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Season Finale 2006

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Recap: Kim and Rachel marry in a surprise moonlight wedding on the beach, Martha and Jack celebrate their news of a baby, Tasha prepares to leave the bay with baby robbie - Cassie passes her exams and is excited about moving to a city University and Sally recieves some shocking news from Dan about Peter.



Flowers layered out over the glistening beams of stained glass sun windows reflecting from the dark oak and gold rims of the four coffins that lay out over the beams of the church, time stood still as the residents take their time to grieve for the ones they have lost. How could this of happened? Rachel wipes away her tears, Kim standing beside her, carefully he puts his arm around her... and whispers in her ear "I love you..." gently she smiles.

Four day's earlier

The Caravan Park - The Same Night

Sally sits her head resting firmly in her hand, across the room a picture of flynn placed firmly on the fireplace glances back at her. Dan places a hot cup of coffee in front of her, Sally looks up, "Thankyou," she says as she sips it slowly,

"I guess we better get started on this then..." Dan suggests as he drinks his coffee,

"How!?" Sally asks, "How can we get started, Dan I dont even know when to start...?" Sally continues, Dan rummages in his pocket and pulls out the piece of paper with the address on it,

"Here... I" He begins.

"Dan.. Please, it's late, let's sleep on this - i just can't take this in right now, it's too soon, too soon after the wedding, too soon after we lost Robbie and Kit in the chopper crash, i just need some time... please." Sally pleads,

"But.." Dan begins,

"Dan." Leah pulls him back, Sally gently and promptly gets up from her chair and makes her way up to her room, slowly she opens the door and sits on her bed- she takes the picture of her and flynn on their wedding day, gently she smiles but her face quickly turns to tears, and she asks herself, "If you were here, what would i do?".

At the Surgery

Rachel waits by the wall impatiently biting her finger nails, Leah stands with her - Rachel begins to panick, Leah trying to calm her down, the doctor comes out of the room numbered "121" he approaches Rachel with a solomn but sad look on his face, and shakes his head, Rachel breaks down into leah's arms, screaming out 'NO', 'please no, i'm not ready for him to go yet, please... why?'... Suddenly she wakes up...

Kim and Rachels

"No!" Rachel sits on her bed, breathing heavily and sweating, she plunges her head into her arms, she turns to look and see if Kim is laying in the bed next to her, she sees him sleeping peacefully... she smiles to herself, and begins to sees the funny side of her worrying, "So silly" she says to herself, gently she lays beside Kim and kisses him on the cheek and gently falls back to sleep.

The Beach House - The Next Morning

Tasha brings out the last case, and places it beside the door... Irene steps from downstairs and gazes at the suitcases in surprise, she then looks up at Tasha,

"You're abit keen, aren't you meant to be going in two days?" Irene asks Tasha, Tasha smiles at Irene and then looks back at the cases sitting by the door,

"Yeah, I know but i've decided to go early..." Tasha replies, Irene walks over to her,

"Well we can get you to the airport by lunchtime darlin..." Irene places her hand comfortably on Tasha's shoulder,

"I was thinking about leaving... tonight?" Tasha surprises Irene, as she recoils in shock,

"Tonight..." She tries to regain herself, and she takes a seat, "Thats... thats abit soon..." Irene breathes slowly,

"Irene, i just think that nows the time for me and rob jr to say our goodbyes and head out on their road to a new life... i just feel like its right, you know?" Tasha encourages Irene to empathise with her,

"Girlie, i'll never understand ya, but theres one thing i know, whatever makes you happy - makes me happy, and if you want tonight to be your last night in summer bay then thats fine by me..." Irene replies,

"Aw, thankyou so much reeny," Tasha hugs Irene,

"Uhm, would you mind if you looked after robbie for a little while, i've got a few goodbyes i need to say first.." Tasha asks,

"Yeah, sure... give me time to get used to the idea you're going.." Replies Irene.

Martha and Jack's Place

Martha is talking on the phone, she hears a knock on the door, "Okay, grandad, i gotta go theres someone at the door... okay... bye" she puts the phone down and runs to the door, upon opening it she finds Tasha standing at the door, "Tasha, Hi, come in..."

"I can't stay long, i've just come to let you know I'm leaving tonight"

"Tonight, but thats too soon, i've barely had time to say goodbye.." Martha replies,

"I know, I'm sorry, I just came to wish you goodluck with everything..." Tasha smiles at Martha, and Martha hugs her,

"Please come for a last drink at the diner before you go?" Martha asks Tasha,

"I don't know.." Tasha begins,

"Great i'll see you before you go, say 4?" Martha insists,


The Archives

Sitting in her car sally takes one last long look at the letter, before making her way into the archives with the address Dan gave her, held firmly in her hand. Sally feels a cold rift tingling down her spine as she enters the large oval arked doors of the rustic building. Looking anxious Sally sits down in the chair facing a computer screen, connected to the internet she types in the address, suddenly theres a beeping sound on her computer, she calls for the assistance of a nearby member of staff,

"Exuse me" She calls,

"Yes, dear." Replies the member of staff,

"My computer is making a funny noise. have i done something to it?" Sally asks,

"No, you have a message. Just click on that box" she points to the box flashing orange and grey,

the message is enlarged with the words plain and bold that causes Sally's heart to miss a beat...

SURPRISE SURPRISE - with a picture of balloons next to it.

beside the message a picture that has been grafted through computer graphics, which reads that its not over yet, summerbay will reel over my revenge. Sally backs out of her seat, another message appears, "I'm watching you... better hurry, i might get you" Sally quickly exits the building.

The Beach - Moving toward the diner

Tasha takes a final walk along the beach with Martha,

"I'm gonna miss this place" Tasha says,

"we're going to miss you.. come on, i need a shake!" Martha takes Tasha's hand and leads her to the diner, as they enter the diner, Tasha is greeted with a crowd of "SURPRISE" from the bay residents, as everyone gathers to wish her farewell in style... as they begin the celebration, Sally races against time to get to the diner to warn everyone that they are in danger, as she drives a car appears behind her speeding at tremoundas villocity, she takes her eyes to the mirror to see the car behind her, suddenly, the car comes up and over takes her and stops suddenly, Sally swirves off the road and her car, tumbles down a steep hill, finaly landing on its reverse, smoking and dorment, sally lay unconscious... Is this the end for our summer bay favorite?


Promo for Next Episode:-

As the celebrations make way for Tasha's farewell party, summer bay is left fearful of their lives when someone is found murdered, with a warning that the clock is ticking before they end up in the same way... As shock over comes her Martha suffers severe stomache pains, and is rushed to hospital, is her baby okay?


"She tried to warn us... what was she doing out there?", as he places the gun on the table, Jack realises that Sally was trying to warn them that they are in danger. Is She alive?

Four will die, a couple are in danger... a summerbay long time character finally waves goodbye...

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Next episode

Recap: Tasha drops a bombshell when she reveals she's leaving the bay earlier than planned, Rachel starts to have nightmares about losing Kim, Sally has a terrifying encounter with the person claiming to be the real summer bay stalker, the bay throw a leaving party for Tasha in the diner, as sally races home to warn everyone they are in danger she is involved in a car accident... was it an accident? Will she survive?


The Crash Scene

Laying unconscious on the floor her face malled with blood and bruises, Sally slowly begins to regain consciousness, realising that she has been involved in a car accident she slowly begins to bring herself too... trying to claw her way across the woodland floor to her bay where her mobile phone lays she notices she can not feel her legs, panicking she begins to call for help, only to have no response.

The Diner

Kitty returns briefly to try and amend things with her granddaughter and her daughter Amanda, after gentle persuasion Amanda agrees to talk to her. The bay celebrate Tasha's final hours with them, Beth and Tasha step outside to the beach to share a final nostalgic moment before she leaves; Tasha stands at the fense looking over the beach, the moon glistening over the rippling water, as she takes in the last few moments, she begins to reminisce of the time her and robbie first met, the time when she was found by Max on the beach - the time her and robbie broke up and the time they got back together, she is gently interrupted by Beth,

"Sorry... I just wanted to get a moment with you on my own..." Beth smiles,

"It's okay" Tasha replies,

Beth stands beside her and gazes on to the moon light dancing on the water,

"You know, i just wanted to thank you..." Beth chokes up, tears almost reaching the corners of her eyes, "You made Robbie so happy, and that made me happy... and i dont think a mother could ask for anything more?" Beth tries to hold back her tears, a tear slowly roles down Tasha's cheek, "Robbie would have wanted the best for his son, and i have no doubt that you're going to provide that"

"Beth.. You are always welcome to visit, Robbie jr will always write, and i'll come back and visit as soon and as often as i can" Reassuringly Tasha smiles,

"I know..." Beth lunges herself into Tasha's arms and the two share one final hug, as Tasha prepares to embark on a new adventure... Martha approaches Tasha and Beth,

"Tash, your taxi's here..." Tash nods but says nothing and smiles at Martha, arm in arm Beth and Tasha walk toward the Diner.

Leaving the Bay

Everybody gathers outside the Diner, round the Taxi ready to take Tasha and Baby Robbie to the air port, Ric and Cassie grow concerned about Sally's whereabouts,

"You take care girlie, i want postcards alright... let me know as soon as you're settled" Irene cant hold back the tears,

"Thank's Reeny... well here goes... Bye Eeveryone" Tasha waves and smiles, as she glances at the faces of her friends for the last time, everybody waves goodbye as Tasha steps into the car, the taxi takes Tasha passed all of the summerbay landmarks, each one a significant place during her time in the bay, as they approach the end of the bay, Tasha takes a look Rob Jr and smiles tucking him into sleep, the "You are Leaving Summerbay" sign stands tall, as the taxi drives past... goodbye Tasha.

Back at the Diner

"Ric, where's Sall?" Cassie asks Ric concerned, over heard by Leah, who realises that something is wrong, she alerts Jack that Sally could be in danger, just then a scream is heard from inside the diner, the bay residents rush to the scene, to find Belle, standing over her grand mother's dead body, but there is foul play a foot as Jack notices that beside Kitty's lifeless body a photo of Zoe, sits gently - on the back is written, "She wasn't the one you should fear... you are all gonna pay!" - Shocked by the revelation, Dan and Leah quickly realise that Sally could be in potential danger, over whelmed with shock Martha clutches her stomache and falls to the ground in pain, Cassie calls an ambulance, as Jack is urged by Leah and Dan to find Sally before it's too late... Jack is torn what can he do?

At the Hospital

Martha is rushed into hospital accompanied by Toni and Beth, Rachel sees to her quickly, as Martha throws herself in pain Rachel encourages her to keep still otherwise she can't make a proper diagnosis,

"What is wrong Rachel?" Toni asks,

"I don't know, it could be the baby... i can't tell until i get a proper look?" She replies.

On the road

Jack, Leah and Dan drive frantically to try and find Sally, Leah notices Sally's car, they run out of the car- they call Sally's name,

"Over here!" Sally replies, they quickly run over to Sally, and realises she has suffered terrible injuries - they call for an ambulance...

At the Hospital - a few moments later

Martha awaits news of her baby as she is hooked to a heart monitor, Leah, Dan and Jack wait patiently in the corridor of the hospital, they are approached by a doctor,

"Whats the news?" Leah asks,

"The good news is that Sally is going to be okay... but i'll have to let you know she's claiming that she was run off the road, and this was not an accident..." the doctor replies,

"Jack theres something you should know..." Dan claims,

"I'ts okay, I know - she was trying to warn us... but what was she doing out there?"

"Maybe she found something?" suggests Leah.

A cold damp room

In the darkened depth of a cold dark room, photos cover the walls of bay residents, going about their daily lives - footsteps echo on the concrete floor, and a shadow appears on the wall with the photos, the true summer bay stalker... are the residents safe?



Everyones a suspect...

Heartbreaking news of an unexpected operation, Will her baby survive? "There could be a chance your baby won't make it through,"....

"My mothers been murdered, i demand to know who did it..." Amanda, wants the real killer of her mother to step forward... But will she be prepared for what she finds?


The bay is in danger, as the fun fair approaches - none of them are prepared for the tragedy that will fall upon them - who is the true face behind the stalker terrorising summerbay?


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Recap: Tasha bids a sad farewell to summerbay, Sally is rushed to hospital after someone drives her off the road but who? Someone is claiming to be the true summer bay stalker, claiming responsbility for Zoe and Sarah's murders! And Amanda's mum is murdered, and a threat sends shivers through the bay... are they safe?


Two Day's Earlier

The Police Station

"My mother has been murdered, I demand to know who did this?" Amanda shrieks being comforted by Belle and Macca,

"Please Ms Vale it really is as simple as that" The Detective explains,

"What do you mean it isn't that simple!? Whoever did this, left a note threatening the rest of summerbay!" Amanda screams, "Are you just gonna wait until the next one of us drops dead, and then decide you're gonna do something about it!" She cries,

"Ms Vale - whoever this is claiming responsibility for the murders of previous bay residents... i think there is a priority in dealing with this case, if we find this person we will bring them to justice" Explains the detective, "Now, the best thing i can recommend for you now is that you go home and rest... i'll call you in the morning if there are any further developments..." the detective reassuringly smiles at her, Macc and Belle escort Amanda home, Jack enters the station,

"Detective, we have a situation..." Jack's certainty triggers a curiosity with in the detective,

"What situation?" He asks,

"Sally Saunders, she has been rushed into hospital, apparently someone tried to run her off the road after the person whose claiming to be the true stalker contacted her" Jack and the Detective exit the building swiftly.

The Hospital

"I can't believe this is happening... why can't they tell me what's happening?" Martha frustratedly waits while being comforted by Toni and Beth,

"Try to calm to down love, this isn't doing your baby any good" Beth tries to relax Martha, the doctor enters the room,

"Oh, doctor, can you tell me whats wrong, is my baby gonna be alright?" Martha anxiously asks,

"I think you should sit down" he gazes at Toni and Beth who are standing, "Martha I am afraid the news I have isn't very good, I'm afraid when we ran some test we found a tumbor on your left breast"

"That couldnt have caused the stomache pains?" Martha asks curiously,

"No that was shock, but if we hadn't have found the cancer, then it would have probably been too late, we can however offer you treatment, and an operation with any luck we can cut the cancer out!" the doctor explains,

"Thats good though right.... I mean that won't harm the baby?" Martha asks, the doctor hangs his head toward the floor,

"I'm afraid if we give you chemotherapy and the operation, there is no way the baby will possibly survive?" explains the doctor,

"What if i don't have the operation?" Martha asks, Toni and Beth look at each other in horror,

"Martha think about this..." Beth begins, interrupted by Martha who again asks,

"What if i don't the operation? will my baby survive?"

"There is a high chance the baby will suvive, but ultimately the cancer will spread and it will be too late, for us to offer you any treatment" ... the doctor, leaves, "I'll let you have some time to consider what you want to do next, But Martha i strongly urge that treatment is the best option" Will Martha go ahead with the treatment?

The Next Day

Sally's Hospital Room

Jack, enters the room, unaware of his wife's revelation to question Sally about the night she was run off the road and was contacted by the true stalker,

"I spose you've come to interrogate me?" Sally asks, smiling on her bed, her head bruised,

"Sall, do you have any idea who this could be?" Jack asks,

"Jack, i didn't even know there was someone else out there... I thought all that stuff with Zoe would be the end of it?!" Sally explains,

"All i know is, this person has murdered Amanda's mum..." Jack begins,

"Amanda's mum is dead?" Sally shrieks in horror,

"Yes... Sally thats not all, Summer bay has been threatened, whoever this is, means business, and we are all at a blank!" Jack explains,

"That's a shame Jack, because I am too..." Sally replies, there is a short pause for silence in the room, "Do you think there is any way of catching this person?" Jack's blank face gives Sally the answer she did not want to draw,

"We need to think of who in the bay would want to do this? Someone who hasn't been here that long?" Jack pauses for thought,

"Well there's Rachel, but she wouldn't do this, there's Belle - but she wouldn't jepardize the relationship she has with Amanda, Macca wouldn't have any motive, neither would the other two..." Sally offers some ideas,

"Has Zoe got any relatives?" Jack asked,

"I think i heard someone mention she had a brother... but i thought he was dead, I'm not sure?" Sally replies,

"Can you remember who told you?" Jack asked,

"No... sorry, I can't?" Sally replies...

The Hosptial

Jack enters Martha's room, he finds her contemplating her future,

"Hey" He smiles,

"Hey" she smiles back at him,

"What did the doctor say?" Jack asks,

"Jack sit down" Martha looks at him, as he takes a seat, "Jack i have got cancer, the doctor says that if i have treatment the baby won't make it... but if dont have the treatment the baby will have a higher chance of surviving," She explains,

"Well surely, you're gonna have the treatmen?" Jack asks, Martha pauses, "Martha?!" She begins to cry,

"I dont know..." Martha replies,

"What? Martha this is your life, I love you... please say you'll think about this?" Jack pleads,

"But Jack, i'm pregnant we always wanted a baby, surely you can see how happy this would make us?" Martha replies,

"Martha you would die... I can't listen to this... not now" Jack storms out of the room, Martha calls him, he stands outside the door, trying to hold back his tears.

The Beach

Jack sits on the beach, gazing into the sea, Toni stands beside him,

"Mind if i join ya mate?" Toni asks,'

"Go ahead" Jack replies as he throws a rock into the water,

"I take it you spoke to Martha..." Toni asks,

"Yep!" Jack sharply responds,

"Mate, she's going through a difficult time, i'm sure she'll see sense soon?" Toni replies,

"Dad, she hasn't got time, She's got Cancer... she could die, i mean can't she see that?" Jack asks, "Why us, I mean everything was going well, we were happy and now we're faced with this, among the added problem that someone is out to get summerbay again..." Jack frustratingly clenches his fist,

Back at the hospital, Martha tells the doctor she will go ahead with the treatment, after realising she loves Jack to much for this to come between them, Jack is still unaware.

The Caravan Park

Ric is checking his emails, while Cassie is busy playing with Pippa, suddenly a surprise Chat box appears, Ric clicks on it, the message, "Hi" appears, Ric responds, with "Who is this?" there is a long pause, and there is a response, "Who is this?",

"Cass!" Ric calls her over,

"What?" Cassie is distracted by Pippa,

"I need you to see this?" He explains,

Cassie begins to make her way over to Ric, as she does another message appears, "Ah, Ric! Nice house! I remember when I pushed Sally off her Stall... lucky you found her... in time..."

"Ric, turn it off... now!" Cassie demands fearfully, Ric types another message back, "How do you know about that?" the room fills with silence, and there is a long extended pause, with a reply, "Have you checked Pippa?" quickly they both turn around to find Pippa gone, Cassie screams out, and rushes to the phone, as Ric runs over to her play mat, he finds a note on the floor... he picks it up and looks at it, reading, "Tick, tock, tick, tock, your times running out!"

Will Baby Pippa be found?

Has the stalker kidnapped her?


It's a race against time for the residence of the bay will they find Pippa? "Thats, my baby... and someone's got her, Jack - Please you have to find her!"

She finds out about Kim and Kit..."You're telling me this, why?" breaking down into tears, "I'm sorry... just leave" is this the end for Rachel and Kim,

A new lead in the search for Pippa takes the residence of the bay to the Fun fair, where the true stalker is revealed in an explosive showdown, that will leave the bay grieving for four of their loved ones...

Who will survive? Home and Away...

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