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Separate Ways

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When Martha and Jack wed not so long ago, they thought they would be together forever, but only a couple of months later, their marriage fell apart.

But local police officer Jack soon had other thongs on his mind. Severley bashed at the police station, Jack found himself facing the devastating possibility that he may never walk again.

Then, in the final week of Home and Away for 2006, Jack gingerly made his way into the local diner using a walking frame, with his physio - and new love - Sam (Jessica Chapnik), by his side.

Meanwhile, Martha quickly fell into a new relationship with Jack's fellow officer and one-time close mate, Ash (Ben Geurens). But, unbeknown to Martha, Ash was far from the man she thought he was.

Ash, in fact, has been leading a double life, and has a wife and children Martha knows nothing about!

How will Martha react when she finally discovers the truth about the man she has fallen head over heals for?

"I can't imagine what it would feel like," Jodi says, "to find out the person you have fallen in love with has been lying to you the whole time and is actually in a relationship with someone else. It would be the most devastating news and an overwhelming amount of emotion would come over you."

You won't want to miss what happens when Martha does find out, but her response may not be what you'd expect!

As for whether there's any chance that Martha and Jack may reunite in 2007, Jodi reveals she is yet to find out herself. She adds, "I hope so - I think they're good together. But Martha has to figure out herself first. Jack's not the man she wants right now."


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Hmm. This is is a very interesting topic, especially if the rumours about Paul O'Brien leaving the show turn out to be true! What would be the point of getting back together again? Unless Martha and Jack leave the show together?

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