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Right im in the uk 3 months ago im watching home and away and i hear a song i love it straight away but to my disappointment i cant find the name of the song or the artist skip forward to 3 hours ago im the happiest guy in the world i have found the song and the artist skip to 5 minutes ago im crying in the corner again to my disappointment i cant find the song anywere so i guess im asking the people of this fourm to save me if anybody could find this track or if they have it could you please upload it i would be willing to trade anything i have i would love you forever.

here it is

Blanche DuBois - Lover, Do You Wait

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sorry to post twice here are the songs i hope everyone enjoys them as much as me

so heres Love Only Hurts this was used in Episode 4460 witch was fridays episode it was played at the end of that episode


ok the one i have been looking for and after many months thanks to myspace and google i have found it this is Lover Do You Wait this one was used in various episodes over this last year maybe even before that it gets played most in the diner


ok just a note these files are not MP3's these are M4A (AAC) you will need quicktime or VLC to play these if you have the M4A codec for Windows Media Player then you wont need the two above.

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anytime everyone on here gives so much to everyone else im just so happy i can play my part and give something i will make a list of all the songs i have that have been used on the show and upload them sometime soon

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