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Summer Bay High

Guest Skykat

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Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters:Hayley, Martha, Cassie, Will, Kit, Noah, Jack, Gypsy, Kim, Kane (AU pairings)

Genre: Drama/Angst

Warnings: Some (VD) (SC)(L)

Is Story being proof read: Yes by I love music

Summary: Hayley is the most popular girl in school and along with her devoted followers Cassie and Martha, makes everybody else's life a misery especially Kit who's now with Hayley's ex Noah and Gypsy who not only hurt Hayley's brother Will but also slept with Jack behind Martha's back. Kim is in love with Hayley but obsessed with Gypsy and new boy in town Kane Philips can only mean trouble...but for who?

Okay for those who read it I have every intention of continuing with Return to the Bay.

When I was setting the fanfiction challenge of an unconventional pairing I thought of a couple of pairings that I was going to suggest but then this story started coming to me so I thought I'd write it myself instead.

WARNING: All characters in this story are the same age, it contains unconventional pairings and you may not like what I do to your favourite characters.

That aside it's based around a teenage group and follows their friendships, hatreds, love affairs etc. I have no idea where I'm going with it, I'm just writing it as I go along. :P

So what I want to know is what you think.

Is it worth me continuing?

Is it believable that the characters are the same age?

Is it too confusing?

All reviews are much appreciated, I won't be offended.

Thanks to Tess for proof reading and giving me her opinion.xx


“No way am I going.” Kit Hunter set her lips stubbornly in a thin line and crossed her arms defiantly across her chest.

“Oh come on Kit, don’t be like that, it’ll be fun.”

“I’m not being like anything. You can’t honestly expect me to go to your ex-girlfriend’s party when you know full well her and little crew hate my guts.” Kit glared at Noah, deliberately trying to ignore the pleading look he was giving her.

“It’s not just Hayley’s party though Kit, she’s not the only person who lives there. It’s Will’s party too and he specifically asked for you to be there. Besides I want you to come.” Noah’s eyes were watching her expectantly and as Kit found her eyes drawn to his she nearly melted. But not quite.

“You might want me there but you’ll probably spend all night with the lads and I’ll have nobody to talk to.” Kit was determined to stand firm on this. It was no secret that Hayley bitterly regretted her break-up with Noah and was determined to get him back at any cost.

Kit was besotted with Noah and for some reason he seemed to want to be with her but surely it was only a matter of time before he decided he’d rather be with the perfectly, beautiful, golden-girl Hayley Smith rather than frumpy, plain old Kit Hunter. Hayley was queen bee at Summer Bay High, the prettiest, most popular girl at school, leader of the in-crowd and she and her crew gave anyone they disliked a really hard time and Hayley really disliked Kit.

Even though Hayley and Noah had been over for months before he had got together with Kit, Hayley still seemed to hold her personally responsible for the break-up and made a life a misery. Surely Noah could understand why Kit didn’t want to be in the same district as Hayley and her crew, let alone attend her party? Apparently not because he was fixing her with that look again, the look that made her turn into a puddle of Kit Hunter slush and jump through hoops to do his bidding.

“I promise I won’t stay with the lads all night and besides you won’t be alone, I happen to know at least one girl you like is going,” Noah told her and Kit looked at him curiously. “Gypsy,” he supplied.

“Gypsy?!” Kit was astonished, “Gypsy’s invited? To Will and Hayley’s party? Will who’s heart she broke and Hayley who hates her guts?”

“Well not exactly but Kim lives in the Beach House so technically it’s his party too and he is seeing Gypsy right now so he invited her,” Noah explained.

“Yeah but that’s hardly a genuine relationship, Gypsy’s only in it for fun and Kim’s still in love with Queen Hayley, I’m surprised he’d dare upset her by inviting Gypsy.”

“Well he has and that’s one person at least you’re friends with,” Noah told her, watching her very closely for a sign that she was about to give in.

“I wouldn’t exactly say Gypsy and I are friends, just that we are both hated by Hayley and her crew but I guess Gypsy’s probably the one person in the world Hayley despises more than me.” Kit paused for a minute, deep in thought.

Hayley was able to wind most people around her little finger and Kim in particular was under her spell so Kit was very surprised he had been allowed to get away with inviting Gypsy to the party. Hayley hated Gypsy because she had broken Will’s heart which was a perfectly good reason Kit supposed. Then was the additional fact one of the guys Gypsy had cheated on Will with was Jack Holden, the boyfriend of Hayley’s best friend and second in command of the Summer Bay bitch club, Martha McKenzie.

Martha and Jack were back together now but their relationship was not helped by Gypsy’s constant flirting with Jack so it was really no wonder that Hayley, Martha and their crowd hated Gypsy with such a passion.

“So will you come now Gypsy’s going to be there?” Noah asked, turning on that look again.

“Does Hayley know she’s going to be there?” Kit asked.

“I don’t know Kit but does it really matter if she does? Please just tell me you’ll come and I’ll love you even more than I already do,” Noah pleaded.

“What did you say?” Kit looked up at him, meeting his eyes.

“I said I’d love you more than I already do. You must know by now that I love you Kit?”

“No, you’ve never said it before,” Kit told him.

“I know but it’s true I do love you so will you stop thinking that Hayley’s a threat and realise that the only girl I want right now is you Kit Hunter?” Noah asked, gently snaking his hands around her waist and pulling her into his arms.

“Yeah I reckon I might,” Kit told him, putting her arms around the back of his neck and meeting his eyes as Noah leaned in for a kiss. Their lips were inches apart. “Are you sure you’re not just saying it to get me to come to the party?” she asked quietly and Noah groaned.

“Kit you are completely unbearable but I do love you and I’m not just saying it.” He bought his lips down roughly on hers and kissed her with such a passion and intensity that Kit felt her head was spinning. She pulled away abruptly.

“In that case I’ll come to the party but you just better do that one more time to convince me.” She flashed him a sly grin and obligingly bought his lips back down on hers.



“Oh my god did you see what she was wearing? I thought those type of boots went out in the eighties!” manic giggles and sniggers greeted Hayley Smith’s exclamation and she smiled, pleased with herself.

“No I think it was earlier than that.” Cassie Turner had been a part of Hayley’s crowd since she had moved to the Bay nearly two months ago now and she had fitted in well but that in no way gave her the right to contradict Hayley and a quick glare in her direction enforced the message. “I mean the boots were so bad they probably went out of fashion earlier than the eighties,” Cassie amended, looking at Hayley for confirmation that she was out of the bad books.

“She might be right you know Hayles, the boots were so outdated but then the whole look was. I mean black? It’s so death like and it really washes her out, I mean she even looks dead.” Cassie was instantly forgiven as Hayley laughed at Martha’s observation.

“I know. Noah must feel like he’s kissing a corpse, what does he see in her?” Hayley’s face no longer wore a smile and Martha put a comforting arm around her shoulders as Cassie made sympathetic noises.

“He’s probably just having some sort of nervous breakdown, I mean who would honestly pick her over you?” Cassie soothed.

“Cassie’s right Hayles you’re gorgeous, any girl would kill to look like you and Kit Hunter, well the only thing good about her is her older brother. Obviously Scott got all the good looking genes in their family.” Hayley had to smile at that. Scott Hunter was a few years above them but he was the ultimate dream boy.

“I think he likes me you know, he smiled at me in the Diner the other day,” Hayley admitted.

“Really? You’re so lucky, I wish he’d smile at me.” Martha drifted off into daydream world.

“I thought you were in love with Jack?” Hayley looked at her friend, surprised.

“I am but it’s okay to dream isn’t it?”

“Especially when Scott Hunter’s the dream,” Cassie confirmed with a smile. “Is Jack forgiven for the Gypsy thing yet?” Martha’s face clouded over.

“No way is he! He’ll have to do some major grovelling before I’ll forgive him for that. I know we’d been having problems but Gypsy Nash? She’s not even pretty,” Martha fumed.

“Men are only interested in her because she’s easy, she’s no way as pretty as you. I’m surprised you took Jack back so easily though, I’d have made him sweat a little more than that.” Hayley lay back on her bed and looked to Martha for a reaction.

“Believe me he’s still paying for it. So is there anyone in the Bay caught your eye Cass?” Martha changed the subject deftly away from her and Jack’s relationship, still stung by the fact that Hayley disapproved of something she had done.

“Not really, all the nice guys are either accounted for or have been with Gypsy.” Cassie turned her lips up in disgust, “I do think the new boy is sort of cute though, Have you seen him yet?”

“No, I didn’t even know there was a new boy.” Martha turned to Cassie, eager for information. Hayley said nothing but she was more than a little irritated that one of her friends knew more about something then she did. Hayley was the source of all information, everybody knew that.

“His name’s Kane something or other, I think he might be in your brother’s class, he’s a bit of a bad boy I think.”

“Yeah he has a real attitude according to Will and he is kind of cute. Not as nice as Noah though.” Hayley was pleased with herself for sounding so knowledgeable without really having to make anything up.

“Or Jack,” Martha added loyally.

“Well I think he’s pretty cute but we’ll see. I can’t wait for this party of yours though Hayles it’s going to be awesome. Is Kane invited?”

“I don’t know. I’ll tell Will to invite him for you though, he’ll be bound to come. After all, it’s going to be the party to end all parties.” Hayley hugged herself in anticipation.

“Have you decided what you’re wearing yet?” Martha wanted to know.

“I have but it’s a surprise. I will tell you though that Noah is going to take one look and go Kit who?”

“Oh I can’t wait to see his face! Have you pretty much got everything sorted?”

“Pretty much. Will’s invited most of the guys at school and I’ve seen to it that a selective number of girls are invited so all the guys will be at our disposal.” Hayley smiled, pleased with herself. “We spent the $50 Irene left on food and Will’s convinced some older guys to get him some alcohol so we should be all set. Are you guys going to come round here early tomorrow to help set up?” It was not a question but Cassie and Martha both nodded eagerly. “Good, now all we need is to fine tune my plan of action.”

“What for?” Cassie looked at Hayley quizzically.

“To get Noah back of course!” she announced as Cassie and Martha grinned, eager to be involved.



“Are you sure you’re okay with me inviting her?”

“For god’s sake, you’ve asked me like a zillion times now, I don’t care if Gypsy comes.”

“I know I just wanted to be sure. I mean when she heard about the party she kind of invited herself and you know what Gypsy’s like,” Kim continued.

“Sure I do. Look don’t worry about it mate. It’s cool.” There was something about Will’s laid back response that left Kim unconvinced but having got his friend’s consent he didn’t want to push it.

“It’s going to be a great party, I’m really glad you talked Hayley into having it,” Kim remarked.

“Hayles was easy, I just reminded her what a great opportunity it was for her to get herself a guy and she agreed straight off.” Will grinned to himself. “Unfortunately the only guy she wants is the one she can’t have.”

“Noah you mean?” Kim tried hard to ignore the sinking feeling he got in his stomach whenever he thought about how much Hayley still liked Noah.

“Yeah, I like Kit though, she’s a really cool chick and Noah’s so much more easy going now he’s with her. Hayles did like to keep him on a leash a bit.”

“I wouldn’t have minded,” Kim remarked wistfully.

“You’ve still got a thing for her?” Will was surprised, “I thought you liked Gypsy?”

“Not really, Gypsy’s fun and easy to be around and I do like her but she’s not exactly girlfriend material is she? Not like Hayley.”

“Better not let Gypsy hear you saying that,” Will teased.

“Gypsy and I agreed from the start where we stand, she’s not interested in anything either. I think she’s still in love with you actually.” Will shrugged nonchalantly at Kim’s remark but he felt ashamed that his stomach did a somersault at the thought that Gypsy might still be after him. He shook his head angrily.

“Gypsy’s ancient history. She blew it with me and I’m well over her.” Will would not admit to anybody how much Gypsy had hurt him. She was the first girl he had really liked but her inability to commit to him had been really tough and when she had slept with Jack Holden, that had been the last straw. He and Jack had been friends since Junior school; it was unforgivable.

“Are you and Jack okay now?” Will was startled at Kim’s seeming ability to read his mind.

“Yeah we’re good. He was drunk and I know as well as anyone that Gypsy’s pretty hard to resist when she turns it on. Besides, I’ve got my eye on someone else.”

“Really? Who is she?” Kim was both surprised and eager to find out who had caught Will’s eye.

“She hasn’t started school yet but she will be in a week or two. Her parents have bought the Caravan Park.”

“Really? And she’s hot?”

“Like seriously hot. She’s moved here from the City and she’s pretty cool. I ran into her in the Surf Club, I think her Dad’s taken over running the kiosk there.”

“Yeah I think I’ve met him, Sutherland I think. Someone said he had three daughters.”

“Yep and Dani’s the eldest. Dani Sutherland.” Will whispered her name as if it was a magic word and as he did so he pictured her in his mind’s eye. “Seriously hot,” he repeated.

“I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Well you will do. I invited her to the party tomorrow.” Will grinned smugly at Kim. “You better keep your hands off though pretty boy,” he added, teasingly.

“Don’t worry mate I’ve got my hands full with Gypsy at the moment and trying to win Hayley round.”

“Just a hint of advice mate but if you’re serious about Hayles, hanging with Gypsy isn't going to help you get in there,” Will cautioned.

“I know.” Kim did know but the truth was that Gypsy was like a drug, he simply could not get enough of her.

“Have you told Hayles yet that you’ve invited Gypsy?”

“No,” Kim replied sheepishly, “I kind of wasn’t going to.” Will burst out laughing.

“You big wuss! Hope you’re prepared to face her when she does find out then and you won’t be able to come hiding behind me,” Will teased.

“Oh yeah? Who say’s I’ll need to?” Kim demanded, putting his hands on his hips.

“No-one it’s just you can’t hide behind me because I’ll be hiding behind you when Hayles realises I told Noah he could invite Kit.” Will burst out laughing and Kim couldn’t stop himself, he started laughing too.

“Hayley is going to majorly flip out!”

“I know, how about we both hide behind Jack?” Will suggested and Kim smiled but both of them knew that when Hayley did find out it, there was no way she would see the funny side and that was really no laughing matter. No laughing matter at all.


Opinions please?

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A bit of a boring chapter in my opinion but I'm trying to establish the relationships between the characters in preparation for the party

Thank you so much to everyone who read and reviewed this. I wasn't sure about it at all but seen as so many people asked me to I'll continue with it for now. No promises though, I have no idea where this is going, I'm just taking it one chapter at a time.

ILM I split it into paragraphs how you suggested but I've never wrote in that style before and I think maybe I split it too much? :unsure: Let me know what you think.

Thanks Tess for proofing.xx


Martha fluffed her pillows up angrily and lay back on them but she still wasn’t comfortable. Wriggling a bit more she reopened the book Miss Fletcher had asked them to read by Monday but she was finding it hard to concentrate.

Frustrated she threw the book aside and lay back, closing her eyes, to think. She and Jack had been a couple almost from the moment they had been introduced. He was the first guy she had liked, the first guy she had loved and his betrayal with Gypsy had hurt. Like really hurt. It had devastated her.

In some ways it was easier to forgive Jack for cheating with Gypsy than it would have been with another girl because everyone knew what Gypsy was like. On the other hand though it was harder, part of Martha felt that Jack should have known better than to cheat with Gypsy of all people.

Of course the minute she found out Martha had finished with him and it had taken weeks of begging, pleading and flowers before she had taken him back again. She had taken him back though. For no other fact than that she loved him and she honestly believed he had made a mistake and regretted it.

Since they got back together their relationship was better then ever but now all of a sudden Martha was unsure. Hayley thought she had forgiven him too easily. Martha had told her that she was still giving Jack a hard time about it but she had only really said that to impress Hayley.

The truth was that Martha was so scared of losing him to another girl that she had been making so much effort since they had got back together. Jack was making an effort too but now after hearing Hayley’s opinion Martha was beginning to think that maybe Jack should be making a little more effort and Martha a little less.

The phone rang interrupting Martha’s thoughts and she heard her Granddad pick it up in the next room.

“Martha it’s for you love!” Alf called. Martha reached lazily over to pick up the extension in her room. She hoped it was Cassie, at least with Cassie she could talk about her worries.

No such luck.

“Hi babe.”

“Hi Jack,” she replied calmly, trying desperately hard to ignore the butterflies that erupted in her stomach just on hearing his voice.

“What are you up to?”

“Just reading that novel Miss Fletcher set.”

“Do you fancy going for a walk or something, down by the beach maybe?” Jack suggested.

A frizzle of excitement shivered down Martha’s spine as she imagined walking hand in hand across the deserted beach, with Jack. The pair of them, together, watching the sun set, his arms providing her with the heat the sun had taken away…All of a sudden Hayley’s disapproving expression filtered into Martha’s mind.

“Best not Jack, it’s a school night, Granddad won’t be happy.”

“Oh come on Martha, it’s not even seven,” Jack protested.

“No sorry. No can do.” Firmly Martha replaced the receiver thinking that Hayley would have been proud of her. So why did she feel so wretched?


Jack stared at the receiver, baffled and then put it down. He had got the distinct impression that Martha was upset with him but he was damned if he knew why.

“Dad I’m going out!” he called, racing out of his room.

“Not so fast Jack. Where are you going?” Jack was surprised at how quickly his Dad moved to block the exit but then he was a PE teacher.

“He’s going on a date with Martha, mwaa, kiss, kiss.” Lucas wrapped his arms around his body, shut his eyes and made little kissing noises.

“Is that what you do with Matilda Hunter from next door then?” Jack snapped, embarrassed and was rewarded when Lucas turned bright red and disappeared.

“Jack that was a bit uncalled for,” Tony cautioned.

“He was winding me up. Look I’m not going out with Martha, she’s in a mood with me over something. I was just going to go see if Noah and Will are done surfing yet and grab an OJ or something with them in the Surf Club.”

“Have you done your homework?”

“Yes.” Jack crossed his fingers behind his back so his Dad wouldn’t see.

“Okay then but I want you back in this house by nine.”

“Ten,” Jack challenged.

“Nine thirty.” Tony’s voice was firm and brokered no argument so Jack knew it was pointless to argue.

“K, bye Dad.”

He raced from the house before Tony could grill him anymore and walked at a fairly brisk pace towards the Surf Club. Looking around he could see no sign of Will or Noah, assumedly they were still surfing so he went to the counter and ordered himself a milkshake.

He had not seen the girl behind the counter before but he assumed she was the girl that Will had been raving about, Dani something or other. She was pretty hot, he could see why Will was so smitten and he smiled at her as she handed him the milkshake.

“I wouldn’t let the girlfriend see you exchanging smiles with other girls. Wouldn’t Martha be jealous?” Jack recognised the teasing, playfully sarcastic tone straight away and turned round embarrassed to face Gypsy.

“I was just being friendly,” he defended, hotly.

“Sure. And I was just saying,” Gypsy grinned at him.

“You make Martha sound totally paranoid.” For some reason Gypsy still managed to get under his skin and Jack always felt uncomfortable around her.

Maybe it was because he never knew what to expect from her or maybe it was because he knew exactly what to expect.

“Isn’t she?” Gypsy was standing close to him now, so close he could feel her warm breath on his cheek. Her hazel green eyes sparkled mischievously.

“That last wave was awesome!” Will’s voice cut through the air like a knife and Gypsy moved away from Jack but as she did she threw him a look over her shoulder, the sort of look that spelled trouble.

“What was that about?” Will looked at Jack suspiciously.

“Nothing, just Gypsy being Gypsy.”

Fortunately Will at that moment Will spotted Dani Sutherland behind the counter and the subject was forgotten as he moved off in her direction. Jack breathed a sigh of relief.


“So what time do you finish here then?” Will leaned casually on the counter and ran his hand through his hair in what he had no doubt was a sexy manner.

Dani gave him a wry look and checked her watch. “In about half an hour,” she replied, nudging him gently aside so that she could clean the counter.

“You fancy joining us for a drink when you’re done?” Will was pleased with the way he managed to get the invitation out, oh so casually but then he had always been pretty good with women.

“I don’t think so.” Will’s mouth dropped open and he turned to look at her, startled. She had knocked him back!

“Why not? We don’t bite you know,” he urged turning on his best Will Smith grin that had made many a girl fall at his feet.

“I’m sure you don’t but I have to get home. My Mum’ll have dinner ready for me and besides, I’m not sure hanging out with a group of boys is exactly my thing.” Dani glanced over to where Kim and Noah were playfully teasing Jack about something. They were pushing and pinching him, causing Jack to yelp with pain every two seconds and Noah and Kim to burst out in hysterical laughter.

“They’re not that bad. Besides Noah’s girlfriend Kit will be down here in a minute and Jack’s girlfriend Martha might come down too.” Will knew that Kit was coming down because Noah had mentioned it once or a million times but he had no idea about Martha. It sounded good to have lots of girls though.

“Who’s the red haired girl?” Dani asked curiously, “the one who was here before and is now shooting daggers that look like they’d kill in my direction.” Will turned to follow her gaze and saw Gypsy turn swiftly back to the games machine she had been playing on.

“Gypsy? She’s nobody.” Will didn’t want to get onto the Gypsy subject, no girl wanted to hear that a guy’s ex was the town bike with a tiny little psychosis problem. That was a sure-fire way to put any girl off.

“Right.” Dani looked unconvinced but she let the subject drop and continued cleaning the drinks machine.

“So will you join us then?” Will tried again.

“Still no. I told you Mum’ll have dinner ready.” Will put on his best ‘hurt puupy’ expression and looked at her pleadingly, Dani giggled. “Another time maybe.”

“You’re still coming the party tomorrow?” Will was getting desperate now, she just had to come to the party. There was no way he was ready to be at the same party as Gypsy without someone as hot as Dani on his arm. Not that she’d technically be on his arm but it would be enough to make Gypsy spew.

“Yeah I’ll come.” She smiled gently, “you should go back to your friends though before they kill each other.” Grinning now Will picked up the milkshakes and headed back to the table where the boys sat, his head somewhere on cloud nine.

“You look pretty pleased with yourself.” Never one to pull punches Noah looked at Will questioningly.

“She wants me,” Will replied, grinning and to his annoyance his three friends burst into laughter. “She does! Anyway Kit’s here.” Will directed Noah’s attention and his ploy worked. Noah was instantly on his feet and heading in her direction.

“That boy has it bad,” Jack remarked, watching Noah.

“And you don’t? You’re like that over Martha!” Will teased.

“I not that bad. I’ve just got a lot of making up to do with Martha that’s all. I’m certainly not under the thumb the way Noah is.”

“I don’t think Noah’s under the thumb, just besotted,” Kim replied.

“That’ll be me and Dani soon,” Will told them confidently and Kim and Jack both burst out laughing again. “What?” Will demanded, but he was laughing too.

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We're edging closer to the party and you can expect Hayley's behaviour to get a whole lot worse. She's so much more fun to write like this! I've got a couple of ideas brewing for storylines so hopefully I'll get a bit more written over the weekend now I'm not going away in the meantime heres the next chapter.

Thanks for the reviews please keep them coming even if you hate what I'm doing to your favourite characters! Thanks Tess for proofing.


“Hey Mac, how are you?” Cassie was waiting for Martha in the Diner. Every morning her Gran gave her money for both breakfast and dinner so it had become tradition for Cassie to stop by the Diner for breakfast and then walk to school with Martha. They were usually joined by Hayley and Will, further along the path to school

“Okay,” Martha replied but Cassie thought her friend looked anything other than okay. Her face was pale and there were large black rings under her eyes.

“Did you get any sleep?” Cassie asked.

“Not really. Tell you on the way. Bye Grandad!” but Alf’s answering call was lost as Martha raced Cassie out of the Diner where she promptly burst into tears.

“Hey what is it?” Cassie hugged Martha gently as she sobbed.

“It’s Jack,” Martha managed.

“What’s he done now?” there was a hint of resignation to Cassie’s voice.

“Nothing. He hasn’t done anything, it’s me.”

“That makes a whole lot of sense,” Cassie remarked with a giggle. Martha managed a smile.

“He hasn’t done anything, he phoned me last night to ask me to go out for a walk with him but I said no. It’s the Gypsy thing,” Martha admitted.

“I thought you’d got over that?”

“So did I but what Hayley said the other night got me thinking. Do you think I’ve forgiven him too easily?” Cassie was caught off guard by the question and stuttered over her answer. “So you do then?”

“No, I didn’t say that. I think what he did was pretty awful but it was a mistake and he’s really sorry…”

“He is, he’s so sorry for it and he’s been so lovely to me since. He was really drunk and we both know how persuasive Gypsy can be. If I’d have split up with him that would have meant letting her win.” Martha felt as if she had to defend her actions.

“That’s true. At the end of the day you love him and he loves you, if you’ve forgiven him then that’s all that matters,” Cassie replied logically.

“Yeah you’re right. I’ll make up with him when we get to school,” Martha decided. Cassie nodded and promptly changed the subject.

“Have you decided what you’re wearing yet?”

“I bought this new dress the other week and I think I’ll wear it, do you remember me telling you?”

“Is it the red mini dress? The really low cut one?”

“Yeah, I want Jack to realise that he’s much better off with me than with Gypsy. I think the dress will do it. I’d never have been able to wear it if we weren’t getting ready at Hayley’s, I think Granddad would have hit the roof if he saw it!”

“I think Nan would too. I was going to wear my really tiny black shorts and a tiny top. Wonder if Hayley’s asked Will to ask that guy Kane yet?”

“Why don’t you ask her.” Martha pointed ahead to where Will and Hayley were walking down the track from the Beach House to meet them.

“No I’d look stupid,” Cassie protested.

“I will then. Hayles did you ask Will to ask the new guy to your party yet?” Martha asked the minute they were within hearing distance.

“Yes she asked me and I said I’ll see what I can do. Laters.” Will quickly made his escape, he hated walking to school with Hayley and her friends.

“Thanks Hayles,” Cassie replied.

“As if I’d let you down. Excited for tonight?”

“You betcha. It’s going to be great,” Martha replied, her earlier tears forgotten.

“Yeah, really great.” Cassie agreed, picturing Kane’s face when he saw her all dressed up tonight. He had so far only seen her in her school uniform so it was no wonder he hadn’t noticed her. That would all change tonight, Cassie was sure of it.


“God don’t yer hate girls!” Will had raced to school and headed straight to the playground where he met up with Noah, Kit and Jack.

“I quite like them myself,” Noah replied, kissing Kit gently on the back of her head and wrapping his arms tighter round her.

“Right answer, now you get a prize,” Kit replied, leaning back to kiss him.

“Oh puhlease!” Will made vomiting motions.

“You’re only jealous,” Noah grinned.

“Which girls in particular?” Kit asked.

“Hayley, Martha and Cassie.”

“I take it back, you were right first time,” Kit remarked dryly.

“Hey,” Jack warned.

“Come on mate you were only saying last night that Martha’s being a pain,” Noah reminded him.

“Yeah but I’m allowed to say it. She’s my girlfriend.”

“So do you guys think Dani’s hot?”

“Sure,” Noah replied, raising his eyebrows.


“I think she’s stunning,” Kit added with a giggle to which Noah raised a suggestive eyebrow.

“Hey there’s that new guy, what do you think of him?” Jack pointed to where Kane Philips was sat, alone under a tree, smoking a cigarette and glaring at everyone who walked past him.

“He’s in my class, he’s a bit weird,” Will admitted.

“Weird’s one word. I’d call it more of an attitude problem. You should have heard the grief he was giving Miss Fletcher in History yesterday.” Kit curled her lip up in distaste. “The guy has anger issues.”

“Says you,” Noah teased and was rewarded with a playful punch.

“We don’t really know the guy though do we?” Noah was, as always, quick to defend the underdog.

“Uh that reminds me. The girls want me to invite him to the party tonight. As if there’s not going to be enough trouble.”

“What sort of trouble?” Kit wanted to know.

“The sort that Hayley’s going to kick up when she realises you and Gypsy are going,” Jack informed her.

“You mean she doesn’t know yet?” Kit laughed.

“I haven’t found the right moment,” Will replied, sheepishly.

“You mean you’re chicken!” Kit teased.

“No I’m not, I’ll tell them today.”

“Or when hell freezes over,” Noah whispered. Will failed to catch his comment and was therefore taken aback when Kit, Jack and Noah burst into laughter. The bell went then so the foursome made their way into school, still laughing.


“Have you asked him yet?” Hayley, Martha and Cassie cornered Will in the corridor at lunchtime.

“No and I’m not going to. The guy’s a freak, he nearly killed Mr Holden for putting him on detention, he’s a psycho, I’m telling you,” Will insisted.

“Really?” Martha raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sure Will’s exaggerating as always,” Hayley replied, rolling her eyes. “If you won’t ask him to the party I will.” Hayley put her hands on her hips and glared at him as she delivered her ultimatum.

“Be my guest but don’t blame me if he goes skitzo on you. He’s over there by the way.” Will stalked away leaving Hayley gobsmacked and only half afraid. Martha and Cassie were both looking at her expectantly, she turned to look at Kane. He was cute in a brooding sort of way, there was something about him ‘a don’t mess with me’ look.

“Maybe we shouldn’t invite him if he’s as bad as Will says,” Martha remarked.

“but Hayley said Will’s probably lying and I do really like him, go on Hayles you’re not scared of anything, go ask him for me,” Cassie begged.

Hayley smiled at the compliment. Cassie was right though, Hayley Smith was not scared of anything.

Squaring her shoulders she headed over to him. “Kane?” she was stood right behind him but he blatantly ignored her. “Kane?” she repeated.

“What do you want?” he turned angrily, his eyes blazing with fury and Hayley found her heartrate increasing. She was scared but she took a deep breath.

“I’m Hayley Smith, you’ve probably heard of me…” she began.

“No.” He abruptly turned his back on her and Hayley’s mouth dropped open in surprise.

“Right well anyway I just wanted to invite you to the party we’re having tonight at my house. It’s going to be great and everyone who is anyone will be there. We’d really like you to come, especially my friend Cassie, she really likes you.” Hayley felt proud of herself, if he came to the party she’d have not only achieved that but she’d have put a good word in for Cassie too.

“Really?” Kane was looking at her with a look she just couldn’t fathom. One second she thought he was angry with her, the next she thought he was laughing at her. She just couldn’t figure him out.

“Yes really,” she insisted, “so you see you should come.”

“Do you want me to come?”

“Well yes or I wouldn’t have invited you would I?” Hayley felt a warmth spread through her body. He liked her! He must do, why else would he ask something like that? He was very cute and they’d look good together. Kane and Hayley, Hayley Philips, it had a good ring to it.

“I’ll think about it.” He was openly grinning at her now, well more of a smirk, like he had got one over on her. No that didn’t make sense, more likely it was because he knew she had clicked on that he liked her and was embarrassed by it

“Well don’t take too long, the party’s tonight and I so badly want you to come.” Hayley fluttered her eyelashes at him and moved her body closer in her most flirtatious manner.

“We’ll see.” Still grinning he stalked off and Hayley returned to an expectant Martha and Cassie.


“I think he’s probably going to come,” Hayley replied, incredibly satisfied with herself.

“Did he mention me?” Cassie asked eagerly.

“No not really but I’m sure he likes you,” Hayley told her and Cassie’s face lit up. So it was a lie but Cassie would never know and it wasn’t Hayley’s fault if Kane preferred her now was it? Smiling to herself she led her crew through the corridors to class.

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Right I'm back from my week away and I've just managed to write this last night then I'm away again today. Only for a day or two though so hopefully I'll be able to write another chapter when I'm back.

I kind of know where the next few chapters are going now, I've been thinking about it this week when I should have been working!

Thanks to Tess for proofing.

ILM I've PM'd a mod so title change should be on it's way whever they have a sec. Hopefully this story will soon be called Summer Bay High, thanks to I Love Music for the suggestion.

P.S. I love making Hayley horrible!


“Well?” Hayley spun round in front of them, her short mini dress flaring around her, the blue silky material hugging the gentle curves of her body.

“You look fabulous,” Martha told her truthfully and Hayley beamed as she spun around once more, just in case they hadn’t seen just how fabulous she looked.

“I know, Noah is not going to be able to resist me. I mean it’s not as if the little tool Kit could ever wear something like this is it?”

“No way, she could never look as good as you Hayles and you know it,” Cassie was a little envious of how gorgeous Hayley did look, what if Kane preferred Hayley to her?

“Can we get changed now Hayles?” Martha interrupted Cassie’s thoughts.

“Yeah go on but don’t take too long.” Hayley had already made her way to the kitchen so Cassie and Martha trudged obediently into Hayley’s bedroom but Cassie was a bit annoyed. It was Hayley’s fault they weren’t already changed, she had insisted they wait for her grand entrance and now she was asking them to hurry up. Cassie sighed with frustration.

“At least all our make-up was done at home and our hair, I just need to run the tongs over my curls. Why don’t you plug the straightners in so they warm up while you change?” Martha was already beginning to change.

“Good idea.” Cassie quickly plugged the straightners in. A few minutes later both girls were in their respective outfits and just adding the finishing touches.

“You really suit red Martha and your hair is really pretty curly.” Cassie thought Martha looked gorgeous, maybe even more gorgeous than Hayley.

“Thanks, Jack always liked my hair curly. Those shorts are great on you, your legs are so long.”

“Hope Kane thinks so.”

“He will. Who could resist?” Martha flashed Cassie a reassuring smile and Cassie grinned back.

“Are you two done yet?” Hayley’s voice was clearly impatient.

“Just coming!” Martha called back as she and Cassie headed into the front room.

“Oh no Martha, you can’t wear that!”

“What?” Martha’s face crumpled with confusion at Hayley’s response, “Why?”

“It’s obvious to anyone that you’ve only copied what I’m wearing,” Hayley replied as Martha’s jaw dropped open and tears appeared at the corners of her eyes.

“I haven’t! I didn’t even know what you were wearing!” The tears were really threatening now as Martha protested her innocence but Hayley’s lips were set in a firm line.

“Hayley Martha’s dress is a different colour, a different material, a different style, the only thing the same is that it’s a dress!” Cassie attempted to come to her friend’s aid.

“Well you haven’t made much of an effort have you?” she glared at Cassie and Cassie’s mouth dropped open, bitterly hurt by Hayley’s comments. “It’s up to you Martha but you can’t wear that dress to my party.” The threat was not lost on Martha.

“What am I meant to wear? I didn’t bring anything else!” Martha’s voice was whining with frustration.

“There’s a green top on my chair that’d be perfect for you and I pulled out a pair of trousers that are much too big on me so they’ll fit you just right. It’s your choice.” Hayley headed into the kitchen and Cassie quickly guided Martha to the bedroom before the tears became an onslaught.

“Hey come on, don’t ruin your make-up,” Cassie urged but Martha was already crying. Cassie hugged her gently until her tears were spent. “What am I going to do, that green top’s horrible and those trousers will be way too big!”

“I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you tell Hayley you’re going home to get changed but go the Surf Club instead. You know that’s where Jack and the boys are meeting, tell them you’re picking up some extra crisps for the party. That way Jack’ll get to see you in the dress and you can come back to the party with them. Just tell Hayley that on the way home to ran into Jack and he wouldn’t let you get changed. She can’t say anything then can she?”

“Yeah I guess, by then everyone will be here and she’ll be too busy worrying about Noah. I look a mess though!”

“That’s quickly sorted, come on, I’ll sort your face out for you.” Martha smiled gratefully. “Do I look like I’ve made much of an effort Marth?”

“Seriously you look great Cass, don’t listen to her, she’s just jealous because she would have to make a serious amount of effort to look that good.” Anger was making Martha bitchy but it had the desired effect as Cassie started grinning.

“There all done, you look gorgeous again. You sneak out of the window and I’ll make your excuses.”

“You’re a good friend Cass.” Martha gave her a quick hug and slipped through the window. Cassie checked her own appearance in the mirror, added a bit more make-up, some more jewellery and glitter and then squared her shoulders and prepared to face Hayley again.


“Come on Kit, Noah’s getting bored out here. He’ll run off with someone else if you’re not careful!” Robbie was teasing his sister through the door.

“You leave her alone Rob. Noah would you like a drink?” Beth Hunter asked.

“No thanks Mrs H,” Noah replied with a smile. “There’s no-one else I’d possibly want to run off with.” He said it loud enough so hopefully Kit would hear and was rewarded with a smile from her Mum.

“Noah tell Kit we’re heading out to get some dinner at the Diner and Robbie’s coming with me so you two can have some peace.”

“Oh Muuum!” Robbie whined but Beth was already pushing him out of the door, smiling at Noah who returned her grin. He liked Mrs Hunter a lot. Standing up he headed to Kit’s room and knocked on her closed door.

“Your Mum’s taken Robbie to the Diner so there’s just you and me in the house.” He could not help the suggestive tone that crept into his voice as he waited hopefully for her to open the door.

It took a few minutes but eventually the door was opened and Noah’s mouth dropped open in amazement. “You look stunning,” he managed to whisper, taking in every inch of her. She was wearing a black skirt over leggings and a red corset style top with her trusty black boots. Noah thought the look was very Kit, very typical of her style but also incredibly sexy, her hair had soft red tones in it and was loose on her shoulders and she was wearing light make-up. Two things Kit rarely bothered to do.

“You really think so?” Noah was amazed at how insecure she was but for some reason it only made him like her all the more. She was so genuine, so unassuming, so unlike Hayley.

“You look perfect, where’s my little tomboy gone though? Not that I’m complaining, you should wear your hair down more often.”

“Ten out of ten for charm school Lawson,” she teased, her sense of humour returning with her confidence.

“I just fancied a change, I wanted you to be proud of me.”

“As if I could ever be anything else. Hope you’re prepared to get ready all over again though.”

“Why’s that?” Kit looked at him, confused.

“Because we have the house to ourselves and there’s no way, with you looking like that, I’m not going to take advantage.” He kissed her tenderly and with his foot, pushed the door shut behind them.


“This keeping quiet is killing me!” Kim lay back exhausted on his pillow.

“It’s fun though isn’t it?” Gypsy whispered as she sat up and looked at him. From the front room they heard Hayley and Cassie giggling away.

“I still can’t believe Hayley said all that to Martha, that was so unlike her,” Kim remarked.

“You are so naïve. It’s exactly like her it’s just that she puts on a very good act in front of you” Gypsy told him, observing him closely.

“Just leave it will you Gyps.” Kim turned away from her. Even despite what he had heard Kim could not help liking Hayley and he hated it when Gypsy slagged her off.

“As you wish.” Gypsy’s fingers were drawing circles on his bare chest, her fingernails lightly scratching the surface. Kim sighed with frustration.

He didn’t know if Hayley knew about him and Gypsy, he hoped not because she was bound to hate him. There was something about Gypsy though, she was so hard to say no to.

He remembered the first time she had turned on the charm, he had known straight off that it was a bad idea but the truth was that Gypsy was an attractive girl, very attractive. And she knew it. She knew exactly how to be around men, what to say, to do and her confidence was so attractive. There was something about her that Kim had found impossible to refuse and now he was addicted.

She had cast a spell on him, she was like a drug that at times he desperately wanted out of his system but at the same time he desperately didn’t want to be without her. He couldn’t be without her. At times he really hated her, at other times he completely loved her, when she flirted with other men he felt jealous and at the same time grateful.

Hayley was different. He had been in love with Hayley from the second he had met her. She was so beautiful, so perfect, everything he had ever dreamed of in a girl. She was popular, fun, great to be around and stunningly beautiful. The girl every guy wanted and he had wanted her.

She had never really paid him much attention though, even when his Dad had started seeing her foster Mum and he had moved into the same house as her. She had barely seemed to notice him and it had been partly that fact that had allowed him to fall such an easy victim to Gypsy.

Recently though Hayley had begun to notice him more. Maybe it was because he was working out regularly now, he knew he was in good shape and girls were paying him more attention in school. Hayley had started being nicer to him, almost flirting with him and Kim’s hopes had been raised.

He knew she was still in love with Noah, it was no secret but he couldn’t help himself from hoping that she might be falling for him and that made his liaison with Gypsy even more dangerous. Gypsy and Hayley despised each other and Hayley would hate him if she ever found out, it would blow any chance he had of being with her.

Whenever Hayley smiled at him, or flirted or even looked at him he felt the need to end things with Gypsy. He couldn’t do it though. Not because Gypsy would be hurt, he knew full well that Gypsy only saw him as a bit of fun, another conquest, Gypsy didn’t care about guys the way most girls did. She thought of him as a toy and he had no doubt that if he ended things she’d just find someone else.

The problem was that however much he wanted Hayley, he couldn’t stop seeing Gypsy. He was addicted to her, he couldn’t get enough of her, she was like a drug and he was infected. Wonderfully and horribly infected and he couldn’t say no to her, even when so much was at stake.

“Shouldn’t we start getting ready for the party?” he asked, her fingers making his pulse rate increase.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” she whispered. Outside he could hear Hayley’s beautifully sweet laugh and he physically recoiled but Gypsy’s lips were coming towards his and as she kissed him, Kim felt himself succumb to her. Again. She was a drug and like any addict, he needed her. Regardless of the consequences.

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Chapter six has been written and will be up in a day or two.


“So what time are Kim and Noah meeting us?” Jack asked of Will as the two sat in Noah’s Bar.

“Well Kim’s not now. Apparently he had some very important business to take care of and Noah should be on his way, he was just picking up Kit first.” Will checked his watch.

“I just saw Mrs Hunter and Robbie going into the Diner and Scott’s off on the boat all day with Alf so there’s a pretty good chance Noah and Kit are home alone,” Jack remarked with a smile.

“Guess we might not be seeing them for a while then!” Will grinned, “I’m made up for him though, he’s so happy with Kit and she seems good for him.”

“Yeah she’s a nice girl and she lets him hang with us which is more important.” Jack clinked his drink with Will’s.

“So how’s your love life?” Will winked at him and Jack grimaced.

“I still haven’t seen Martha. I avoided her in school today because I was sure she was going to have a go at me about something. She was so off on the phone last night and I don’t know what I’ve done so I thought I’d stay out of her way.”

“You big wuss!” Will punched him playfully.

“I know but I’m only saving myself earache. You’d do the same,” Jack protested.

“You might not be able to hide too much longer, she’s just walked in mate.”

“You’re kidding? Has she seen me?” Jack looked horror struck.

“Not yet but I’d get over there and make up with her if I was you mate. She looks seriously hot and Greg Thompson is practically drooling over his drink at her and Jeff Davis as well.”

Jack turned to where Will was looking and saw Martha stood at the counter. She was wearing a really short red dress that made her tanned, toned legs look really long and the silky material hugged her curves. Her hair fell in loose waves, just the way he had always loved it and there was no other word for it, she looked seriously hot.

Greg Thompson was positively drooling and Jeff Davis was heading towards her. Jack was on his feet in a flash and reached Martha seconds before Jeff did.

“Hey,” he greeted her.

“Hey,” she replied, a gentle smile on her lips.

“I thought you were getting ready at Hayley’s?”

“I was but I don’t like this dress, I was heading home to change but Hayley said to pick up some more crisps on the way.” Martha felt so nervous that he was going to guess that her coming in here was just for his benefit, her hands were shaking.

“Don’t change, you look stunning,” Jack told her honestly.

“Really?” Martha looked up at him, her green eyes meeting his brown ones, looking for reassurance.

“Yes,” Jack confirmed. “Look Martha…” he began, at the same time as she tried to speak to him. “You go,” he urged, grinning.

“Okay, I was going to say I’m sorry for being off with you on the phone, I was just in a bad mood and I took it out on you.” It was a lie but there was no point bringing up the Gypsy thing again, it was bound to cause a row.

“I’m sorry too because I avoided you in school today. I thought I’d done something wrong and I didn’t want you having a go at me. Sorry.”

“You big wuss!” Martha was laughing though.

“I know. We’re good though?”

“We’re good,” Martha confirmed with a smile and Jack quickly pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “What was that for?”

“In case you hadn’t noticed every male eye in the room is on you and I just wanted everyone to know you’re mine.” Martha put her hands on her hips and glared at him and Jack thought he’d blown it again but then she smiled.

“Maybe we should give them something to look at then.” This time she was the one who initiated the kiss but there was no way Jack was resisting.

“Uh hum, when you guys are finished…” Jack and Martha spun round to look at Will.

“Sorry,” Martha said sheepishly.

“Don’t apologise to him, he should be apologising for interrupting us.” Jack glared at

Will but inside he was smiling.

“Well anyway I was just going to say that I phoned Noah and got the very definite impression I was interrupting something so he and Kit will meet us at the party.”

“Are you going now then? I’ll walk back with you,” Martha replied.

“Don’t see any reason why not.” Jack took hold of Martha’s hand.

“Erm maybe because your mouth’s covered in lipstick.” Will burst out laughing and Jack desperately began rubbing his mouth with his hand.


“Wow, I didn’t think it’d be this busy already,” Will remarked as they entered the Beach House. It was not crowded but there was a fair amount of people there.

“Looks like it’s going to be a good party,” Jack added.

“It’s my party, what did you expect?” Will patted his chest self importantly.

“There’s Dani,” Jack said suddenly.

“Where?” Will looked round frantically as Jack burst out laughing.

“Not really I just wanted to see you react!” Will punched Jack on the arm but Jack was too busy laughing.

“Who’s Dani?” Hayley and Cassie had appeared behind them and though her attention was focused on Jack and Will she found time to glare at Martha.

“Dani’s the girl Will has the hots for, she works in the Kiosk at Noah’s. He’s a little bit obsessed aren’t you mate?” Jack teased.

“I am not!” Will protested.

“I thought you were getting changed?” Hayley’s voice was sweet in front of Jack and Will but her eyes met Martha’s and they told a completely different story. Hayley was furious.

“I was on my way to but I ran into Jack and…”

“And I told her she’d be crazy to change because she looks amazing. Best looking girl in the room.” Jack put his arm around her shoulders but Martha grimaced. Jack was saying such lovely things but it was only rubbing salt in the wounds as far as Hayley was concerned. Two pink spots had appeared on her cheeks, a sure sign that she was angry.

“Noah’s on his way,” Martha said quickly, in an attempt to distract Hayley.

“I thought he was coming with you two?” Hayley asked, trying hard to sound casual.

“He was but he was busy doing other stuff,” Will replied, shooting a sheepish glance at Jack. Martha looked at their guilty expressions and realisation suddenly dawned on her. In Noah’s Will had said that Noah was with Kit and the two of them would be coming to the party later. That meant Kit was coming and everyone knew except Hayley.

“I’m just going to use the bathroom,” Martha said suddenly, flashing what she hoped was an obvious signal at Cassie. She left the group and made her way to the bathroom. After a few seconds there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Martha urged and Cassie poked her head round the door. Martha shut the door behind her.

“Did you want to speak to me. You did well about the dress by the way, told you it’d work didn’t I?”

“Yeah, it was great and Jack was so lovely about it, we sorted everything out but that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. We have a problem.” Cassie looked at Martha expectantly, “Kit’s coming with Noah.”

“Really? Did the boys tell you that?” Martha nodded. “Hayley’s going to spew!”

“I know. Do we tell her or not? I mean she’s not going to take it well and she’s already in a mood with me.”

“Yeah and I suppose there’s no reason why we can’t just play along, I can’t be bothered being on the receiving end of a rant, can you?” Cassie asked as Martha shook her head. “Keep quiet then?”

“Agreed and at least we’re prepared for...” Martha was interrupted by the distinctive sound of Hayley shouting so loudly that the whole house seemed to go quiet.

“Uh oh!” As quickly as possible Martha and Cassie raced from the bathroom.


“Hayles what’s going on?” Cassie asked.

“I said what is she doing here?” Hayley ignored her friends, addressing her furious question to Jack and Will who were doing their best to back away from her.

“She’s obviously come with Noah Hayley, don’t make a big fuss of this, just let it go and we’ll get our own back,” Cassie whispered in a low voice.

“What are you on about? What’s Noah got to do with this?” Hayley glowered at Cassie. “I refuse to have her at my party!”

“Well tough luck Princess I was invited and I’m not going anywhere so you’ll just have to lump it, won’t you?” Martha and Cassie turned around horrified to see Gypsy leaning casually on the doorframe of Kim’s bedroom and a horrified looking Kim trying desperately to pull a shirt on.

“Who invited you or need I ask?” Hayley turned her furious gaze on Kim who visibly shrank away from her.

“Look Hayles, Kim asked me if Gypsy could come and I said yes so just leave it will you? You’re embarrassing yourself. Do you two want a drink?” Will asked of Gypsy and Kim.

“Thanks Will.” Kim smiled at him gratefully as Gypsy looked at him, surprised by his reaction. Jack was putting the stereo back on and within seconds most people had forgotten the disruption and gone back to the party. Hayley though was still glaring at Gypsy and Gypsy was just grinning at her, which infuriated Hayley more.

“Hayles…” Kim began, heading over to her.

“I don’t ever want to speak to you again. You’re disgusting! With her? You’ve well and truly blown any chance you had with me Kim Hyde, I hope she was worth it!” Hayley spat.

“Hayley, please don’t be like that!” Kim’s expression was forlorn but he could not help take hope from her words. “Do you mean I stood a chance?” he could not help himself from asking.

“Might of but not if you’re with her.” Hayley shuddered in disgust.

“It was only a bit of fun!” Kim protested, “I’ll end it. Will that make things okay?” Kim was desperate.

“Might do.” Hayley shrugged non-commitally and turned her back on Kim who trudged off, head down to collect his drink from Will.

“Can you believe it? I went to his room to see if he was there and he’s in bed with her!” Hayley fumed at Cassie.

“No, I can’t,” Cassie admitted truthfully. She was as surprised as anyone that Kim had gone for Gypsy.

“How could you let her come Will?” Hayley demanded furiously of her brother.

“What’s the point Hayles, I just want to move on.” Will felt frustrated and angry at Hayley for making such a fuss.

“The point is you should have told me.” Hayley’s anger was showing no signs of abating.

“And you should have told me.” Martha’s voice was quiet but there was no mistaking the hurt in her eyes she looked at Jack, her face ashen. “You knew didn’t you?”

“I didn’t think it was a big issue,” Jack whispered, unable to meet her eyes.

“Shows what you know! I hate you Jack Holden!” Furiously Martha raced from the room in tears. Hayley stormed off to the bathroom and Cassie glared at the two boys.

“Well done guys, great work!”

“Look I’ll go talk to Martha.” Jack raced after her.

“And I’ll go talk to Hayley,” Will replied, flinching under the harsh look Cassie was giving him and rushing after Hayley.

Cassie sighed deeply, reached for the glass Hayley had been drinking from and downed it in one gulp.

“Fancy another?” A male voice interrupted her thoughts and she looked up to see Kane Philips in front of her, brandishing a bottle of vodka, an amused smirk on his face.

“Do you know what? Yeah I do.” Cassie beamed her best smile at Kane as he flashed her a look which made shivers go down her whole body and filled her glass with a liberal measure of vodka.

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I laughed when I read Dani’s the girl Will has the hots for, she works in the Kiosk at Noah’s. Maybe because Noah is still alive in this story, but I just found it funny... :blink: LoL.

Oops! That's really bad continuity on my part! Back to being the Surf Club I think :P

Are you planning to continue "Return to the Bay" ??? I hope so, I'm hanging for an update!!!

I have lots more to come from Return to the Bay. I'm working on the next chapter now. The problem I have at the moment is that this fic is quite lighthearted and therefore easy to write whereas return to the Bay is at a pretty crucial point in drama and I want to get the reactions just right. That means it needs more of my time and time is something I don't seem to have much of at the mo. It will be coming soon though, I promise. I have lots of storylines that I've started or hinted at that I need to get round to and I'm definitely not bored of it. I'll keep writing as long as people keep reading.

In the meantime updates for this should be pretty regular because I'm having fun with it at the moment. The party alone is going to last several chapters!:)

Anyway I was going to hold this back for a few days but seeing as so many people responded so quickly...


“Go away Jack!” He had no idea how she knew he was there seeing as she had her back to him but obviously she did.

“Martha please let me explain!”

“What’s to explain? You knew how I’d feel having her here but you still didn’t tell me!” Martha turned to face him and he could see the tears on her face, her ruined make-up and he felt terrible.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to upset you.”

“Well you have. You could have warned me at least, stopped me looking a fool!” Martha used her hands to wipe her face. “Do you know Jack, Hayley said to me yesterday that I forgave you too quickly for what you did with Gypsy and the truth is that that’s why I was so upset with you last night. This morning I thought maybe I was making a big deal over nothing and then you go do something like this!”

“What’s it got to do with Hayley? I thought we were over the Gypsy thing? I thought we were good?”

“We were but obviously we’re not or you would have told me. Couples don’t lie to each other Jack! If you really cared about me you’d have told me!” The tears had begun anew and this time Martha left them unchecked.

“I do care about you, that’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Well you have. It’s pretty obvious to me that you don’t really care at all. I honestly thought we were past the Gypsy thing but I don’t think we are. I tried so hard to forgive you Jack but I can’t. The fact of the matter is that I don’t trust you any more. You’ve cheated on me and now you’re lying to me.” Martha was sobbing uncontrollably now.

“Martha there’s no need to do this!” Jack protested.

“Yes there is. Just leave me alone Jack.” Hugging herself to keep warm, Martha walked off and a devastated Jack returned to the party.


“How can you be happy with this Will?” Hayley was furiously pacing her bedroom and throwing things about in her fury.

“Because it’s ancient history Hayles. I’m over it, I’ve moved on. I like someone else now, Gypsy’s nothing to me. You need to get over it.”

“How can I after what she did? Not just to you but to Jack and Martha too. Why didn’t you warn us she was coming?”

“I didn’t think it was a big issue.”

“Well it is. Honestly Will I despair of you sometimes, who else have you invited that you haven’t told me about?” Hayley had meant it as a flippant comment but Will’s cheeks flushed red and he looked away guiltily. “Will?”

“I said Noah could bring Kit,” he whispered.

“You did what?” Hayley looked as if she was about to explode and Will backed away from her.

“Noah said he wouldn’t come without her and he’s one of my best mates, I want him here and Kit’s a great girl. I’m sure you’d like her if you gave her a chance.” Will knew instantly that he’d said the wrong thing when a bottle of baby pink nail varnish came flying towards his head. He ducked and just managed to avoid it. “Are you crazy?!”

“Just get out of my sight before I throw something else and this time I won’t miss!” Will very quickly did as he was told. Hayley sank down to her bed and put her head in her hands. Everything was going wrong. First Martha had worn that dress and then Gypsy and Kim and now Noah was bringing the Hunter freak with him, what else wanted to go wrong?

Hayley stood up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Quickly she reapplied her make-up and smoothed down her dress. At the end of the day she looked better than Martha did, she was far more attractive than Kit Hunter and Kim was willing to dump Gypsy for her. Plus it was her party and nobody was going to spoil it for her.

Pasting on her best smile she left her bedroom.


“Hayles, are you okay?” Cassie looked at her concerned. Hayley was about to snap back at her when she caught sight of who Cassie was with.

“Kane hi. Glad you could make it, help yourself to food and drink.” Hayley pasted on her very best hostess smile. “Cassie can I just have a private word with you please?”

“Of course,” Cassie replied just as sweetly and handed her glass to Kane thus ensuring that she could return to him once Hayley had finished with her. “What’s up?”

“Will just told me that Noah’s bringing Kit Hunter to the party with him. Can you believe he didn’t tell me?” Hayley demanded, angrily.

“Really? That’s awful!” Cassie’s voice was sympathetic but inside she was squirming.

“Isn’t it? You know how much I hate people keeping things from me. Especially my best friends.” Hayley put her hands on her hips and looked directly at Cassie. “You knew didn’t you?”

“No I…” Cassie was completely taken aback and Hayley’s expression was still one of complete fury.

“Don’t lie to me. You tripped yourself up before when you said Gypsy had come with Noah. You thought I was angry about Kit being here. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No Hayles I swear I’d only just found out, I was going to tell you when I came out of the bathroom but you were mad about Gypsy. We didn’t get chance…”

“We? So Martha was in on this aswell? Some friends you two turned out to be!”

“Hayles I’m so sorry. I promise we were going to tell you I…”

“I don’t care. I am so disappointed in you Cassie, I can’t believe you did this to me! Luckily for you I need your help and you owe me.” Hayley looked at Cassie directly, as if daring her to argue back.

“What do you want me to do?” Cassie asked.

“When Noah gets here you need to get rid of the Kit-Kat so I can make my move on Noah and you better not fail me Cassie,” Hayley warned, her voice dark.

“I won’t. I promise.”

“You best go find Martha and tell her the plan,” Hayley instructed.

“Right I’ll go now.” Cassie disappeared in a flash, pleased to have got off the hook so easily. Hayley watched her disappear and then smiled to herself. So Cassie thought she was forgiven did she? Hayley would show her, nobody lied to Hayley Smith and got away with it, not even her best friend. Putting her brightest smile on her face she headed back into the front room to where Kane Philips was stood. “I’m afraid Cassie’s busy for a while Kane, will you make do with me instead?” she asked sweetly.

“Vodka?” Kane asked, regarding her with that same sure of himself smirk he had worn earlier on in the day.

“Wouldn’t say no.” Hayley flashed him a smile and accepted the drink. ‘To Cassie Turner’ she said under her breath, before downing the whole lot.

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Next chapter. Thanks tess for proofing.


“Hey Martha, there you are.” It had taken Cassie a good ten minutes of searching the darkness around the Beach House before she found her friend, hugging herself, under a tree. “Martha?” she asked, when there was no response.

“How could he keep this from me Cass? Hayley was right all along. I never should have taken him back!” Martha was no longer sobbing but her eyes were red raw and her make-up was smeared all over her face.

“Because he’s a stupid bloke and he’s not worth it. At the end of the day you’re so much better than him,” Cassie assured her.

“I’m not though. Gypsy’s better than me, she must be or he wouldn’t have gone with her!”

“He went with her because she’s easy, do you really think he respects her? Do you really want to be with a guy who goes with someone like that? He’s not worth it Martha!”

“You’re right. Jack Holden’s a worthless little…”

“That’s better,” Cassie cut her off. “My gran always said no man is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry.”

“That is so true! Thanks Cass.”

“No worries, can I drag you back into the party then?” Cassie asked.

“I must look an absolute state,” Martha remarked.

“We’ll climb in through Hayley’s window and you can sort yourself out before you face anyone.” Cassie held out a hand to help Martha to her feet.

“Thanks Cass, you’re a good mate.”

“Don’t thank me, I’ve landed us both in it with Hayley. Will told her about Kit and she figured out that we already knew.” Martha groaned. “It’s okay though, she needs our help to get Kit out of the way so she can make her move on Noah. She needs us so we’re out of the dog house.”

“I guess that’s not too bad then.” Martha managed a smile as she linked her arm through Cassie’s and the two headed back inside.


“So Kane, where did you live before the Bay?” Hayley was attempting conversation but in all honesty it was hard work getting more than a one word answer out of Kane. And he was still wearing that stupid smirk.

“Around.” Kane took another swig of vodka and looked around the room. The party was full of so many annoying people, silly, self-obsessed people like the blonde bimbo trying to talk to him at the moment. Kane was bored, these small town hicks were most definitely not his sort of people.

But he had come anyway. He had come to see her. The only person in this small town who had really interested him, the first girl in a long line of flings that he had wanted. Like really wanted.

There was something about her, she had attitude, she had spunk. He had only seen little glimpses of it up to now but he was determined to see more. It was a shame though because apart from a few glimpses of her at the beginning she had been missing practically most of the night.

He looked for her now but there was still no sign and the demonic blonde with the monster ego was seriously getting on his nerves. She was just asking to be bought down and Kane knew he’d take great delight in doing it.

“I mean small towns are so boring and the people are just completely irritating. There’s nothing to do round here, you just have to make your own fun, don’t you?” She was fluttering her eyelashes now, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder, trying to catch his eye.

“Yeah you do,” Kane agreed, looking at her for the first time since she had tried to drag him into conversation.

“I bet you know how to have fun don’t you?” she ran her hand lightly down his arm and Kane smiled to himself. Did she honestly think men fell for this sort of thing? Actually take that back, these small town pretty boys probably did go for that sort of thing. This was going to be far to easy.

“How about we go outside, where it’s a bit more private and we can make our own fun?” Kane suggested, lightly.

Hayley turned on a beaming grin but inside she was disappointed. This wasn’t how it was meant to work. Cassie was meant to walk back in to see Kane kissing her, that couldn’t happen if they were outside. “Why don’t we just stay here?” her eyes flickered to the door. A typically gorgeous looking Noah had just entered with Kit on his arm and boy did she look a state. All thoughts of Cassie and Kane went straight from Hayley’s mind.

“Well if you’re not interested…” Kane began walking away.

“No wait! I’m interested, it’s just that I have to play hostess right now. Later yeah, when the party gets going a bit?” Hayley beamed at him.

“Sure thing Princess.” He flashed her that same smirk again as he sauntered off. Hayley smiled, pleased with herself. That was Cassie set up for payback later and Martha would be easy enough to pay back. It was time to turn her attention to Noah because getting him back was really all that counted at the end of the day.

She walked briskly over to where Noah and Kit were accepting drinks in the kitchen and smiled brightly at them.

“Hi Noah, Kit, really glad you could make it.” Hayley was aware that practically everyone in their immediate proximity was looking at her, surprised. “Help yourself to food and drink. I really like what you’re wearing Kit.” Kit’s mouth dropped open in surprise and Hayley was so pleased with herself for keeping a straight face.

“Thanks,” she managed and Hayley smiled sweetly. The Kit really was a tool, as if someone with the fashion sense that Hayley had would ever think that that little frump looked good? At least Noah was taken in by it, he was smiling at her and Hayley returned his smile with genuine warmth.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Cassie and Martha emerge from her bedroom. “Excuse me please.” She took her leave and headed off in the direction of her friends leaving Noah and Kit, exchanging bewildered glances.


“Where have you two been?” Hayley demanded.

“Sorry we were just…”

“Well I don’t care. You need to get over there and start sucking up to that creep Hunter.”

“What?” Cassie asked, astonished.

“You heard, I’ve just been over there being all nicey nice and now you two have to do the same. It’s the only way we’ll ever get her to leave Noah’s side. You need to win her trust and when you do you can find a way of getting her to the upstairs bathroom. There’s the key, lock her in and don’t forget to tell her where the razors are stored in case she wants to do us all a favour and end things.” Cassie and Martha both looked at Hayley astonished and unable to be sure if she was joking or not. “Now go!”

Cassie and Martha headed off in the direction of Kit and Hayley looked around the room. Quickly she caught sight of her target and headed over towards where Gypsy stood, flirting with a random assortment of guys. “Gypsy can I have a word?” Hayley asked as she joined the group.

“You mean you’re actually capable of speaking without your little crew to back you up?” Gypsy feigned astonishment. Hayley moved away slightly gesturing for Gypsy to follow her. “This should be fun,” Gypsy told some of the guys she had been talking to, “don’t go anywhere will you. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some boredom to wear off once I’m done talking to her.” Grinning flirtatiously at them she followed Hayley to a quiet corner of the room.

“Look Gypsy I just want to draw a line under things alright. Will’s forgiven you and I guess if he’s moved on then I should too. The last thing he needs is his new girlfriend getting caught up in rows with you,” Hayley told her, struggling to keep the smile from her face as Gypsy’s face fell.

“Who’s Will’s new girlfriend?” she asked in a light casual tone which Hayley saw straight through.

“Her names Dani, she’ll be here in a bit and she’s so lovely, really gorgeous and just perfect for Will so, I just wanted to tell you I’ve moved on and you should too.”

“Oh really?” Gypsy put her hand on her hip and glared at Hayley, knowing full well that this nice attempt was all meant to wind her up. “So does that mean you’re okay with Kim and I then?”

“Kim can do what he likes, he’s nothing to do with me. The only guy you could possibly hurt me by going for would be Noah and he’s with Kit so I doubt he’d look twice at you.”

“Or you,” Gypsy retorted.

“Maybe but that’s for me to worry about. You just stay away from Noah and we’ll be just fine. Oh and Jack too, him and Martha are back on track and you need to stay away from them because if you go after him again that’ll seriously wind me up!” Hayley warned.

“Oh really?” Gypsy raised an eyebrow.

“Really.” Hayley confirmed, turning her back on Gypsy. She was grinning as she walked away, she thought that had gone rather well. Hayley knew as well as Gypsy that Gypsy would never do what Hayley said. If Hayley had calculated right, which she was pretty sure she had, Gypsy would go straight for the two guys she was not meant to therefore ensuring the break-up of Noah and Kit and the revenge on Martha. Not bad for a half hours work, she thought as she picked up a glass and made a quick and silent toast, to herself.

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Is this soon enough :P

Seriously sorry for the gap in updates. I am so, so busy at the moment with work during the week and skydiving of a weekend that I never seem to have chance to update. There's still plenty more to come from this story as soon as I get chance to write it so please be patient with me...I promise to update whenever I can!

Thanks so much for everyone's lovely reviews, it means heaps and thanks to Tess for proofing. Kat.xx


“So you’ve got three brothers and a sister? That’s a big family, bet there’s a mad queue for the bathroom every morning. It’s a renowned fact that boys take even longer than girls.” Cassie felt false as she made light conversation with Kit. She was fairly certain that the other girl could see right through them but Hayley’s eye was permanently on her so Cassie kept up the act.

“So what’s this all about this sudden being nice to me?” Kit whispered, “I’m not stupid you know.” Cassie exchanged a look with Martha who decided that honesty was the best policy. At least bits of honesty were.

“Look Hayley never liked you because of Noah and as her friends we couldn’t exactly be nice to you but she has her eye on someone else now so she’s realised there’s no point in holding the grudge towards you. That means Cassie and I are finally free to try and talk to you,” Martha explained, thinking that it was part the truth and far more believable than the pretence Hayley had asked for.

“Who’s she got her eye on?” Kit asked.

“We don’t know, she’s keeping it a secret.” Cassie quickly caught onto what Martha was doing.

“So does your brother Scott like working on Granddad’s boat then? Granddad always says he’s a really good worker. He’s pretty hot too,” Martha deftly changed the subject.

“If you like that sort of thing. Yeah he loves the boat though, Scott always had a thing for nature, land, sea, he loves it all and he gets on pretty well with your Granddad,” Kit replied. She was still not entirely sure if she believed their little story but Noah was looking at her with a really pleased expression on her face.

She knew it was hard work from him that she did not get on with Will’s sister and Jack’s girlfriend and Kit was determined that if they were trying, she would try too. Not for them but for Noah’s sake. He was, after all the most important person in her world at the moment.

“Do you know Kit, I think I have the perfect shade of lipstick in the bathroom to match your top. Why don’t you come with me and try it?” Martha suggested.

“No thanks,” Kit replied, a little too quickly.

“Sorry, I know we’ve been a bit nasty to you in the past but I just thought this would go some way to making amends. I really think it’d suit you,” Martha continued, putting on her best ‘hurt’ expression.

“Do you mean the one I think you mean? Yeah Martha’s right that’ll really suit you,” Cassie quickly joined in the façade. “Noah will love you in it.”

“Noah’s not really a make-up kind of guy,” Kit replied.

“Trust me Kit, every guy loves a girl in make-up. Noah you don’t mind if we borrow Kit for girlie things do you?” Martha called across to him.

“No go ahead!” Noah urged with a smile. He looked so genuinely delighted that she was getting on with Cassie and Martha that Kit felt silly for making such a fuss. She just had this niggling feeling that something wasn’t right but if it would please Noah then she would do it.

“Go on then,” she replied quietly, soaking up Noah’s beautiful reassuring smile, the same smile that made her knees go weak as she allowed herself to be pulled along with Cassie and Martha.


“Gyps can I have a word please?” Kim’s heart was pounding in his chest as he stood over her, trying desperately to drag her attention away from the crowd of men surrounding her.

“Bit busy now Kim,” she replied airily.

“Gypsy we have to talk,” Kim insisted taking hold of her arm. Gypsy rolled her eyes in distaste but stood up nonetheless.

“That’d be a first, us talking I mean. I didn’t think you were capable of communicating with me on a non-physical level.” A smile played around the edges of her mouth but kim failed to return it.

“This has to stop.” Kim tried his best to sound firm but he was sure his shakiness must have been showing in his voice. He hated the way Gypsy lookled at him, her fingers on his skin. Even the slightest touch had such an effect on him, but he had to stand firm.

“What, you embarrassing me in public?” Gypsy glanced over her shoulder at the guy she had been chatting up and he gave her a sexy wink.

“No you and me. It’s no good, it has to end.”

“What?” Gypsy turned her attention back to Kim and realisation of what was about to occur suddenly hit her. “Felt good to me,” she replied, keeping her voice nonchalant.

“It’s too complicated Gypsy, being with you, I’m just not sure it’s worth the risk.” Kim could not meet her eyes, he anxiously twisted his fingers round one another, steadfastly refusing to look at her.

“Hayley you mean? Little Miss Princess has had a word in your ear about how she’ll get with you if you finish with me?” Kim’s mouth dropped open, surprised at how she had guessed. Gypsy looked him square in the eyes. “Can’t you see you’re being used? Do you really think if you end things with me that Hayley will fall into your arms? Look at her, staring at Noah, do you really think she’s given you a second glance?”

“She meant it, I could tell. I have to try don’t I?” Kim looked at her, pathetically pleading and Gyspy felt almost sorry for the poor, deluded boy stood in front of her. Almost except that in falling for Hayley he was only being completely stupid and therefore deserved everything he got.

“You’re deluding yourself. By all means end things with me if you want, I don’t care either way but you better not come running back when you realise she’s taken you for a mug,” Gypsy snapped. She hated being dumped, Gypsy saw herself as the dumper not the dumpee and she was desperate to turn things around.

“Please don’t be angry Gypsy.”

“I’m not angry Kim, I just think it’s pathetic but it’s your loss. You go, run along to Princess Hayley, I’m not bothered either way. You see for me it was all about the sex and I’m sure I can find someone who was better in bed than you. I just wonder if you’ll be able to manage the same thing?” With that she turned on her heel and walked away from him. Kim watched her leave, shaking and confused and still with no idea if he had done the right thing.


“Hi Noah, have you got enough to drink?” Hayley had waited a few minutes after Martha and Cassie had disappeared with Kit and now she approached him, determined to put her plan into action.

“I’m good thanks Hayley,” he replied warily.

“Look I know things have been a bit difficult these past few weeks and I’ve been a bit of a bitch…” Hayley twirled her blonde hair round her fingers and looked him straight in the eyes. He was so gorgeous, even when he looked at her with disgust he still did things to her body that nobody else could do.

“That’s an understatement.” Nosh was wondering just where this was going.

“Well I just wanted to say that it’s all in the past now. I just want us to move on, go back to how things were.” Noah looked unconvinced so Hayley moved closer to him. “Will you not give me a second chance?”

“Do you deserve one?” Noah was suspicious, she seemed genuine enough and she had been nice to Kit earlier so maybe she was for real. Except that she was Hayley and he didn’t trust her one iota.

“Maybe not but I am trying hard to put things right.” Noah had to admit that that was true.

“Okay, you get a second chance but no more games Hayley, I’m sick of them.”

“Really? You’re giving us a second chance? For real?” Hayley’s face lit up into a beaming smile, her eyes regained their sparkle and she visibly seemed to grow three inches.

“I said so didn’t I?” Noah was ca bit surprised by her reaction, more so when she suddenly squealed and fell into his arms, hugging him tightly. Noah self-consciously patted her back, whilst delicately trying to free himself from her grip.

“I’ve missed you so much! Things are going to be so good now.”

“Right, yeah.” Noah was trying politely to disentangle her.

“Kit’ll get over it soon enough, she’ll just have to accept it. I always knew you couldn’t really love her.” Hayley was still barrelling on.

“What are you going on about?” Noah made another attempt to disentangle himself.

“Kit, she might be angry at first but she’ll soon come to realise that you and me are meant to be, now you’ve given, me a second chance.” Realisation started to dawn on Noah and he pushed Hayley away from him, repulsed.

“What are you going on about? I gave you a second chance as my friend, not as anything else. You honestly think you can just apologise and I’ll drop everything for you?” Noah was furious now, his eyes flashed with anger.

“But we’re meant to be together!”

“You’re deluded. I’m meant to be with Kit, I love Kit.” As Noah looked at her he felt like he was seeing her for the first time as she really was. A sad, pathetic, lonely little girl and he’d have felt sorry for her if he hadn’t been so mad.

“You don’t mean that, I mean she’s so plain and she wears such weird clothes…”

“You really haven’t changed a bit have you Hayley? You are unbelievable. You’re the most selfish, childish, self-centred person who ever walked this Earth and Kit is a million times the woman you’ll ever be. I’d be delighted if I never saw you again.” Pushing her aside, Noah moved angrily off.

“Noah!” Hayley called, attracting everyone’s attention but Noah was already storming over to where Martha and Cassie were watching proceedings.

“Where’s Kit?


“Tell me where she is you pair of spineless bitches!” Noah was absolutely furious and Cassie and Martha were both a little scared. His eyes were flashing dangerously.

“In the bathroom,” Cassie replied. Noah pushed past them.

“You might need the key,” Martha whispered, feeling utterly ashamed of herself. Noah took the key from her and looked at them both with a look of complete contempt.

Quickly Cassie and Martha moved out of his reach, towards were Hayley stood, sobbing in the kitchen. “You okay Hayles?” Cassie asked.

“What do you think!” Cassie and Martha exchanged a glance.

“Hayley, I did it. Gypsy and I are over.” Kim came racing into the kitchen, an excited expression on his face but one look at Hayley’s confirmed that she did not share his excitement.


“Good for you but there’s no way I’d touch you anyway. You’re a pathetic loser Kim, you always have been. You’re like a little puppy dog always following me round, doing everything I say. You’re just a toy Kim, one I like to play with. Now run along little Puppy go back to the crab Queen.” Hayley turned on her heel and marched away leaving Kim to watch her leave, devastated.

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I'm really happy with this chapter but I have a feeling that fans of certain, populau couple might not be :P

Thanks for all your lovely reviews, please keep them coming.

Thanks Tess for proofing.


Noah was several feet away from the bathroom when a loud bang against the door caused the whole corridor to vibrate. It was followed by a subsequent, just as loud bang and as he got closer he could decipher a permanent thud of hands banging on the door plus one person very angrily screaming and shouting.

“Kit! Kit it’s Noah, I’ve got the key just stop throwing things hey?” Quickly he inserted the key in the lock and pushed open the door. Kit sprang instantly to her feet. Her hair was a mess, her face streaked with tears and red with fury she pushed him aside with so much force that Noah almost lost his balance. He regained it in time to prevent her from leaving the bathroom.

Forcibly he pushed her back into the bathroom and shut the door, leaning his back against it and blocking them both in. “Let. Me. Out!”

“Not until you calm down,” Noah soothed, reaching out to touch her but she pushed him off and instead began fighting desperately against him in an attempt to move him from blocking her way.

“I’m. Going. To. Kill. Them!” Kit fumed as she launched herself at the door once more but this time Noah was prepared for her and he caught her in his arms, trapping her with his strength so that she could no get free. She was trying though. Like a mad thing she kicked and fought to free herself from his grip but he was too strong for her.

“It’s okay,” Noah soothed, gently stroking her hair until eventually she grew tired of fighting him and broke down instead, sobbing huge, angry tears on his shirt. Her whole body heaved as she cried and Noah quite honestly felt that right at that moment he would have killed those responsible for hurting her like this.

“It’s not okay. They pretended to be my friends, I knew they were up to something. I went along with it to please you!” Kit sobbed, in her anger she unleashed small punches on his chest, not enough to inflict pain, but enough so that he felt them.

“I know and I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never doubt you again, I’m so sorry. Am I forgiven?” Noah put both hands to her face and lifted it up in a desperate attempt to make her look at him. Gently he wiped away her tears with his fingers.

“What do you see in me, honestly?” she whispered, still not meeting his eyes.

“What you’re crazy not to see. I see this gorgeous, beautiful, gutsy girl with a heart of gold who has me well and truly wrapped around her little finger. Even when she’s crying she still looks gorgeous, that’s what I see,” Noah told her, truthfully.

“Now I know you’re lying.” Her statement was accompanied by a giggle and Noah smiled, relieved that her anger was finally abating. “Maybe I won’t kill them, maybe just some form of horrific maiming would do the trick?” Noah laughed out loud.

“Oh Kit you’re priceless. And anyway I think I deserve some sympathy here. While you were venting your anger in here I was being mauled by the Queen piranha, so don’t I deserve some TLC?” Noah asked. Kit looked at him questioningly.

“Hayley. She used your being here as an opportunity to make a move on me or should I say she had you put in here while she made her move on me,” Noah explained.

“I knew it! I knew she had to be behind it, I’m gonna kill her!” Kit fumed.

“Can you not kiss me better first?” Noah asked, using the best device he knew to divert her attention and Kit had no qualms about obliging. She kissed him gently at first and then more passionately as they both started to get carried away. “I’m still planning to rearrange her face you know,” Kit whispered.

“I wouldn’t expect any less,” Noah replied, giving in to her kisses.


“Dani, hi!” For several hours now Will had been hovering around the door waiting for her to arrive. He had almost given up hope but finally she was here and she was well and truly worth the wait, he thought as he openly looked her up and down.

“You finished?” Dani’s tone was openly mocking.

“Sorry, it’s just, you look, stunning,” Will finally managed to say and was rewarded when Dani smiled.

“I’m sorry I’m late, there was a bit of a row going off at home,” she explained quickly, brushing her long hair behind her shoulders.

“Nothing serious I hope?” Will could not help but stare at her transfixed. She was like a doll, so perfect, so stunning. He was going to be the envy of every guy here, when he finally talked her into going out with him that was.

“Just the usual, Mum fighting with Dad over her wanting to help the latest troubled headcase in town and the twins being, well the twins.” She shrugged dismissively.

“You should try living here. I’m glad you could make it though, can I get you a drink?” Dani nodded and quite willingly followed him into the kitchen.

From across the room Gypsy watched them.

So Hayley had been telling the truth for once in her life, Will was after someone new. The stuck-up bitch from behind the kiosk counter. Another spoilt little Princess who got everything she wanted, just what this town needed.

It was that bitch’s fault that Will hadn’t noticed her all night. He hadn’t even looked in her direction and she had made such an effort. Dejectedly Gypsy sunk to the couch. In her heart she knew that Dani wasn’t really the reason Will had ignored her all night. The problem was with Gypsy herself, same as it always was.

She had had everything with Will. A real relationship, with a guy she loved and who loved her back. Really loved her, not lusted after her or used her for sex, he had loved her for herself. He was the only person who ever had.

So why had she cheated?

Everyone had been pretty sure they knew the answer. Gypsy couldn’t help herself, she was a slut, she got bored, she always wanted something better. Except that that hadn’t been true of her and Will.

She had been by no means bored of him. She had been besotted, fascinated, obsessed but not bored and she had loved him. She had loved every little thing about him, even his bad points and that made him perfect so there was no-one better. Everyone had been wrong.

Only one person had seen through the bolshiness, and the ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude. Only one person had cared enough to look deeper, to see the real reason why Gypsy Nash had betrayed the only guy she had ever loved. Will had been the one to see through her because he was the only one who really knew her. The only one who ever had.

And that was why she had cheated.

Because deep down she knew she was flawed. Behind the make-up, the sex and the bravado, she had very little to offer. Not striking Martha McKenzie looks, not the perfect Cassie Turner, size six body or the Hayley Smith, golden girl perfect image. Inside of Gypsy was a lonely, ugly little girl who did not deserve to be loved.

Gypsy had known it. She had known she wasn’t worth anybody loving her but somebody had. So she had done the only thing she knew how, she had destroyed it before he got a chance to see the real her. Because once he saw the real Gypsy he would hate her and she couldn’t cope with that.

This current anger, the bitterness, the hurt towards her was better than having him see the real her. Anything was better than that. Loving someone had been both wonderful and terrifying. For the first time in her life Gypsy had been out of her depth with a man, she had been vulnerable and it was easier to break her own heart than have someone do it for her.

Downing the glass of pink coloured, foul tasting concoction she had been holding she did what she always did when she felt down. She looked for an ego boost and her eyes lighted on one person she knew fancied her. One person she knew would not be able to resist her and one person who by going for, would seriously **** Princess Hayley off.

Picking up a beer from the open keg on the floor and refilling her own glass with the vile punch, she headed in Jack’s direction.


Hayley had downed three glasses of wine since Noah has stormed off and she had let rip at Kim. Martha and Cassie were stood obediently at her sides and saying lots of comforting things but what did they know? Who were they to talk to her about feelings? Cassie no bloke Turner and Martha, my man prefers Gypsy, McKenzie. Just who were they to lecture Hayley Smith on boyfriends?

Looking around the room Hayley spotted something that for the first time since Noah had stormed off, made her smile. “Are you and Jack definitely over?” she asked Martha, interrupting the mindless chatter that she and Cassie had been making.

“Who knows, maybe it’s just a row. We’ll have to see.” Her earlier anger had subsided and Martha was feeling a little calmer now. Maybe she had overreacted a little bit over the Gypsy thing. He had been trying to protect her after all.

“Would it help your decision if I told you he currently had Gypsy sitting on his knee?” Hayley asked sweetly. Martha’s head snapped to the direction Hayley was looking and Hayley could almost have sworn she could see the smoke rising from her eyes.

“How could he?” Martha was horrified and Cassie put a comforting arm around her shoulders whispering how worthless he was and how wonderful Martha was. Blah, blah, blah, Hayley thought. Cassie really was starting to get on her nerves recently and Hayley had still not forgiven her for lying to her earlier.

Fortunately the means to get back at Cassie was heading straight in her direction. “Did I tell you that I tried to put in a good word for you with Kane Cass?” Hayley asked.

“Really?” Cassie perked up, what did he say.

“Just that he had his eye on someone else. I’m really sorry Cass.” Hayley watched as Cassie tried desperately hard not to let her feelings show on her face. But failed. Her act was made more difficult as the very man in question approached their threesome and Cassie’s face blushed bright red.

“Fancy that walk I suggested?” Kane asked of Hayley after passing a quick look in the direction of Martha and Cassie.

“Oh I don’t think it’s a good idea…” Hayley began.

“Go on, you’re not scared are you?” Kane taunted, his eyes fixed not on Hayley but on Martha and Cassie.

“Of course I’m not. Come on then,” she urged. Giving Cassie a quick hug she whispered ‘I’m doing this for you’ in her ear and then headed in the direction of the back door.

For a few seconds Kane stood watching Martha and Cassie as they stood together and then with his trademark smirk, he headed after Hayley. Leaving both Cassie and Martha not sure what to think.

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I know...it's taken me forever to update this but I have had serious writers block. I still have it, just can't seem to write anything at the moment. However I was concious that I'd neglected this a bit too long so I told I love music what I planned to happen and she wrote a bit for me. I have to say reading someone else writing my story was a huge inspiration and I managed to finish the chapter off. So I want to say a huge thank you to ILM who must be credited as my co-writer for this chapter because it never would have happened without her input.

Hope I've not lost too many readers with the long delay. Thanks for your comments, they're really appreciated, please keep them coming. Enjoy!

Chapter Ten

“No way do you like that movie!” Dani Sutherland sat back on the sofa, hands on hips, and raised a disbelieving eyebrow at the boy sat opposite her.

“Yeah I do!” Will insisted, knowing he was protesting in vain. It was blatantly obvious she could see right through him but he so badly wanted to impress her.

“I tell you it’s my favourite chick flick and suddenly it’s your favourite movie? And I never met a guy yet who liked it!” Dani tried to glare, but she was grinning. She had had serious doubts about coming tonight but she was glad she had now. Will was good fun. Easy to talk to and more than a little cute.

Will grinned back. He knew when he was beaten. It was time to go for the more honest approach. “Alright. Maybe I don’t like it that much.”

“I knew it!” Dani’s expression was one of pure delight at having been right and Will could not help but grin. He loved this side to her, the feisty determination, the strong will, the fight. Just what he looked for in a girl.

Such thoughts automatically made him look in the direction of another girl. One with similar qualities. But looking at Gypsy now disgusted him. Shamelessly draped all over Holden and Holden was a fool for allowing her to be. Sure, Martha was Hayley’s mate and a bit of a pain, but Jack was a fool if he dropped her for Gypsy. Gypsy only cared about herself.

Still it wasn’t as if he hadn’t warned Holden often enough. The guy knew what Gypsy was like so it was his funeral. In the meantime, the beautiful Dani Sutherland was looking expectantly at him.

“Alright! The movie totally sucked. But it impressed you, didn’t it? That I had such a sensitive side?” Will turned on his most charming smile. The cheeky grin had got him his own way so many times.

“Nope! But just remind me to pick what we watch when we go the movies, alright?” She punched him playfully but Will’s mind was fully focused on her comment. He felt his mouth drop open in surprise and quickly recovered his composure, but inside he was cheering.

“Was that an invitation?” He looked at her eagerly, too eagerly and he knew it, but he just couldn’t help it. So much for being Mr Cool, Mr Laid Back. Fortunately though Dani was smiling at him. A shy smile that made his pulse rate increase.

“Would you like it to be?” Dani was well aware that Will liked her and she liked him too. But that didn’t mean she was going to make things easy for him.

“Yeah, I reckon that’d be alright,” Will replied, inwardly patting himself on the back for regaining his coolness.

“Just alright?” She was teasing him. Her eyes were challenging him and, god damn her, she was gorgeous. Will instinctively moved closer to her, his fingers resting gently on her arm. He was desperate to touch her, needed to feel her soft skin.

“Well maybe more than alright.”

The two were so close now that if Will moved just a fraction of an inch, he’d be kissing her. Her eyes were locked with his, inviting him, challenging him and Will edged forward.

“Will?” Kim’s voice cut through Will’s head, completely destroying the moment and Will groaned as beside him Dani giggled and Kim looked at them, utterly confused.


The party house overlooked the wharf, where moonlight and lamplight shimmered on the night-time river and lines of boats were bobbing gently on their moorings with rhythmic creaks. The pretty scene caught Hayley’s attention only briefly. She had more important things on her mind.

“Sooo...Alone at last. Like they say in all the best corny movies.”

Her girlish giggle pierced the night air and she gave Kane a meaningful sideways glance. Her eyes came to rest upon his strong, manly features outlined by the soft moonlight and the smile abruptly left her face. He was standing here with the most beautiful girl in Summer Bay and he wasn’t even looking at her!

He was leaning against the wall, his back, ramrod straight, his shoulders strong and square. Yet he looked so natural, so completely at ease. Hayley watched, fascinated in spite of herself, as he lit a cigarette and inhaled slowly. Hayley despised smoking. The smell, the way it lingered on her clothes, in her hair. She hated the taste and that horrible, sickly feeling you got the morning after a cigarette the night before. Yet somehow, when Kane was smoking, he made it look cool.

So when, barely moving or even looking at her, he offered her a cigarette, she accepted it and allowed him to light it for her. Placing it between her lips she took a slow drag on it and instantly coughed as the horrible mix of tar and smoke filtered down her throat to her chest.

Quickly she glanced at him, just to be sure he hadn’t seen her cough. She didn’t want him thinking she was a sook! Everyone in Summer Bay High knew she wasn’t but Kane was new to the neighbourhood and it wouldn’t do for him to get the wrong idea. It wasn't as if it was her fault that she was getting a chest infection now was it? She allowed herself a smile as she realised he hadn’t noticed the cough but the smile quickly became a frown when it dawned on her the reason why.

He was looking down at the wharf, at first she thought at the colourful decorative lamps that lit up the river and the crowds strolling among the bars and restaurants. Then she realised his eyes were following a girl with a great figure (even Hayley had to grudgingly admit that) and very little covering it.

“You’re meant to be with me, not checking out other chicks,” she said petulantly.

“You want me to look at you?” He turned to her and suddenly she wished he hadn’t.

There was something in the way he turned to her. Maybe it was his voice. Or the cold emptiness in his eyes, the slow smirk that crossed his face. But she pushed the unease to the back of her mind. Kane Phillips was a challenge and Hayley Smith enjoyed a challenge.

She allowed herself a small, self-satisfied smile but that same, almost sarcastic grin as he looked her slowly up and down almost weakened her resolve. Usually Hayley loved being appraised by guys. Most guys couldn’t help themselves. But there was something about the way Kane Phillips looked at her. Like he was amused. Like he was mocking almost.

“Yeh. Not bad, I guess,” he drawled.

She flinched involuntarily and he shrugged and turned away.

“Oh, well, if you don’t wanna know after all, babe...”

But there was something attractive, compulsive about the danger. And it’d be worth it, she told herself. Anything to see Cassie’s face when she told her Kane said he had the hots for Hayley. In fact, she’d embellish it a little.

Cassie had really annoyed her tonight and needed a Hayley Smith ready-cooked put-down special. “Cass, I'm sorry, I hate having to tell you this, but as your friend I think you should know. Kane laughed when I told him you were interested. He said you were a dingo, Cass, and it made him sick just to look at you...”

Hayley’s smile returned, along with her confidence. “No!” She caught hold of his arm. “You and me, we’re good together.”

“We are?” His eyes flicked momentarily in the direction of the copse, his intentions clear. All she had to do was give her consent.

Hayley swallowed. Nobody actually said so but everybody knew. The copse, as it was locally known, was where couples went when they wanted some privacy. Dark, hidden. Voices didn’t carry from the copse. The wind and the sea and the trees whispered to each other there and kept their secrets.

It was a small, neglected area of land covered by thick bushes and trees, surrounding an abandoned restaurant, disused from the early sixties when it was realised that the dozens of steep, winding stone steps leading down to the end of the wharf could have killed many a hungry potential diner before he or she even sat down to dinner. It was rumoured Emma Taylor, who’d had to leave Summer Bay High suddenly last year, had got pregnant in the copse, though no one ever found out who the father was. It was a choice of two and Hayley, who owed Emma for upstaging her at the Xmas party, had enjoyed bagging out the slag.

Kane was grinning and a small warning voice rose inside her. But Hayley silenced it. She’d been eating guys for brekkie ever since kindy when Paul Evans had given her that sloppy wet kiss. There hadn’t been any warning about the sloppy wet kiss. Neither was there any warning before Hayley furiously crashed the heel of her shoe down on Paul’s foot. Oh, but the satisfaction when she saw the look in Paul’s eyes!

She’d seen that same look heaps of times in guys’ eyes since. And she had never lost the thrill of her power over men. Kane Phillips was just another guy. She'd decide exactly what did and didn’t happen in the copse.

She smiled and moved closer. “You know it.”


“So do you think I stand a chance with Kane?” Cassie asked hopefully.

Martha took a deep breath and glared at her friend. She had been in the middle of ranting about just what did Jack see in that whore Gypsy and Cassie was interrupting her to ask about Kane! She turned to Cassie, eyes blazing, ready to vent. But the look on Cassie’s face stopped her dead in her tracks.

Her friend looked so young. So vulnerable. Martha suddenly didn’t have the heart to yell at her.

“Sure you do! Hayley’s putting in a good word for you isn’t she?”

“Yeah she said she was but…” Cassie shrugged and hugged herself for reassurance.

“You cold, Cass?” Martha asked gently, like she’d ask a child.

They had moved outside, mainly to get away from the sickening sight of Gypsy and Jack, but they hadn’t ventured far from the Beach House. It was a calm night. Crickets chirped and a soft breeze lazily rustled through the trees. The moon was hidden away behind the veil of dark clouds that almost obscured the sky but here and there a handful of stars had found gaps and were glistening brightly against its velvet blackness. Still, Martha thought, at least the clouds gave the night air its warmth.

“No, I’m okay. Just thinking.” Cassie seemed engrossed in the glass she was holding. “I wonder why Hayley wanted to go for a walk with Kane? Couldn’t she just have talked to him inside?”

“Maybe she just wanted to speak to him out of your gaze, make you feel less weird about it.” Martha knew she was fishing for excuses. She wasn’t exactly sure what Hayley was up to but she had a bad feeling about it. Hayley could be both nasty and vindictive and her game playing was second to none.

Cassie however seemed happy enough to accept her friend’s answers. She looked up, the ghost of a smile lighting up her pretty face. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just being a dag. I hope she puts in a good word for me.”

“You don’t need a good word putting in for you. If it’s meant to be, you’ll win him over all by yourself,” Martha assured her.

“Yeah. Ri-ight!” Cassie’s tone was self-defeating and Martha looked at her in bewilderment. Cassie was stunning. Her skin was flawless, her figure sensational, legs that went on forever. She was gorgeous but she really and truly didn’t know she was.

“Of course he will.” Martha punched her arm, gently.

“I really hope he does. I have to have a boyfriend.”

“No, you don’t! ” Martha could not keep the laughter from her voice.

“You don’t understand. I do. You’ve been in Summer Bay forever. I’ve only been here a few weeks. I have to fit in.”

Martha looked at her, again in surprise but something about Casse’s tone broached no argument. And besides what did you say to that? Maybe it was time to change the subject.

“I’m just going to go find Megan Ashton. I want to get the rest of that vodka off her. I’ll be back in a minute, yeah? You go back inside. I won’t be long.”

“Oh, right. Sure.”

Cassie wasn’t really listening. How could Martha really understand? Pretty, popular Martha McKenzie had grown up in Summer Bay, lived her whole life here, secure and loved. She had never felt mistrust, she had never felt isolated or controlled. Martha had everything. The perfect family, the perfect life, the perfect looks. She could have any guy she wanted if only she wasn’t so hung up on Jack Holden. How could Martha ever have any idea what it felt like to be the outsider, the new girl, to not fit in? What would Martha know? She hadn’t lived the life that Cassie had, never had to question the motives of those closest to her.

But then Martha’s family hadn’t been like Cassie’s. Her Granddad was loving and warm. Not like Cassie’s Uncle had been. Cassie shuddered involuntarily at the memories.

She had to have a boyfriend. She had to be...normal.

Cassie wanted Kane and she would do anything to get him. He was an outsider, just like her. He was on the edge, just as she was. He had to see that Cassie was perfect for him. He just had to. Hayley would talk him round. Hayley was popular and got on well with guys. Hayley would know what to say.

Cassie wiped a hand across her teary eyes, drew a deep breath and turned back into the house.


“Thanks Meg. You don’t mind if Cassie and I finish it off do you?”

“Go for it, babe!” Megan grinned.

Martha accepted the bottle with a smile. Megan Ashcroft was too far gone to care, but Martha had contributed money to buy that bottle and she was damned if she wasn’t getting her share.

Leaving Megan slumped against a tree, she headed back towards the house. And then a familiar voice made her stop suddenly. Her eyes followed the voice and she gasped. The voice belonged to Hayley, the hand she held was Kane’s and their destination was very definitely the copse!

The copse was a place where couples went. Not where people doing their friends favours went. Martha felt her heart sink to her stomach.

Poor Cassie would be devastated.

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