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Don't Take It Away

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Chapter One

"Is she alright what happened to her" Jack asked walking up to Dr Young

"Blood posining, we heard from Robbie that they drank some water from a hole in the ground, thats why Colin died" Dr Young said

"Can I see her, I really need to see her" Jack said

"Sure go ahead" Dr Youg said to Jack as he started to walk up ther hall way to Marthas room

He knocked on the door

No answer

He eased it open and saw martha cured up in the bed facing the wall.

"Martha" he said entering the room

She didnt speak

He sat on the bed and touched her arm

She flinched and pulled it away

"Is everything alright"

"Just go away Jack, just go away" Martha said still not facing him

"Umm...have I done something" Jack asked taking her hand

She turned to face him and took his hand tighter

"No, I just want to be alone, to, think about things" she said trying her best to put on a smile. But inside she was dying.

"Ok, Love you" Jack said

"Love you too" Martha replied

And Jack left the room


Dr Young entered Martha’s room

She had resumed back to her position she was in before Jack had entered

"How are you" Dr Young asked

"I just feel icky, like a half of me has been sucked out of me"

"So what would you like to do" Dr Young asked

"I want it out" she said

"Ok we will book you in" DR young said and closed the door to her room

Martha just sat on her bed and cried.


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I have a feeling that I have read this before, is it up on another forum? I think I kow whats going to happen :P

Wow I feel really powerful now that I know whats going to happen and everyone else doesn't! :lol::P

Edit: Yes I have readit before!! Its a fab story :lol:

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