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Home and Away In 2007

Guest Stuart2006

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Cast are ...........

Amanda Baker

Belle baker

Dan baker

Ryan Baker

(Leah died in the 06 finale)

Sally Flecher

Brad Flecher

Beth holden

Tony Holden

Lucas holden

Matilda Holden/Hunter?

Kit hunter/Holden?

Scott Hunter

Hayley Hunter

Kim and Rachel are in hospital fighting for their life)




Jack holden

Martha Holden

Ella Hunter)Now living with Tasha robbie and charity)

Tasha Hunter

Robbie Hunter

Eve Jacobson(Survived and on a permenent killing spree)

Tracey (Killed by eve again)

Drew has moved to greece with his new girlfriend.

episode coming soon.

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Previosly on HAA. FB =Flasbacks

Flash backs of leah cutting a gas pipe then she striked a match and her house exploded. She died.

Also Eve wearing a mask stabbing Tracey then she droped in a puddle of her blood.

Bay members gather and Sally burns the stalker belongings and Lightning starts. As the fire dies down the cameras see Eve standing then a lightning bolt strikes and Eve dissapears.

(Credits role and Eve is included. Everybody is in a shop when Eve runs in with a black mask over her face aand a gun then she takes the mask off and reveals her face when it appears Eve Jacobson

Emily Perry in small writing.

Kit is also returned with her throwing the bottle in the bin and picking up a lighter.)

Tracey is lying in a big puddle of blood when Eve carries her body to the graveyard and puts it at the detective Jacks door. In the morning Jack Laura Constable and another police officer got out jacks car and Jack un-locked the doors to the office and there lay Traceys body. Laura Fitzpatrick went out for a smoke and heard Jack scream. HELP! he shouted. Laura run in and said Bloo** He** what the Fu** happened here. She said You know thats the first time i've swore jack slapped her face and said Look< She looked down it was Tracey. She said Whick sick minded person would do this? Eve walked in and said Hello detective G D? Laura pulled a gun out and said Put your hands up. She said Don't think so. She said I'm a sick girl and so are you about to be sick. She stabbed Jack and dropped a smoke bomb when it wore off eve was no where to be seen. She missed hitting jack and actullay hit his chair.

Meanwhile Kim and rachel were put on life support and a black figure walked in and turned the machines off the person ran out then 1 hour later the black dressed figure met with eve and as the figure turned it was revealed to be ...............Robbie.................ROBBIE?

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I apologise...it seemed really real because all of the characters and couples are true, so when you said about Leah dieing I thought it was a spoiler...so sorry about that.

Great story! I like the beginning especially as you set the scene so well with the lightening and all.

The rest is a really good theme, which I think would be good to expand on. Try taking the different scenes above and writing them longer...that way, you can add more great descriptions like in the first bit, and add more suspense. Or is this just a summary of something you've written before? If so there's no need! I'm a little confused cos I'm quite new to the forum!

The only thing I think is unlikely is where constable Fitzgerald holds a gun up at Eve, but then Eve progresses to shoot at Jack and set off a gas bomb. With her professional training, I doubt Fitzgerald would have ceased (or taken so long) to act and shoot Eve before anything else happens...

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