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The Wakening

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Hey Guys

This is a really old fan fiction i wrote, just before the whole wedding exposion. J and M

Chapter One // A night to remember //

The taste on my tongue, sour yet sweet.

The air filling my lungs, smoky yet clear.

The sight before my eyes, terrible yet calm.

The sweat on my brow, wet but dry.

My emotions mixed.

I dont know what to feel.

I fall to the ground in a cloud of smoke.

My eyes are closed, but still the actions of the last hour are replaying through my mind.

A beautiful woman walking towards me.

A quiet barn.

A roudy party.

A silent yet piercing scream.

A harsh face.

A deadly weapon.

Then blank.


Where is he?


I scream my voice screeching through the night sky.

Like a out of tune organ, on the highest key.

My dreams of this day.

A white dress.

But now it is black from smoke.

A lovely reception.

But now it is black, like my dress.

That’s all I wanted for this day.

“WHERE IS HE” I scream again.

Shapes are surrounding me.

Noises are surrounding me.

Hate is surrounding me.

Smoke is surrounding me.

WHY I yell through the sounds of police, ambulances and rushed voices of hurried speak.

Why was it me.

Why was it him.

And now he isn’t the only one trapped, locked, away.


Hope you liked the start!!!!!!It is Martha and jacks wedding by the way!!!!

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