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Trouble And Happiness In Summer Bay

Guest dr kimberley

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Chapter 1

Martha and Jack's life was back to normal. They are deeply in love, they have great friends and they are expecting a child in six months. Now life was perfect.


Amanda is on holidays in Europe and Belle is at Irene's house. Irene always knew Belle was a handfull but not as much as she was being. Belle was sneaking out each night and drinking alcohol and taking drugs. When Irene found out Belle got in a heap of trouble and Belle lost it and slapped Irene in the face. Irene is now suffering depression.


Cassie is currently living with Macca much to Sally's disapproval. Cassie refuses to move back home and Macca has told Sally to get out of their life. Alf tells Sally not to give up on her but Sally does not know what to do.


Brad lives at his apartment with Emily during her last days. Brad has taken time off work to stay with Emily but Emily doesn't want Brad to look after her. Brad is struggling to cope as Emily's death is coming closer.


Beth and Tony are happily engaged but Lucas and Matilda are at breaking point. Lucas is angry that Matilda is seeing Ric and Matilda is angry that Lucas won't move on. Beth and Tony are trying to take control of the situation bet it is not working.


Dan and Leah are trying to raise VJ and Ryan while controling Drew. Drew is almost eighteen and is happy that he can leave but it's not going to be that simple.


Rachel and Kim are going through a rough patch as Rachel's father is trying to break Rachel and Kim up and is succeeding. Rachel is losing trust in Kim. Kim is losing trust in Rachel.


Robbie is facing trial regarding switching off Graeme's life support maching which is keeping Tasha on her toes with Ella and Morag bust defending Robbie. Tasha's assistance with Ella (who is Irene) is in no state to help.


Colleen has a new boyfriend named Charles and they both seem very happy together. Charles is a retired millionare but Colleen still works anyway. (mainly to find out the gossip)

Chapter 1

The sun was out, Alf was fishing like usual and Beth and Tony were walking along the beach.

Beth:Lovely day for a stroll isn't it?

Tony:It's always a lovely day when I'm you.

Beth:That is so sweet. Now I know why I am marrying you.

(Beth reaches up and kisses Tony)

Alf:This is a public place you two.

Beth:Sorry Alf. He is just so irrisistable.

Tony:Your making me blush.

Alf:Yes well we don't want to scare away the tourists. Although it does remind me of when Ailsa was alive. We use to do those sorts of things....

Beth:Umm Alf we have got to go bye.

Alf:Alright cya.

Alt tends to bore people with his stories and he gets as annoying as Colleen sometimes.


At Sally's house, Morag is doing work on Robbie's court case while Sally is telling off Ric for punching Macca.

Sally:You need to control your temper Ric!

Ric:He deserved it.

Sally:By hitting him, you are as bad as him.

Ric:I am not. I gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Sally:He has stopped hitting Cassie.

Ric:Why are you defending him?

Sally:Because you did the wrong thing. I know you still love Cassie........

Ric:I do not! I love Matilda.

Morag:Ric you did the wrong thing end of discussion. Now can you two please keep it down I am trying to do work.

Sally:Don't worry I have a meeting to go to.

(Sally leaves)

Morag:Ric you can't give Sally that much stress. She is only just holding it together. Cassie leaving has been a big impact on her.


Leah and Dan are fed up with Drew swaring in front of Ryan and VJ.

Dan:Do you know how bad it is to teach Ryan and VJ swear words.

Drew:I don't really care.

Dan:Listen, I will not have you swear in this house again. Understand me?

Drew:I do what I want.

Leah:Drew, that is the way to act.

Drew:Don't you start. I'm going to see Belle.

Dan:No your not.

(Just as Drew tries to leave, Leah stands at the door)


Leah:You are not leaving.

Drew:You can't stop me.

Leah:What are you going to do? Hit me?

Drew:Fine I'll stay! I hate you both and I can't wait to get out with this dump!

Dan:Watch your mouth!

(Drew storms into his room)

Leah:We can't keep going on like this.

Dan:We are teaching him disipline.

Leah:Yeah, and we are getting yelled at a lot too.

Dan:Leah, we showed him that he cannot leave the house.

Leah:I supose. I never expected to be a strict mother but since Drew has moved in I have had to.


At Irene's house, Belle is using Irene's depression to her advantage while Ella won't stop crying.

Belle:I'm going out Irene.


(Tasha grabs Belle's arm)

Belle:Get your filthy hands off me!

Tasha:You are not leaving.

Belle:Irene said I can.

Tasha:She is suffering depression for goodness sakes. Don't you even care?

Belle:Not really.

Tasha:Your mother is oing to be disgusted in your behaviour when she comes back.

Belle:This is the new me, if she can't take then oh well.

(Belle pulls away from Tasha and leaves. Irene starts crying)

Tasha:It's alright Irene.

Irene:I wish I was dead.

Tasha:No you don't Irene. You are just depressed. Have you taken your tablets?

Irene:No, they don't help.

(Ella starts crying)

Tasha:You need to take your tablets while I get Ella.

(Tasha goes to get Ella while Irene goes to get her tablets)

Tasha:It's alright Ella. Shhhhhh.

Irene:There I've taken them. Happy now?

Tasha:Thanks Irene, it's alright Ella. Hush baby. I wish Robbie was here.


Colleen is working at the diner and Brad and Emily come down.

Brad:Are you sure you're up to this?

Emily:Of course I am. I have a lot of energy to day.

Colleen:Hello Brad and Emily. Shouldn't you be resting pet.

Emily:I'm fine.

Brad:She should be resting but Emily is too stuborn for that.

Colleen:What would you two like?

Brad:I'll have a large latte and a big breakfast.

Colleen:Ok and what about you Emily? Emily?

(Emily faints)

Brad:Oh my god Colleen call an ambulance. Em can you hear me?

(Tony and Beth enter)

Beth:Oh dear! Emily are you alright?

Tony:What happened?

Brad:She just fainted. I don't know why.

Colleen:The ambulance said they will come as soon as possible.

Brad:You have to stay strong Emily.

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^Awesome. I thought it was you. Thanks for all your comments guys, I will update soon.

In the Diner, Emily is still unconscious. The paramedics have just arrived.

Brad:I can't believe this is happening. She is dead for sure.

Tony:Don't talk like that mate. We don't know what state she is in.

Paramedic:We are taking her to hospital now.

Brad:I'm coming. She needs me.

(Brad, the paramedics and Emily leave)

Colleen:Poor things. I'm glad Sally wasn't here to see that. Apparently since Emily got really sick, it has brought back memories.

Beth:Porr Sally.

(Sally enters)

Sally:What's poor me?


At Tony and Beth's house, Ric is hanging out with Matilda much to Lucas's disgust.

Matilda:Would you like something to eat?

Ric:I'm fine.

Matilda:Suit yourself.

Ric:Anyway Mattie, do you want to go to the surf club tonight? They are having an underage night club on.

Matilda:If it is alright with mum then of course I will. I'd love love to go with the man of my dreams.

Lucas:You said that about me a few months a go. How many guys of your dreams have you had now?

Mattie:Oh shut up Lucas!

Lucas:Make me.

Ric:What is your problem mate?

Lucas:You're my problem.

Matilda:Just go away.


(Ric goes up to Lucas)

Lucas:What are you going to do? I heard you have already punched someone today.

Ric:Don't push me.

Matilda:That's enough out of both of you.

(Lucas pushes Ric and Ric pushes lucas back)

Matilda:Break it up!

(Jack and Martha come in)

Martha:Hey everyone. Oy break it up.

(Jack grabs Ric and Martha grabs Lucas)

Lucas:Get off me I'll kick his butt.


(Matilda runs out)

Martha:Look at what you guys have done. By fighting you have really upset her.

(Martha goes after Matilda)

Jack:Why can't you both get along?

Ric:Ask him.

Lucas:Because he is a jerk.

(They both go for each other again bu Jack holds them back)

Jack:That's enough! Ric, you're coming with me.


At the hospital, Rachel is examining Emily. Brad is stressing out a lot and his dad is comforting him.

Dad:It's going to be alright son.

Brad:How do you know that? She could be dead for all we know.

Dad:Don't you dare talk like that.

(Rachel comes out)

Brad:How is she?

Rachel:Emily is very weak but she is alive.

Brad:Can I go and see her?

Rachel:Of course. Just be gentle though.

(Brad walks off)

Dad:Poor guy. This is not what he needs right now.

Rachel:I know but he has got a lot of support.

Dad:Definatly. Now on another topic, have you sorted things out with young Kim?

Rachel:I don't want to talk about him.

Dad:Listen, you don't want to throw away a very good relationship do you?

Rachel:After what he did I am thinking about it.

(Rachel's buzzer goes off)

Rachel:I have to go. Speak later dad.

Dad:Bye darling.

(Dad smiles to himself)


At the diner Beth tells Sally about what happened.

Sally:Poor Brad and Emily.

Colleen:I know it was very upseting.

Beth:I know it has been hard on you Sally but you have been so strong.

Sally:It has reminded me of Flynn a lot.

(Cassie and Macca enter)

Sally:Hello Cassie.

Cassie:Like I want to talk to you.


Jack arrives at Sally's house with Ric.

Jack:Sorry to disturb you Morag but is Sally here.

Morag:No she is not sorry. Can I help you with anything?

Jack:Yes you can acually. Ric got into a fight with Lucas today about Matilda. Lucas will be punished by dad.

Morag:Alright I will deal with it.

Jack:Thank you.

(Jack leaves)

Morag:What the hell are you thinking Ric!

Ric:He was being mean to Mattie.

Morag:How many times do we have to tell you not to get violent!

Ric:He deserved it so shut up and stop yelling at me!

(Ric walks up stairs)

Morag:Don't walk off on me!


At the beach, Martha has found Matilda.

Martha:I finally found you.

Matilda:Leave me alone.

Martha:You can talk to me.

Matilda:There is nothing to talk about.

Martha:And that's why you ran off like that.

Matilda:I don't want to talk about it.

(Beth and Tony see Martha and Matilda on there walk home)

Beth:Is everything alright?

Matilda:God! Everything is fine. Why can't I get some privacy here?

Beth:Tilly calm down. I know when you're upset and this is one of the times.

Tony:Have you and Lucas had another big fight.

Martha:Lucas aggitated Ric and they got into a big fight. Jack and I had to break it up.

Tony:Right he is going to be punished!

(Tony walks off and Beth follows)

Beth:Tony calm down.


At Tony and Beth's house, Jack just arrived back.

Lucas:Is he in trouble?

Jack:Of course he is.


Jack:Don't think you will go unpunished.

(Tony storms in)

Tony:What do you think you are doing aggitating Ric?

Lucas:He thinks he is so go.

Tony:That is not an appropriate reason.

Lucas:I don't care I gave him what he deserved.

(Matilda and Martha come in)

Lucas:Are you alright Matilda?

Matilda:No thanks to you.

Lucas:it was Ric not me.


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