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For Lovers Peter and Amanda

Guest Alyson Amy Baker

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Thanks, the librarians.

OK this is my first fanfic

For lovers Peter and Amanda

One day a woman called Amanda Vale went in to her movie making job and said she was making a movie about a a man who was murdered.

she started her movie and wanted a detective to solve the case but had no one to play the part of a detective "who are we going to get to play the part" said a very worried amanda "don't worry" said the

director " we all ready found someone to play ur part" "who?" "well of coures if u can't get an actor

then why not get a real detective?".

and then Peter Baker walked in the door "Peter said amanda"what are you doing here surely you're not

going to be playing the part are you?

Peter said "well actually I am!!!" " you don't have a problem with that do u ? "he asked

"No I don't " well let's get this show on the road then"

And so the movie went on and in the movie the detective(who was Peter) had to fall in love with Sarah (who amanda was playing) in one scene they had to kiss

Peter lent over to kiss amanda and suddenly amanda felt something real fr peter that she had never felt before. Could she be falling in love with him?

actually she was sad when that scene was over she realy enjoted it

should she tell peter? she saw him sitting there at a table ready for his next shoot in a half an hour.

he was alone drinking his tea and amanda thought this a great time to see if he has any feelings for me "he problely does'nt anyway" she said sadly.

she wakled over to him and sat down and said "your a great actor you know Pete don't get me wrong your a great detective too (and a great kisser she thought) I just never saw you act before.

"I never really concidered it but it's quiet down at the station lately and just thoght I'd try it out. that last scene was great was'nt it? ha asked. "yeah It was" "Listen Pete" she said hopefuly "I was wondering do you want to come to dinner tonight after this last shoot of he day we can go back to my house after if you want?"

what was going through her head was 'please peter say yes say yes'.

"I'd like that a lot he said" So about 8 PM OK?". "yes"said amanda"that's perfect" over joyed at what she just atcheved.

Peter went to get ready "I think I might just be able to get Peter Baker to be my boyfriend!" she said as she went to set up for her next shoot of the movie.

"I can't wait for tonight" she thought.

to be continued...

Update soon :D

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