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One on One Artwork Tournament

Guest Amir

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This is similar to Bray's tournament on HAAC, but it's not entirely the same.

I know there are alot of new contests and things in Artwork and Creations, but this one is a little different.

Well simply, People sign up for it, and then I simply choose 2 people at random that will go one on one.

There will be a certain subject given to each couple of people, size, and also what sort of graphic to make, sometimes there will also be other additional requirements, but they would be closer to the end of the tournament. The entries will be given in on a certain date, and then I shall post the graphics, one thing is, do people think it should be anonymous? Then the voting will also close 2 days after the graphics are up. Then the winner will proceed to the next round. Later on, 2 people will be given a wildcard chance. They will be voted from the public. And that's basically it.

This is just an idea, and I know that there are lots of comps on at the moment. Please give me your opinions, and feel free to ask any questions.

Signed Up:

1. [.jessa-belle.]

2. .Cat.

3. Spidy


5. -Emily-

6. peter_baker_rox_my_world

7. flutterby

8. princess_jessik

9. aejdude

10. sevenpuddings

11. angelgirl

12. Reo

13. karena

14. ~Natasha~

15. Mercury_Girl

16. Nayden

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I really like this idea :) But as you said there are a lot of contests going on right now. It really all depends though. We've got LIMS and the Avatar contest running, continuously, and I'm assuming Jess' Secret Santa idea will happen a bit more closer to Christmas. There's Aaron's idea, which I'm about to go and have a proper read through right now, and now yours. I, myself, love your idea- It sounds fun, and I am hoping that it does happen, but the only thing is it might get a bit confusing with so many contests going on, and I might be exagerating when I say "so many" but you get the point.

This is sort of going off the subject, a little bit, but I was thinking, if both your's and Aaron's ideas are popular enough, we could have a sort of cycle, e.g. One week- Aarons idea, the next- your idea e.t.c. Ok, maybe that makes it even more confusing, but I think it would save time searching for all the contest threads e.t.c. The contest threads would probably be pinned anyway, but I don't think we want too many pinned topics, even if they get un-pinned after the contest is over.

Going back to the original subject, as I said before, I love this idea. :)

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It's a good idea, but I wouldn't be able to enter, as i have no idea how to make them, or even get the pics on the site (which I tell everyone and in every post I enter, LOL) but i'd definetely wanyt to see the creations. Sounds like a good idea! P.S> hey .Cat. what's Jess' secret Santa idea???

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Thanks Jessi, and Cat! I know soo many contests, and you also forgot the Calendar contest! But...I also like that idea of yours, doing one week, the next week thing.

Yes Jessi, you sign up here! :)

I'll make a list once we have more people...

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