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I don’t know which station she was on as I was on the bus near the speaker – but she said she was glad to finally be able to answer fans questions and stop avoiding questions and answers. She said as she laughed, when they arrived back on set after the holiday, all the other cast kept telling her they were sick of fans asking if Sally was alright hundreds of times per day. When she was told it was the highest ratings the show had had in two years, she was quite modest and said ‘they probably tuned in to watch her die, they couldn’t wait to see the back of me’.

When asked if she is going to leave, she said something amongst other things, along theses lines:

‘Quite frankly these last two months have really made it clear to me how much I love my job, I love working on this show, it means so much to me, I wont be going anywhere fast.’

She also said she was staying with Isla Fisher (Shannon) for a few days (during the Christmas Break) and something about The Golden Globes and how people compare ex-H&A stars to each other and how ‘far they’ve gone’. I couldn’t hear it clearly then, but it sounded interesting what she was saying. Sorry.! :rolleyes:

She said Sally is slowly falling in love...

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