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Amy(the 3rd)'s Artwork

Guest .Amy.

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I thought i would start a new thread because my old one said i was a newbie to photoshop and technically I'm not any more! It also said 'avatars' so i thought i would start one saying 'artwork' since i am starting to make all different graphics and I will start to post some drawings later. Another reason I'm starting a new thread is because that stuff in my old thread was old, so new photoshop, new thread! So I will post some in a few minutes. But until then you can find my old thread Here. Also (the 3rd) bit is because i know of two other Amy's so i thought it would stop confusion.

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Great i love the first Tammin one! :):D

By the way... i don't think moderators and admin.. etc... will be very happy with you making a new thread because you could of just asked a 'staff member' to change what your other thread was called. If you're wondering how i know this it is because the other week i sent a PMed a moderator asking if i was allowed to make a new thread because i was using a resizing website aswell as paint for my avatars.

They replied saying they it wouldn't be a good idea because multiple threads can not be very good. So the mod suggested that they could change the name for me, so i agreed :)

I hope i don't sound bossy.. :P

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The old thread can be deleted. I just wanted a fresh thread because people would just go into the old one, look at the first few and go back out of it again because they were rubbish.

Anyway, Thank-you.

Icons Removed due to bandwidth problems.

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