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B/T Fan Club

Guest Willz

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I couldn't find the right thread to post this so please closed this down or make a fan club somewhere? but we should make a fan club for our fave couples or charcaters? so tell me what you think?

I hope we can make a fan club one day?

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Hey *belle* I am back from school :) yep this is the B/T fan club and we can only talk about thier relationship and some other stuff as well :)

So only two people are in the fan club at the momet and we need honest true B/T Fans :)

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Yep of course this now the B/T fans club and we can post pic's of this cute couple as well but only if we like to? :)

PM me if you want to ask questions about the B/T Club ok? :):)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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