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Shopping's no fuss for Bec

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Shopping's no fuss for Bec

The Advertiser

10 April 2006

SHE may have been too busy to attend the Logies nominations announcement in Sydney, but Bec Hewitt has certainly found time to shop up a storm.

The former Home & Away actress has made the most of her stay in Melbourne with hubby Lleyton for the Davis Cup, hitting the stores for a Logies outfit.

Bec has been - just for a change - accompanied by Ley-Ley's mum Cherilyn and sister Jaslyn on the frock hunt, the trio pushing baby Mia in a pram.

"Just this weekend I thought I should get cracking," Bec told a Melbourne paper of her shop-up.

"It will be fun to have a reason to get dressed up again because I don't really do a lot of that any more."

Bec has been nominated for a Gold and a Silver Logie.

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Exciting for her, are there any recent pictures of baby Mia since the first pictures published in Womens Day?

Yes, but they have published the heck out of the old one's!. From memory, I think there was one lot that look like they where taken at their home (with a bigger bubs). I'm not sure if it was Women's day, or some other Magazine but there was about 5 pages of photo's with Lleyton and Bec taking bubs Mia for a swim, and I think they were in America.

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