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Undercover Cop!

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Chapter 23

Martha and Dave had gone straight to bed when they got in, as Martha was “tired.” She’d laid there awake for hours with her Ipod on loud, trying to drown out any thoughts of Jack, but it didn’t work, she looked at her alarm clock on the side of her bed. “2.44, maybe he only said goodnight to her, he might be in now” She thought, lifting the covers up and getting out of bed. She went through to Jack’s room, praying that when she opened the door he’d be lying there asleep, but he wasn’t. Upset, she went downstairs for a glass of water. As she turned on the tap she thought about how stupid she’d been with Jack. He didn’t like her, he’d made that clear by spending the night with Jenny, so she just had to get over that and move on, act as if she wasn’t bothered. She turned off the tap and started to walk back to her room, nearly tripping over Dave.

“What are you doing?” She asked, looking down at Dave who was knelt on the floor, she turned the lights on to reveal Dave with a ring. Martha couldn’t move, she was rigid with shock.

“Martha, I love you so much, and I know I’ve been a jerk, but you found it in your heart to forgive me. I want to spend the rest of our lives together, I want you to be my wife, and have my kids, and share my life.” He declared. “Martha, will you marry me?” Martha was completely lost for words, for once in her life.

“Yes.” She said. Dave jumped up and hugged her.

“You’ve made me the happiest man alive!” He exclaimed, slipping the ring onto her finger.

“Perfect fit.” She smiled, admiring it. She knew that part of what she’d done was wrong. She didn’t love Dave, she didn’t want to marry him. But he’d caught her off guard and she was upset that Jack didn’t have the same feelings towards her, so this proposal gave her an opportunity to get over Jack, and she took it.

Meanwhile, Jack was trying to get comfy leaning against a tree, with no luck. He roamed around the garden for a minute, until spotting a deck chair, he opened it up, and laid there, thinking about his situation with Martha. He would tell her his feelings towards her in the morning, when he got in the house that is. He couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been for leaving them inside, but then again, his thoughts had been pretty distracted earlier, and Jenny was pulling him out the door. He’d tried to get in earlier by knocking, but there was no answer. So he gave up and just settled with trying to sleep in the garden, it was a dry, warm night, so he didn’t think he’d have much problems. Well, the weather definitely wasn’t the problem, nor were the surroundings, it was just the thought of Martha constantly running through his head that kept him from getting any sleep. He was so sure that she leant in too, and he had to find out.

The next morning Jack was knocking on the door, he was pleased to see it was Martha who answered.

“Hey.” He smiled, Martha looked at him, awkwardly.

“Hi” she mumbled, leaving him to close the door. Jack wasn’t sure what Martha’s attitude meant, was she mad at him?

“Is that Jack?” Dave shouted, he cheerfully hopped down the stairs. “Your back then? Have fun?” He joked, Jack looked up, confused. “Don’t act as if you don’t know. We saw you at the hotel with the lady.” He winked. Jack looked over at Martha, who was now drinking her coffee, avoiding eye contact.

“No I-” He started to explain, but Dave cut him off.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain! Anyway, it turned out for the best you weren’t here, that way I could pop the question.” He said, walking to the back of Martha and hugging her from behind. “Show him the ring babes.” He whispered in her ear. Martha slowly lifted her hand, to reveal a beautiful, shining diamond twinkle in the light. Jack couldn’t breathe for a moment, taking it all in.

“You’re getting married?!” He asked Martha, shocked, hoping that he’d made one huge mistake. Martha looked down at her coffee, slowly nodding her head. Dave hadn’t noticed this, as he was too busy jumping around the kitchen with excitement.

“Isn’t it great!” He exclaimed.

“Yea, terrific news.” Jack said, staring at Martha.

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Thanks for the comments! :D I really do appreciate them!

Chapter 24 - Best number Ever!!

“Well, I’ve got to go and pick something up. No need for you to come Jack, See ya!” Dave said, leaving the house. Jack and Martha both wished that he’d stayed, as neither knew what to say. Jack couldn’t believe it, Martha was getting married! He’d been positive that she had leaned in for the kiss, and that she must have felt the same way.

“Why?” Jack asked, equally as confused as hurt. Martha looked angry.

“What do you mean, why?” She said, avoiding answering. She didn’t want Jack to know that she was upset about him and Jenny.

“I thought that we.. you leant in to kiss me!” Jack exclaimed. Martha shook her head.

“It was a mistake, get over it Jack.” She lied, she couldn’t believe that he was now bringing that up, after he had spent the night with Jenny! Jack hadn’t seen Martha’s face as she lied, and he took it as the truth and replied in the only way he could think of.

“Good!” He said. Martha looked shocked. “I’m pretty serious about Jenny. Wouldn’t want it to end or anything.” He explained, trying to protect himself from being humiliated and rejected by Martha, once again. Martha tried not to look surprised and upset by Jack’s confession. She didn’t know why, but since he’d walked in she felt like there was still hope that she had just had a big misunderstanding, and Jack hadn’t spent his night with Jenny. But she had obviously been very wrong. They both stood there, two stubborn to admit their feelings to the other, and felt truly awful about their new discovery about the other.

“So, when’s the big day?” He asked, staring at the ring.

“We don’t know yet.” Martha said, uncomfortably. “Dave and I have already agreed on a small registry office wedding.” Jack looked away from the sparkling diamond and to Martha.

“But, that’s not you.” He said. “You don’t want that, do you?” Martha was aggravated at the fact he knew her so well.

“Does it really matter anyway, he’s only going to go off to prison.” She looked down at her ring. There was no point to it really, she was planning to delay the wedding anyway, she couldn’t go through with marrying a man she didn’t love.

“You’re not doing this just because of the investigation?” Jack said, trying to hide the hopeful tone in his voice. “I’m sure Dave would understand if you said you weren’t ready.” Martha glared at him.

“I am ready!” She snapped. “I love him and I just wish I could take back time and not dob him into the cops, I’ll just have to make the most of our time left.” She said, snatching her bag from the counter and storming upstairs. Jack had totally believed the lies that Martha had told him, and his legs buckled from underneath him and he fell back onto the sofa. The best thing he could do was just to carry on with the investigation and not let Martha affect him, but that was easier said than done. He’d distance himself from Martha, and especially Martha and Dave’s wedding plans. He didn’t want to put himself through another Martha and Corey situation, and what was worse was this time was different, he knew that Martha’s feelings towards Dave were strong, and that she was willing to marry him! Jack picked up his keys and went out, he needed some space to breath and get over the big shock.

Martha was upstairs, practically freaking out. She’d just agreed to someone that she’d marry them, and it wasn’t even to the man she loved! She thought back to Jack’s reaction, maybe he did like her. Not that it mattered, even if he did, he shouldn’t have gone off with Jenny, and she wasn’t willing to forgive him anytime soon. She’d wondered in the past year that if Jack was in her life again, maybe they would rekindle their feelings and be together. She had classed her time with him back in summer bay the happiest in her life. But after this, she now knew that they could never be together again, it was just too painful for her.

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Chapter 25

The next few weeks Jack was getting closer and closer to gathering enough evidence to put Dave away. He’d gotten past his nice, friendly act and had seen with his own eyes the cruel man within. Jack had repeatedly witnessed Dave making death threats to people who owed him money. Jack had been trained not to be affected by cases, but he couldn’t help looking into the eyes of the petrified, broke, druggies and feeling sympathy. Even though he hated the rounds he had to take with Dave, watching as he acted his sick monster game, feeding people with these malicious drugs, then demanding money like he was doing them a favour, it got him away from Martha, which was something that he greatly appreciated. They had hardly spoken to one another since the announcement of the engagement, it was better for both of them this way, it hurt less. Dave had noticed that they weren’t exactly friendly towards one another, and that their faces would drop as soon as each other’s name popped up into conversation, sending them into a deep daydream.

“Listen mate, I don’t know why you and Martha aren’t getting on-” Dave started, but Jack tried to interrupt. “No, I’m not stupid Jack, I’ve noticed. Anyway, I hope that this doesn’t mean you won’t be my best man tomorrow.” Dave’s immense smile gleamed as he expressed his excitement. Jack didn’t have quite the same reaction.

“What!?” He asked, completely taken aback by what Dave had just said. “T…Tomorrow?” Jack blinked hard and cleared his throat, trying to act as normal as possible. “Congratulations mate, of course I will be.” Jack wasn’t completely awake for the rest of the day, his mind still on what was happening tomorrow, he surely couldn’t stand by Dave as he married the woman that he himself loved; could he?

Martha was sat on the sofa, thinking about what stupid situation she’d landed herself in now. Due to her heavy thinking, she hadn’t realised that Jack was now stood next to the sofa, staring at her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked angrily, trying not to let out his full anger. Martha looked up to see who it was and let out a long sigh.

“I’m going away from you.” She snapped, sitting up and picking up her coffee.

“I meant about marrying Dave.” He growled back.

“Well, I’m thinking that it’s none of your business Jack.” She got up, heading to the stairs. Jack, annoyed, ran up and grabbed her arm, pulling her around to face him.

“Please, don’t marry him.” He begged. Martha stood there, stunned.

“And why not?” Martha asked, wriggling away from his grasp.

“Because I..” Martha looked back into his eyes, hoping for the only statement that could change her mind to come out of his mouth. “..I’m going to have to arrest him very soon.” Jack sighed as he cursed himself for missing the perfect opportunity to tell her how he felt. Martha looked away in disappointment.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, at the registry office.” She said, tears forming in her eyes. Jack stood still fixed in the same spot as he watched Martha quickly walk up the stairs. He couldn’t handle anything right now, he just needed to get away from things, so he could think clearly.

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Chapter 26

“Sorry for leaving you two the day before your ‘big day’, but I’ve had to rush off to attend a family emergency. I will try and make it back for the wedding, however I cannot promise I will make it, so I think that you should give someone else the privilege of being best man. If I don’t make it then I apologize and wish you two the best day! Sorry again, Jack.” Dave read to himself, placing the letter back on the worktop. He sighed disappointedly and picked up his bags.

“Cya tomorrow, babes!” He shouted up the stairs at Martha, who slowly dragged her self down to say goodbye to her fiancé. Martha hadn’t seen the note Jack had left excusing his absence, so she still assumed that not only had she got to marry Dave, but she had to stand in front of Jack whilst she took the vows.

There was no real family emergency, as you probably guessed, it was just Jack running away from his problems. Jack had lay awake most of the night in his hotel room, thinking about Martha, and when he finally did fall asleep, Martha was there. He’d imagined so many different ways that Martha could reject him if he were to declare his feelings for her, but something in his head kept telling him that he should tell her. After tossing and turning all night, he arranged a compromise. “I’ll tell her tomorrow, before the wedding.” He thought and finally drifted off to sleep.

Martha had too been unable to get any sleep last night, because of thoughts of Jack constantly running through her mind. She went into his room, ready to tell him everything she felt and to try and work things out when she got the worst shock that she could possibly expect, an empty bed. She skulked downstairs, upset and totally confused to why he was gone, when she noticed the note lying on the worktop. She read it in disbelief. She couldn’t tell him how she felt! What on earth was she going to do? But she knew the answer to that question, she had to get on with it. She’d promised Dave that there would be a wedding, and she had to stop being so selfish and keep her promise. She was going to marry him today.

Jack tried to focus his tired eyes on to his bedside clock. “E..lev..en.. DAMN IT!” He jumped out of bed and reached out for his clothes. He’d brought with him his formal suit, just in case he was going to attend the wedding. He grabbed it. If he chickened out he could always claim he was there for the wedding, not to confess his love for the bride-to-be. He was dressed and outside the hotel, signalling for a taxi, in under 5 minutes. “To the registry office!” He yelled at the cab driver as he jumped in the taxi.

Jack threw the driver his money and ran into the grand building.

“Hi, Dave and Martha Hotchin wedding?” He asked at main reception. The receptionist looked down at the appointment slot and at her watch.

“Ohh, they’re half way through at the moment. If you’d like to wait outside their room then it’s number 6.”

“Thanks.” Jack said, running up the stairs. He ran all the way, until he got to the big wooden door of room 6. He placed his ear against the smooth wood, listening to the voices coming from the room. 3 voices to be exact, the vicar’s and the other two he assumed were Dave and Martha’s. He could hardly recognize Martha’s happy voice, as she excitedly repeated the vows. He’d never heard her sound like this, and wondered if it was because she was now truly happy. It wouldn’t be fair for him to ruin her big day, even if her husband-to-be was soon to be arrested. Jack leant against the door. Martha could be stubborn and very annoying sometimes, but he loved her and wanted the best for her even if that meant he couldn’t have her. He thought of all the moments that they’d shared, each one defined why he loved her. His thoughts were interrupted by the famous phrase, “I do.” Jack knew that he’d done the right thing by letting her go and be happy, but he wished that it didn’t hurt so much. It hurt more than when he found out just over a year ago that she had left Summer Bay, at least then there was still hope that he could find her and rekindle their love, but now, she was taken. He couldn’t think of anything better to do now than to ring his father up and tell him his problems. But he couldn’t even do that, because of this stupid investigation. All he could do was drown his sorrows in the pub on the corner of the road, whilst he thought of yet another plan for getting over Martha.

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Chapter 27

Jack was sat in Frankie’s, staring into the bottom of his empty pint glass. If only he’d not been so stubborn and talked to her when he had the chance, now he’ll never know how she felt. His mobile suddenly started to vibrate on the table. He picked it up and looked at caller ID. Jenny. He really didn’t want to talk to her right now, but had remembered what Peter had said.

“Hello.” He said, in a depressed, lonely voice that reflected his mood.

“Hi Jay-Jay!” He cheap and cheerful voice had already started to give him a headache. “I was just wondering if maybe you’d come round to beach side hut, I’ve rented it out for the night and cooked you a really nice meal. Please come Jay-Jay!?” Jack sighed, ‘perhaps it’ll do me good to go, get my mind off Martha’ he thought.

“Sure. Cya in 10.” He hung up before she started squeaking again, and headed to the door.

Meanwhile, in room 6 the newlyweds were having an amazing time, staring longingly into each others eyes and trying to make the happiest days of their lives last as long as they could. They finally walked out those big wooden doors, hand in hand, smiling at one another.

“Congratulations Helen and Chris, I wish you a great life together!” The registrar said, patting them on the back.

Jack pulled up outside the hut. He dragged himself inside and called out for Jenny.

“Jenny? Listen, I can’t stay for too long as I’m not feeling too good.” He lied. “But I promise that I’ll take you out another day to make it up to you.” He carried on, searching through the hut. “Where are you?” He asked.

“I’m upstairs, if you go to the balcony you’ll be able to see me!” She shouted. Jack walked up the stairs. Every step he took he had Martha on the brain. He tried to get her out of her head, but he couldn’t, he imagined what she’d be doing this very moment, probably with Dave. Just thinking about them hurt him, so he decided to try even harder to get her out of his head. He turned onto the balcony, and he could see that Jenny had climbed over the railings and onto a cliff.

“Come on over! I’ve got a surprise for you! You’ll love it!” She giggled. Jack reluctantly climbed over the railing and onto the cliff, and followed Jenny’s voice round a corner. Jack looked around, what was so special about this! Sure no one was around, and it did look quite nice, but he thought that she’d made him dinner. Someone screaming his name distracted his thoughts.

“JACK!” Martha shouted, trying to break free from the chair that she’d been tied to. Jack ran up to her, untying her as quickly as he could, until he noticed that Jenny was right next to Martha, with a gun pointing at her head.

“Stand away from her Jack.” She said, “NOW!” Jack stepped away, trying to reassure the petrified Martha that everything would be alright, using solely his facial expressions. Jenny signalled for him to stand at a certain spot around 5 metres away from her, facing Martha.

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Chapter 28

“What have you done to her!?” Jack demanded. He was looking at the cuts on Martha’s face. Jenny looked at Martha’s face, then to Jack.

“Oh, I didn’t do that, I found her like that.” She said, Jack didn’t believe her.

“Yea, did you find her tied to a chair like that too?” He said, sarcastically. Jenny walked over to him, gun now pointing to his head.

“Are you saying that I’M lying?” Her head rose right in front of his, leaving a centimetre gap between their noses. Martha looked on, worried.

“No! Jack, she’s not lying.” Jenny relaxed the gun and stood back so Jack and Martha could clearly see one another.

“Well then, who-” A look of anger came across Jack’s face. “Dave!?” Martha slowly nodded. Jack looked like he was going to explode with anger, which Martha noticed and tried to prevent.

“Well, he did have a reason this time..” She started, Jack interrupted, unable to accept what he was actually hearing.

“You’re defending him now?” He enquired.

“No, I’m just saying, he didn’t do it because he was drunk, or because he was just bored. It was my fault.” Jack looked confused.

“How could it be your fault? It’s his fault! He shouldn’t hit you! It’s wrong of him and I’ll get him for it! You just wait until I see him-”

“IF you see him, that is.” Jenny said, with an evil grin across her face. Jack watched Martha’s face fill with panic and fear, he quickly tried to change the conversation, he’d feel much better if he could just ease her mind for a moment.

“Come on then, why can he be excused to hit his gir-” Jack paused for a moment, remembering the heartbreaking truth of what had happened today, “..wife.” The vows that he had heard whilst leaning against room 6 were now echoing in his head, every sentence that his mind repeated made him remember that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

“I’m not his wife. I didn’t get married to him today, I couldn’t go through with it, it’s not him that I love.” Jack looked up, ‘does this mean that she might love me?’ he thought happily. He was so pleased that she hadn’t got married that he’d forgotten about the huge life-threatening situation they were now in.

“Who do you lo-” Jack began to ask the question that he’d been wanting to ask for so long, but was interrupted when Jenny held the gun to Martha’s head.

“This isn’t time to chat you no!” She yelled. “I brought you both here for revenge, and I intend on having it!” Jack and Martha both looked towards her, confused and petrified.

“Why revenge? What have we done?” Martha asked, her voice was trembling with fear as she stared at the gun that was pointing directly to her face.

“Ha! Don’t act all innocent with me!” Jenny said, growing angrier with each breath she took. “I know you two have been having an affair! I know you’ve been cheating on me Jack!” She sharply turned around, now pointing the gun at Jack. Brief memories shot into his head, painful memories of the girl that he had killed a few years ago, the one that had too threatened her with a gun.

“What? We haven’t been having an affair?” Jack said, shocked at what Jenny was accusing him of.

“Oh! And I suppose you think I’m stupid now do you? How come you have a picture of you and her in your room then? Top draw on your bedside table?” Jack closed his eyes for a moment, picturing what photo she was talking about. Not that he needed to think what it looked like, he’d stared at it too many times in the last year to suddenly forget every single detail of it. “You know, the framed one? You and Martha are laughing at the beach?” Jack awoke from his daydream, and looked up at Martha, who clearly knew about the photo she was talking about. She smiled to herself, unaware Jack was watching. She didn’t smile because she was happy about her situation, but she was joyful that Jack too had kept the picture of them taken on the day they were on the beach. She thought back to the time when it was taken, one of their last dates. Jack had got a new camera and, being a typical bloke, wanted to go out and try his new toy out, so they sat on the beach, each taking a turn to pose for the camera. Jack had just figured out how to do self-timing, and had set it up facing Martha and ran to join her. They’d both agreed that it was the best picture, and he printed two off, giving one to Martha, and keeping one for himself. Martha had then surprised him by sneaking into his room one day and placing it into a photo frame. Martha noticed that Jack was looking at her, and they both quickly looked down when their eyes met. Jack was slowly thinking about what Jenny had just said.

“When were you in my room!?” He shouted. Jenny smiled sweetly.

“Oh, when I popped over to see why my boyfriend wasn’t answering my calls your dad Tony and your brother Lucas left me in your house alone. Very trusting of them actually.”

“You’re not even my girlfriend!” He shouted. “I haven’t had one in a year now, and you think I’d start with a nutcase like you!” Jenny looked offended.

“What are you talking about? If we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend then why did you stay with me on Saturday night at the hotel?” She asked. Martha looked down, uncomfortable and hurt, she didn’t want to hear about this, it was bad enough knowing that it happened, but she didn’t want to have it brought up again, not that it wasn’t brought up in her mind every time she saw Jack. Jack noticed Martha’s expression, he then angrily looked towards Jenny.

“Okay, Jenny, what do you think happened on Saturday night?” Martha was totally confused at this point, what was he trying to prove?

“We slept together.” She smiled, reliving the false memory. Jack stared at her in amazement.

“What is going off in that tiny crazy head of yours..” He asked, not meaning to say it aloud. Jenny and Martha both stared at him in disbelief at what he just said.

“Oh, so now you’re going to deny all the other things we did together then? The walks on the beach, our first game at pool when you taught me your tricks, our first date when you set up that lovely banquet at your house..” No matter how hard Martha tried, she couldn’t hide the pain that was caused by hearing these things. Jack was getting frustrated that Martha believed this.

“Martha, you have to believe me, this never happened.” He said, talking as if Jenny wasn’t there. This was a mistake for Jack, but in his defence, he was trying to stop Martha from feeling upset and getting the wrong idea, that he was in love with Jenny. Jenny stretched out her arms, and aimed at Jack.

“Tell her you don’t love her!” She screamed. Jack swapped gazes between the gun, Jenny and Martha. He couldn’t bring himself to say it, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t, not with Martha sat there.

“SAY IT!” Martha screamed! She sat there helplessly as she watched Jack’s life be put on the line for her. “PLEASE!” Jack looked at how desperate she was, he could see her eyes watering.

“I-” He began, but it was too late, Jenny was furious and heartbroken.

“This is for breaking my heart!” She screamed. Martha and Jack both held their breath as she held the gun steady. Martha jumped up, screaming at Jack to move. Jack and Jenny were both as surprised at each other, how had she managed to break free? Jenny spun round and aimed the gun at Martha. Jack watched in slow motion as her finger started to add pressure to the trigger. He made a split second decision and jumped in front of Martha. The gunshot echoed around the cliffs, and so did Martha’s scream.

*Dum dum dummmm* lol

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Chapter 29

Jenny dropped the gun to the floor in shock. She clasped her hands to her face as she watched the blood pour out of the open wound. Jack lay there, in pain as he held his stomach, trying as hard as he could to stop the bleeding. Martha was knelt beside him, crying and trying to assure Jack that everything was going to be all right. Jack smiled at her attempt to make him feel better, but he knew that he couldn’t be saved, he’d witnessed many shootings and could now easily predict the outcome, death. Jack started to doze, but he could clearly see Martha looking very upset.

“Don’t..cry.” He struggled to talk, as the pain was now excruciating.

“No! Please! Stay awake!” She pleaded, holding his hand tight. Jack looked down at their hands. He loved her so much and it hurt him the most knowing that they would never be able to get back together, but there was one thing he could do.

“Martha.. I..I” He took a deep breath. “I love you.” Martha sat in utter shock.

“We’re going to talk about this later!!” She smiled! “I-” Martha stopped mid-confession when Jenny started to walk towards them, tears running down her face.

“This is YOUR fault!” She screamed. “And you’re going to pay.” She reached into her pocket for the gun that was now only visible to both Jack and Martha. Jack looked up at the fear across Martha’s face, this couldn’t be happening. It was bad enough that he was going to die, but he didn’t want Martha to too. He looked at his right hand, where the gun had rolled after Jenny dropped it. He relived the memory of the girl that he shot and killed, he’d sworn that he would never shoot to kill again, but this one last time he was allowing himself to bend his rule, for Martha’s sake. Two shots rang out from the pistol, slowly knocking her to the ground, one in each arm, leaving her unable to shoot or inflict more damage on either of them. Martha looked at Jack in disbelief, had he really just done that? She knew how he felt about shooting ever since the accident, so why would he do that, just for her? Jenny laid there, unconscious and slowly bleeding. Jack was both pleased and angry that Jenny would live, as a result of her madness he was now going to die, leaving Martha. As he lay there slowly bleeding to death he thought about Martha, not about his own situation. She sat there crying and nursing his wound, she had just rang the ambulance.

“I love you too” She looked into his sore, watery eyes. Jack smiled, he’d been waiting for so long to hear her say that, and now seemed to be both the best and worse moments in his short life.

“Don’t be too upset, Mac.” He said, kissing her hand. “Tell dad and Lucas that I love ‘em! Make sure they don’t think I’m soppy though. You can slip a few lies in if you like, make me sound hard.” He joked, trying his best to get one smile on Martha’s face.

“You can tell them!” She said, “Just stay awake and it’ll all be fine! When we get to hospital I’ll ring them, they can come and see you too!” Martha said, desperately trying to make Jack believe that what she was saying would happen, even if she weren’t too sure that she believed it herself. She could see him slowly deteriorating in front of her, watching him suffer was horrible, she’d do anything to take that pain away from him. Jack wished what she was saying was true, but he knew it wasn’t, he was losing consciousness by the second, he only had a matter of moments left, and he couldn’t imagine anyone better to share them with than Martha.

“I love you Martha.” He said, struggling to keep his eyes open. “Cya.” He smiled at her. Martha was having none of it.

“NO! You dare!!” She pleaded. “Please! Don’t..” She started to hug his lifeless body, closing her eyes and wishing that everything would go back to normal, but it didn’t, it got a whole lot worse. She opened her eyes to see that Jack’s eyes were closed, as he lay there motionless. Tears came streaming down her face. She looked angrily over towards Jenny, who was now starting to stir. Martha gently released Jack from her grip, steadily resting his head onto the ground, and stormed over to Jenny. At first, she wanted to scream at her, maybe poke her, but then she looked at her arms. Jack hadn’t shot her to kill her, he shot her purposely at the arms so that she would live, and then they could have justice, hurting her was not something that Jack would have admired, so Martha left her to wake up. Jenny looked up at her.

“Look what you’ve done!” She shouted up at Martha. Martha couldn’t believe it.

“Me? I’m not the one that has killed Jack!” Jenny looked over at Jack’s lifeless body. ‘He’s dead?’ she thought. She felt like nearly fainting, and tried to shuffle herself over to Jack, but she couldn’t due to the two bullets in her arms. She started to cry, which annoyed Martha.

“Why the hell are you crying? You did this! You and him were NOTHING! From what I gather you only had two dates, one was a blind date, the other he was forced to go on, he did it for ME. He never loved you, or liked you for that matter! It was all in your crazy little mind!!” Martha screamed. Jenny listened to these hate filled words, which only built her anger up once more. Martha stood over her, looking at her in pity and anger. She knew Jenny couldn’t harm her now, Jack had ensured that Martha would not get hurt the second he pulled his finger on the trigger, so now all Martha had to do was make sure that Jenny had her punishment for what she’d done, and she felt that the good old truth was the right way to go. Martha looked up as she heard the sirens from the ambulance and cop cars pull up.

“Over here!” She yelled, she could hear the ambulance pull up and the doors slam shut. “You’re going to get what you deserve now Jenny.” Jenny looked around. Jack was on the floor, dead, and she had shot him. There was a witness of that, Martha. Jenny thought of the first thing that popped into her head. She swung her only limbs that had the ability to move into Martha, tripping her up. She let out a scream as she fell off the side of the cliff, then a crash in the water followed around 5 seconds later. Jenny rolled herself closer to the cliff side, wincing in pain at the dirt and pressure now on her wounds, she peered over the edge. No one would survive that fall, if they didn’t stop breathing half way down then they were sure to be killed due to the impact of them falling into crashing waves, or drowned by the rough tides. Jenny sighed in relief, now all she had to do was make up a story. Jack’s eyes were flickering in disbelief at what he thought he’d just seen, they then rolled back as his eyes shut once more.

Chapter 30.

The paramedics rushed over to them, checking them over.

“Mike, this guy has lost alotta blood.” The female paramedic said, checking around the body. “Too much blood, we need to get him to the hospital, now!” They rushed around as they loaded him into the ambulance, and set the sirens blazing whilst they drove around the corner at full speed. Jack had often woken up for brief moments in the ambulance, confused and worried about what he’d seen.

“..Where’s..Martha?” He asked one of the paramedics, getting worked up.

“I think you should relax and not talk mate, let’s just get you better first.” The paramedic answered whilst checking the blood drips and the monitors.

“No. Tell me, where’s Martha?” Jack said, getting frustrated and worried at why they weren’t telling him. The ambulance crew looked at one another, as if to have a mental conversation.

“She’s fine, I briefly looked at her and she will live, don’t worry mate.” He said. Jack relaxed and closed his eyes.

“He’s out, AGAIN” The paramedic angrily said.

Back at the cliffs, another paramedic team was assisting Jenny, the police had backed down after Jenny was “too traumatized” to talk. This gave her more thinking time, but also more worrying time. When the paramedics rushed over to Jack, he was rushed into hospital, she thought that he would have been covered up or something. ‘He’s alive’ she whispered. Her body filled with happiness as she thought about where their relationships and lives would lead if he survived.

At the hospital Jack and Jenny were both rushed into surgery. Jenny’s surgery took less time, as she was not in the same state that Jack was in, this was because the bullet hadn’t gone through any major organs, unlike Jack. She was shown into a cubicle, and the police went in to question her.

Jack was lying in the hospital bed, he had just regained consciousness and still had his eyes closed. He could hear the doctor talking.

“It was touch and go for a while, but we’ve managed to extract the bullet from his stomach, and he should hopefully wake up soon. Then we can monitor his health, the next 24 hours are the most important in his health, we’ll know more tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” A voice mumbled, he heard footsteps enter his room, which then followed with the dragging of a chair and a hugh sigh of relief. He felt his hand being touched and a head resting next to it. ‘Martha!’ He thought! He used all his strength to pick up his other hand and gently stroke her head. She jumped up.

“JACK!” She said, “I’m so glad you’re okay! I thought that I’d lost you.” Jack’s eyes shot open in reaction to the familiar voice he’d heard.

“What are you doing here!?” He shouted, whipping his hand away. “Get Out!” He demanded. Jenny looked hurt and upset, she reached out for his hand again but he moved it and pressed his nurse buzzer.

“Get Out!” He yelled. The nurse came in, responding to both the buzzer and the yell. Jenny stood up.

“Fine, I’m going.” She said. Jack sat there for a few minutes, thinking about what had happened on the Cliffside, how lucky he was to be alive, when it suddenly dawned on him. ‘Where’s Martha?’ He thought. He could hear Jenny snivelling outside his private cubicle door, so he shouted her in.

“I’m so glad you decided to forgive me.” She smiled, walking in.

“I haven’t.” Jack said sternly. “I want to know where Martha is, is she okay?” Jenny’s face turned away from the usual giddy, excited expression that she usually has plastered on her face, it was now onto a pure evil look, worse than what it had been like when he first saw her with the gun, it was the same face as.. Jack got a flashback back at the Cliffside, where Jenny knocked Martha’s legs and she fell off the cliff, screaming.

“JENNY!! Please don’t say you knocked her off that cliff!” Jack pleaded with her, he would do anything for his flashback to just be a dream.

“She kept telling me lies, like you didn’t love me, and she also said that I was going to get what I deserved, what ever that means! She was the one that got what she deserves, after shooting you, then me. She was crying when she said you were dead, acting as if she really cared, like her life was over or something! Crazy loon…” Jack was stunned at what he’d just heard, he’d always had his suspicions ever since she found him at Dave’s house, but now he knew for definite that she was mentally ill. “Where is she? She’s not..” Jack couldn’t say it, he felt saying it would make it even more real.

“Dead? Oh yes, for definite. I have a feeling she died halfway down, her scream didn’t last until the crash I heard in the water, her body is probably swept away now from the large waves, so it’s okay, no one will know.” She winked. Jack, for the first time in years, started to cry. He cried because he was angry and frustrated at how Jenny could just talk about this, like she was in the right. But most of all, he was crying because of Martha. It was only a few hours ago that he was the one dying, and now he was alive, and Martha was dead. He couldn’t think straight; memories of him and Martha were running through his head, both happy and sad. He laid there, his eyes filled with tears, and his face filled with anger. He rolled over with his back to Jenny. He couldn’t face her. Every time he saw her, he was reminded of Martha’s scream. He just wanted to wake up to find it has all been a nightmare, but it wasn’t. He wanted to swap places with Martha; he didn’t want to live his life without her. He couldn’t get over the fact that he’d eventually told her his feelings, and found out that she felt the same, for her to be taken away from him. He grew angrier and angrier as he thought of how scared, upset, and alone she must have felt, just like he was feeling now. He slapped his hands to his forehead, trying to stop himself thinking, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t stop asking himself how he was going to live the rest of his life, without Martha.

This is the last chapter to Undercover Cop! Please read the sequel, Undercover Cop 2! LOL (Isn't the name just imaginative? :P) It'll be up soon. I don't know when to post it, maybe now, maybe later, maybe tomorrow? I'll just be random about it! lol


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