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Moments of Sanity

Guest Pierced Musie

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Story Title: Moments of Sanity

Genre: Angst

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Peter Baker, Eve Jacobson, Sarah Lewis

BTTB Rating: T

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No

Summary: Eve leaves Peter a videotape, requestiing just one thing from him. Will he help?

Moments of Sanity

'On my first day there I saw her. Before I went to that place I was normal and I cared about people. That day I saw her my life changed for the better. Out in the sunshine she caught my eye but I never approached her. I just watched her and wondered what made her tick. Wondered why she had ended up like a caged animal.

Wondered how she got screwed over.

On my first week there I talked to her. She was sat outside with a pencil and pad. She kept looking into the distance and then going back to the pad. The look of concentration on her face reeled me in. I approached her and watched as she continued to draw. I asked her what had grabbed her attention. All she said was a rabbit and pointed. Of course there was nothing but what was I supposed to do. Lie to one of my patients and risk upsetting her?

Instead I told her it was beautiful and watched her face light up like a child's on Christmas morning.

On the first month there I kissed her. I was assigned her case so I started by bringing her in for a counselling session. She sat opposite me but never once looked me in the eyes. I asked her about Danielle Sutherland and she explained it all to me. The hatred was obvious in her voice but I heard something else. I heard the fear. So I asked her about Felix and she broke down. I watched her as she looked down at her hands and began to cry. All I could do was watch as she sobbed over the death of her lost love.

I didn't even realize I had moved until I was knelt down in front of her and hugging her. I whispered in her ear that everything would be okay. She did calm down and she relaxed in my arms. I wasn't prepared for her to whisper back. Wasn't prepared for her kind words to warm me. But they did and I never regretted my next move. The kiss was quick but it was enough for me. She needed me and I promised her that I wouldn't let her down.

You are probably wondering why I made this tape. Whether you like it or not you were one of the people who made her what she was. And yet it was only you and Noah Lawson who paid for what happened. Which is why I am coming to you and asking one thing. I switched the paternity test that Hayley had. Kim is not the father of her baby but he should be. He already lost one child and I don't want him to lose another. I ask you as a sane person to make sure it stays that way. If not for me, then for Sarah Lewis. The woman you helped kill...'

The tape stopped and the screen went black but he couldn't look away. All he could see was Zoe's face. Eve's face. And the look in her eyes. The genuine pleading and worry that had been on her face and in her eyes was enough to convince Peter Baker that the tape was not one last trick from Eve Jacobsen. He took the tape out and stared at it, the words still going through his head.

"You ready to leave?" cut through his thoughts. He looked at Clare and saw the bright smile lighting up her face. It didn't nothing to put him at ease.

"In the minute," he answered and watched as she left. When he knew she was gone he looked at the tape again, hearing Zoe's voice in his head. He knew what the right thing to do was but he just couldn't do it. He had witnessed the bond between her and Kim with his own eyes. He didn't doubt for a second that she loved him as much as she loved Sarah. So he made his choice. Peter opened up one of the desk drawers and placed the tape under the paperwork. He owed Zoe nothing but he owed Sarah Lewis everything. After all, he did kill her.

The End.


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