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Summer Bay Star bids Bon Voyage

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Source: Yahoo entertainment

Ex-Summer Bay star bids Bon Voyage Monday October 16, 10:38 AM

Australian actress Rachael Blake made her name in 1995 as Mandy Thomas in Home and Away.

She played the often-troubled character in the sun-drenched soap until 1997, when she left to pursue other roles.

Her latest offering is the ITV1 two-part drama Bon Voyage which begins on Tuesday, October 24.

The taut thriller sees the beautiful star as a devoted mother on holiday in France with her husband and kids.

Unfortunately, early in the sojourn they make the acquaintance of a creepy couple with unknown intentions.

Coupling's Ben Miles - whose soap credits include Holby City and The Bill - plays her equally terrified spouse.

The cast also includes Cold Feet's Fay Ripley and hard-working supporting actor Daniel Ryan as the villains of the piece.

Ripley appeared in The Bill back in 1997 in an edition entitled Black and Blue.

Ryan has also guest-starred in the ITV1 police drama, as well as the Beeb's medical serials Holby City and Casualty.

Blake's impressive CV includes Suburban Shootout, Perfect Strangers, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and the Clive Owen/Jennifer Aniston movie, Derailed.

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Lmao @

she played the often troubled character of Mandy Thomas

In other words... "We can't remember her and don't have a clue who Mandy was, so we'll say something safe to make it sound like we know".

I'm annoyed that I missed this. I wish I'd seen this post sooner.

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