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Topic Title – Love-Lost

Topic Description - L, V/D

Type of story: One-Shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Lucas, Cassie, Belle, Drew

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Course Language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: This is set at the hospital ball (Wonderfully set-up by Colleen), Where Drew and Belle admit they have feelings for each other, a few break-ups follow and a suprise get together, it also includes lyrics from terrible country music from the '70's (I kind of went on a country music, Dolly Parton, Lynn Anderson, fetish)

The Lucas and Belle PartLucas V/O

I walk over to Belle, she looks so gorgeous,

“Hi Lucas,” She says, I sit down next to her,

“You look amazing,” I say smiling,

“Thanks, do you want to dance?” She asks me,

“Yeah,” I say, we walk onto the dance floor just as the waltz begins to play, after 20 minutes we finally sit down, I’m so exhausted, but as long as Belle’s happy, that’s all that matters,

“Taylor, can I speak to you, in private preferably,” Drew says, she nods,

“See you in a minute,” She says, I scan the room for Matilda or Cassie, I see Cass and walk over to her,

“Hi,” I say,

“Hi Lucas,” She says, really depressed,

“If you ask me, you’re better off without Macca,” I say,

“I know, but I can’t stop thinking about him, I truly loved him,” She says,

“It’s going to take some time for you to come to terms with it, believe me, I thought I truly loved Matilda, and it took me about a month to get over her,” I tell her,

“I know,” She mutters,

“Would a dance help?” I ask,

“What about Belle?” Cass asks,

“She’s talking to Drew, I don’t think she’ll mind,” I say,

“What did I do to deserve a good friend like you?” She asks

“I don’t know,” I say “But it must have been something truly excellent,” I laugh, Cassie smiles, Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ starts playing,

Bitter Sweet Memories,

That’s All I Am Taking With Me,

Goodbye, Please Don’t Cry

We Both Know, That I’m Not What You Need

We finish dancing and I see Drew and Belle, still talking

“Maybe you should go over,” Cassie says,

“Nah, when they finish, they’ll come over,” I tell her, I see Lisa walk over to Drew and throw her drink over him! I walk over to both of them and see the look on Belle’s face, “No way,”

“I’m sorry Lucas, I still love Drew,” She tells me.

The Drew and Lisa PartDrew V/O

I sit with Lisa, not listening to what she’s saying, I’m to busy focusing my gaze on Belle, she is absolutely beautiful,

“Are you listening to me?” Lisa asks,

“What?” I ask,

“You’re thinking about her, aren’t you?” She says,

“No Lisa, of course I’m not, I’m thinking about how hot you look in that dress,” I say,

“I’m not wearing a dress,” She says, look at her and see she’s wearing a pair of jeans, s**t! “You are thinking about her!” She says before stalking off, I walk over to Belle,

“Taylor, can I speak to you, in private preferably,” I say, she nods,

“See you in a minute,” She tells Lucas, we walk over to a corner, “What?” She asks irritably,

“Lisa knows I still love you,” I say,

“What!” She exclaims,

“I know, and I think she might tell Lucas, so just admit you still love me and tell Lucas it’s over,” I say,

“I can’t do that,” She says in a panicked tone,

“Why not?” I ask,

“Because I can’t,” She says,

I Really Got The Feeling That I’ll Love You For A Long, Long Time,

I Felt It From The Moment We Met, You Didn’t Ask Me My Sign,

I Love My Daddy, But It Really Don’t Matter What My Daddy Might Say,

I Really Got The Feeling I’ll Love You Till My Dying Days.

“Just be honest Taylor,” I say,

“I love you, is that what you wanted to hear?” Belle snaps,

“Yes, and I love you too,” I say

“I knew it!” Lisa says,

“Lisa,” I beg, but she throws her drink over me,

“Oh my god!” Belle says, I see the love she carries for me in her eyes,

“No way,” Lucas says seeing the look on Belle’s face,

“I’m sorry Lucas, I still love Drew,” She tells him, he walks up to me and punches me really hard in the face before rushing out of the Bar, Cassie follows him.

“Lucas!” She calls.

The Lucas and Cassie Part Cassie V/O

“Lucas!” I call out as he walks out of the surf club; I follow him down to the beach, “Listen to me!” He stops and faces me,

“What?” He asks

“Just calm down, Drew could have you for an assault charge,” I say,

“You know what Cass, I don’t really care!” He shouts, I stare at him, a little taken aback,

“I don’t know why I’m bothering,” I mutter,

“Me neither,” He says, “It’s my life Cassie, just but out of it,”

“I know how you feel, I loved Macca, then he hit me, end of a relationship, the same can be said about you and Belle, she hit you with a bombshell, relationship over, think about that,” I say, before walking back to the surf club, where I meet up with Mattie,

“Is Lucas okay?” She asks,

“To be honest, I don’t really care,” I say,

“Why, what happened? You two have always been close mates, you know him better than anyone else, other than me and his family,” She says,

“He practically told me to get stuffed, for all I care he can be lying somewhere dead,” I mutter, walking away, leaving Mattie shocked.

Matilda V/O

I walk down to the beach and look for Lucas, I find him sitting, looking at the ocean,

“You know you pissed Cassie off before,” I tell him,

“I don’t really care, Matilda, I loved Belle, and then she broke my heart, that’s the only thing that matters to me, I don’t really give a stuff about Cassie,” He says,

“Lucas, listen to me, you and Cassie have been best mates since you moved here, doesn’t that count for anything?” I ask,

“A little bit,” He says,

“Lucas, she cares for you heaps, she knows you better than anyone else,” I say,

“Maybe that’s the problem, I think I have feelings for her,” He says,

“That’s not a bad thing,” I say,

“But it could just be rebound feelings,” Lucas says,

“Look deep in your heart, and just say what you feel,” I say,

“Thanks, Matilda, you’re the best,” He says, giving me a quick hug, before running up the beach in the general direction of the surf club.

Lucas V/O

I run up to the surf club and up to Cassie, smiling,

I’ve got something to tell you, that I never thought I would,

I really think you ought to know,

I love you,

I honestly love you.

Cassie returns the smile, “I love you Cass, and this is coming from my heart, not my head,” I say,

“I love you too Lucas,” Cassie replies, we kiss passionately for a few long seconds, before pulling apart and looking into each others eyes.

This feeling doesn’t come along everyday,

And you shouldn’t blow the chance,

If you have the chance to say…


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