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Snapshots of Bliss

Guest Pierced Musie

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Story Title: Snapshots of Bliss

Genre: Angst/Romance.

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Kit Hunter, Noah Lawson, Matilda Hunter

BTTB Rating: T (SC)(D)

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No

Summary: Kit & Noah began a game between each other, using photography to build up there love for one another. Not wanting to let go of their game, Kit introduces Matilda to it.

Snapshots of Bliss.

It had started out as a joke. He had gone to Irene's to see her. Their conversation that afternoon had turned into yet another argument. It had left her fuming and left him feeling like a complete jerk.

He had walked in to the sound of music blasting through the house. He had known straight away that Irene wasn't home and that it was her CD playing. He had shouted out but got no reply. When they talked about it later, he had stuck by that. She never did believe him.

He had looked around, finding no sign of life. When only one room had been left, the thought had come into his mind like a bolt of lightening. He stood outside her room and took out the one thing he needed. He had opened the door, intent on capturing an expression of pure shock. He didn't realize he would match her look. Clad in just her trousers and a bra, she had frozen in shock.

"God damn it, Noah!" she had shouted. He took the snapshot anyway.


After that day, it had become a private war between them. She had bought herself a camera phone and had dodged all the questions surrounding her sudden gift. Only one person knew her motive and he had become extra careful. She had tried and failed twice. She wouldn't again.

Third time had been lucky for her, in more ways than one. She had watched him surf, a playful smile on her lips. She had sneakily followed him back to The Palace, her hopes not raised. He had learnt the wonders of locking the doors and she had no key. It was only when she tried the door and found it unlocked that she allowed herself to taste the victory.

She had snuck in and listened to the shower running, waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity to pounce. When everything went silent, the water coming to a stop, she had bit down on her lip to stop herself from cackling with joy.

When the glass door had slid open, the camera had been in position. He didn't stand a chance. He had walked out, clad in just a towel, unsuspecting.

"Smile, you're on candid camera," she had said. As soon as he had whirled round, a surprised look on his face, she had pressed the button.

"What the hell, Kit?" he had shouted, his voice unnaturally high. She had laughed, her attention completely drifting. That was all he had needed. He had made a grab for the offending camera, pulling her close in the process. She had squealed and fought back, for more reasons than she admitted to.

She never figured out why he did it. Had never gotten round to asking him. Never wanted to know, for fear that it would wreck her memory. It had been a quick kiss. A blink and you'll miss it moment. But she had savoured it. Had never forgotten how warm his lips were and how hot her body had felt while pressed up against him.

When they had parted completely, his mind had wandered away. That was all she had needed. She had moved fast, one hand positioning the camera phone at his face and the other on the towel. It was over in seconds.

The blush had tainted his face for weeks after.


It had continued from there, right up to the day that she had announced her upcoming departure from Summer Bay. He had stayed away from her. She had taken it the wrong way and they had gone back to their love/hate relationship.

It didn't stop him from watching her. When he had caught her practising her dance for the formal, he had wanted to take a snapshot. Had wanted to take a picture of her face so he could always remember the concentration. He had bottled the feelings and had regretted it months after.

At the dance she had glowed with joy and pride. A feeling that he had returned as soon as he saw the smile on her face. When they had danced outside, he had felt complete.

Hours later he had admitted that to her sleeping form. She had looked like an angel, even with mascara smudged down her flushed cheeks. She had played with his heart and, that day, he had given her the one thing that she had wanted from the start.

But he had known that it wasn't enough to keep her grounded. He had silently taken out his camera and took the snapshot, a sinking feeling in his stomach. He had realized, as he took the photo, that nothing would be the same when she graced Summer Bay with her presence. He had been right.


She sits on the couch in her old ripped clothes, her long hair messily tied back and her face covered in white face mask. She wonders how she let Hayley talk her into it and a little voice in her mind speaks up. It's a familiar smug voice and it makes her laugh. It says therapy and follows up with duh.

Matilda watches from the kitchen, thinking that it's about time Kit Hunter lost her mind. She watches as her sister stands and wanders off, grabbing her phone as she goes.

She follows her, watching as she comes to a stop in front of the mirror, still laughing to herself. She just stares in disbelief as her older sister sticks her tongue out and takes a shot. The action is too much for Matilda and she can't hold back the question.

"What are you doing?" she asks. It's only then that she realizes that she has an audience. Her answer only proves to her sister that she is correct. She has lost her mind.

"Taking a picture for Noah," she answers, as if it's the most obvious answer. She takes a few more with Matilda watching on. She doesn't have the heart to bring Kit back down to Earth. There has already been too much pain and suffering. When Kit speaks again, her voice holds the tone of a woman who has found love.

"Matilda, would you like to hear a story?" she asks. When she sees the almost dreamy look on her face, all Matilda can do is nod.

When Henry and Beth walk in thirty minutes later they find both girls giggling to themselves, dried and cracked face masks on. When they finally realize that they have company, they just grin up at them from their places on the floor and aim with their cameras.

"What are you doing?" Beth asks, worry clear in her voice. It's Matilda who answers, her grin getting bigger.

"Taking pictures for Noah. DUH!" she says. The looks on their faces are priceless.


The End.

So... thoughts please. Do I carry it on? Do I use Matilda & Lucas? Or should I mix it up a little? :)

*If this has been posted here before then oops. I couldn't find it so I assumed it wasn't here...

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