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Okay the debate has been going on for a bit now both in here and behind the scenes over whether to disable the post count in the fanfiction forum.

Whilst the majority view is that the posts should count there is a general agreement that nobody wants people to boost their post count by replying to stories they haven't actually read.

We're not discouraging people from replying to storys but we do want to encourage people to post more detailed reviews. This will be beneficial on more than one level. It will help the librarians decipher who is actually replying and who is spamming and it will also benefit the authors.

We appreciate that sometimes you don't have time to give a detailed review for a story and that a quick response is better than none at all but if you're following a story you usually post more than once so I struggle to believe that you'd be pushed for time on EVERY reply you make.

Therefore we're asking people to try and think about their reviews in more detail. We're not asking for long essays or the type of reviews given in the challenges, just pick out one or two points in the chapter that you really liked. A couple of lines of great description, dialogue that gripped you or made you laugh, a character or pairing that is really well written. Anything really that tells the author what they're doing well and also keeps us from thinking people are using this forum to bump their post counts.

For some things to think about in your reviews I'm posting the Review Guidelines devised by Sevenpuddings for the fanfiction challenges. We're not expecting anybody to follow the whole framework but hopefully it will give you a few things to think about when posting a review.

Review Guidelines

1. Was the character believable? Were you able to picture it in your mind and hear the character saying things? Do you feel that the author managed to tap into the character to make it their own? Was the interaction between the characters (if applicable to the story) believable?

2. Were there any lines or moments that stood out to you? Why did they stand out?

3. Did the author use descriptive language and/or emotive language to draw you into the story?

4. Overall, was the story appealing to you? Why/Why not?

5. What do you feel could be improved by the author? Do you have any suggestions for them?

Thank you for everybody's co-operation with this

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