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Only You

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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter. Sorry, but this one isn’t that long either.



It was early morning and Jack and Martha were lying in bed together; enjoying the peace and quiet. Laila was fast asleep in her crib, and they were taking the chance to spend some alone time together.

In a few hours time, things were going to get hectic. The wedding was in two days and they needed to get the last few things organized. Her other two brothers Dave and Greg; and Greg’s wife Lisa and their one year old son Zac, would be arriving later that afternoon.

“I can’t wait to see the boys,” Martha told Jack; her head resting on his chest. “I’ll finally get to meet Lisa and little Zac. It’s exciting,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to meeting them all too. I just hope they think I’m worthy,” Jack laughed.

Martha smiled. “Of course they will. You get on well with Macca, so you’ll get on well with them too,” she told Jack.

“So are they staying here while they’re visiting?” Jack then asked.

Martha nodded. “Greg, Lisa and Zac are going to stay in Laila’s room. Your dad is going to bring over the sofa bed from his place, so I can put it in the room,” she explained. “Davie is going to stay at the apartment with grandad and Macca. And mum is going to go and stay at Sal’s for a few days,” she finished.

“Speaking of Sal’s; are you staying there tomorrow night? Coz you know the bride and groom aren’t allowed to spend the night with each other,” Jack laughed.

“Actually, I’ll be staying next door,” Martha smiled.

“Does that mean one of us could sneak over the fence to see the other during the night?” Jack joked.

“You could try but you’d probably die,” Martha grinned. “My brothers would kill you if they found you sneaking around in the night trying to get to me,” she told him.

“Well then, maybe we should make up for that time now,” Jack smirked down at Martha.

“What did you have in mind?” Martha asked in a husky voice.

Jack wrapped his arms around Martha’s waist and pulled her closer to him; holding her tightly against his body. “Maybe I should just show you,” he growled playfully in her ear as he peppered tiny kisses down her neck.

“Okay,” Martha giggled as Jack began to show her how much he loved her.


Alf, Roo and Macca had gathered at Jack and Martha’s place. They were sitting and chatting patiently together; waiting for the rest of the MacKenzie’s to arrive. Except Martha who was anxiously pacing back and forth across the room.

“Will you please sit down,” Macca urged.

“Sorry, I’m just really looking forward to seeing them. It’s been so long,” Martha exclaimed.

“They’ll be here soon,” Jack smiled at her as he walked passed and went to the front door. “Infact, a car is pulling up into the drive way right now,” he turned around and told Martha.

Martha gave out a little squeal and jumped up and down on the spot. “Go and get Laila,” she said to Jack as she took off out the front door. The others closely followed behind.

“Davie,” Martha screeched as she threw herself at the closest brother.

“Hey bug,” he smiled as he wound his arms around her and hugged her.

Greg coughed and cleared his throat; trying to get Martha’s attention. He looked at Dave and pushed him away. “How about you shove off and let the oldest and most handsome brother get a hug,” he laughed. He then looked down at Martha and scooped her into a hug. “Miss me?” he asked.

“Tons,” Martha answered as she held him tight. “I see you haven’t changed much. You’re still totally up yourself,” she laughed as she pulled away from him.

“I try,” Greg exclaimed with a grin.

The next few minutes were spent introducing everyone. Martha’s brothers were really excited about meeting her biological family, and they were especially excited about seeing little Laila.

They had all now gone inside and Jack was passing beers around. “He seems like a good bloke,” Dave whispered to Martha after Jack gave him a beer.

“He is. Why do you think I’m marrying him,” Martha said with a laugh.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting to know each other, and talking about old times. Martha’s brothers told all sorts of embarrassing stories about her. Tony, Lucas, Ric and the Hunters all dropped in to say hello. Jack was getting on really well with her brothers and she couldn’t have been happier. And Martha really liked Lisa, and little Zac was such a cutie.

They were all like one big happy family now.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.


It was the next night; the eve before the wedding. Friends and family had come together at Jack and Martha’s place to celebrate the conjoined bux and hens’ night. Because of Laila, Jack had thought it would be a good idea if they brought the two parties together, and then that way he and Martha could both watch over Liala throughout the night.

Jack looked around the room trying to find Martha. He spotted her in the kitchen with Tasha and Kit; giggling excitedly. He was pretty excited himself. Tomorrow he was finally going to marry the girl of his dreams and she was going to be his forever. Laila made things even better. He didn’t think life could get any better than this.

Jack was just about to turn away when Martha turned and caught his eye once more. She sent a flirtatious smile his way and then turned back to the girls. Jack then slowly made his way out onto the front porch so he could get a bit of air.

“You ready for tomorrow?” a voice said from behind him.

Jack spun around and found himself face to face with his father. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” he answered his father’s question.

“I’m glad you’ve found someone who makes you happy, and I’m glad that girl is Martha,” Tony started. “Your mum would have loved her, you know?” he then said.

Jack nodded. “Yeah, I know,” he smiled. He then started to laugh. “Please don’t go and get all soppy on me. It’s creepy seeing you cry,” Jack joked.

“I wasn’t going to cry,” Tony laughed. “Besides, you’re the wussy boy in this family,” he teased.

“I am not,” Jack defended himself.

They spoke for a few more minutes before Martha’s three brothers joined them outside.

“What’s going on?” Jack asked them.

“So Jack,” Greg started. “We think now is the best time to give you the whole brides big brother speech,” he said.

“Oh, this should be fun,” Tony gleefully rubbed his hands together.

“Okay,” Jack laughed; even though he was feeling slightly uncomfortable about the way the three young men were looking at him.

“Okay, so for the next thirty seconds or so we are not your friends. We’re the very protective and shot gun-wielding older brothers,” Macca said seriously.

Jack looked over and glared at his father when he heard Tony stifling a laugh behind his beer glass. Tony stopped the laughing almost immediately, but he still had a smile on his face.

“There are three things we’re going to tell you,” Greg began. “Firstly you look after our baby sister the best way you can. You will treat her with the love and respect that she deserves,” he said with a serious face.

“Secondly,” Dave started. “You ever hurt her, physically or emotionally, we’ll chop your legs off and chuck you out into our back paddock and we’ll let the wild dingoes eat you,” he said; his facial expression matching the seriousness of Greg’s just a moment before.

Jack shifted uncomfortably on his feet and coughed lightly. He then looked at Macca; waiting for his lecture.

Macca grinned. “If you ever leave her; I’ll kill you,” he exclaimed.

Jack just nodded and took another gulp of beer. “Fair enough,” he muttered.

“Right, we’ll now that’s done; let’s go and have some fun,” Greg laughed and slapped Jack on the back before walking back inside. Dave and Macca followed close behind him.

Jack looked over at his dad, who was still stifling a laugh.

“I hope you and Lucas plan on giving that same speech to Martha,” Jack joked.


Martha moved around the room chatting happily with everyone, but now she was looking for Jack. She couldn’t see him anywhere. She decided to go to their room and see if he was in there with Laila. She smiled when she found him leaning over the crib; looking at their sleeping daughter.

“Hey you,” she whispered huskily in his ear as she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind.

Jack spun around to face her. “Hey,” he smiled as he looked down into her sparkling blue eyes.

“What are you doing in here all alone?” Martha asked as she nuzzled his neck affectionately.

“Oh, I just needed a few minutes to…get my thoughts into…um….,” Jack started to answer but stopped when Martha’s lips started to nibble on his neck. Tiny bolts of pleasure were starting to shoot through his body “You gotta stop that Martha, otherwise I really won’t be responsible for what comes next,” he stuttered a little; trying hard to control himself.

Martha laughed but continued on with her ministrations. “Why don’t I close the door and you can show me what comes next,” she flirted.

Jack opened his mouth to speak, but a loud voice from the doorway interrupted them. “Ahem,” Tasha cleared her throat.

Martha and Jack quickly jerked away from each other. They turned to face the door and found Tasha and Robbie watching them.

“Mac, come with us if you want to live,” Tasha exclaimed.

Jack smiled. “She’s not going anywhere. But you two are, so can you close the door on your way out,” he smirked.

Jack, believing that they would do as he asked, turned back to Martha and started to kiss her again. Just as his lips touched hers, he felt himself being jerked back. He swung around to face the culprit; who turned out to be Robbie with a grin on his face.

“Get the hell lost if you don’t wanna die,” Jack said as he pushed Robbie away.

“Jack Holden, you know the rules; no more monkey business until the wedding night,” Robbie said with an evil grin.

It was Martha’s turn to groan as she felt herself being pulled away from Jack. “I love you,” she said with a pout.

“I love you too,” Jack called out as he watched his wife to be being dragged away from him; when all he could think about right now was taking her away and making sweet love to her and holding her all throughout the night. “This is gonna be a long night,” he muttered as he took a swig of the beer that Robbie had just handed him.

“Cheer up,” Robbie laughed.



Martha opened her eyes and found four young women standing over the top of her. Tasha, Cassie, Maddie and Kit were all smiling down at her.

“Get up sleepy head. It’s time to get married,” Matilda said in a sing song voice.

Martha grinned and sat up. She felt this sudden energy running through her body. She’d never felt so excited in her whole life.

A few moments later, Beth came walking into the room with a big tray of food; muffins, croissants, toast and fruit. Then her mother and Sally walked in carrying two bottles of champagne.

“It’s time to celebrate,” Roo smiled at her daughter as she waved one of the bottles in the air.

Martha laughed. “I’m getting married,” she squealed.



Two more chapters to go people.

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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.

Okay, so I had a very hard time trying to write up a set of vows for Jack and Martha. In the end I got so worked up that I thought ‘stuff it’. I know you were all probably hoping for the vows, but in the end I decided not to bother writing any, so I’ve basically skipped the whole ceremony. I wasn’t about to drive myself into a breakdown because I couldn’t think of what to write. Sorry.


Jack stood in front of the long mirror; buttoning up his shirt. While doing so, his thoughts drifted to Martha; who was only a few meters away next door. He was anxious to see her, and he couldn’t wait to see how beautiful she looked in her dress.

Today he knew, was going to be one of the best days of his life. He and Martha were about to start a new chapter of their life. They had each other, their daughter and a great family; he couldn’t have asked for anything better. He had everything he needed.

Jack moved towards his bed and picked up his tie. He wrapped it around his neck and went and stood back in front of the mirror. In the mirrors reflection he saw his father walk into the room.

“Let me do that,” Tony said to Jack; referring to his tie.

Jack lowered his hands and Tony went to work on doing up his tie. He then grabbed Jack’s suit coat and passed it to him. Jack quickly put it on and then done up the few buttons.

“You look sharp,” Tony commented as he brushed his hands across Jack’s shoulders. “You do up pretty well mate,” he said.

Jack smiled. “Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself,” he pointed out.

“Does it really matter how good I look?” Tony laughed. “All eyes are going to be on Martha today. The rest of us won’t even get a mention,” he added.

“Good point,” Jack laughed with his father.

He checked himself once more in the mirror before walking out of the room behind Tony. Lucas was leaning against the bench; drinking a glass of juice.

“Wow, you actually look pretty decent,” Lucas told Jack.

“Mate, I always look decent,” Jack smirked at his younger brother.

Lucas scoffed. “Here’s hoping that marriage deflates your ever expanding ego,” he exclaimed.

“Stop the bickering you two,” Tony laughed. “It’s time to get this show on the road,” he clapped his hands together.

“Don’t forget these,” Lucas picked up a small velvet box and threw it across the room to Jack.

Jack opened up the box and looked at the two white gold rings that sat safely inside. He smiled to himself. In just a short amount of time, the larger of the two rings would be wrapped around his finger. Martha would be wearing the other one and together they would be bound for life.


Martha grasped onto her grandfathers hand as he gently helped her from the limo. Everybody had now gathered inside the church and the only thing that they were now waiting on; was the bride.

“You look stunning,” Alf complimented his granddaughter. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look as beautiful as you do today,” he smiled at her.

“Thanks grandad,” Martha smiled back at him.

“It’s my pleasure,” Alf exclaimed. “I’m just saying what the rest of the world would be saying if they could see you right now. Jack’s not going to know what’s hit him. He is one lucky guy,” he said.

Martha blushed, but covered it up with a small laugh. “As long as Jack thinks I look good; I’ll be happy,” she said to Alf.

Alf chucked. “You could wear a potato sack and that boy would still think you looked good,” he told Martha.

“Maybe,” Martha shrugged with a smile.

Alf held his hand out to Martha. “You ready to do this?” he asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Martha answered as she placed her hand in her grandfathers.

They then slowly walked towards the church; the place were Martha’s life was about to make a change.


Martha and Alf had finally stepped into the aisle. Martha looked up and smiled at Alf once more before snapping her gaze onto what lay ahead. Every eye in the room was glued to her as she and Alf made their way down the aisle.

Martha locked eyes with Jack. He was smiling at her with his special smile; the one which was reserved for only her. It gave her butterflies and it made her feel all warm inside.

Ahead of her, Martha could see her brothers watching her with huge grins on their faces. As she passed them she gave them a quick wink. Then she came to her mother; who was holding Laila. The little girl looked gorgeous in her baby blue dress. Martha had gotten the tiny gown especially made. It was the same colour as the bridesmaid dress. Martha thought it was perfect.

Martha and Alf had finally reached their destination. Martha turned slightly; kissing her grandfather on the cheek. Alf then moved away; taking his place beside Roo. Martha then handed her bouquet to Tasha, before turning back to face Jack.

They smiled shyly as they grasped onto each others hand. Martha felt a tiny tingle run through her body.

“We are gathered here today………………………….,”


Martha and Jack smiled across at each other; patiently waiting for those last few words from the minister.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the minister finally announced. “You may now kiss your bride,” she finished.

Martha and Jack stood looking at each other for a few moments. The whole room was in a complete silence; watching and waiting for the union to be complete with a kiss.

Jack finally moved forward and cupped Martha’s cheek with his palm. He moved his other hand around her waist and gently pulled her closer to him.

Martha raised her arms a little and wrapped them around Jack’s shoulders. She smiled one last time before softly pressing her lips against Jack’s for the first time since becoming husband and wife.

Their lips lingered for a few moments before they slowly pulled away. The whole room was still in a total silence.

“Let’s give them something to cheer about,” Martha whispered to Jack as she roughly pulled him back in for another kiss.

This one much more passionate; hungrier. Their friends and family finally erupted into applause. Wolf whistles and cheers were echoing throughout the church. But Martha and Jack were too caught up in each other to even remember that they were in a room full of people.

The only thing they were thinking about was each other and how happy and in love they were with each other.

“Now that’s what I call a kiss,” Martha murmured against Jack’s lips before he once again claimed her mouth as his.



One more chapter people. I’ll try to get it up sometime tomorrow.

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Well here it is; the end has finally come. This is the last chapter people. I can’t believe that this fic turned out to be so long. I’d like to thank everybody who encouraged me to continue and to everyone who took the time to read and review it. It feels great knowing that there are people out there who enjoyed reading this. I appreciate it. Thank You.

NOTE: The song used in this chapter is called ‘Only You’ by Roy Orbison.


Martha looked around the room and smiled. Everybody seemed to be having a great time; eating, drinking and dancing. But Martha knew out of everybody there, she and Jack were the happiest.

They were finally married and she’d never felt this happy in her whole life. She had her family, her daughter and she had Jack; her husband. Everything was perfect.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Macca asked Martha.

Martha nodded. “Best day of my life,” she answered with a smile.

“I’m happy for you,” Macca told her as he pulled her into a tight embrace. “By the way; you look amazing today,” he then said as he pulled away.

“Thanks,” Martha exclaimed.

“Mum and dad would have been so happy for you,” Macca started. “I’m betting that there here somewhere; watching over you,” he said.

“I know they are,” Martha agreed with him.

Macca gave Martha another quick hug. “I best go and get myself another drink,” he laughed as he held up his empty beer glass and walked off.

Martha spun around to go and find Jack, but instead found herself colliding with Tony. “Sorry,” they both said at the same time.

“Just the girl I was looking for,” Tony then said.

“Why’s that?” Martha asked.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad you’re apart of this family,” Tony answered. “Also, I just wanted to thank you for making Jack happy and for giving me a grand baby,” he told her.

Martha giggled. She knew that Tony was a bit tipsy as he had been drinking a fair bit. But she didn’t care; today was a day for a big celebration. “Thank you,” she smiled as she gave Tony a hug. “Now, I have to go find Jack. Make sure that he’s not getting into any trouble,” she joked.

Martha spotted Jack across the room and she slowly made her towards him.


Martha and Jack sat down for a while; talking quietly with each other. Well there wasn’t much talking; mostly kissing.

Martha, who was now sitting on Jack’s lap, quickly stood up. “Come and have a dance with your new wife,” she smiled down at him.

“Lead the way,” Jack smiled back at her as she took his hand and led him towards the dance floor; where many other people were now dancing together.

As Martha and Jack wrapped their arms around each other, a new song started to play. Martha recognized the song straight away. It was a song that her mum and dad used to dance to a lot.

Only you

Can make this world seem right

Only you

Can make the darkness bright

Only you

Can make this change in me

For it's true

You are my destiny

Martha wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck and pulled him closer towards her until their bodies were pressed tightly together. Jack tightened his grip around her waist and they slowly swayed to the music.

“I love you so much,” Martha whispered as she pressed a kiss against Jack’s throat.

Jack smiled. “I love you too, Mrs. Holden,” he said softly.

Martha pulled away from him and smiled up at him. “Mrs. Holden; I love the sound of that,” she laughed.

“Me too,” Jack nodded in agreement.

When you hold my hand, I understand

The magic that you do

You're my dream come true

My one and only you, only you

Martha sighed happily and rested her head back against Jack’s chest.

“Today has been the best day of my life,” Jack exclaimed as he ran his hands through Martha’s hair. “I have you and Laila; I don’t need anything else. My life is complete,” he told her.

Only you and you alone

Can thrill me like you do

And fill my heart with love for only you

Only you

Can make this change in me

For it's true

You are my destiny

“I know exactly how you feel,” Martha said. “Our life is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing”.

Jack kissed Martha’s cheek and then slowly moved his lips around to her own lips. He took her mouth in passionate kiss; a kiss that she would remember for the rest of her life.

When you hold my hand, I understand

The magic that you do

You're my dream come true

My one, my one, my one and only you



Jack and Martha walked along the beach. Laila was nestled safely in Jack’s arms. Martha had one of her arms hooked around Jack’s waist. They looked like a perfect happy family.

They sat down in the sand together and Martha rested her head on Jack’s shoulder. She reached out a hand and stroked Laila’s soft cheek. Jack smiled at Martha and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get through one night without her?” Jack asked Martha.

Jack had organized for himself and Martha to go away for one night. Laila would be staying with Roo. Because Laila was still so young and still relied on Martha, Jack had decided that it would be best if they just went away for the one night. Once she was a bit older, then Jack and Martha would go on a longer honeymoon.

“I’m sure I could get through one night,” Martha answered. “As long as your there to keep my mind off of her,” she flirted.

Jack laughed. “Oh, don’t worry; I’ll definitely be taking your mind off of her,” he flirted back.

Martha smiled at him. “I’m looking forward to it,” she said huskily.

Jack smiled back at her and kissed her again. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” Martha said softly as she rested her head back on his shoulder.

Martha looked out over the water. It was beautiful; just like her life now was. She was looking forward to the future that she now had with Jack and Laila. She couldn’t wait to see what great things life had in store for her and her family.

As long as she had Jack and Laila by her side; she’d be happy.



That’s it. It’s over. I’m not entirely happy with that last chapter, but not everything can be perfect. I’m not going to fret over it. Anyways, once again, thanks to everyone who read and reviewed.


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