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Undeniable Love

Guest Zetti

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Topic Title: Undeniable love

Topic Description: Jack, Roo(martha's mum) Martha and most of the cast in haa now

Type of story: Long Fic

Rating: Might be unsuitable in time with language so a 'T'

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: A mixture

Warnings i.e. Violence coarse language maybe some sexual words

Is Story being proof read:Sometimes

Summary: Jack is a handyman for Roo and martha meets him for the first time.

first chapter as soon as possible

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Chapter 1 Thanks to Sian for proofing

It was another hot day in New York and Jack was just setting off for Miss Stewarts house and as he was walking there he was pelted with a piece of rock.

"Ow!" Jack shrieked.

"Nancy boy!" The voice insulted.

"You calling me a Nancy boy" He said in disbelief.

"Yeah what cha going to do about it?" there seemed to be a confrontation brewing and before he knew what was happening or a chance to retaliate, the guy swong for him; he tried to fight back but he was too powerful.

Roo was driving past in her brand new car when she saw Jack on the floor bleeding really badly, she got out of her car and sped towards him, she crept next to him and helped him up to a sitting position.

"Omg, they really hurt didn't they"

"Roo its fine, I can handle it" Jack said through gritted teeth as he moved his body upwards.

"Well u are coming back to mine so I can clean all your cuts." She said in the tone of voice that said ‘end of’.

"Ok" Roo then helped him limp to the car, every step he took he let out a grunt as his ribs crunched together and the bruises starting to form on his young body.

2 Hours later

Jack was sitting in Roo's living room while he was being treated by 'doctor Roo' and she was adamant that Jack was to put his feet up and watch the telly.

"Watch it and stop moaning, or I will set my daughter on you and believe when she has finished with you, you will not want to be alive!" she laughed.

"Ok but I have to go soon" he said, trying to reason with her.

"Why?" she asked "Stay and meet my daughter, I am sure she would love to meet you" she continued, smiling.

"yeah so she can kill me!" he said sarcastically.

"Soo who's going to kill ya?" said a female voice from the hall

Jack turned around and saw a beautiful brunette girl, the first thing he noticed was her beautiful blue eyes and then like every guy, his eyes wondered over her body, taking in her every curve until he was interrupted by Roo putting a fresh bandage on his cut forehead….

Who is the girl?

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Chapter 2 Thank you Becky for Proofing

Jack was gob smacked when he saw the figure in the doorway, his mind was whirring with so many thoughts.

‘Where has she been all my life?, she is perfect!’

Roo jumped up and went up and brought Martha towards Jack. Jack stood up with difficulty but ended up crashing back down again.

“Hi, my name is Martha Mackenzie” She sat next to him, and even though they weren’t touching each other, they felt sparks flying all over the place.

“Hi I am Jack” he slowly said to avoid anymore mishaps.”

For the next hour they sat there and talked and talked about the good things about her life and as Martha noticed Jack didn’t say much about him family.

2 Weeks later

Jack had just arrived at the Stewarts house to fix up the garage, he was working outside and it was scorching hot day.

Roo came out with a glass of diet coke and Jack sat the table drinking it very slowly, while Martha was watching she got an idea..

Martha thought he is sooo sexy, I wouldn’t mind a piece of him!

Martha walked down and said to her mum “I am going for a swim”

Roo just nodded her head knowing that she wanted to turn Jack’s eyes and see how he as going to react when he saw her in her bikini.

Martha walked out and dived into the swimming pool and splashed Jack so much that he lost his grip and fell in the pool himself.

Martha laughed while Jack lunged for her and started to tickle her.

10 minutes later

Jack and Martha sat at the end of the swimming pool laughing at each other. Jack stared at her and without realising what he did, he kissed her.

Martha was taken aback but ended up kissing him back and they broke away looking quite happy with themselves.

Jack asked Martha “will u come on a date with me sometime”

Ill have to think about" she said ”

Jack started to get up "thought about it she said and yes Jack I would love to go on a date with you!

Will the first date go well?

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Chapter 3 dedicated to Fuj

Jack was dressed up in a tuxedo and he was incredibly nervous. Martha was the first girl Jack liked let alone actually asking her out. He had major butterflies in his stomach and he was soooo nervous!

He was sat in his car outside the Stewarts contemplating whether to go in or not. He decided after 10 minutes

He knocked on the door and when the door opened there stood Martha in her strapless dress which was emerald green with a strap down the side.

"hey stranger" Martha commented

"Hey yourself" Jack replied

Roo appeared and told Martha to be home for 11pm!


"Be safe!"

Jack thought she was being funny as if he didnt think he would look after Martha properly.

Martha gave her mum a glare to say she didnt want any tension! She really likes this guy and doesnt want it ruined!

Jack drove Martha to the beach and they walked across to the small secluded corner that Jack had set up for the night.

Martha walked across the golden sandy beach and felt the crusty sand below her feet.

When they reached the place that Jack had set up for the night. They sat and watched the ocean waves lapping up and down.

Martha lay in Jack's arms and they enjoyed the time they had together for Jack had no idea what was in store for him regarding Martha.

What secret is Martha keeping from Jack?

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Chapter 4 vale4eva proofed it

Martha was walking up to Jacks apartment to surprise him with a picnic; she walked up the 4 flights of stairs till she got to his apartment.

She knocked on the door and when Jack opened he was rubbing his weary eyes. He was topless and wearing Trackies.

Martha stared at him and he looked a bit taken aback to see Martha standing there, just then a sweet girly voice appeared from behind him "You coming back into bed or do i have to drag you?"

"Martha, listen"

But at this point Martha had run off, leaving Jack there wondering "how the hell he got himself into this situation.

He dressed himself, made himself look decent and then ran off after her. He ran all over the town and New York City was a massive town.

He then thought of the one place he should have looked in the first place.

He drove to the beach and saw Martha in the secluded spot where they had spent their first date, he walked up to her very tentatively as he didn’t want to spark off another argument or row or anything like that.


She turned around and he saw that she had been crying and he desperately wanted to comfort her but he knew that if he acted too forward, she may back off totally.

“Jack, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to apologise to you about what you witnessed at my flat.”

“It doesn’t matter, we weren’t officially a couple”

Jack sat down and said “but that is what I wanted, I want to be your boyfriend”

He didn’t know how to explain that they only knew each other for about 2 weeks yet it felt like forever

He told her and she said “I can’t be with you, I am sorry.”


“A number of reasons, one being I live in Australia and you live here and the second being I have a fiancé back home”

“What? A fiancé?” as he struggled to take in what she had said

“Yes I am sorry; I didn’t want to hurt you at all”

Jack stood up and walked away from her as if he didn’t care but the stupid thing was, he had fallen for her.

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Chapter 5

Summer Bay

Martha walked into familiar surroundings and was glad to be home around people who she was familiar with.


“Grandad, how you doing”

“Moi, fine”

“Good, good, Have you seen Craig”

“Your fiancé?”



She went in search for Craig so she could see him again and forget about Jack. It wasn’t easy as he was always in her mind.

Craig was at the diner drinking coffee and basically drowning his sorrows. Martha walked up to him and said “hey”

Craig looked up at her “hey, when did you get back”

“This morning”

Craig stood up and took her in his arms, she didn’t resist and she leaned towards to him as they kissed.

Craig took her back to his flat and they ended up in bed with each other. Craig was asleep and Martha was wondering what it would be like if she married Craig.

Later on the day

Martha was in the diner chatting to Tasha about America and everything that happened there. She didn’t want to admit to Tasha that Jack had made her feel like the best thing that ever happened on the planet.

Tasha could tell she had something on her mind and she decided to be a bit sneaky and coax it out of her.

“Hey Mac, I am pregnant”


“Not really but I knew that would wake you up”


Tasha laughed at that, she said to Mac “tell me what is on your mind”

Martha took a deep breath and explained everything to do with Jack and New York, Tasha listened intently and she didn’t say anything at all to put Martha off.

”Mac you have to tell Craig the truth.”

“No it was just a fling, what is the point hurting him?”

Mac thought about and instantly made a decision. Tasha looked at her but decided not to say anything.

“What did you say was his last name?”


Tasha went “there is a new family who have been in the bay for the past few weeks with that surname”

Martha thought to herself ‘jack never did talk about himself, now I can find out why. what the big secret?’

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Decided to post the next without it being proofed. Here u are.

Chapter 6

Martha walked towards the Holden house and spotted a boy outside with curly hair. “Excuse me” she called.


“Sorry, to butt in but I was wondering do u have a relative who goes by the name of Jack?”

The boy looked startled but recovered himself “yes, where have u seen him?”

“In America, when I went to visit my mum”

“My name is Lucas and Jack is my brother.”

His dad walked out and introduced himself to Martha. He invited her in the house and she accepted.

“Can you tell me why Jack is so secretive about his family?”

“Well it is because his mother died a month ago and he is struggling to cope with it”


“Lucas here tells me that u saw him in America?”

“Yes I did”

“I wouldn’t normally ask this but could u help me get him here?”

“Yes I will, I care about him so I will definitely help u”

“can u contact him now or what?”

“I will phone him and ask him to visit ok?”

“Yes thank you”

2 weeks later

Jack got into summer bay after a taxi drive that seemed to take forever, he liked the sights, it was better when he lived in the city though because the daily noise was something he was used to.

He arrived at the bar, he walked in and spotted Martha talking to someone who he recognised as Alf Stewart who previously was mayor of summer bay.

Martha spotted him and beckoned for him to come forward towards her. “Hey, sit down and I will get u a drink”

“Ok, orange juice for me”

Martha turned to Alf and said “2 orange juices”

“Coming right up”

“Jack, I need to talk to you about something?”


“I have a reason to bring u here”


“Your brother and father are here and I made it so that you could see them and listen to them.”

“What gives you the right to get involved?”

“Simple, I care about u”

“Hey mate”

Jack turned around and saw his dad. Lucas walked in from behind him and Jack stood up and hugged his dad.

“I am sorry, I left u but I needed time to heal my wounds alone and away from where Mum died.

“Its ok, I am not angry with you at all, I can’t be because it was no-one’s fault.”

Will Jack and Martha get together or will tradegy strikes?

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Sorry it is short.

Chapter 7

2 days later (Martha has split up with Craig)

Martha was sitting on the beach watching the tide come in and out and was thinking of New York and how much she enjoyed that night with Jack.

Jack had fancied a walk on the beach and as he walked up the beach, he thought of how different his life had become since meeting Martha and how he had his family back.

He spotted Martha and remembered all the callous words he had said to her. He slowly walked up to her. Martha heard someone walking up to her and saw Jack.

She stood up and began to walk away but Jack ran after her and when he reached her, he grabbed hold of her and said to her forcefully " I am sorry about what i said, i didn’t mean it, can we please try again"

Martha thought about it and said "u really hurt me so i dont know if i can"

Jack said in a gentle voice "ok, i am staying with my dad if u want to talk"

Martha stared at him as he walked away from her and instantly made a decision.

She ran after him and hugged him from behind, Jack's arm held onto hers and they walked hand in hand till they reached Martha’s apartment.

Martha kissed him on the cheek as they walked into her flat. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap and kissed her.

She kissed him back and jack began to unbutton her shirt but at that point Martha pulled away from him.

“Whoa, I am not ready to sleep with u”

Jack was taken aback but said “ok its fine, I am not going to pressure you, I want this relationship to work”

Martha sighed “good I am glad”

As of that moment trouble was brewing and right now was the calm before the storm.

Tradegy strikes…. who dies? (a popular character) either Lucas, Tony, Kim or someone else.

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Chapter 8

9 months later

Jack was walking across the beach with Lucas. They were commiserating over the death of his mother a year ago to that day.

“Lucas, are you ok?” Jack asked?

“Me, I am fine, just tired”

“She is watching over us and we should do her justice by enjoying as much of our lives as we can every day”

“I know but it doesn’t make it any easier”

“Hey I am sorry I wasn’t around when mum died, I knew I should have been but I couldn’t handle it myself let alone help u?”

“It doesn’t matter, life goes on, oh and by the way how is Martha and my unborn niece and nephew?”

“Great, just great”

“Go and see them, I want to be on my own”

“Are u sure?”

“I want to go for surf so u can watch or go and see Martha.”

“I will go and see Martha, if u need me I will be on my cell ok?”

“yes fine”


“Go” Lucas prodded him.

Jack left him to his own devices and went to see Martha who was in the diner, they sat there and had some food.

An hour later

Martha walked to the till when Alf came rushing in. “Young Lucas has been rushed to hospital"

Jack jumped up "what? How?"

He was surfing and the current was too much for him, the lifeguard spootted him and he is on way to the hospital."

Jack ran off breaking down and he didnt know what to do.

He reached the hospital and saw his dad, he rushed up to him but only to see his dad in tears.


"Jack, i am sorry but he is dead"

Lucas died but Martha gives birth.

Ok i need a name for the baby Holden (a boys name)

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Chapter 9

At home

Martha was cradling the baby in her arms. Jack had begun to push her away and she didn’t know what to do about it.

She hadn’t seen him for 2 days straight and she didnt miss him.

”Hey” Tasha said as she walked in


“Can I pick him up?”



“Oh he is so cute”

“So I have to tell you summat” Martha said

“Ok what is it?”

“I am changing how I feel about Jack”

Tasha looked perplexed and didn’t know how to respond.

“Why” she simply said

“hes not the same person he was when I first met in my mums lounge”

“He loves u doesn’t that count”

“Not anymore”

“Don’t throw it away straight away, there may still be something there.”

“Not anymore, the stupid thing was a year ago was when we first met and I don’t love him, not anymore”

Tasha just said “don’t make a rash decision, you have to consider the baby as well”

“I know, by God I know, but I don’t want to do this on my own”

“You are not alone” came a voice from the doorway.

Martha turned around and saw Tony at the door.

“Sorry I haven’t come sooner but I wasn’t sure whether I was welcome”

“Of course you are welcome, he is your grandson”

“Can I pick him up?”

“Yeh you don’t have to ask”

Martha thought of a name for him and asked Tony if he would like it.

“So, I was thinking of calling the baby Lucas, what do you think?”

“Love it, thank you so much”

“It’s ok, I cared about Lucas”

“I know Jack would appreciate it” Tony replied with tears streaming down his face.

Martha just nodded with tears threatening to form. As far as she was concerned Lucas had no father and she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Can Tasha reach out to Jack?

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