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Only You

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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.

WARNING: This fic may contain some stuff unsuitable for younger readers. Just some mild sexual references.


Martha spent most of her shift in a happy daze. All she could think about was Jack and how happy she was that they were now finally back together. She wished that she could see him and be with him right now; but she had to work, and she wasn’t about to leave Beth and Macca by themselves. She’d just have to wait until the morning to see him.

“Alright, spit it out,” Macca exclaimed.

“Huh? What?” Martha looked at him.

“You’ve had this silly grin on your face all night, and I’m guessing that it’s because of your day with Jack,” Macca laughed.

“You guessed right,” Martha smiled. “If you must know; we had a great day and we’re back together,” she stated.

“It’s about time,” Macca breathed out loudly.

“I know that it took me a while, but I needed to make sure that I was ready. But at the moment we’re taking it slow. I don’t want to rush into anything,” Martha explained.

“And Jack’s okay with taking it slow?” Macca asked her.

“Yes, of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?” Martha replied.

Macca laughed. “Well, Jack’s a guy, and most guys always like that something extra from their girlfriend: if you know what I mean,” Macca pointed out.

“Oh my god,” Martha gasped. “I am so not talking to you about that sort of stuff,” she laughed before walking off.


“How was the surf?” Kim asked Jack the next morning.

“Excellent,” Jack answered. “You should definitely head down there,” he told Kim.

“Don’t’ worry, we will be,” Kit piped up. “Kimmy’s going to give me some surfing lessons,” she added as she ruffled Kim’s hair.

“Good luck with that,” Jack laughed. “I tried to teach Martha once, and every time she fell off the board she’d yell at me. Apparently it was my fault. And then all of a sudden she put a stop to it; now I know why,” he said.

“She got pregnant,” Kim stated.

“Yep,” Jack exclaimed.

“Oh, speaking of Martha,” Kit started. “How did the picnic go yesterday?” she asked.

“Really good,” Jack replied. “Well, it was more than good. The baby kicked for the first time; it was so amazing. And we, ah, also kinda got back together,” he smiled.

“Nice work,” Kim slapped Jack on the back.

“Yes, that’s great. See, I told you that she would come back to you when she was ready,” Kit exclaimed.

“Maybe you should start your own show,” Kim laughed at Kit sarcastically.

“Anyway,” Kit glared at Kim. “We should probably go and get that lesson started. Hopefully you’ll get washed out to Sea. Hmmm, that would be a really great topic for my new TV show,” she smiled evilly at him as she walked out the door.

Kim laughed. “Seeya,” he waved at Jack as he left.

Jack got up from the couch and walked off towards the bathroom for a quick shower. He was debating on whether he should go and see Martha. She had told him that she wanted to take the relationship slow, so he didn’t want to **** her off by hanging around her all the time.

Maybe he should just wait until she came to see him.


Martha walked up to the front door of Jack’s place; it was almost twelve in the afternoon, and she was surprised that she had actually waited this long to see him. Truth was; she had been thinking about the whole ‘taking it slow’ thing and her mind had wandered. By the time she had snapped out of it, it was late morning.

Martha got to the door, and found that it was wide open. Jack was standing in the kitchen in just a pair of track pants; his hair was dripping wet, and water droplets were running down his body.

Martha was transfixed; as her breath caught in her throat. She could feel her body heating up, and any thoughts that she had had about ‘taking it slow’, had now flown out the window.

She was still standing in the door way; staring, when Jack noticed she was there. She smiled at him.

“Hey,” he smiled back at her. “What’s up?” he asked.

Martha stepped into the house and slowly started walking towards him. “I’ve changed my mind about the whole taking it slow thing,” she shot out.

“Huh?” Jack said as he picked up a glass and placed it in the sink.

Martha quickly moved up behind him; placing her palms on his bare back. “I don’t want to take it slow,” she stated.

“Oh,” was all Jack could say. The feeling of her fingers on his back was sending tiny bolts of pleasure through his body. His breathe caught in his throat as her hands moved around his waist, as she moulded her body against his; placing a soft kiss on the back of his neck.

Jack slowly turned to face her; she was looking at him in a way that could make him melt. He’d do anything she told him to do. Before he could even say anything, she had grabbed his face and pulled it down to hers; crashing her lips to his in a hard, intense kiss.

Jack rubbed his tongue seductively across Martha’s, before continuing to explore the other recesses of her mouth. Martha let out a loud groan before pulling away.

“Are we alone?” she asked. Jack nodded, and a second later, Martha was dragging him off towards the bedroom; slamming the door loudly behind them.

Martha hurled herself back into Jack’s arms; kissing him passionately. But then she stopped; stepping away from Jack. For a moment Martha had let herself get lost in the excitement, but it all came crashing down as she started to feel self conscious about the way she looked.

Her eyes lingered on her stomach for a while, before looking back up at Jack. He immediately knew what was wrong. He smiled and pulled her back towards him.

“You are beautiful. You have absolutely nothing to worry about,” Jack told her as he stroked her cheek. “You look beautiful, and I’m finding you extremely attractive right now,” he continued.

Martha laughed. Jack loved her just the way she was, and he didn’t care how she looked. He could make her feel special no matter what.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” he then said to her.

Martha shook her head. “No, I want to,” she said. “I miss you, and I want to have all of you,” she whispered.

Jack gently kissed her again; his lips moving against hers, bringing forth a soft moan. “I’ll be gentle,” Jack promised in a whisper against her lips.

Martha nodded and slowly led them towards the bed. She laid back, as Jack hovered over her; pressing tiny kisses all over her face and neck. Martha let out a soft sigh as Jack gently lowered the straps on her singlet. She felt content as her excitement started to build. It had been so long since they had last been together, and Martha was intent on making up for lost time.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.


“That was perfect,” Martha sighed in a hushed voice.

Jack smiled. “Definitely,” he leant down and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Do you think we frightened the baby?” Martha joked.

“Who knows,” Jack laughed.

The two lay together in silence for a while; with Martha on her back, and Jack leaning on his side, looking down on her. Jack took a moment to study her face. She was stunning. Her cheeks were now tinged with a soft pink color; and he could feel the heat radiating from her body. She looked so natural just lying there with a white sheet wrapped around her body.

“You know what?” Jack interrupted the silence.

“What’s that?” Martha asked.

“I’m a lucky guy,” he told her.

“Of course you are,” Martha laughed. “You just got lucky,” she teased.

Jack opened his mouth to speak, but then stopped and laughed. “Well, yeah, there is that,” he started. “But I’m actually trying to be serious here,” Jack said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Martha pouted. “Please, tell me why you’re so lucky”.

“I have you. And because of that, I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Jack began. “I have the sexiest girlfriend on the planet, and now she’s having my baby. I don’t need to ask for anything else, because I have everything I need. I’ve got everything that I’ve ever wanted; my life’s complete,” he finished.

Martha smiled. He always knew the right thing to say. He was perfect. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you,” she told Jack.

“I love you too,” he said softly, as he gently kissed her again. Things were starting to heat up again, when they heard a voice call out.

“Jack, are you home?” the voice called.

“That’s dad,” Jack shot up out of bed. “I’ll be out in a sec,” he called out as he pulled on his track pants.

“Won’t be long,” Jack leant down and kissed Martha on the forehead.

“I’ll be waiting,” she smiled at him.

Jack walked out and quickly closed the bedroom door behind him. “Dad, hey,” he said.

“Were you in bed?” Tony asked.

“Yep,” Jack answered.

“But it’s two o’clock in the afternoon,” Tony pointed out.

“Yeah, what’s you point?” Jack said.

“It’s two o’clock in the……..,” Tony started, but stopped when he saw a bag sitting on the bench. “Isn’t that Martha’s bag?” he asked.

“Ah, yeah,” Jack replied.

“Oh, where is she…,” Tony started, but then stopped again. “Ohh, she’s in your room,” he added.

“Yeah,” Jack tried not to laugh.

“Sorry mate, I hope I didn’t interrupt…….., you know what? I’m gonna go,” Tony laughed, as he headed towards the door.

“Sounds good,” Jack exclaimed.

Jack followed Tony to the door, closing and locking it behind him. He then headed back in the direction of his room, hoping to finish what he had just started.


Martha and Jack walked hand in hand into the diner. They were meeting Beth and Tony there for dinner.

As soon as they entered the diner, Colleen came rushing towards them “I just heard the news,” she sighed happily. “It’s so wonderful to see the two of you back together. And now with that dreadful girl gone, the two of you will be able to be happy with your little baby. I’ve been saying to Madge Wilkins for weeks that I knew the two of you would get back together. And now look at you; so in love,” Colleen rambled on.

“Oh for god sakes Colleen, will you stop that ranting,” Irene barked. “They’ve come here to eat, not to hear you go on and on,” she snapped.

“Well excuse me for trying to make conversation,” Colleen whined as she walked off.

Martha and Jack looked at each other; snickering at the two women bickering. “Let’s go and sit down. Dad and Beth should be here soon,” Jack suggested, and led Martha over to a booth.

“Are you comfortable? If you want I could run upstairs and get you a pillow or something,” Jack started to fuss.

“I’m fine,” Martha laughed. “Stop fussing,” she told Jack.

“I was just checking,” Jack pouted.

“Ok, well you’ve checked, so you can stop now,” Martha said back to him. “Now pass me that menu. I need to decide what I’m going to eat because I’m famished,” she said as she rubbed her stomach.

Jack gave her a cheeky smile as he leaned in close to her. “Who wouldn’t be hungry after what we did all day,” he teased.

Martha smirked at him. “I suggest that you shut that mouth, because your dad and Beth have just walked in, and I’m guessing your dad already feels a bit weird after interrupting us today. Let’s not make him feel even more uncomfortable,” she smiled.

“Hey guys,” Beth smiled as she approached with Tony.

“Hey,” Martha and Jack replied at the same time.

“Have you guys ordered yet?” Tony asked as he sat down.

“Nope, we just got here,” Jack answered.

“I’m sure Colleen will be over in a minute,” Beth pointed out. She then smiled and looked over at Jack and Martha. “So what have you two been up to today?” she asked.

Jack coughed and looked over at his dad; trying not to laugh. “Nothing. Nothing at all,” he answered.


Martha finished packing her over night bag, and wandered back out into the lounge room. Alf was sitting at the table reading a newspaper.

“Where are you off to?” Alf asked.

“Oh, I’m staying at Jack’s tonight,” Martha answered. “He’s waiting for me downstairs, so I thought I’d just come up and pack a bag real quick,” she told Alf.

“Okay love,” Alf nodded. “I’m glad you and Jack have worked things out. It will be so much better for the baby having its parents together and happy,” he added.

“Yeah, I know. Thanks grandad,” Martha gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Okay, well I had better go. I don’t want to keep Jack waiting,” she said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Alf said.

“Yep, I’ve got a shift starting at eleven, so I’ll see you then,” Martha called as she walked out the door.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.



The next two weeks flew by quite quickly; with Martha and Jack spending as much time together as possible. They wanted to make up for the time that they’d had apart. Things were finally back on track, and Martha couldn’t have been happier.

“Hey grandad,” Martha smiled as she sat down opposite Alf at the diner.

“Hey love. How are you feeling?” Alf asked.

“Pretty good actually,” Martha nodded.

“Has Jack gone to work?” Alf then asked.

“Yeah, he dropped me off here on his way in,” Martha answered.

“Hey,” Leah called as she walked over to them. “Can I get you two anything?” she asked.

“I’ll just have a black coffee thanks,” Alf answered.

“Can I just get a vanilla milkshake please,” Martha gave Leah her order.

“Okay, won’t be too long,” Leah smiled as she walked back into the kitchen.

“Oh, before I forget; your mother called earlier this morning,” Alf told Martha.

“Roo,” Martha smiled.

“Yeah,” Alf said.

“How is she?” Martha asked.

“She’s good,” Alf exclaimed. “She just called to see how you were going. Actually all she seemed to talk about was you and the baby,” he laughed.

“At least I know my mother is happy about me having a baby,” Martha said.

“Of course she is happy. It’s her first grandchild,” Alf chuckled. “She really misses you, and she’s hoping that she can come and visit soon. I think she’s going to wait until the baby is born though,” he explained.

“That’s great. It will be good to see her,” Martha told her.

“Yes, it will be,” Alf agreed. “Oh, and Morag called, she’ll be arriving sometime this afternoon,” he told Martha.

“Well, I haven’t gotten anything planned today, so I’ll wait upstairs for her,” Martha offered.

“Thanks love,” Alf nodded. “She’s looking forward to seeing you too”.


Martha was sitting on the couch reading through a baby name book when Morag arrived. She hadn’t seen Morag in nearly two months; as she had been in Queensland working on an important case.

“Hey Auntie Morag,” Martha smiled as she pushed herself up off the couch.

“Hello sweetheart. How are you?” Morag asked as she moved across the room towards Martha.

“I’m great,” Martha replied.

“Oh my goodness, look at you,” Morag smiled. “It’s like it just popped up from no where,” she laughed as she placed a hand on Martha’s stomach.

“I knew that you’d get a surprise when you seen me. I only had a little bump the last time I seen you,” Martha said.

“I know, it’s been too long. But I’m going to be here for a while now,” Morag told Martha. “I’ve picked up a few clients here in Summer Bay, so I’ll be hanging around for a while,” she explained.

“That’s good,” Martha smiled at her.

The happy look on Morag’s face soon turned serious. “Listen, I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you when you lost your father. It must have been very hard for you,” she said softly.

“It was hard; it still is. But I’m getting through it,” Martha smiled lightly.

“Well, I’m here for you now; whenever you need me,” Morag assured her.

“Thanks,” Martha gave her a hug.

“So, what are you up to?” Morag then asked.

“Oh, I was just going through the baby name book,” Martha perked back up.

“Have you chosen a name yet?” Morag asked.

Martha shook her head. “Not yet. Jack and I have come up with a few ideas, but we’re going to keep them to ourselves, so that it’s a surprise to everyone else,” she explained.

“Yes, I heard that you and Jack had gotten back together. I’m glad everything is finally working out,” Morag told her.

“Me too,” Martha agreed.

“So, have you had lunch yet?” Morag asked.

“Nope. Do you want to go down to the diner?” Martha suggested.

“Sure, let’s go,” Morag led the way to the door.


Martha and Jack were sitting on the couch; curled up together. The baby had been kicking like crazy for the past thirty minutes, and so they were just sitting there enjoying the moment.

“Three more months and we’re going to have a baby,” Martha said in a singsong voice.

“I know. I can’t wait,” Jack smiled.

“Oh, so you’re really looking forward to a crying baby who won’t let you have any sleep whatsoever. A baby who you will be up with all night,” Martha teased.

“Me?” Jack exclaimed. “Who said anything about me being up with it all night? You’re the mother; that’s your job,” he laughed.

“Excuse me. I have to give birth to this thing. I’ve done enough already; it’s your turn,” Martha said.

Jack just laughed. “Let’s just worry about that when the time comes,” he started. “But since we’re kinda on the subject of sleeping arrangements, there’s something I want to talk to you about,” he continued.

“What is it?” Martha asked.

“I want you to move in,” Jack stated simply.

Martha’s lips formed an o. “What? Now?” she was getting a little flustered.

“Not right this instance,” Jack laughed. “But soon, like maybe over the next week or two,” he said.

“We’ve only been back together for like two weeks,” Martha said.

“Yeah, so what, we’re going to have to move in together eventually; for the baby. So why not just do it now,” Jack began. “And you’re here all the time anyway. So why can’t you just move all of your stuff over,” he ranted.

Martha wasn’t sure. She knew that they would have to eventually live together, but the baby wasn’t due for another three months, so she didn’t see the need to hurry.

“I don’t know,” Martha said reluctantly.

“Come on, it will be great. We can get our room set up ready for when the baby comes,” Jack was trying to persuade her. “And we can even turn the spare room into a nursery. You can do it up however you like,” he continued.

“But what about grandad? He likes having me around,” Martha tried to find an excuse. It’s not that she didn’t want to move in; she just thought that maybe they should wait a bit longer.

“I don’t know if I can just leave him. Grandad loves cooking for me and the baby; he likes to take care of us,” Martha exclaimed.

Jack sighed. “But I want to take care of you,” he told Martha. “Let me take care of you,” he insisted.

Martha scratched her head. She was so confused. She didn’t know what to do.

“Can I at least think about it?” she asked Jack.

He smiled. “Of course you can. You can even talk about it with Alf if it makes you feel better,” Jack told her.

“I’ll think about it then. But don’t push me,” Martha warned.

“I won’t,” Jack promised.

Martha smiled and leant back against Jack’s chest. She wanted to do what was best for the baby, but she also wanted to do what was best for her.


NEXT CHAPTER: Will Martha make a decision? What will it be? And why is Martha upset?


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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.


Martha decided not to spend the night at Jack’s; she wanted some time alone so that she could think about Jack’s offer. She was feeling confused and quite frustrated. She knew that Jack would be upset if she said no; but this wasn’t about him. It was about her, and if she was ready to move in or not.

Martha walked into the apartment; Macca was sitting on the couch watching TV. “Hey,” Martha said as she sat down next to him. “Where’s grandad and Auntie Morag?” she asked.

“They’ve gone to Noah’s for a few drinks,” Macca answered.

“Kay,” Martha sighed loudly.

Noticing the sigh; Macca turned to face her. “What’s wrong bug? You seem tense,” he pointed out.

Martha was silent for a few moments, before sighing again. “Jack asked me to move in with him,” she exclaimed.

“Really?” Macca said. “What are you going to do,” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Martha shrugged.

“Well, you love him, and you’re having a baby, so why not move in. You’re going to eventually,” Macca said to her.

“Yeah, I know that. But I don’t know if I should yet. It’s complicated,” Martha said.

“Complicated,” Macca stated.

“I haven’t told anybody this, not even Jack or grandad, but over the last few weeks I’ve been speaking with a psychiatrist,” Martha told him.

“A psychiatrist?” Macca laughed. “What on earth for?” he asked.

“Ever since mum died and I found out that I was adopted, I’ve been having these feelings. I felt that everybody was going to leave me, or that they wouldn’t want me. It only got worse when my real father rejected me, and now dad’s gone,” Martha started to explain to him. “And then of course there was Megan, and I even thought that Jack would leave me for good,” she cried.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Macca gave her a hug.

“I guess I didn’t want to look like an idiot,” Martha told him.

“You wouldn’t have,” Macca exclaimed.

Martha smiled. “I’m actually quite glad that I decided to talk with a psychiatrist. It’s really helping, and I feel so much better about myself,” she said.

“That’s great,” Macca smiled back.

“I’ve got about four sessions left; and I think that I should wait until they’re finished before I move into Jack’s,” Martha said.

“It’s your choice; just remember that,” Macca told her.

“Jack’s already told me that he won’t push it. I just hope that he’s not too upset,” Martha sighed.

“He loves you, so I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Macca said.

Martha nodded and then stood up. “I’m pretty tired, so I might just hit the sack,” she told Macca.

“Night,” Macca called as she walked off to her room.



“Hello,” Martha called out as she walked into Jack’s house.

“Hey,” Jack walked out from his room and gave Martha a quick kiss on the lips. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about what you asked me last night, and I’ve come to a decision,” Martha said.

“Already?” Jack exclaimed.

“Yep,” Martha nodded. “And I’ve decided that I should wait a bit longer,” she answered.

“Oh,” Jack frowned.

“Please don’t be upset; I just think we should put it off for a bit,” Martha told him.

Martha had decided not to tell Jack about her sessions with the psychiatrist. She’d probably tell him one day; but for the time being, she would keep it to herself.

“I’m not upset. I just really thought that you were going to say yes,” Jack sighed.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” Martha started to smile. “Ask me again in a month, and I’ll probably say yes,” she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Jack smiled back at her. “Okay,” he nodded.

“Good. I’m glad you’re not angry,” Martha said.

“I couldn’t get angry with you,” Jack smirked, and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

“Mmhhmm,” Martha smiled against his lips.

“What was that?” Jack laughed.

“I said that I love you,” Martha kissed him again.

“Oh, in that case; I love you too,” Jack grinned.

“Good, now take your pregnant girlfriend for a walk,” Martha laughed as she pulled him towards the front door.


It was late afternoon and Martha had just arrived back at the apartment. Jack had to go to work, so Martha didn’t really have anything else to do. When she entered, Macca was sitting at the bench eating a sandwich.

“Hey bug,” Macca called with a mouthful of food.

“Hey,” Martha said back, as she snatched the sandwich from Macca’s hand and took a big bite. “You make good sandwiches,” she mumbled.

“Hey, that’s mine,” Macca whined.

“Sorry,” Martha pouted and handed it back to him. “Can you make me one?” she then put on her puppy dog face.

Macca groaned and walked into the kitchen; shoveling the rest of his food into his mouth. Macca quickly made Martha her own sandwich and then sat down with her.

“I need to tell you something,” he said to Martha.

“What is it?” she asked.

Macca took a deep breath. “I’ve decided that it’s time for me to go back to the farm,” he told her.

“What?” Martha looked at him in shock. “Why? Don’t you like it here?” she fired off.

“I love it here. But me being here was never a permanent thing. The boys really need me back at the farm,” Macca said. “I’ve been here for nearly two months. They’re struggling a little, and they need me. Surely you can understand that,” he explained.

“I do,” Martha started to get upset. “But I don’t want you to go. I need you. I’m not ready to see you leave yet,” she cried.

“Martha, please don’t get upset,” Macca pleaded.

“No, I should be allowed to get upset,” Martha snapped. “I don’t want you to go, and that’s that,” she ordered.

Bug…..,” Macca tried to reason.

“Just shut up,” Martha snapped again. “If you want to go, if you want to leave me here by myself, then go. I don’t friggin care,” she spun on her heels and walked out of the apartment; slamming the door behind her.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.


Martha slowly walked back up the stairs towards the apartment. She’d gone and sat at the beach for about an hour after her outburst at Macca. She was going to apologise; she had been a birch and it was totally uncalled for. Macca didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

She knew that he would eventually have to go back to the farm, but she wasn’t expecting him to announce it today. She had been selfish; her other brothers needed Macca aswell. She couldn’t be greedy and expect him to stay just for her. She couldn’t keep him to herself.

She walked into the apartment and moved into the kitchen, where Macca was standing and drinking a coffee.

“Have you cooled down yet?” he asked her.

“Yes, and I’m sorry for being a bitch. I was being selfish,” Martha answered. “I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all. I am sorry,” she said.

“But you do understand that I have to go back? The boys are really struggling and they need me back,” Macca told her.

Martha nodded. “Yes, I understand. But I’m really going to miss you,” she exclaimed.

“I’m going to miss you too bug. But I’ll be back after that kid is born, I promise,” Macca pulled her into a hug.

“Okay,” Martha sniffed.

“Don’t start crying yet. I’ve still got another week here,” Macca then said.

Martha smiled. “Good,” she exclaimed. “Now, onto the important stuff; where’s my sandwich gone?”



“I completely flipped out at him. I felt like an idiot and a selfish cow,” Martha told Jack as they walked hand and hand up to the front door of Sally’s place.

“He probably thought you were nuts,” Jack teased.

“Funny,” Martha glared at him as she knocked on the door.

“Hey guys, come in,” Cassie smiled at them.

Martha walked up to Cassie; giving her a quick hug.

“Where’s Sal and Flynn?” Jack asked.

“Oh, they just had to pop down to the shops and grab a few more things for dinner,” Ric answered.

Martha smiled as she watched Cassie give Ric a kiss on the cheek. They had decided to give their relationship another chance. Ric and Belle had broken up, and Belle was also now dating Drew.

Martha walked over to the couch and sat down. “Hey Pippa,” Martha cooed to the little girl sitting on the floor.

Pippa looked up at her and smiled. She then stood up and walked over to Martha; crawling up onto the couch beside her. “Baby,” Pippa said softly as she poked at Martha’s stomach.

Martha laughed. “Yeah, that’s a baby,” she said.

“I can’t wait until the baby comes,” Cassie sighed.

“Me neither. I just want it out. I’m sick of looking like a cow,” Martha smiled.

“Hey, you look great,” Sally exclaimed as she walked through the door with Flynn.

“That’s what I keep saying,” Jack agreed.

“So, thanks for inviting us for dinner,” Martha said. “Grandad and Macca should be here soon”.

“Great,” Sally nodded.

“So Martha, how are you feeling?” Flynn asked.

“Okay,” Martha answered.

“The baby is doing okay then?” Flynn then asked.

“Yeah, it’s been starting to kick a lot more over the last couple of weeks. And I’ve also got another ultrasound coming up soon, so we’re really looking forward to that,” Martha explained.

“That’s great. If you have any other questions at all, you know you can come to me,” Flynn assured Martha.

“Yeah, I know. Thanks,” Martha smiled.

Sally then walked over and sat down. “After dinner we can go upstairs and have a look through some of Pippa’s stuff from when she was baby. Anything you want, you can have,” she told Martha.

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” Martha thanked her.

“Good. Now who wants a drink?” Sally asked.



The next week went by quickly, and it was now time for Macca to leave. Martha was really upset; she wished her didn’t have to go. But she knew he had to. Alf was driving Macca to the airport, so he was busy packing Macca’s bags into his ute.

Macca shook hands with Jack. “Look after bug for me,” he said.

Jack nodded. “Don’t worry, I will,” he promised.

Macca then moved towards Martha and pulled her into a warm embrace.

“I’ll miss you,” Martha whispered.

“I’ll miss you too,” Macca told her. “If you ever need to talk, just call me okay. I’ll always have time for you,” he said.

“I will,” Martha nodded.

“Make sure someone calls me the minute that kid is born,” Macca added.

Martha smiled and hugged him again; crying into his shoulder.

“Stop that crying,” Macca laughed. “You’re going to be fine without me,” he insisted as he pulled away. “Bye,” he gave her a kiss on the cheek and moved towards the car; jumping into the passenger seat of Alf’s ute.

Jack wrapped an arm around Martha’s shoulders and pulled her closer to him. Macca stuck his hand out the window and waved as the car drove away.

Martha sighed and looked up at Jack. “It’s going to be weird not having him around”.

“Yeah,” Jack nodded. “You want to go back to my place?” Jack suggested.

Martha nodded and took Jack’s hand as they walked off towards his car.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.



The next two weeks went by quite quickly. Martha was missing Macca like crazy. It felt strange not having him around; he was always there when she needed to talk and now he was gone. She spoke to him quite a lot on the phone, so she was coping quite well.

The week before she and Jack had gone to the hospital for another ultrasound. The baby had grown so much since their last ultrasound, and it was moving around a lot. Martha was now thirty one weeks pregnant, so she didn’t have much longer to go. In just under two months they would have their precious baby.

But the thing that Martha was most excited about today was that she had just finished her last session with the psychiatrist; and she was feeling really good. She was glad that she had decided to talk to someone about her feelings and the problems she was going through.

It had really helped a lot, and it definitely made her feel better about herself. Infact, she was feeling so good about it, that she had now come to a decision about something important. She was on her way now to tell Jack the news.


Martha walked as fast as she could up to the front door of Jack’s house. She knocked on the door quickly and walked in. Kim and Kit were sitting on the couch together.

“Hey Mac,” they both said at the same time.

“Hey,” Martha smiled. “Is Jack here?” she asked.

“In his room,” Kim answered without taking his eyes off the T.V.

Martha turned and walked over to Jack’s room. She knocked but there was no answer. She slowly opened the door and found Jack sound asleep on his bed. She walked in and quietly closed the door behind her. She sat on his bed and then started crawling over it, until she was hovering over Jack.

Martha leant down a little bit and softly blew on his face. He scrunched up his face a little, but continued on sleeping. Martha covered her mouth with her hand; trying to stop a laugh from coming out. When she had calmed down, she leant back over him again and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Wake up,” she cooed in his ear; still nothing. “Maybe I should beat him with his baton,” Martha said.

“Don’t you even dare,” Jack’s eyes shot open.

“I thought you were asleep,” Martha laughed at him.

“I was,” Jack smirked.

Martha laughed again and then leant down; giving him another kiss.

“You look like you’re in a happy mood,” Jack said as he sat up.

“I am,” Martha exclaimed.

“And why is that?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know,” Martha shrugged. “I just am”.

Jack just looked at her and smiled. “If you say so,” he said.

“Okay, okay, so maybe there is a reason why I’m in a good mood,” Martha admitted.

“Well, let’s here it then,” Jack urged.

“Ask me again,” Martha stated.

Jack was confused. “Ask you what?”

“Ask me to move again,” Martha grinned.

“Are you serious?” Jack asked. “I thought you weren’t ready. And it’s only been three weeks since I asked you the first time. I thought you told me to ask you again after a month,” he said.

“Well, I’ve changed my mind. So, ask me again. Unless, you’ve changed your mind and you don’t want to me to move in,” Martha huffed.

“Of course I still want you to move in,” Jack smiled.

“So, ask me then,” Martha said again.

“Martha, would you like to move in with me?” Jack asked with a smirk on his face.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Martha looked away from him.

Jack looked at her in disbelief. “What? But you jus…..,” he started but was cut of by Martha’s laughing.

“Just kidding,” she told him. “I’d love to move in,” Martha exclaimed.

Jack leant forward and kissed Martha softly on the lips. “Well, it’s settled then. And I think this is cause for a celebration,” he smiled at her.

“What did you have in mind, Constable?” Martha flirted.

“Something that involves us locking the door so that we don’t get interrupted,” Jack pointed out.

“Sounds like a plan,” Martha agreed as she lay back onto Jack’s bed.


Later that afternoon, Martha decided to go and tell her grandad about the decision to move into Jack’s.

She went and sat down next to him on the couch. She looked at him and then looked away; before looking back at him again.

“Alright, what have you done? Are you in trouble?” Alf fired off. “You only look like that when you’ve done something wrong,” he explained.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Martha insisted. “I’m just scared that I’m going to hurt your feelings,” she told Alf.

“What do you mean?” Alf was confused.

Martha sighed. “I’ve decided to move in with Jack,” she announced.

Alf started to laugh. “You think that my feelings are going to get hurt just because you’re moving in with Jack,” he said. “Don’t be silly girl. The two of you are having a baby; I’m surprised you didn’t move in with him sooner,” Alf continued.

“So, you’re okay with it?” Martha asked.

“Of course love. It’s only down the road, so I can visit you whenever I feel like it,” Alf assured her.

“Thanks grandad,” Martha gave Alf a hug.

“So, when is the big move?” Alf then asked.

“Not until next week,” Martha answered.

“Well, you make sure you let me know which day it is, so I can help you pack your stuff and move it over to Jack’s. I don’t want you lifting anything or doing anything dangerous,” Alf warned.

“Of course grandad,” Martha laughed.


NEXT CHAPTER: The big move.


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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.



Martha was standing in Jack’s room, hanging some of her clothes up in the wardrobe. They had just finished moving all of her stuff from the apartment to Jack’s. It hadn’t taken long; it’s not like she had a whole house to pack. It was only her clothes and other bits and pieces. Jack already had everything else.

Jack came into the room with another bag full of clothes and sat it down on the floor next to her; before giving her a quick kiss on the neck. “That’s the last bag,” he told her.

“Thanks,” Martha smiled at him.

“I can’t believe that I finally have you all to myself,” Jack said as he sat down on the bed.

Martha looked at him and laughed. “What? You didn’t like sharing me with my grandfather?” she exclaimed.

“I don’t like sharing you with anyone,” Jack exclaimed.

“Well, perhaps we should give our baby away then,” Martha teased. “Because you’re going to have to share me with him or her,” she continued.

“The baby can be an exception,” Jack decided.

“Right,” Martha shook her head with a laugh, and then turned back to what she was doing.

“So, I was thinking that tomorrow we could go shopping. Get some stuff for the baby,” Jack suggested. “We need to get a crib to put in beside our bed, and we should probably get a cot for the spare room aswell. And we can go to the paint shop and pick out some colors for the nursery,” he continued to rant.

“Whoa, slow down Jacky,” Martha laughed.

“What? We need to be prepared Martha,” Jack began. “We’ve hardly got anything for the baby. We’ve already nearly left it to the last minute,” he said.

Martha sat down next to him on the bed. “You’re right. We need to stop messing around and get everything ready,” she sighed. “We’ll go tomorrow,” she stated.

“Great,” Jack kissed her and then stood up. “Now, you just relax and I’ll go make us some lunch,” he told her.



Martha and Jack were standing in the spare room; looking over all the stuff they had brought. There was so much. They’d spent half the day wandering around the shops, and Jack wanted the best of everything, so he wouldn’t stop until he had found what he wanted. At the time Martha had found it quite funny; she didn’t realise a guy could get so excited over baby shopping. But now she was cursing him; she was tired as hell, and her feet were sore. She just wanted to lye down.

“Next time we go shopping, you can carry me,” Martha grumbled.

“Cheer up,” Jack exclaimed. “Look at all this great stuff we got. Today was definitely a success,” he said.

“I want to lye down,” Martha cried.

“Well, go and lay down then. I’m going to stay here and look at all this again,” Jack told her.

“Don’t take anything out of its packaging,” Martha warned. “Wait until we’ve painted the room. I don’t want all the stuff getting paint all over it,” she explained.

Martha and Jack had chosen a nice yellow color to paint the room with. Since they didn’t know if the baby was a boy or girl, they went with the safest option. Plus, Martha really liked yellow; it reminded her of the beach. That’s why they had also decided to give the room a bit of a beach theme. They’d brought some wall trimming that had pictures of beach balls, sandcastles and all other things beachy, printed on it.

“Well, since I’m not allowed to open anything, I may aswell come and have a lay down with you before I have to go to work,” Jack said.

“Do you have to go to work?” Martha whined. “Can’t you just stay home with me?” she said.

“No, I have to go to work. It’s my job,” Jack exclaimed. “Besides, I thought you were going to go and have dinner with Tasha and Rob tonight,” he said.

“I am,” Martha told him.

“Well, there you go. It’s not like you’re going to be alone,” Jack pointed out.

“I guess,” Martha sighed as she rested her head down on the pillow. Jack was just about lay down aswell when Martha stopped him. “Can you make me something to eat,” she yawned.

Jack laughed. “You sure you don’t want to wait until I’ve fallen asleep to ask me?” he said sarcastically.

“No, now will be fine,” Martha smiled cheekily.


“So, how does it feel to finally live with Jack?” Tasha asked as she sat down next to Martha.

“It feels kinda weird calling it home,” Martha answered. “It still feels like the apartment is my home. And now Jack’s room is actually our room. It’s strange. But I’ll get used to it,” she said.

“Well I think it’s great that you finally decided to move in. It’ll give you some time to adjust before the baby arrives,” Tasha said.

“Yeah, actually, Jack and I went shopping today and brought a whole heap of crap for the baby,” Martha started. “You should have seen Jack. He went nuts in the shops. He wanted to buy just about everything in the store. I had to pull him away,” she laughed.

“Robbie gets like that sometimes,” Tasha giggled. “Especially when it comes to all his nerdy stuff,” she added.

“Hey, I heard that,” Robbie called from the kitchen. He was in there getting dinner ready.

“Shut up and keep making me my dinner boy maid,” Martha joked.

“Boy maid?” Robbie stuck his head around the corner. “Try man maid. I am all man,” he said.

“Yeah, whatever,” Martha muttered.

“Tash, Martha’s being mean,” Robbie whined.

“It’s okay, I still love you,” Tasha smiled. Robbie blew her a kiss and then walked back into the kitchen.

“So, everything is going fine with Jack?” Tasha turned back and asked Martha.

“Yeah,” Martha nodded. “Everything is great. We’re as close as ever. Right now, everything is perfect,” she smiled.


NEXT CHAPTER: Martha’s cranky at Jack.


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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.



Martha was standing in a dark room. It was pitch black. The only thing visible was herself. She didn’t know where she was.

She looked down, and there, nestled safe in her arms, was her baby. She couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl because it was wrapped up tight in a white blanket. Its tiny face was all she could see.

Martha turned in a circle; looking around and wondering why the hell she and her baby were there. But she had no idea. She was too scared to even move forward in case she tripped in the dark and hurt the baby.

Martha heard a noise from behind, so she spun around, only to be blinded by a bright light. She held a hand up as a shield; trying to block out the light that was stinging her eyes. Once she had adjusted to the light, she moved forward.

She could see the outline of a group of people moving towards her. They were blurry, so couldn’t make out who they were. But as she got closer, she started to recognize them.

Jack was standing in the middle; smiling at her. To one side of him; her grandad, Ric, Morag, Roo, Tony and Lucas were standing. On Jack’s other side was; her mum, dad, and three brothers. But what stood out the most was that they were all wearing white.

“What’s going on?” Martha asked.

Jack moved towards her and touched her cheek. “Look at our baby. Such an angel,” he exclaimed, as he took the child from her arms and cradled it safely in his own. “So pure and so innocent. Our baby deserves so much more than this world can give it,” he continued, and took a step back.

“Jack, what are you talking about?” Martha cried.

Jack ignored her question and continued to step backwards. “The baby has to stay with us,” he said.

“What?” Martha shook her head. She was confused.

Her father then moved forward. “The baby is coming with us Martha. You have to stay here. Alone,” he told her.

“No,” Martha started to cry. “Give me my baby,” she yelled.

Martha ran towards them, but they just seemed to get further and further away. All of a sudden they all started to fade; until she was left alone. The bright light then disappeared and she was left in pitch black; again.

“My baby,” she screamed.


Martha sat up; gasping for air. She could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks. She was boiling hot, clammy and the bed sheets were tangled around her body.

“What’s wrong?” a worried voice asked from beside her.

Martha turned her head to look at Jack. She was still to upset to talk.

“You were crying and talking in your sleep. Are you okay?” Jack rubbed her back.

Martha’s hand flew to her stomach. “The baby,” she muttered. “A dream. It was just a dream,” she said breathlessly.

“What happened?” Jack asked again. “Are you feeling okay?” he said.

“You took my baby,” Martha sobbed. “You and your dad and Lucas. And my family. You all took my baby away from me and said that I had to be alone. And then you all just disappeared. It was horrible,” she cried harder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jack soothed, as he pulled her into his arms. “Nothing like that will ever happen. It was just a dream. Nobody will ever take our baby away,” he assured her.

Martha nodded. “Yeah, I know. But it felt so real,” she whispered.

Jack leaned across her and grabbed a glass of water from the nightstand. “Here, have a drink,” he said.

Martha took the glass from him; taking a sip. Jack noticed that her hands were shaking. Must have been some dream, Jack thought to himself.

Jack then took the glass from her; placing it back on the nightstand. He then grabbed a hold of Martha and gently lowered her back onto the bed. “Just forget about it and try to go back to sleep. It was just a dream,” he said softly.

He reached a hand out and smoothed her hair back off her face. She felt really warm and clammy. He lay back down beside her; kissing her softly on the cheek.

He placed his hand on her stomach and moved closer to her. It took a while, but she eventually calmed down and fell back to sleep.


Martha was sitting on a chair in the middle of the baby’s room. She had gotten bored, so she had decided to start painting the room. Jack had told her that he would help her do it once he got home, but he was running late, so she had started it without him. He was supposed to have finished at two pm, and it was now four pm, and Martha was starting to get cranky.

Kit and Tasha had dropped in for a little while and had helped her. They had managed to get one wall painted already.

Martha had also been thinking about the dream that she had. It had really freaked her out, and the thought that her baby had been taken was scary. She knew that it was just a dream and that it would never actually happen, but it had still frightened her a lot.

Martha let out a loud sigh and stood up. She walked out into the lounge room and turned on the T.V. She sat down and waited for Jack to get home.


Martha was still sitting on the couch when Jack got home and hour later. She didn’t speak to him and she didn’t look at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he sat down next to her.

“Three hours Jack,” Martha exclaimed. “You said that you’d be home by two. It’s now five,” she said.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” Jack said again.

“How hard is it to pick up a phone and call me,” she snapped.

“I didn’t have time to call to you. There was a robbery at a coffee shop in Yabbie Creek and I had to go with Harper,” Jack explained. “It’s the third one in two days, and they still haven’t found the guy,” he continued.

“Yeah, well I was really looking forward to painting the baby’s room with you,” Martha said.

“I was too,” Jack assured her. “We can do it tomorrow instead. I don’t have to be at work until late afternoon,” he told her.

“I already started,” Martha said as she kept her eyes glued to the T.V. She was still mad at him, so she didn’t really feel like looking at him.

“Come on, don’t be angry. I said I was sorry,” Jack exclaimed.

Martha turned around to look at him. “Yeah, well if you really are sorry, you’ll make sure you’re home by six o’clock next Friday night. I’ve invited Tasha and Robbie around, and Kim’s going to invite Kit,” she explained.

Jack smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll be home before then. I promise,” he told Martha.

He leaned over and kissed Martha on the cheek. “Now, come and show me what you done today,” he pulled her up off the couch and dragged her off.



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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.



It was Saturday night and Tasha, Robbie and Kit had just arrived for dinner. Martha and Kim had been busy in the kitchen all afternoon.

But Martha wasn’t in a good mood. She was really starting to get pissed off. It was nearly seven pm and Jack had promised her that he would be home by six. But of course, he couldn’t keep his promise.

“Why don’t you give him a call and see how long he’ll be,” Tasha suggested.

Martha nodded and took her phone out onto the front patio. She tried Jack’s mobile, but there was no answer and it soon went to message bank. Martha groaned and cancelled the call. She decided to call the station to see if she could get him there. Ken Harper answered the call.

“Hello Martha, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“I was just wondering if Jack was there,” Martha said.

“No, he isn’t. He and McGrath just got called out to a robbery,” Harper told her.

Martha sighed. “Could you get him to call me when he gets back please?” she asked.

“Sure,” Harper answered.

“Thank you,” Martha sighed again before hanging up.

“So, what’s going on?” Robbie asked when Martha walked back inside.

“He wasn’t there. Harper just told me that Jack and McGrath got called out to a robbery,” she told everyone.

“Well I’m sure he’ll be back soon,” Tasha assured her.

“Yeah, whatever,” Martha muttered. “Anyway, dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. Jack can just go with out,” she said.

She was angry. She couldn’t stand it when somebody made a promise and then couldn’t keep their word. She had been looking forward to tonight and she was upset that Jack wasn’t there.


Martha decided to go to bed as soon as Tasha and Robbie left. Jack still wasn’t home and he still hadn’t called to let her know why.

She’d been lying in bed for about half an hour and was finally about to drop off to sleep when she heard the bedroom door creak open. She heard him close the door behind him; before sitting down next to her on the bed.

“Martha,” he started, but she cut him off before he got any further.

“Don’t say anything Jack. I don’t want to hear it,” she said to him.

“I want to apologise,” Jack sighed. “I know I let you down, but there was another robbery,” he explained.

“Yes, I know. Harper told me when I called the station to see where you were,” Martha snapped.

“I didn’t know that you called the station,” Jack said.

“Well, I did. And Ken told me that he would pass on the message and get you to call me back,” Martha told him. “But you didn’t,” she said sarcastically.

“I didn’t know that you called,” Jack insisted.

“Can you just be quiet? I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Martha growled at him.

“I’m sorry,” Jack apologised and reached out to touch her.

Martha moved away from his touch. “Can you not touch me,” she sighed. “I’m really tired, and I’m hot. I just want to go to sleep and I really don’t feel like being touched right now,” she said.

“Alright,” Jack said softly; clearly hurt. “I’m going to have a quick shower. I won’t be long,” he moved towards the door.

Martha ignored him and just turned away.


“Morning,” Jack said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Morning,” Martha said back, but didn’t bother looking up at him.

“Look, about last night. I’m sorry I didn’t call you. And I’m going to ask Harper why he didn’t tell me that you called,” Jack started.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. Too bad if I was in labour or something and was trying to get hold of you. What if something was wrong with me? What if something was wrong with the baby?” Martha yelled. “Is that man some kind of moron?” she continued.

“I know. He should have told me that you called. I’m going to ask him about it today,” Jack told her.

“It’s not just last night Jack. I’ve been living her for only two weeks and already I hardly see you,” Martha began. “I thought that by moving in here, you and I would get to spend more time together. But it seems like you’re at work all the time. I know it’s you job but this really sucks. They’re always calling and ordering you to go in. You’re not the only friggin cop in this town, so why can’t they call someone else,” she finished.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” Jack assured her.

“Don’t make promises Jack. Especially when you can’t live up to them,” Martha cried.

“I’ll be home early tonight,” Jack promised.

“Well, I won’t be,” Martha exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“Kit and I are helping Beth close up Noah’s tonight. So, I won’t be home until late,” Martha answered. “Now, I have to go. I promised Sally that I would look after Pippa for a few hours,” she picked up her bag and moved towards the door.

She didn’t even bother giving Jack a kiss goodbye.


NEXT CHAPTER: Who’s in danger?


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Hey guys. Here’s a new chapter.


Martha, Kit and Beth were getting ready to leaves Noah’s. Martha and Kit were wandering around wiping up the tables and Beth was counting up the money.

Martha had been thinking about Jack all night. She knew that she had over reacted a bit with him, and the way she had left that morning wasn’t very nice. But she had been so angry, that she couldn’t help herself. At times, she could be a real bitch.

“That’s it girls, I’m done. You two ready?” Beth asked.

“Yep,” Kit and Martha answered.

The three women turned and started heading towards the door. They stopped when they noticed a man walking towards them.

“Sorry, we’re closed,” Martha told him.

“I don’t think so,” the man said to them.

“Excuse me,” Martha snapped; clearly not in the mood.

The man stuck his hand into his pocket, and surprised them when he pulled out a gun.

“Oh my god,” Beth gasped as she grabbed hold of Kit; who in turn grabbed onto Martha.

“Let’s all go and sit down,” he snarled as he started waving the gun at them. He then reached backwards and locked the door.

Martha, Kit and Beth spun around and the man quickly led them back in towards the bar area.


Jack glanced at his watch again. It was eleven pm and Martha should have been home by now. Noah’s closed at ten pm during the week and it didn’t take long to count out the till and clean the place up a bit. Martha definitely should have been home already.

He didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling. And he really didn’t like the idea of Martha being out this late; especially when she was heavily pregnant.

Jack decided that the best thing to do was to just go down to Noah’s and collect Martha himself.

“Mate, I’m just going to go for a drive down to Noah’s. I want to get Martha,” Jack said to Kim.

“Do you really think she’ll appreciate that?” Kim laughed. “She’s been pretty cranky at you lately, and I doubt she wants you checking up on her,” he said.

“It’s eleven o’clock and she should have been home by now. I just want to check if every things okay,” Jack told Kim.

“I’ll come with you then,” Kim offered.

“Great, lets go,” Jack picked up his phone and his keys and led the way out to the car.


Martha watched in horror as the man walked back and forth. Her eyes were locked on the gun in his hands. She was scared, and all she wanted right now; was Jack.

“If you’re here to rob the place, just take the money and go,” Kit urged.

“That was my intention, but then I get here and find three gorgeous ladies. I just thought it would be nice if we sat down and had a little chat,” he laughed.

“Well if that’s the case, then stop being rude and tell us your name,” Kit said sarcastically.

“Don’t be silly, I can’t do that. If I do that then cops will know who I am,” the man smirked.

“That’s the point,” Martha muttered under her breath.

“What was that?” the guy looked at her.

Martha looked up at him; feeling a tad more confident. “I said that you’re a moron,” she snapped.

“You had better keep that great trap of yours closed pretty lady; I have a gun remember,” he waved the gun at her. “Now, for conversations sake, let’s make me up a name. Hmmm, it has to be something good, something cool. Aha, I like Elvis. What do you think?” he laughed.

“Elvis is dead. And you’ll never be the man that he was,” Martha started. “But hey, if you want that name, then knock yourself out. Here’s hoping that you end up the same way as him,” she continued.

Elvis slammed his fist down hard on the counter. “I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut,” he yelled at Martha.

“You asked me if I liked the name Elvis. I was just giving you my answer,” Martha smirked at him.

“You little smart ass,” he strode over towards her.

“Hey, come on. Leave her alone,” Beth pleaded. “Can’t you see she’s pregnant? Stress like this isn’t good for her; it could hurt the baby. Just let her go. Please let us go,” she continued.

“Yeah, just take the money and go,” Kit urged him again.

Elvis stood on the spot pondering the thought. “You’re right, I’ve had my fun. Hand us the money and I’ll go,” he started, but stopped when a loud pounding came from the door.

“Martha,” a voice called out.

“That’s Jack,” Martha gasped.

“Who’s Jack?” Elvis snapped.

“Her boyfriend,” Kit answered.

“He’s a cop too,” Martha told Elvis.

“A cop,” Elvis stated.

“Yeah, how about I let him in,” Martha stood up and started moving across the room.

“Stop right there,” Elvis roared.

A few moments later one single gun shot echoed through the air.


Jack and Kim jumped back in shock when they heard a loud bang come from inside.

“That was a gun shot,” Jack exclaimed in a frantic voice.

Martha,” Jack yelled out at the same time Kim started yelling out for Kit.

Jack and Kim looked at each other; both had worry etched across their faces.

What was going on in there?


NEXT CHAPTER: Has somebody been shot?


I'll try to add some more tonight.

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