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Cheating Hearts and Psychotic Affections

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Type of Story: Long Fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: Lucas, Matilda, Cassie, Kim and others.

Genre: Drama.

Warnings: References to Death, and Sexual Content.

Summary: They are with other people yet they cant stay away from each other but their feelings have a surprising reaction in someone else.

Hi this is my first fic so it may not be any good. Anyway let me know what you think.

Chapter 1 - Fascination.

He couldn't help but watch, she was walking through the surf club chatting to people, a big smile on her face, her eyes sparkling. He couldnt take his eyes off her, even though he knew she was unattainable.

"Hey babe" a familiar voice said as she kissed his cheek.

Snapping out of his gaze he turned to face her "Hi sweetheart, where have you been?" he said trying to sound sincere.

"Whats with you Lucas" his girlfriend said glaring at him "I told you I was helping Leah bring the food to the party."

"Oh yea sorry Cass I forgot"

"you've been so distant lately are you sure there is nothing wrong" she said staring at him trying to read what was in his head.

"Yea fine " he said abruptly, If only she knew what he was really thinking.

Cassie walked away so confused, she knew her boyfriend, after all they had been together for two years, but lately he was so distant, she just couldnt figure out why.

She turned to watch Lucas, he was chatting to Jack and Robbie, maybe she was imagining it. "Stop it" she said to herself "Have a good time after all it is your friends party".

Lucas still couldnt stop himself watching her and when he noticed which direction she was heading in, he knew things were about to get worse. His palms were getting sweaty, but it was to late to run or hide cause there she was standing right in front of him.

"Thanks for coming guys" she said, He stood there watching her lips move and all he could think about was grabbing her and kissing her, right there in front of everyone.

"Happy Birthday "he heard his brother Jack say, the sound of his voice brought Luc back to reality.

"It wont happen Luc" he told himself "she is with kim and your with cassie, you love cassie." If only it were that simple he thought.

"Happy Birthday" he said as he kissed her on the cheek, the sparks he felt were like nothing he'd ever felt before, not even the first time he had been intimate with cass. He hoped she felt it too, but she just said "See you later, have fun" and walked away.

I have to get her out of my system he thought, and he knew what he had to do to try and make that happen.....

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Chapter 2 - Frustration

"Whats wrong with Cass " Robbie asked looking at Luc

"nothing mate" she's fine" he replied "i'd better go see her actually". He walked over to the bar where Cass was sat drinking (Luc was 21 and Cass was 20). "Do you want to dance babe?" he asked as a slow song came on, he kissed her bare shoulder hoping it would please her.

"I guess" she said still not really happy cause she knew there was something wrong. She stood up, the red halter dress she was wearing fit her in all the right places, She looked great Luc thought as he led her to the dance floor.

"you look gorgeous" he said as he nuzzled himself into her his mouth was gently touching her neck.

"Thanks, your not to bad yourself " she replied running her fingers through his soft blonde hair.

He pressed his body into hers as they swayed to the music. "Luc" she whispered "dont get to excited we are in the middle of Noah's after all."

"I cant help it" he said "you are just to sexy" he knew he was lying but at least this made him feel better.

"Well lets cool down." She said dragging him back to the bar . He ordered another beer while she went to the bathroom, he knew it probably wasnt a good idea as that would be his fourth and he wasnt very good with alcohol.

"Hey luc, saw you getting hot and heavy on the dance floor, not your usual style. He turned to see his best mate Ric grinning at him.

"Well when you have a girlfriend like mine its hard to control yourself" he replied trying to sound macho

" Whatever, my girlfriend his hot too" Ric retaliated. "Great party isnt it "Ric continued "at least the birthday girl looks like she is having fun" he said pointing to the dance floor.

Luc looked just in time to see her kiss Kim, he couldnt cope anymore he wanted her and watching her with someone else was driving him mad, frustration was getting the better of him. Walking towards the exit he grabbed Cass and pulled her outside.

"Luc whats going on"she asked

"Ssh, just follow me "he said as he walked down to the beach and found a secluded spot, he sat down pulling Cass with him. "I just want to be alone with you" He said he could feel the alcohol kicking and it was giving him more confidence, he leaned over laying her gently down on the sand he started kissing her , gently at first and then harder.

"Easy Luc" she moaned as he bit her lip. His thoughts were definately not on Cassie as he laid on top of her. "Luc calm down not here" she said

"why not no one can see us" he said trying to block out the sound of her voice so he could imagine he was with someone else,his frustration was getting more infuriating. Cassie finally relented and all he could think of was her the way she walked, laughed,smiled, he couldnt stop himself, as he was being intimate with Cass, she was all that was on his mind, This is the only way he thought as he felt his frustration relenting, he would have to spend more and more time and give a lot of attention to Cassie his girlfriend who loved him.

"Your amazing Luc"she said cuddling into him as he lay there looking at the stars, he felt guilty but knew that Cass wouldnt find out he was thinking of someone else.

Little did Lucas know that at the sametime he was thinking about someone else, someone else was thinking about him too................................

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Chapter 3 - Confusion

She knew she should be happy, ecstatic even, it was her birthday , she had a wonderful boyfriend, yet something was missing, she didnt know what it was. Well that is she didnt until a little while ago, she was going around thanking everyone for coming, and thats when it happened, all he had said was "happy birthday" and kissed her on the cheek, but the connection between them had felt so intense, she had freaked out and mumbled "See you later, have fun".

It had shocked her cause she had never thought of him like that, other men sure, but not Lucas Holden....

She decieded she should just pass it off as birthday excitement and carry on having a good time.

"Honey, can you get me a drink. I'm just going outside to get some fresh air" she called across the bar.

"Sure thing"Kim replied smiling, she smiled back at him. How could she possibly want anyone else when she had him he was perfect. She walked outside the sea breeze felt amazing against her skin, she stood there looking out across the sea, it looked so romantic she thought, she heard a giggle, Im not the only one who thinks so she thought, turning to see where the noise was coming from.

Her heart sank when she saw Cass and Luc making there way back up to the surf club, from the glow on Cass's face she knew they had been up to something. Suddenly arms came around her waist and stopped her from staring at Lucas. "You look great" Kim said handing her a glass of wine. He kissed the top of her head and she smiled up at him, and let herself fall back into him, she liked the familiar feeling of secureness she always felt when he was around.

"Hey guys having a good time " she heard Cass call over to them.

"Not as good as you by the look of it" she snapped back

"That was a bit harsh "Kim said as Cass and Lucas walked passed, Lucas looked at the floor all the way passed them.

"I just think that sort of thing should be kept in private" she lied

"Well speaking of privacy. how about we bail on your party and go back to the apartment" he said

"Sure thing" she sighed, anything to be away from him she thought.............

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Chapter 4 - Shock

It had been a few days since the party, and he hadnt thought about anything but her, it really hurt him that she and Kim had disappeared from the party, he knew they hadnt come back in, he had kept an eye on the door for the rest of the night.

Since then he and Cassie had been so passionate, he knew it was cruel as Cass thought everything was perfect, but pretending he was with her when he was with Cass was the only way he could deal with these feelings that overwhelmed him.

"Come on lets go" Jack shouted at him.

"What " Luc said suddenly remembering what they were doing that day. Thats when the dread started to kick in.

He and Jack were going to the beach to meet everyone for a beach party. He knew she'd be there and hoped he would be able to keep his distance, so that she didnt stir up all these feelings and emotions inside of him.

They got to the beach and she was the first person he noticed , she was standing there in a black bikini looking better than he had ever seen her, she made his heart ache.

"Luc over here " he heard Cass yell as he made his way down to her carrying the beers while Jack carried the food. He walked over kissed his girlfriend opened a beer and said hi to Robbie, Ric and Dan.

"Can you do me a favour" he heard Leah say not realising she was talking to him, as he was to busy watching the girl of his dreams as she made her way up to the diner.

" Sorry what "he said as Leah patted him on the shoulder.

"Get some ice from the diner freezer for me please Lucas" Leah repeated.

" Sure of course" he said as he jogged up to the diner. He said hello to Colleen and went into the kitchen, he emptied a bag of ice into the cooler and shut the freezer door, suddenly he heard a noise behind him and span around, and he couldnt believe what he was seeing , there she was right in front of him in her bikini looking so pretty. He felt something stirring inside of him, he recognized the feeling of excitement well.

"Hi Luc" She smiled.

"Open your mouth" speak he was saying to himself but all that came out was a mumble and in his flustered state he somehow managed to throw half the ice over her.

"lucas, what are you doing" she screamed "Its Freezing"

"oh my god I'm so sorry" he said " Lets go up to Mr Stewarts flat and get you a towel to warm you up"

They walked upstairs his heart was racing he couldnt believe what an idiot he had been.

He ran into the bathroom and grabbed some towels. Her skin had made the ice melt and the moisture it created made her skin glisten, he had his eyes on one droplet and watched it fall down her neck and onto her chest, he was aching with desire, this was definately killing him..

"Luc towel please" she said he didnt hear her he was still watching that droplet. "Luc stop it your staring, why are you looking at me like that.

He didnt know where it had come from , he suddenly found confidence or maybe stupidity, he walked up to her and put his hand on the small of her back and the other on back of her neck and he leaned in and kissed her really gently, he suddenly realised what he had done, he couldnt believe it desire had taken over and he'd lost all his senses. He stepped back. She is going to go mad he thought, he couldnt dare look at her. He didnt know if he could stand to see the look of repulsion in her eyes...

He felt her fingers under his chin, she pulled his head up so their eyes were level.

"Look, im sorry I dont know what....." he started

"Luc shut up" She said as she put her mouth on his and parted his lips with her tongue. He couldnt believe what was happening , he kissed her back with more and more passion, he felt her hand on his chest as she was removing his shirt . He realised what was going to happen and it terrified him but he couldnt stop it. His hands were moving too, enjoying the feel of her skin. Suddenly they were both on the floor and he was pushing his body into hers the sensations she made him feel were foreign to him, she made him feel alive.

After they lay there neither of them said a word, he hadnt felt like this before and couldnt quite comprehend what was happening. She lent over and kissed him " Thanks Lucas, that was wonderful but i had better go before anyone misses me "she said.

"Good idea" he said as she got up and put her bikini on, he couldnt take his eyes off her, she leant down and gave him a lingering kiss. He knew he had to do it now, it was now or never.....

"I love you , you have realised that" he said quietly

" I know " she said softly "there is definately a connection but its complicated Luc , with kim and cass, and what would everyone think."

"I dont care, I need to be with you" he said with tears in his eyes.

"But I do care, I cant hurt him, Im sorry I love you Luc at least I think I do, but I think we should avoid each other as much as possible from now on. Goodbye Lucas".

Tears running down his face he said "Goodbye Matilda".

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Chapter 5 - Guilt

She ran down the stairs, tears running down her face,why did she say that , she did love him, she does want him, she just cant stand people talking about her or being disappointed in her, and besides she does love Kim, they've been toghether 3 years, she practically lives at his place. This was so confusing why Lucas..........

She walked back down to the beach trying to compose herself, everyone was having fun. Her mum was talking with Tony, Sal and Flynn. V.J and Pip were running around, Jack,Martha and Tash were laughing, she couldnt see Kim anywhere as she got closer she realised he was sat down with Ric, Belle and Cassie. "Oh God" she thought when she looked at her friend.

"Maddie hey" Cass said "where have you been".

"I got stuck talking to Colleen, you know what she's like "she lied.

"Hello sexy" kim said pulling her down in front of him she nestled in between his legs, trying to concentrate on the things around her.

"So how about it, Lets be immature again" Ric said

"Like you ever grew up" Belle sarcastically said.

"Thanks for that darling" Ric retorted, blowing a kiss to his girlfriend.

"What were you thinking mate "kim interrupted

"I dont know truth or dare or something , later tonight when the others have all gone.

"Sounds good to me" Matilda said not really listening as she could see Lucas appraoching the group.

"Hey Honey" Cass sais as Luc sat down next to her.

"Hi all" he said making sure he made no eye contact with Maddie.

"You'll be up for truth or dare later wont you buddy, we figure a few beers and a lot of immaturity are called for" said Kim.

"Yeah whatever" Luc said constantly conscious that Kims hand was on Matilda's shoulder. "Im going to go catch up with Jack and Martha" he said making an excuse to leave.

Time passed and eventually there was only ten of them left, Kim & Maddie, Lucas & Cassie, Robbie & Tasha, Ric & Belle and Jack & Martha.

" so whats the plan " Martha said slightly slurring.

"I propose a game of secrets." Jack said trying to think fast, he had been watching his brother all afternoon and knew there was something wrong and wanted to try and get him on his own. "We pair off" Jack continued and find out each other worst secret, write it down and the rest of us have to guess who's secret it is, there will be dares for those who guess wrong, come on guys trust me " he said realising they were not convinced by his lame game.

"ok, ok, " Robbie said " I have no secrets, Im a picture of innocence so Im game" he laughed.

They all split up into the pairs they have chosen and when they were far enough away Jack sat Lucas down. "So little bro, what the secret thats been getting you down all afternoon" Jack quizzed.

Luc knew he could trust is brother he just didnt know if he wanted to talk about it. He shrugged. "Oh we are not talking then hey" Jack said

"Guys are you not done yet" Belle shouted over.

"Start without us" he shouted back. "look luc if you want to talk Im here but if not thats cool too" Jack said starting to get up.

"Ok, Ok. Four hours ago I had sex in Alf Stewarts flat with the girl of my dreams who isnt my girlfriend and who has a boyfriend, and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I told her I loved her and she said she thought she loved me too, but she wont chance wrecking her perfect life to give us a chance. Im over compensating with Cassie which is really cruel cause she thinks all the passion I have is directed at her, which is wrong cause whenever Im with her, in my mind Im with other girl. Any advice Jack". Lucas was practically shouting now.

"OH" was all Jack could mutter. "I think we should get you out of here for a start in case anyone hear's you, lets go home and talk. Get yourself together enough to say goodbye and walk the girls home, then we can have a Lad's chat.

"Sure" Lucas said grateful that Jack was there.

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Chapter 6 - Advice

They made their apologies to the rest of the group, Jack had made an excuse about them having to leave, they had walked Martha home, and then Cass.

"Goodnight Lover" Cass giggled at Luc outside her house, Jack was waiting further down the road. "Lets have some fun" she said her hands wandering further down his body.

"Not now Cass" he said "I have to go".

"Thats not like you lately" She said groping him more.

"No Cass, You're drunk. I'll call to you tomorrow" he said and then ran off.

They walked home in silence, they got home. Luc sat on the sofa while Jack got the beers. Jack knew the truth is easiet to talk about with a drinkso he figured getting Luc drunk might help. "So Luc, who's the girl?" Jack said.

"I'd rather not say" Luc replied coldly

"ok, fair enough" Jack thought for a moment, "ok, well how about sex" seeing the surprised look on Luc's face he laughed. "I dont want to know details, just how many girls have you been with, cause it may not be that the feeling with mystery girl are intense it may just be that Cass is not the right one".

"Four" Luc said blushing "And none of them compare to what I feel when I see this girl, kissing her on the cheek can make me go weak".

"Ok" Jack sighed "this is definately not a lust thing. You have it bad baby brother, So what do you want to happen?"

"I want her Jack, but she wants me to stay away, and I dont want to hurt her. I guess I'll forget in time and for now concentrate on Cassie"

Jack said nothing but had a feeling that whoever this mystery girl was, she wasnt going to go away, he knew that faraway look in his brother's eyes, he had it himself when he first met Martha.

Luc wasnt going to be able to forget.....................................................

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Chapter 7 -Seduction

She didnt know what she was doing. Sat in her room knowing he was next door was driving her mad, she had told Kim she had a headache and wanted to sleep in her own bed, the truth is she wanted to be with Lucas. Then a thought came into her head, she kept trying to get rid of it, but the more she thought about it, the easier it seemed. She put on her robe grabbed some candles and headed out, she found Luc's bedroom window and pulled it open, she could hear him talking to Jack in the other room, so she lit candles, put music on quietly and positioned herself seductively on his bed.

She couldnt believe she was doing this she had been so happy with Kim, the connection between her and Lucas and taken her by surprise. Suddenly she heard him coming, no going back now she thought. The door started opening he walked in shut the door, turned around and gasped when he realised who was in his room.

"Hi Luc"she smiled

"Maddie what are, how did, why" he couldnt string a sentence together which for some reason she found adorable, where usually on any other guy it would have infuriated her.

"Luc, I know what I said, but I cant keep away from you. I dont know why but it happened and right now, I want you to hold me, make love to me and be with me all night" as she said this she took of her robe and waited.


He couldnt believe what was happening, he looked at her laying there, telling him she wanted him, looking more beautiful then he had ever imagine.


She was actually nervous a concept which was new to her. It seemed like forever but was probably only a few seconds, he laid down next to her. They laid there next to each other gazing into each others eyes.

" Lucas, I'm very aware that I have next to no clothes on and you are completely dressed" she said teasingly. He took the hint, and stripped down to just his boxers. Her inside fluttered at the sight of him. He laid down next to her again, she shivered as his finger went lightly across her stomach, she'd never felt like this before. Suddenly before she knew it the passion had taken over and they were naked, hot and worn out laying entwined with each other. She felt exhilirated and safe.

"Lucas" she whispered tilting her head up so she could look him in the eye. "I Love you".


He couldnt believe this night and she had just said the three words that made it all worthwhile, he looked at her laying there in his arms, their legs wrapped around each other and pulled the covers around them. He felt so happy he never realised feelings could be this intense, he kissed her neck and she leant into him even more. He tightened his arms around her and finally felt himself falling asleep.

He woke as soon as the sun came up, he looked at her still sleeping everything was perfect, but he knew reality would soon be with them. "Morning beautiful" he said kissing her lips softly. She smiled at him and that familiar feeling came back and he couldnt control it, she didnt seem to want him to either, he caressed her, and they started exploring each other, within minutes she was on top of him. Suddenly their perfect world was shattered by the door opening.

"Well,well. What do we have here" said a voice.

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Chapter 8 - Secret Meetings

"Oh my god" Matilda said covering herself up. "Look we can explain" she said looking at the open door.

"No, need I just wouldnt have guessed it was the girl next door. I hope you guys know what you are doing. Jack said

"He seemed ok about it" Maddie said as Jack left the room "Not shocked at all"

"I told him I had met the girl of my dreams, I just didnt tell him who it was." Luc explained hoping she wouldnt mind.

"I had better go" she suddenly said "Kim might be call round looking for me."

"Oh right Kim and Cassie" he didnt mean to sound cruel, he had just been so happy that he had forgotten about them. "I'm going to break up with Cass" he said kissing Matilda.

"What so soon" she was shocked he could tell.

"I have to I'm in love with you and no matter what happens that is not going to change, I dont love Cass." he said sternly

"Ok I understand" she said kissing him, "text me when you've spoken to her and I'll try and meet you. See you later Luc" she said blowing him a kiss as she climbed out of his window.

He lay back on his bed smiling thinking about everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. He was in love and really happy, and he wanted to stay like that forever but he knew he had to deal with Cassie. There was a knock on his door, "Come in" he shouted, Jack entered.

"Hey lover boy" he said, he couldnt help but notice the inane grin on his brothers face, he sat down on the bed and stared at his younger sibling. "So, going to tell me whats going on"

"You already know" Luc replied

"I know you're in love, I dont know how she ended up in here last night, and from what I witnessed this morning things are getting out of control and people are going to get hurt."

"I know Jack, but she loves me not Kim, and if you leave my room so I can get dressed I'm about to break up with Cass, so no lecturing please."

Jack left his brothers room wth a funny feeling this would all end with his little brothers heart breaking.


"Hi gorgeous" Cass said as Luc walked into her house.

"Hi can we talk" he said he didnt want to be cruel but he had to get this over with.

"Sure" she said still smiling

"Look there is no easy way to do this, and I'm really sorry but I cant be with you anymore."

"What " she said with tears building up, "Why,what, who". He flinched on the last word. "Who" she screamed "Thats it isnt it, there's someone else".

"No"he lied "I just dont want to be in a realtionship anymore"

"Fine get out then" she screamed at him

He stood up and left listening to her sobbing as he walked out. he pulled out his phone "Where are you?" he sent to Maddie. "Home come over" she replied. The guilt he had felt about Cass faded away as soon as he knew she wanted to see him. A few minutes later he was at her door "Hi "he said suddenly nervous.

"Hi "she smiled "come on in, there is no-one here dont worry. How did it go with Cass?" she asked

"Not great but its over, so my part is done what happens now? he said hoping for the answer he wanted to hear.

"Kim is taking me to dinner tonight, so I will tell him then. she answered confidentally.

"What your breaking up with him." he had hoped but never dreamed that she would. He kissed her passionately after a few minutes she said "Hey Luc not now, I have to get ready to meet Kim and people will be home soon, but I promise I will come and see you straight after" she was practicall y throwing him out now. He understood 5 more minutes with her and passion would have taken over.

"See you later "he smiled and walked out. " I love you" he thought but for some reason did not say....

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Chapter 9 - Romance

"Hello, I have a table for two booked in the name of Hyde"

"So Kim why are we in this posh restaurant, I thought we were just going to go somewhere and talk?" Maddie asked.

"Well I think your worth it" he said kissing her. "Anyway how did you know I wanted to talk, wow you really do know me well dont you" he laughed.

" Well actually I was talking about me " she replied

"Let me go first " he said as they were led to there table, he pulled out her chair and she sat down she looked at him and gasped as she realised what he was about to do.

Down on one knee he looked up at her "Matilda Hunter, Will you marry me?


"Stop pacing, I'm trying to watch this" Jack shouted

"Sorry man, I just cant stand this "Lucas said

"you have been apart for 4 hours, you can cope" Jack sneered

"It's not that I just hope she is ok with Kim."

"I'm sure she is , he is a reasonable guy. It will just take as long as it takes." Jack said getting irritated with his brother.

"Well what should I do?" Luc moaned.

"Do something nice for her, she has probably had a rough night"

"Good idea" Luc muttered as he walked off to think of the perfect idea.


"What, we are too young arent we?" she couldnt believe this was happening.

"I dont care about age, I love you and I want to be your husband, so what do you say?" Kim said looking at her longingly.

"Well... um... ok, Yes" she said.


"This was a great idea" he thought to himself, the perfect way for her to feel happy and relaxed after her stressful evening. "She'll love it" he said out loud chuckling to himself. " He was going to show Matilda just how much he loved her. He sat there for a while thinking about how good everything was going to be from now on. Little did he know, somone else not far away, was thinking of the perfect plan to ruin everything for him.


She couldnt believe she had said yes, she didnt want to it made everything more complicated, she looked at the ring on her finger as she waved Kim goodbye. Oh my god what have I done, she opened the door and walked in. Lucas was the only thing on her mind, she had to tell him to make him see that she loved him and had just made a stupid error. She opened her bedroom door and what she saw made her heart flip.

There were Rose petals everywhere, she walked around and then noticed on her pillow were roses and a note.

To my beautiful Matilda

We may not have got together in the perfect way, and peole may judge, but our connection was strong and we gave into our desires, we cannot be blamed for that. I hope tonight was not to hard for you and I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always be around to protect and love you. Im waiting to hold you now.

Yours Forever

Lucas xxxx

She had to go to him, she needed to be with him, she just hoped he'd understand.


"You said WHAT" he yelled his heart was breaking he didnt understand.

"I'm sorry I didnt mean it I love you, he asked I panicked" She started crying

"ssshh" he said holding her its ok we can figure this out" At least she still loves me he thought still unsure of the situation.

"I am sorry Lucas, I didnt know he was going to ask, I dont know why he asked"

"I can answer that" he smiled " Who wouldnt want to marry you, I would in a heartbeat, your amazing, beautiful, sensual and I love you."

"I'm so sorry" she cried

"Its ok" he said cradling her, he already knew what he had to do and as soon as she was asleep he would go and talk to Kim, it seemed like the only way.

Little did he know that someone had just witnessed the touching scene between him and Maddie through a window and that could only lead to trouble...................................

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Chapter 10 -Betrayal and Loss

Kim was floating on air, he couldnt believe she had said yes she hadnt seemed herself lately and he had wanted to make her happy and now he had, he sat there thinking about how there lives would be perfect, he couldnt wait Mrs Matilda Hyde he thought to himself that sounds good. He heard a noise behind him, he turned, thats strange he thought there was a note on his door mat.


Congratulations, you must be really happy unfortunately Matilda seems a lot happier with someone else, if you want the proof go to the Holdens.

He felt anger raging inside of him, thismust be some kind of sick joke, how could anyone know they were engaged, and Jack wouldnt touch Maddie he was his friend. He had to know what this was about just in case Maddie got hurt by it. Slamming the door he headed to the Holdens.


"This is nice Luc, thanks for understanding" Maddie said smiling

"Its ok together we can solve anything" Luc answered

He got up and grabbed a blanket, candles were lit all around them, Maddie was wearing one of his shirts and it amazed him how good she looked. He laid back on the sofa and she put her head on his chest and he pulled the blankets up to her chin, his plan was to get her settled and then go and find Kim.

"I love you he whispered into her ear."

I love you too Lucas" She said the securenss of the moment led to them falling asleep within minutes.


Kim couldnt believe what he was seeing, Matilda, his Maddie with Lucas, Lucas Holden........ He didnt know what to do so he ran tears running down his face. He kept on running till he got to the beach, not knowing what else to do he ran straight into the sea..............................................

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