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Bring Me To Life

Guest Pierced Musie

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Title: Bring Me To Life

Type of Story: One shot

Genre: Drama, Angst

Main Characters: Kim Hyde, Eve Jacobson

Rating: T

Summary: Kim finds himself in a mental institute. Only one person can save him and her name is Eve.

This was written in December 2004. Enjoy...

Bring Me To Life.

He doesn't want to be there. But he guesses that no one would ever want to be there by choice. It isn't like he can feel proud of being in that place. But he knows, deep down, that it's his own fault. It's his fault that when it came down to choosing a path, he took the easiest and the wrong path to drown out his pain.

And now he is paying the price.

He sits in his room and stares out the window, the bright sun hurting his eyes, but he can't stop. He welcomes the pain and thinks that sooner or later it will blind him. Hopes that when that time comes it erases the scars inside. Without sight he can't see his pale skin. Can't see the scars that are like pen marks on his arms. Can't see the marks where the needles pierced through his skin and brought him a few painless hours. Can't see the long term evidence of his bad choice.

He gets visitors almost everyday but he doesn't pay attention. As soon as he hears the sympathetic tones in their voices he turns away and goes back to the place he's built up in his mind. A place where the only people who exist are the people who treated him right in his life. In the weeks he has been there he has blocked out the existence of those who ruined his life. He blocks out the memories of meeting Charlie for the first time and letting Brooke into his life. He blocks out all memories of Hayley and Scott. Has even managed to forget baby Noah exists.

But they tell him this is wrong.

They ask him different questions and he has to answer them honestly. So he does and he knows they don't like the answers. He admits that he wishes Hayley was dead. Wishes that she had died long before they had the chance to get closer. They ask him about Eve but he always corrects them. He doesn't like them using her real name and they've learnt to call her Zoe. It's only when they do call her Zoe that he answers their questions. He tells them that she is the only woman he has ever loved. That in the end she was the only one who understood.

Tells them that he wants her alive.

But they don't take him seriously. They say it's the effects of the drugs and with time he'll get over it. But he won't. He will die before he forgets her. Chuck himself off the roof of this mental hospital before they can take away his memories of her face.

And her angelic smile.

He plays their game though. Plays nicely with others who are there and plays nicely when he has visitors. He has to after what he did the first week there. But then he still thinks that it wasn't his fault. And he knows that not everyone blames him for what he did. The wounds were still fresh when she had shown up. It's not his fault that she had tried to make him see the truth. Tried to make him see that Hayley was better off with her son. Now he sees none of her family unless it's clouded in secrecy. He's seen Matilda three times when she has been to the City but hasn't seen the one person who he considered his best friend.

He doesn't care anymore because he needs no one from there. Needs no family and needs no friend's.

Which is why he sits in his room alone. It was only yesterday that he asked for no more visitors and he assumes that everyone is respecting his wishes. So when someone knocks on his room door he ignores it. When he hears the sound of the door opening and closing he doesn't turn round. He stays still as he hears light footsteps on the floor followed by a something falling on his bed. But he still doesn't turn. He keeps staring out the window right to the moment his visitor steps into his line of vision and kneels on the floor. Familiar green eyes stare at him and a familiar touch on his hand warms his body in seconds.

"My name is..." she starts but he doesn't hear her. He's drawn into her familiar gaze and her familiar touch. He knows it's her. He knows that she has come back for him. She gives him the smile he has been yearning for. He sees the spark in her eyes and for the first time in weeks he smiles.

"Zoe," he murmurs. She winks at him and leans forward, her warm lips capturing his ice cold lips for a lingering kiss. It's short but it's enough to bring him back to life. She breaks away and rests her forehead to his.

"It's okay now, Kim. I'm here," she whispers and her words get through. The walls crumble and he does something he hasn't done in a long while. The tears begin to fall and he mourns for everything he's lost. He feels her arms surround him and he lets her pull him into her warm embrace.

"I'm here now Kim. No one is going to hurt you anymore," she whispers in his ear and he believes her. He is willing to believe everything she says. The tears running down his face burn his eyes but he doesn't care. He finally has the one person who understands him. The one person he loves.

The End.


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