Belle

“What?!?! So that is where you had gone.” Cassie said.

They all laughed. Cassie got up and went in to the kitchen. Dylan was in thre.

“Having fun?” Dylan said

“Yes. Thanks for asking. My friend saw us earlier on. I hope you know that it is -”

Ric came in and put his arms around Cassie

“Hey mate…Great party!” he said

“Glad you are having a fun!” Dylan said. “Well I better go and make sure everyone else is having fun. Enjoy the rest of the night.”

Dylan left the kitchen. Ric and Cassie went into the sitting room.

“Got you and Drew another drink.” Cassie said as she handed them both a drink.


Mattie and Lucas were lying in the bed. Mattie had spelt with Lucas and she knew it was the right thing to do as she had never loved anyone the way she loved him. They got up and put the clothes back on.

“I love you” Mattie said to him “I am glad we did it and my first time was with you.”

“Same here” Lucas replied.

They went into the sitting room and started to watch a movie. Tonight was the happiest they had ever been since they were together.


Everyone at the party had started to leave. Ric, Cassie and Drew walked Belle home to make sure she got in all right. Cassie and Ric then walked Drew to his house and they themselves went home. Drew opened the door. He had remember that he had to pay Don the next day. Where was he going to get the money from?

Preview: Where will Drew get the money? Will Lucas say anything to Drew?

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Chapter 8

Drew woke up. He was worried. He didn’t have any money to pay Don and he couldn’t ignore him as Don was a dangerous guy. Who knows what he would do to Drew or his family or Belle. He had to get the money. It was early. Everyone was still him bed. He went into the kitchen and saw Dan’s wallet on the counter. He took 50 dollars from it the way he took 50 dollars as well from Leah the weekend before. He went back into his room,

showered and got dressed. When he went into the kitchen a while later Dan and Leah were awake.

“Good morning. It is very early. We usually don’t see you for at least another three hours. Are you feeling ok?” laughed Leah

“Yeah I am great! I thought I would get an early start to the day!” He said

They all sat down together and ate their breakfast.

“Did you have a good night last night?” Dan asked

“Yes…I did.” said Drew

“We didn’t hear you come in?” Leah said

“Oh really! I thought I had made so much noise.” smiled Drew

Dan and Leah got up form the table. They went into the boys room to wake them up leaving Drew alone in the kitchen. After a little while, he felt guilty about stealing from Dan and Leah. After all, they took him in and treated him like royalty. Drew got up from the table. He found Dan’s wallet and put the money back. He was going to have to call Don and make up something. Drew went into his room and dialled Don’s number.

“Hello” Don said

“Don, It is Drew here.” Drew said to him.

“Ah, my good friend Drew. I hope I will be seeing you later because if I don’t, that lovely girlfriend of yours might come in handy.” Don said coldly.

Drew had realised that he had to get the money. He could let anything happened to anyone he had ever cared about.

“Yeah…You will see me today. Meet me at the beach tonight at 10.” Drew said to him and hung up. He sat on his bed. Where will he get the money? He went into the kitchen and took the money from Dan and went out of the house. It was his only option.


Cassie and went downstairs. Ric was in the room with Mattie and Lucas. They where chatting. Cassie lookued at Mattie.

“Hey Cass.” Ric said. “Do you want anything to eat?”

“No….I am not hungry.” she said still looking at Mattie

“Lucas come here I want to show you something.” Ric said as he noticed the was tension between Mattie and Cassie.

“Ok…” Lucas said confused he went upstairs with Ric.

“Would like anything?” Cassie asked Mattie “Drink? Food? Anything?”

“No thank you I am fine. Listen Cassie I am really sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't of talked to you the way I did. It was just you made me very angry. I didn’t want to see Ric getting hurt. I am glad to see are going to get on with you life” Mattie said

“No Mattie. You were right to do that. You made me see sense and I am glad you confronted me.” Cassie said.

It looked like Cassie and Mattie’s friendship was back on track. They were closer that ever now. Cassie was going to stay well away from Dylan and spend a lot more time with Ric and her friends. Ric and Lucas came back in the room. They were relieved to see that they were talking as girls can be very hard to live with if they are fighting with they friends.


“Belle!” Amanda called her daughter. There was no answer. She went up to her bedroom and opened the door.

“Belle. I am going - ” Amanda stopped. Belle was not in her room. Where was she? She went down the hallway and enter one of the many spare bedrooms. She saw Belle asleep in the bed.

“Belle! Wake you! What are you doing in here?” Amanda asked Belle as she pulled open the curtains and let the sunlight in.

“Close the damn curtains” Belle said and she pulled her covers over her head.

“You do it. It I have to go down to the bank and get some money out. I will be back in a little while. I want you out of that bed, showered, dressed and feed before I come home.” said Amanda to her hung over daughter.

Belle got up and looked around.

“How the hell did I get in here.” she said to herself.

Belle got up and went down stairs. Her mum had just walked out the door when Drew came in.

“Good morning” he laughed looking at her “How is your head?”

“Shut up!” Belle replied. “I am never drinking again!”

“Yeah until next weekend.” Drew laughed.

Belle went into the kitchen. Drew followed her in.

“You don’t happen to have any money I could borrow?” Drew asked.

“No…Why?” said Belle.

“No reason.” he replied. He was hoping that she would have some money and he could pay her back. That way he could put the money he took from Dan back as well. Belle sat down and ate her breakfast. That was two things she had down on the list that Amanda gave her. She was up and feed.


Leah went into the kitchen.

“Dan I am taking that 50 from your wallet. I need to get some shopping in.” Leah said

“Ok…No problem” Dan shouted from the boys bedroom.

Leah opened Dan’s wallet and went to take the money out but it was not in there. Dan came into the kitchen with VJ and Ryan.

“Dan …did you take it out of you wallet?” Leah asked

“What? The money?” Dan replied

“Yes. It is not in here.” Leah said

“No I didn’t. It should be in there.” said Dan looking puzzled.

“Well it isn’t.” said Leah.

They both looked at the boys. Maybe it was one of them. They thought. Leah looked up at Dan. She then kneeled down on the kitchen floor and said to VJ and Ryan.

“Did either you take money from daddy‘s wallet because that it a lot of money and we need to buy to the sweets that we get you” said Leah hoping that it would guilt trip them into saying that they took it.

“I didn’t take it” said Ryan

“I didn’t either” said VJ

“Ok. Well you go back into your room until daddy is ready to take you to the park” Leah said. The boys ran off into their bedroom leaving Dan and Leah alone in the kitchen.

“I noticed that money was taken from my purse last week. The boys didn’t have any friends over form school did they? Maybe one of them took it” Leah said

“No…They didn’t have any friends over. I wonder what happened to it” said Dan. He got the boys and headed off to the park.


Lucas and Mattie headed off to the surf club. They got there and sat down.

“Mattie. I need to tell you something” Lucas said quietly

“What is it?” Mattie said in a caring tone

“I saw something yesterday and it was not good. It would hurt and destroy a lot of people and I don’t know what to do. ” Lucas said

Mattie thought he also had seen Cassie and Dylan.

“Tell me what it is and we will see what can be done.” Mattie said

“Yesterday, I went into the bathroom here and I saw Drew snorting cocaine” Lucas said to Mattie

Mattie was stunned. “Oh My God! This will destroy Belle, Dan and Leah…We have to tell them” she said

This was a lot worse that Cassie and Dylan. This could eventually kill Drew.

“No…We can’t! He didn’t see me.” Lucas said

“Well…We have to help him. This could mess him up a lot.” Mattie said

“I will say something to him. But I just need some time. And besides what I am mean't to say to him? Oh hey I saw you snorting cocaine in the bathroom. You have to stop. It will hurt a lot of people. This isn’t the kind of thing that you can just stop. He will need proper help.” Lucas said.

“Well…Maybe we should tell Dan and Leah.” said Mattie

“No. First we have to tell Drew we know his secret that he has been keeping from everyone.” Lucas replied.

Mattie went to the bathroom and Lucas went outside. He saw Drew giving something to Don Fisher. It looked like money. It had become clear that Don was his dealer. Mattie came out of the surf club and saw Drew as well.

“When are we going to confront him?” she asked

“Soon” replied Lucas

Preview: There is a break in at the surf club. Who is it? Will Lucas and Mattie confront Drew?

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Chapter 9

2 Weeks Later…

It was night-time in Summer Bay. Everyone in the Bay was fast asleep in their beds. Everyone expect for one person. The person walked up to the Surf Club, got a crowbar and broke in. The person quickly took what they needed and ran.


The next morning Beth went to work. When she went up to the Surf Club she noticed the door was open. She ran up to the door and went in. The place was trashed. Beth went around and made sure there was nothing robbed. She saw the cash register and checked it. Beth counted the money. There was over 200 dollars missing. She called the police. Tony, Lucas and Mattie went down to help her clean up.

“I cant believe this!” Beth said and the police questioned her.

“Who would do this?” Mattie asked.

“Someone who was looking for money.” Tony said.

Lucas and Mattie looked at each other. They knew who did this - Drew. They helped clean up and then headed over to Drew’s house.


Cassie and Ric got up. They went downstairs at the same time.

“Would you like something to eat, Cass?” Ric asked

“No…thanks. I am going to go for a walk. I will see you later” Cassie said.

She picked up her bag, kissed Ric and left the house.

“Was that Cassie leaving?” Sally asked as she came in the back door with what looked like twenty shopping bags.

“Yes…It was…She is gone for a walk.” Ric replied grabbing some shopping bags from Sally.

“Thank You Ric.” Sally said


Cassie called over to Belle's house. She hadn't seen her lately.

"Oh...hello Cassie." Amanda said as her opened the door "Belle is upstairs in her room."

Cassie went upstairs. Belle was looking at photographs. Cassie sat down beside her.

"So how have you been lately?" Belle said to Cassie.

"Good." Cassie said looking at a photo of her and Ric

"Staying away form Dylan. I hope" Belle said

"What? How did oyu know about that?" Cassie asked Belle

"Mattie told me." Belle said

"Yes...I have" said Cassie nervously.

"Good...because these secrets always have away of coming back to haunt you." Belle said to Cassie

"Don't I know it!" Cassie said

"Have you told Ric?" Belle asked

Cassie looked at Belle and said "How am I going to?"

"Well...nobody siad it would be easy" Belle said

"I will tell him...I just need time." Cassie said.

They continued talking for a little while and the Cassie left.


Lucas and Mattie went over to Drew’s house. What will they say to him. They knew his problem that gotten worse in the past few weeks. But the didn’t say anything to him. He needed help. They reached his house and saw that he was minding Ryan and VJ. Ryan and VJ went into their room while Lucas Mattie and Drew went into the sitting room.

“Oh! Hey guys. What’s up?” said Drew.

“We just decided to see what you are doing.” Mattie said

“There was a break in at the Surf Club last night.” Lucas said to Drew

“Really! Anything taken?” Drew said stunned

“Money was. Would you happen to know anything about it?” Lucas said

“No. why would I.” said Drew calmly

“I don’t know….Maybe because you have a drug problem and you need some money to get your fix.” said Lucas

“I have no idea what you are -”

“Don’t lie, Drew. I saw you 2 weeks ago in the bathroom of the Surf Club snorting up cocaine. I am not here to give out to you. Mattie and I want to help you. This is a really big problem and I think you want some help” Lucas said

Drew sat on the sofa. He did want help. This was destroying him. Belle could of got hurt last time if he didn’t pay up.

“Fine. Yes I did break into the club. I do need help. I really do.” said Drew

“We will help you and Dan and Leah will as well.” Mattie said as she sat beside he and put her arm around him

“No…I cant tell them! They will hate me. I have robbed money from them and everything! I cant! I wont!” said Drew

“Drew, you need professional help! This cant just be but in the back of her mind.” Lucas said

“Give me time. I will tell them. I promise! I will stay well away from Don also. I will need you to ring him for me.” Drew said

“Why” Lucas asked.

“Because I owe him money. I have it. It was the money I took from the surf club.” said Drew

“I cant give that to him!” Lucas replied

“Why? Please! He will kill me if I don’t get it to him this evening.” Drew said.

“Mattie how much money have you got?” Lucas asked her

“About 35 dollars. Why?” she asked

“Because I have around that as well. We can take this back to the surf club. Hide it maybe so it doesn’t look like it was robbed and then we can put our money together and pay Don. How much do you owe him? ” Lucas said

“50 dollars” Drew said

Mattie and Lucas had a plan. They would put the money back in the surf club tonight and would also get Drew of the hook with Don.

Preview: Will Mattie and Lucas’ plan work? What is up with Cassie?

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This is a very short chapter!

Chapter 10

Lucas and Mattie left Drew’s house. They went over to the Surf Club. The lights were still on.

“Mum!” Mattie shouted.

“Dad!” Lucas shouted.

Tony and Beth appeared.

“What are you still doing here?” Lucas asked.

“Oh….just seeing how we can make up for our loses.” Beth said.

“Oh. Ok. Well we better go. Will will see you at home later on.” said Mattie.

They stood at the main door and looked at each other. Mattie quickly but the money behind a chair hoping that Beth or Tony would find it. They ran out of the Surf Club and onto the beach where they saw Don Fisher standing there. He was a very dangerous guy and this made them both feel very nervous.

“Mr Fisher?” Mattie said

“Yes?” He said

“Here is the 50 dollars that Drew Curtis owes you” said Lucas nervously

“Thanks. Where is Drew?” asked Don as he took the money from Lucas.

“He will not be requiring your services anymore.” said Mattie scared.

“Oh. So he has given up for that girlfriend of his, like the way he had before.” Don said

Mattie and Lucas now realised that Drew had tired to give it up for Belle. Don left saying he would never go near Drew again and Mattie and Lucas headed home.


Drew waited for a phone call from Mattie and Lucas. He was going mad. Leah and Dan came home. It was now or never.

“I need to tell you something” he said to them.

“What is it?” Leah said

Drew explained everything to them. How he had an addiction, the way he planned to get on with his life, and also that he had robbed from them. They stood on front of him. They had never been so shocked before in his life. They said that they would help and were going to get into a rehab centre.


Lucas and Mattie were at home and were watching television when Tony and Beth came home.

“You will never guess what happened?” Tony said to Lucas and Mattie

“What?” Lucas said

“Well we found the missing money. What we think may of happened was that the person the broke in, well he may have sat down the money fell out of his pocket!” Beth laughed.

Lucas and Mattie smiled and went into get Mattie’s room. She took out her phone an dialled Drew’s number.

“It worked!” Mattie said

Drew said something to Mattie but Lucas couldn’t hear what.

“Really?” Mattie said very shocked. “Ok well I will se you tomorrow.”. She hung and turned to Lucas and said

“He told Dan and Leah and they are putting him into a rehab centre. It is all arranged. He will leave to go on Tuesday so we have tomorrow and Monday to spent with him as we are not in school on Monday.”

They smiled. His life was back on track. But there was still one person who knew nothing about this at all. Belle. How was Drew going to tell her.


While, most people’s live were going great, one person was struggling to get over her recent deception. Cassie came home after her very very long walk. She spent the whole day thinking about Ric. She headed straight upstairs and went into the bathroom. She opened her bag and took out a pregnancy test.

Preview: Is Cassie pregnant? Will Drew tell Belle about his drug addiction?

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