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Monday 29th January - "Bring it all back"

Guest ~Rosey~

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*Sallys house*Brad and sally are sitting at the table and Brad is trying to get her to remember. Sally doesnt think that she can do this. All Sally seems to remember is a blur to her. She then tells Brad the whole picture in her head has gone.

*Surf Club*Ric, Mattie and Rocco are playing pool and joking around like good friends.

*Sallys house*As Sally starts to remember more, Ric and Rocco come home and Ric ses sally trying to remember. She says she can remember who did it yet. Rocco is in the background with a worried look in his face.

*Beths house*

As she is dusting everything, Kit and Mattie return home. Beth mentions that Maddies birthday is coming up and maybe the two of them could go to the city for one night and stay in a hotel room. Mattie has other plans to spend the night/day with Ric. Beth seems all okay about this. Mattie leaves the kitchen and Kit wals back in, questioning Beth. She knows she still upset and that she should tell Tony. Tony is around the corner listening in. He appears, suprising both of them, and Beth is left with no choice but to tell him how she feels.

*Sallys house*Alf is asking Sally if she can remmeber anything else, like sound All she can remember is footsteps coming towards her. Ric hears this and runs to her side, pressuring her to tell them more. she breaks down and says she cant.

*Beths house* She is talking to Tonty about how she really feels. & Tony keeps asking her if it has anything to do with him. she keeps saying no

*Sallys house*She is thanking Brad for all his help today. He then goes outside to talk to Rocco abotu the eventful day. Rocco then pretends to feel sorry for Sally and tells her he should go an unpack. He walkas upstairs, walks into his room sits on the bed and starts crying.

- The next morning -

*Sallys house*Sally walks in carrying a washing basket and telling Alf that she saw Rachel this morning and she said that all her memories from that night may never come back to her.

*Beths house*Tony walks in the door and Beth waners out from the kitcehn, asking Tony where he had been. Tony pulled out a box and opened it. It was a beautiful ring. He asked Beth to marry him. Beth walked up to him and closed the boz and asked him if she hadny said that stuff last night, would he been asking her? And Tony replied no.

*Jail*Rocco is visiting Johnny in jail. He tells him that Sallys memory is coming back and is asking for advice. All Johnny says that you have to finish what you started.

*Sallys house*Rocco comes back home and Sally asks him if he wants any lunch. He nods and Sally tells him to start cutting up the tomatos. In his hand, is a sharp knife. He slowly starts to walk over to Sally, about to stab her. But she turns around quickly. rocco puts the kife back on the table and runs upstairs.

*Beach*Beth approaches Tony & tells him that shes going to go on a holiday for a month or so to go visit Scott/Hayley and Robbie/Tasha.

*Sallys house*Rocco comes downstairs with his bags and starts walking out. Sally catches him and trys to make him stay. But all Rocco can say is "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" Rocco leaves and runs. GHe almost runs into Brads car. Brad stops and get out, calling Roccos name but he ignores it and keeps running.

*Sallys house*

Ric and Matilda are home and Sally is telling them what happened. Brad walks in and wants to know why Rocco just ran off? Sally explained. Then she stopped. She was having flashbakcs to the night she was stabbed. In her flashabcks, she saw Rocco stabing her. She quickly tells the others amd Ric runs off, with Matilda closley behind

*Beach area*

Rocco is sitting in a stolen car and sees Ric looknig for him. Ric sees him and runs over to the car and starts punching Rocco. He sort of picks him up and throws him out the car and punches him more. Matilda trys to get Ric off Rocco, and Ric kinda punches Matyilda and she falls backwards.

Rics attention is quickly diverted to Matilda, as Rocco trys to get into the car. He drives away, with the door open. ric runs after the car but Rocco closes the door and drives the stolen car with ric shouting in the background, i'm gonna kill you!


First of all...sorry for lack of spag. Its late at night :P I'll edit it sometime in the morning

2. Me, dodge and JT are going to work out a scheulde as to who does which nights and stuff.


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Rosey, i LOVE your ep guides - and its cool that you can post then again, but could you please PM by,day, mid afternnon, on the day that you are going to do an ep guide in the future (until we work out that schedule). i go to a net cafe ... and, becasue of time constraints, pretty much stick to ep guide and fanfic forums ... and my daily PMs to/from belgshep. i didn't realise (no real warning) that you had done monday's ep so i had "fun" retype mine when the comp i was on decided to be troubleosme let's say.

Hope you can understand my perspective.

IADL will be up soon ..... and here it is ....

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Maddie’s brown (velvety) jacket/hot pink singlet top combo

SILVER – Beth’s white wide frilly collar top/black (with gold mosaic pattern) long skirt

BRONZE – Ric’s brown (stylish) zipped jacket


Alf’s blue & red check (think the girls SBH uniform) button up shirt

Beth’s orangey-brown crossover top/light pink top/dark skirt combo

Kit’s royal blue (woven) v neck top

Maddie’s orangey-red strapless dress

Ric’s yellow (with occasional orange & blue horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rocco’s black & grey sleeveless top

Rocco’s black Norton (with white angel wings on back) t shirt/blue Norton jacket

Sally’s black single top

Sally’s red polo top

Tony’s purpley/blue t shirt

Tony’s red polo shirt

Tony’s violet polo shirt

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