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The Revenge!

Guest -Emily-

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My first fan-fic, be warned doesn't have a happy ending!


Summer Bay 2nd May 2005

Eve has just watched the warehouse explode.

"Not long now Sally, I will get you soon"

A body is pulled out of the warehouse.

"Sorry Lucy Whyman, the only reason I picked you to blow up was because you were right there, you were an easy target."

Manic giggle

Summer bay, one year on

Eve is standing outside Sally's house, armed with a crowbar and some rope. Eve hears sally tell Cassie that shes going for a walk in the bush, to clear her head over all the stress shes having

"Well you won't be walking for long" Eve smiles to herself

Eve follows Sally

Sally turns around when she is hit over the head, although she is still concious, Sally realises it is Eve and screams, then Eve wraps her hands around sallys neck, although Sally manages to escape and run off to the bush

"Oh my god....shes back, she'll get me" sally cries

"Damn right I will"

Sally is hit over the head, and tied up by Eve

We now see Sally tied up unconcious on the ground in the bush. She comes round and finds Eve staring at her, shes tries to escape but Eve grabs her.

"Please, I haven't done anything wrong" Sally pleads

"Yes you have, you hurt MY Sarah, its all your fault and now you will pay!"

Eve picks up her crow bar as Sally cries her eyes out.

"Now I will kill you, you wanna know how?"


"Well I'm gonna hit you with this and bury you in the bush where noone will find you, you deserve it, or maybe i'll strangle you, what would you prefer?"

***Manic giggle***


"Fine I'll do both"

As Eve turns round Sally manages to escape, she runs off and Eve soon follows

"Got you know Sally, bye bye, you will be dead in 5 4 3 2 1"

Sally is hit over the head....out cold on the ground Eve checks her pulse but she is still alive

"Fine, three more hits should do it"

Sally is now dead and eve is tying her up

"Now shes dead better bury her"

Giggles evily to herself. Eve then puts Sally over her shoulder and dumps her on the ground. She puts her body undersome rocks somewhere that no-one will find her

"Next victim now, i think it will be...Leah"

Eve comes knocking on Leah's door, as leah opens the door she is hit over the head and tied up

Leah awakes in the bush

"Oh my god, you're alive" leah cries

"Yep, but you won't be for much longer"

Episode 2 coming soon!!

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