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Undercover Cop!

Guest Nicom

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Story Title: Undercover Cop!

Type of Story: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None

Summary: Jack's got his first undercover job in the city, but who's the inside help?

Okay, be nice people, this is my first! lol

Here's the story so far...

Jack had taken Martha to Corey’s jail, to overcome her fear of him. His plan worked, and Martha’s nightmares and panic attacks never occurred afterwards, but the thoughts of him still lingered in her head. Everything would remind her of how stupid she’d been for believing Corey’s lies and how embarrassed she felt that she didn’t believe Jack when he tried to warn her. Family and friends assured her that it wasn’t her fault, but she still felt very guilty for not trusting Jack. She felt awkward when around him, and often bailed at last minute when Jack and her had arranged to meet in the diner for a friendly chat. Jack wasn’t aware of her guilty conscience and assumed it was because she didn’t like him. This is why, when he found out that Martha’s gun had gone missing, Jack was angrier than he would normally have been. They were soon in a full-blown argument, which left Martha and Jack on none talking terms.

The next day, Martha and Jack felt truly awful, but both were too stubborn to say so. Jack felt that the only way he could get rid of his feelings towards her was to stay out of her way, and Martha had the very same idea. And when Martha’s friend rang up from the city, listening to how everything in the bay reminded her of Corey, and her plan to forget all about Jack, she came up with a solution. Martha should go to the city and live with her. Martha was unsure at first. That would mean leaving her friends and family behind. Her friend in the city, Claire, insisted that she could still keep in touch, and this way she didn’t have to live around the bay and be reminded of Corey, or bumping into Jack. Martha finally agreed. She convinced Alf that it was a good idea, and packed her bags. She was to leave the following week.

At first, she didn’t want to tell Jack, because it would seem like she was a little girl, running away from her problems, but as the days grew closer to her leaving the bay, she really wanted to tell him. She knew that the only way that she’d stay is if Jack asked her too. But she knew that wasn’t going to happen, as Jack had been avoiding her and he probably wouldn’t care if she left after all the problems she’d put him through. How wrong was Martha?

Jack was unaware of Martha’s plans to go to the city, so he stayed out of her way, following his plan. He received a text from her the day she was leaving, asking if they could meet up, she was going to tell him about her leaving the bay. But he simply ignored it and switched his phone off, leaving Martha heartbroken and with more passion than ever before to leave.

Later on in the evening, Jack decided to swallow his pride and go down to Noahs, to talk and apologize to Martha. She wasn’t there so he went to her and Alf’s apartment. “Weird” he thought, she wasn’t there either. He returned back to Noahs and sat down with an upset looking Tasha and Robbie.

“What’s up Tash?” Jack asked. Robbie put his arm around her.

“She’s a bit upset because of Mac.” He said. Jack looked confused.

“Why, what has she done now?” Jack said. Tasha and Robbie looked at each other.

“You don’t know do you?” Tasha said, wiping away the tears. It was obvious by Jack’s face that he had no idea what was going on. “Mac’s moved to the city with her friend Claire. She said she wanted a change of scenery after the Corey thing. I thought she’d have told you. I’m sorry I would have told you if I’d realised.” Jack’s face fell. “She’s gone.” He thought.

I might post the second chapter later, just so you have a little idea where this story is going..

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Chapter 2.

1 Year Later..

Jack was at the station catching up on his paperwork when his mobile rang. He looked at the caller ID. “Jenny” He muttered, he put it back face down on the table letting it go onto answer phone. Just then, Constable Lara stuck her head in the room.

“Jack, the Sarg wants you to go to his office when you’ve finished up.” She smiled and disappeared back around the corner of the door. Jack collected his paperwork and went to the office. Jack swung his head around the corner of the door.

“You wanted me Sarg?” He asked.

“Yes, come in Constable, shut the door behind you and take a seat.” Jack did as he was told and curiously looked up at his boss. “So you’ve been with us for just over a year now, and I can see you are a very talented officer.”

“Thanks Sarg” Jack smiled.

“This is why I’d like to see what your really capable of. Sydney’s police force have asked me for my best young constable to join them in an undercover private investigation. And I’d like you to go. So you up to it?” Jack grinned.

“Thanks Sarg. Of course I’ll go!” Jack said eagerly.

“Good.” Smiled Sergeant McGrath. “You’ll be leaving tomorrow. Here are all the details.” He passed him a brown envelope. Jack stood up and reached out for the envelope. Sergeant McGrath maintained a firm grip. “Just remember not to tell the whole world about this. Just very close family if you need to.”

“Sarg.” Jack nodded. Sergeant McGrath released his grip and Jack happily walked out of the office. He’d always wanted to go undercover, and now it was finally his chance to prove that he could do it. When he got into his car he ripped open the envelope. He had to be at the airport by 10 the next morning! “Better get home and get packed” he thought. He smiled all the way home.

The next morning he was all packed and ready to leave. He paced around the living room. He looked up at the clock.

“Where is that damn taxi!?” He said. Tony and Lucas laughed as they put their jackets on.

“Sorry mate. We’re ready now.” Tony smiled. Jack darted confused looks at Tony and Lucas. “You really thought I’d book you a taxi instead of driving you to the airport?” He laughed. “Come on.” Jack smiled to himself as he picked up his suitcase and headed out the door.

Jack had no problems checking in and boarding the plane, nor did he during the flight or in Sydney airport. It was going very well. After giving Tony and Lucas a quick call letting them know he was in Sydney and was safe, he strolled along to the man holding up his name on a card.

“Hi.” Jack smiled. He put down his suitcase and offered his hand. “Jack Holden.” The man smiled and shook his hand. Jack thought how exciting this all was, but soon realised that he was on police business and should act as professional as possible, so he swallowed his excitement and calmly followed the man who was now leading him to a four-by-four. The windows in the back were all blacked out, and the reflection from the Sydney sun was almost blinding. He hopped in to find a smartly dressed woman. She passed him a file that was clearly marked “Hotchin Drug Scam.”

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Chapter 3

Sydney?? Now why does that sound so familiar...

During the ride to the hotel, the smart woman, Detective Sammy Youngs, filled Jack in on the investigation. Dave Hotchin is a major drug dealer that supplies drugs to almost 100 people in the city, but it isn’t the drugs that the Sydney police want him to be arrested for. When the customers don’t pay Dave Hotchin their bill, he results in violence. They have linked him to 7 murdered and 4 missing people, but cannot get enough evidence to support their beliefs that he killed them. They’ve been looking for a way to get him for about 2 years now and with no luck, but a recent girlfriend has come forward with her suspicions, and agreed to work with the police to find enough evidence to put him away. The police, however, need a trusted constable to work with the girlfriend to help in the investigation, this is where Jack comes in. He needs to first form a friendship with Dave Hotchin, and move in with him. When he has done this, the police will get in touch and talk about his next actions. Before he exits the car, he has to give all his credit cards and his personal things such as his mobile to the woman, for obvious reasons. He was then given a new mobile and a wallet that held new credit cards and a drivers licence with a new name on. He will introduce himself to Dave as Jack Robins.

Jack signed in at reception and then went to his room. He collapsed on his bed letting out a sigh. He heard something squash underneath him, he sat up and looked at the creased envelope. Inside were his first instructions.

“Be at Craytons Bar on Hyefield Road for 6pm. There you will meet a guy called Frank serving at the bar. Ask about Dave, and show your interest in wanting to talk to him. Make sure he shows you who Dave is. We will be in touch. Destroy this letter.”

Jack looked at his watch. He had enough time to go have a shower, get a change of clothes and have a walk around Sydney before going to Craytons Bar. He ripped up the letter several times before walking to the bathroom.

As Jack wandered around the busy roads of Sydney, he often checked his watch, counting down the hours until he was officially undercover. He gazed up at the road signs. “Sydney Centre, Sydney Fishing Park, Sydney..” Every time he read the word Sydney he felt as if he was forgetting something. Then it suddenly dawned on him. Martha. He’d tried to forget about her over the past year, but every so often he’d see the cliffs where they shared their first kiss, the pathway where they laughed as she did her nudey run, and the car park where they argued. He’d never forgiven himself for yelling at her the way he did and not replying to her text. Why had he been so damn stubborn? He remembered how much he’d actually despised this city for taking her away, it was the only thing he could blame it on, apart from himself that is. He wondered if he’d bump into her. “Nah, it’s a big city! What are the chances I’d see her?!” He told himself. Even if he did see her, what would he say? Part of him was still furious with her leaving without even making an effort to tell him. They might not have been together at the time, but he thought that he might have meant more than that. They were getting on pretty well before she started to avoid him. He sat down on a park bench, staring into the busy traffic. Suddenly, something in his head woke him up from his daydream and he looked at his watch. “15 minutes!” He smiled as he got up and made his way to the bar.

Next one will probably be up later today! :D Please reply and tell me what you think :D

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Chapter 4

He strolled into the dark, smokey pub. The odd wall lamp occasionally lit up the smooth, maroon walls that were covered in black and white photos of celebrities. Jack walked up with his hands in his pockets and gazed up at the well-known heroes.

“Amazing to think they’ve all been right here in Sydney.” A croaky voice said. Jack turned around to face the bar man. “Look, even ‘the king’ himself.” He pointed to the large picture of Elvis styling his trademark hair. Jack smiled and walked over to the bar.

“Can I have a beer please?” He said, whilst pulling up a stool. The barman nodded and passed him a beer, he leant on the bar and stared at him.

“Your new round here, right?” The bar man said. Jack nodded. “My name’s Frank. What brings you round here then?” Jack smiled as he realised he’d just got the perfect opportunity to start his mission.

“I’m Jack, and I’ve actually came to see a man called Dave Hotchin, do you know him?” Jack asked.

“Yea, he’s over there in the corner.” Frank pointed over to a dark corner, smothered in smoke.

“Thanks mate.” Jack said, handing the beer money over to him. “Keep the change.” He got up and walked through the layer of thick smoke that was surrounding Dave like a blanket.

“What do you want?” Dave growled.

“You actually. Can I sit down?” He asked. Dave hesitated with his answer.

“Yea, sure.” He sighed. Jack sat down opposite.

“It’s nice to finally meet the man behind it all.” Smiled Jack.

“Behind what?” Dave sat up straight.

“Supplier to about 100 people! I’m impressed.” Jack took a drink of his beer, then returned it back to the foam, ash covered coaster. “My name is Jack Robins, and I was wondering if you had any jobs going.” Dave gave a sigh of relief as he rested back in his chair.

The two talked for a while, Jack created a quick drug background for himself. Dave instantly liked Jack. He liked his attitude, and the fact that he didn’t ‘beat around the bush’ in getting what he wanted. They talked for hours about football, TV and about life in general. But it was the last topic that really surprised Jack.

“So, you got a girlfriend Jack?” Dave asked.

“Nope.” He sighed, taking his last mouth full of beer.

“Awww, that’s a shame. I’ve got a great one! I’ve only known her for about two months, but she’s fantastic! She’ll be back at the house now I should imagine. Do you want to meet her?” Dave didn’t really ask, as he was already picking up his keys and wallet, and gesturing Jack to get up.

“Yea, sure! Does she live with you?”


“Wow, after only 2 months!”

“I know. She insists that we’re not ‘living together’ as such, and that she has to pay rent each week. But I’m telling you, she’s the one.” He smiled. Jack was quite surprised at this. He’d read his profile and he felt it hard to imagine that a tough drug dealer could actually fall in love. “Now are you coming or what?”

“You sure?”

“Yes! She’ll be happy to see you, and you’ll LOVE her! Trust me! You’d be a fool not to!” They laughed as they walked out the door. Jack smiled to himself. He was right on track.

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Chapter 5

Meet the Gilfriend..

They pulled up to a small, country house surrounded by trees and woodland. Jack looked around. This was such a major contrast to the busy, polluted roads in Sydney. It was hard to believe that they were in the same city. He followed Dave through the wooden arch-shaped door, and into the kitchen/living room. As they walked in Dave gestured Jack to be quiet. Jack was bemused at first, but soon clicked onto Dave’s plan. He was slowly creeping up on the woman stood up facing the window, listening to the music that was blasting out of the speakers. “His girlfriend” He thought. This was the woman that was working with the cops, so she must be expecting him. He looked at her for a minute. She looked very familiar, even though he could only see her from the back. Her hair, her clothes, her size.. He couldn’t think where from though, he blamed it on lack of sleep. He smiled as he watched Dave put his arms around her in a bear hug, but it soon faded away when he saw her reaction. She stamped on his foot, elbowed him in the stomach and grabbed his hair to knee him, but stopped mid-way realising who it was. Dave moaned in pain.

“Oh My God! I’m so sorry Dave! You frightened me!” She turned around and hugged him.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Dave said, standing up straight and turning off the music. “Meet my friend, Jack.” She spun round to Jack.

“Hi Ja- ” She stopped. She stared at him in disbelief. Jack was exactly the same, and had been since he'd realised who it was. They didn’t need to say anything, their eyes spelt out the words “Oh My God.”

“What’s up?” Dave asked, confused. There was silence before the pair snapped out of it.

“Sorry, I’ve got a bit of a head ache.” She lied “erm, nice to meet you Jack.” She reached her hand out. “My name’s Martha, but you can call me Mac.” Jack looked at her outstretched hand, he reached out and shook it.

“Hi. Mac.” He forced a quick smile and placed his hands in his pockets. They both awkwardly stared at the floor, until Jack broke the unbearable silence.

“So. Dave said that you and him have been together for 2 months?” He smiled.

“Yes that’s right.” Martha answered.

“Well, you guys must really get on, living together already!”

“He just happened to be renting out a room, it was better than a hotel, so I agreed so our friendship could grow.” Martha sharply answered. Jack smiled, knowing that he was getting at her, but his smile soon faded away when Dave walked over and put his arm around Martha. Jack felt a bit weird. He’d only known himself and Corey with her, and he was never pleased about Corey. It’d been a year, why did this affect him?

“Well, I assume your looking for somewhere to live?” He said.

“Yes.” Jack moved his eyes from Martha to Dave, trying to blank her out from his thoughts. “I can’t stay in a hotel for ever!” He joked.

“Well, how about you move into the spare room here?” Dave suggested. Jack smiled, “wow, this was easy!” he thought.

“You sure?” Jack asked. Martha stepped away from Dave with her hands on her hips.

“Hang on, we’ve only got on spare room, and that’s my room! I hope your not suggesting I move out!” Martha demanded. She knew that if she did then she’d have no part in the action.

“No, no of course not babe. If Jack sleeps in your room, then you can always share mine.” Martha looked angry. Jack uncomfortably looked to the floor. He didn’t exactly want that. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling at the moment, but he knew that this wouldn’t help.

“Dave, you know I’m not ready for that sort of thing.” She said.

“I know, I’m sure you can just put up with sleeping beside me for a couple of weeks, just until Jack gets to his feet in this new city. I’m sure you know how it was when you left your hometown to move here, Claire took you in, now I’m taking Jack in.” He smiled at Jack. Martha folded her arms.

“Fine.” She sighed. “Welcome to the house.” Martha forced an obvious fake smile.

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them :D

EDIT : The sections in red are the ones I've added in, just to make it a bit more clear what was going on. :P Sorry!

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I decided I'd post this chapter now, seen as though it's quite short compared to the others. Chapter 7 should be up tomorrow.

Chapter 6

Jack and Dave had been to the hotel to pick up Jack’s things and were now outside, taking Jack’s suitcase out of the boot.

“Sorry about before mate, Martha can be a bit stubborn when she wants to be.” Jack laughed, “Really” he thought to himself.

“Ahh it’s fine!” Jack smiled. He picked up his suitcase and started heading to the house with Dave, when Dave’s mobile started to ring.

“Hello?” Dave answered. “Oh, right, I’ll be there in 10.” He closed his phone and returned it back to his pocket. He put his hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“Listen mate, I have to go sort out some business, take your bag in and Martha will help you get sorted. Tell her I’ll be back in the morning.” Before Jack could say anything, Dave had already started the car and gone half way up the drive. Jack stood there for a minute, what was so important that he had to go off so quickly? He took his phone out of his pocket, text Detective Sammy Youngs with the news, and went inside with his suitcase.

He shut the door, and turned around to see an angry looking Martha staring right at him.

“Dave had to go for some business, he told me to tell you that he’ll be back tomorrow morning.” Jack picked up his suitcase. “So, where’s the room?”

Martha laughed.

“You don’t really think you’re staying here do you?” Jack looked confused as he pressed his suitcase down into the carpet.


“I agreed on having an officer come and help me, but I didn’t agree to it being you.” She got out her phone. “I’m sure Detective Sammy Youngs will send another officer, she’s pretty desperate to lock Dave up.” She started to dial the numbers, Jack ran up to her and closed the phone. “Hey!”

“Please, don’t do this. You don’t know how happy I was when Sarg asked me to work undercover. I have to admit, I’m not particularly pleased about this either, but I really want to show that I can do it! We’re mature adults, I’m sure we can get over it and just get on with it, after all, we are trying to lock up a criminal, letting our history interfere would just be selfish.” Martha knew he was right.

“Well you’re not that far into it, I’m sure I can still get enough evidence to lock him up with another officer, one that I can stand to be around.” She argued.

“Not that far? After just meeting him for a couple of hours he already trusts me, and he’s even invited me to live with him! And I think Dave would find it suspicious if I just left, then a couple days later another guy came along, asking for a job and a place to stay too! Come on Mac, please?” Martha looked up at him.

“Fine!” She folded her arms.

“Thanks Mac.” He smiled.

“Come on then, bring your stuff this way.” Trying not to give in to that Jack Holden smile, she turned round and led him up the stairs.

Next time..

Can Martha and Jack keep a lid on their anger towards each other?

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Chapter 7

Pretty long chapter...

Martha took him into the room at the very end of the corridor. It was a good-sized room, wardrobes, double bed, plenty of draws, everything you could have in a bedroom really. Jack put his bag down at the door, and walked around the room with his hands in his pockets.

“I’m just going to ring for a pizza.” Martha said, before exiting the room. Jack sat on the end of the bed, when something just outside of the door caught his eye, something in another room. He walked into the other room and looked up at it on the wall. It was a picture of Dave and Martha. He looked down the corridor, and at the end there was a small table with more photos on top. He walked over, and took on hand out of his pocket to pick up a small, wooden framed picture. Again, one of Martha and Dave. He sighed as he studied it. He couldn’t get over the fact that it was Martha who was helping the police in the investigation, why would she do this? Why would she even get involved with such a dangerous man? It didn’t sound like Martha. His thoughts were disturbed by the sound of heavy footsteps climbing the hollow, wooden stairs. He quickly returned the photo to its place on the table.

“Hi” He smiled. Martha gave a quick smile before walking past him and going back into Jack’s new room. Jack followed; he leant against the doorframe watching her organize the draws.

“Right, seen as though Dave has got a lot more clothes than you, I’m going to keep my clothes in here, I’ll just move these together and that leaves those draws and that wardrobe over there for you.” She tried to point with her head, as her arms were too busy struggling with her clothes. After being attacked by the coat hangers for about a minute, she dumped them all in a big pile on the floor and sighed.

“You know what? I can’t be bothered. I’ll do it later.” She collapsed back onto the bed. Jack laughed. Martha sat back up, looking at him.

“What are you laughing at?” She said, confused.

“You.” He smiled. He joined her at the bottom of the bed. “Thanks again, for letting me do this.” Martha smiled.

“I remember how important being a police officer is to you.” Jack nodded. Silence crept over them again, as they both stared at their feet.

“How is everyone?” Martha asked.

“You know, apart from the occasional drama, everyone’s fine!” He smiled. “Robbie and Tasha are still going strong, so are Matilda and Lucas. Oh you’ll NEVER guess who has got together..” He said sarcastically.

“Hmm, could it be, Tony and Beth?” She enquired.

“How ever did you know!” Martha giggled. The doorbell rang. Martha looked at her watch.

“Wow, that’s great service!” She smiled. “Someone deserves a tip.” She said, leaving the room. Jack laid back onto the bed. He was exhausted. He was so angry with Martha leaving the bay without telling him, and desperately wanted to ask why she’d do such a thing, but he had to forget about it and get on with his job. He knew it would be hard, but it was possible. Martha popped her head back in. “Come on! You really thought I was going to order pizza for just me?” She practically ran to the pizza that was cooling downstairs on the kitchen worktop. Jack sighed as he gathered enough energy to get up and go downstairs.

In the kitchen, Martha was setting the table. Jack walked over to the pizza box and lifted the lid.

“Yummy, my favourite.” He laughed.

“Yea, I know.” She said, looking up at him. They both smiled. “Beer?”

“Yes Please.” Martha brought the beers over to the table and sat down. They both tucked in, taking their first piece of the delicious pizza.

“So, you and Dave then, how’d you meet?” Jack enquired.

“Well, when I moved in with Claire, about a year ago, she’d left me to my own thing for about 8 months. But she soon made comments about the lack of dates that I went on, and the fact that I hadn’t been interested in any guy since I came to Sydney. So, she felt it was her place to interfere and set me up with embarrassing blind dates.” She laughed.

“Yea! I know what you mean! About 3 months ago Robbie and Tasha did the same, they got involved, and started setting me up with their friends. At first I protested against it, but you know what they’re like.” Martha smiled at the thought of her friends. “Well, after about a fortnight of their blind dates I was already regretting the day that I gave in!” He laughed. “So for 3 solid months I’ve been having disastrous blind dates.” They laughed. “So, Dave was a blind date then?”

“Of course not!” Martha swallowed. “Do you really think there is such a thing as a blind date that ended in a long term relationship?” She giggled. “No, I met him at a local club. I needed some fun after all the lousy, depressing dates I’d experienced from the past 2 months, and he was pretty fun! That was, before I moved in.” Her smile faded away.

“Why?” Jack looked concerned. Martha hesitated for a moment.

“Erm, because.. I found out all about the drugs!” She said. “I couldn’t believe it when he told me, but it all started to click in place. I thought about all the things he’d said to me, how they all suddenly made sense, this is when I realised that he used violence.” Jack took a drink of beer.

“What I don’t understand Mac, is why, if you’d figured out he was a violent man, you stuck around? I thought after Corey you’d get as far away as possible. It doesn’t make sense that you’d stay with him.” He said.

“It makes perfect sense.” She replied. “What Corey did to me really shook me up, as you know, and I still think about it sometimes. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t of tuned in to Corey’s lies, and clicked onto his evil, sick personality. I would have probably ended up moving with him, getting myself deeper in trouble. But the fact is, you did click on, you did keep working at it until you proved your suspicions right, and you saved me by doing this.” Jack smiled at her. “If I run away from Dave, then he’s only going to carry on what he’s doing, but if I stay, and help the police gather evidence, I can prevent him doing any more harm to anyone, just like you did with Corey.” Jack nodded, he could now see the logic behind it all, but something still wasn’t sitting right, he kept thinking that she was keeping something from him. He thought for a moment. He came to the conclusion that he was just being over suspicious, so he carried on.

“It must be hard though, I’m sure all the Corey feelings come back often due to this.” Martha sighed.

“Yes, they do, but I’ve learnt to control them. I know he can’t hurt me now, not when Jack Holden is around anyway.” She joked. Jack wanted so badly to ask why she’d left, why she didn’t tell him, but he knew that if he started he wouldn’t be able to stop, and the last thing he wanted was to have a repeat of their fall out just like the one over the gun. Little did Jack know that Martha was thinking the exact same thing. She was still furious inside with Jack for not saying goodbye to her. She had assumed that he’d known she was leaving, seen as though Colleen had been told and once Colleen Smart knows, the whole town knows. So when he ignored the text, she thought it was because he didn’t really care she was leaving. Martha had left without a chance to talk to him about it, and had always regretted not confronting him for being such an idiot about it all. Both of their trails of thoughts were stopped when Jack’s phone rang.

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Chapter 8

“Hello?” Jack answered.

“Hey, Jack, it’s Peter Baker, are you alone with Martha?” Peter asked.

“Yea. Dave’s still out.”

“Right, I’ll be around in a second with Detective Sammy.” Peter hung up. Martha’s face looked confused.

“Peter and Sammy are coming to talk to us..” Jack said.

“Peter? As in Peter Baker?” Martha smiled. Seeing another familiar face would be nice after so long.

“Yea, I think so. I didn’t know that he was on the case.” There were 3 knocks on the door. Martha got up and let them in.

“Good-day” Jack said, when they entered the room. Peter and Sammy came in with smiles on their faces.

“Well done Jack!” Peter said, patting him on the back. “This investigation is moving very smoothly.” He smiled. “Now we just need to continue with the same level of success, but that’s easier said than done.” Jack looked up at Peter. He had never really worked with Peter before, but he’d heard tales around the police station of the great hero that is Detective Peter Baker, and he had grown to admire him as a member of the police force. “I see you two have patched things up then. I was a bit worried at first when I found out that it was going to be you two.” Martha and Jack looked awkwardly at one another. “But after hearing from your Sergeant about you Jack, I had full faith that you’d overcome the problems and get on with the job in hand, and it looks like you’ve proved me right.” Peter smiled.

“So, what’s next?” Jack asked. Peter sighed.

“Well, it’s kind of up to you. You’ve formed a friendship and moved in with Dave, that’s great! Now you need to abuse it. Make sure you find information out on Dave. You know what to look for, anything suspicious and you tell us. The main thing for you two to concentrate on is communication. Have a good communication with Dave, and a good one with each other. You’ll need as much information as you can get, but be careful, if Dave suspects anything, we want you out. Understand?” Martha and Jack nodded. “Oh, and Jack you’ve got some messages on your mobile, from Jenny. I suggest you ring her up and make up a reason for why you can’t get in touch, she’s very persistent in going out with you again!” Peter joked around, playfully elbowing Jack. He gave Jack a piece of paper with the messages on and the number.

“Cya guys!”

“Cya!” Martha and Jack said. Jack looked down at the sheet of paper that was laid down flat on the table. He flicked through the pages of messages that had all been left by Jenny asking for another date. Jack sighed.

“Let’s have a look.” Martha said, sliding the paper towards her. She picked it up and glanced through them, laughing. “She’s playing hard to get then, eh?” She laughed. “I can’t believe you’ve actually got a girlfriend-” Martha giggled. Jack suddenly snapped out of his daydream.

“What’s that supposed to mean Martha?” He said.

“I don’t know, I just guessed as soon as we got talking about me and Dave that you hadn’t. I can read you like a book.” She said, still chuckling away at the desperate messages. “Who the heck is this girl anyway?” She burst out laughing, pointing at a particular message that was literally begging him for another date. Jack snatched the papers off her.

“Jenny. My girlfriend.” He smirked. Martha stopped laughing.

“Oh, so you just didn’t inform her that you were leaving because you love her so so much!” She teased.

“I couldn’t at the time, it was very short notice and her mobile was switched off. I’ll have to ring her later, to catch up and stuff.” Martha smiled, as an idea popped in her head.

“Why later, when you can now?” Jack gulped.

“Erm, good idea.” She indicated to the corner of the room, where the phone was located. He got up and walked towards it. He picked up the receiver. “How am I going to pull this off?” he thought to himself. He started slowly dialling the number, when he got a brain wave. He slammed the receiver down. Martha had a smile on her face.

“What’s up?” Jack turned around.

“Oh nothing. I forgot to use the number withhold key at the beginning.” He started dialling again. Martha’s smile disappeared, as she watched on.

“Hi babe, it’s Jack! Sorry for not being in touch for the past two days. I’m on work business outta the bay, and I haven’t had much time to get to the phone. I’ll ring you soon though, and we can catch up. Sorry if you’ve been calling my mobile, I left it in a petrol stations restroom somewhere on the way here!” He laughed. “Anyway, I’ve got to go, missing you.” He grinned as he put down the receiver. Martha was sat at the table, speechless. Jack walked over to behind where Martha was, he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Just going to-”

“AAARGGHH” Martha screamed and bolted up, clutching her shoulder. Jack stepped back confused.

“Woah Mac. You okay? I only rested it on…” Martha looked embarrassed.

“Sorry, I know you weren’t pressing hard.” Jack looked at the shoulder that she was still clutching.

“Martha what’s wrong with your shoulder.” He said, stepping forward and bringing his arms towards it. Martha backed away from him.

“Nothing. I’m fine, it’s just a bit sore from where I got sunburnt the other day.” She smiled. “I know, stupid me for getting sunburnt. Anyway, I’m tired so going off to bed. Cya in the morning.” She walked off, leaving a very confused Jack.

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Chapter 9

Martha woke up to the smell of pancakes. She smiled as she rose from her bed and wrapped her dressing gown round her, and slipped into her teddy slippers. She slowly walked into the kitchen, yawning.

“Mmmmm, pancakes.” She smiled, walking over to behind Jack. He looked over his shoulder at Martha.

“Want a Coffee?” He asked.


“Then you won’t mind getting me one when you get yours.” He smiled cheekily. They both laughed.

“How did you know where everything is?” She enquired, whilst turning on the kettle.

“I’m a police officer, it’s my job to be nosey and go through people’s things” He laughed. They were sat down with their pancakes and tea when Dave walked in.

“Hi babe.” He kissed Martha on the cheek and started to go on about the night he’d had, leaving out the important details that were drug related, just talking about traffic and rude hotel staff. Jack had sensed that the mood had gone way down since Dave had entered, Martha wasn’t half as cheerful and awake as she’d seemed before. But Jack’s suspicions were soon whipped out of his head when Dave lifted Martha up by the hand and started to kiss her! Jack, obviously feeling uncomfortable, quickly cleared the plates in the sink and made his way upstairs and into the shower.

Jack came down later to see Martha and Dave joking around on the sofa. He watched them as Dave playfully pinned her down and tickled her. He understood that Martha wanted to put Dave away because of the reason with Corey, but what he couldn’t understand is why she’d ruin such a great relationship. Dave adored Martha, and Jack assumed that their feelings were mutual, so why would you try and get the man you loved arrested? Jack decided that he looked a bit strange staring at them like he was, so he headed back up the stairs, tripping up on the third step.

“Jack, you okay?” Martha giggled at Jack who was now on a heap in the floor.

“Yes thanks.” An embarrassed Jack slowly got to his feet rubbing his knee. “I think I had one too many pancakes.” He joked. Dave got up from the sofa and walked towards the fruit bowl, picking up an apple.

“Jack, I think that we should go and make a delivery.” He winked. Jack nodded. “We’ll be about an hour, See ya later!” Dave blew her a kiss. Jack waved bye to Martha as he shut the door.

They arrived at a small, deserted, retired office block. Jack stepped out onto the cool, hard concrete and looked around. The only colour coming from the grey, bland scenery was the vibrant reds and yellows in the graffiti that covered a small area of the massive buildings. Jack noticed a small gang of youths that had now broken from their circle and were walking towards himself and Dave. Jack stayed close behind his new partner as he watched the transaction of money and drugs take place. He caught on to names, and memorised the faces of the members of this rough looking gang. The deal only took a matter of minutes, and Jack and Dave were soon back on the road. Dave turned into a hotel car park, and parked next to a woman, who obviously knew Dave. Dave smiled at her and turned to face Jack in the car.

“Tell Martha that something came up.” He said, reaching for the door handle.

“Hang on!” Jack said, pulling Dave back inside. “What do you think your doing? Do you know this woman?”

“Yea, her name’s Claire. Listen, Martha doesn’t need to know.” He winked. Jack still hadn’t finished.

“Claire, Martha’s friend?” Dave nodded. “What was that you were saying about Martha being ‘the one’?” Jack asked angrily.

“This doesn’t change any feelings I have towards Martha. Anyway, it’s hard with her being so Christian and all, I’m not used to it.” Jack looked confused and opened his mouth to talk, but Dave just carried on. “Now back off and take the car home.” He threw him the keys and stepped out, kissing Claire. Jack stared in amazement. What was he going to tell Martha? Should he lie to protect her? He could tell by the way she acted around Dave that she really did like him. Jack telling her this would probably hurt her. Jack sighed as he put the keys in the ignition and started the car.

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Chapter 10.

Jack walked in.

“Hello?” He shouted. “It’s me Jack!” He fiddled with the car keys whilst he tried to organise what he was going to say in his head. Martha walked downstairs to greet him.

“Hi Jack.” She smiled. Jack had a delayed response, as he was still thinking about what to do. He wouldn’t be happy lying to Martha, but he didn’t want her to be upset. Just then he saw a big pink blur float past his eyes.

“Hello!? Earth to Jack?” Martha was waving her hand in front of him. Jack snapped out of it.

“Erm, sorry! Just thinking about.. erm..” He didn’t like lying to her, and he didn’t have to.

“Stop what you’re saying before you lie.” Martha said, putting down her drink on the side. Jack acted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about. “I know you too well. Now tell me what’s up.” Jack thought for a moment. “Now, Jack!” She demanded. He indicated over to the sofa. Martha looked worried, “wow, this must be bad” she thought. Her and Jack sat on the sofa, he took in a deep breath before he spoke.

“I know this is going to be upsetting, and I hope you know that I really don’t agree with it! I think it’s terrible of him, and he’s stupid for doing it.” Martha looked concerned, Jack saw this, but he had to carry on. “When me and Dave had finished off dealing, he drove to a hotel, where I left him with a woman.” Martha let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Oh my god! You scared me so much!” She laughed, she got up and was pouring herself a drink when a confused Jack spoke up.

“What do you mean? You knew about this?” Jack asked. Martha turned around, drinking her glass of water. She nodded.

“Yea, he doesn’t know I know, obviously.” She smiled. “I’m not really that bothered, at first I was. I was furious that he’d do that to me! But, when I thought about it, I got over it.”

“But I thought you really liked him. I’ve seen you two together, your laughing and joking and having a great time.” Martha sat back down on the sofa with Jack.

“We laugh and joke just like friends do! I’ve come to realise that I don’t feel anything more towards him than just friendship, just like I did with Cor-” Martha stopped dead in her sentence, realising what she’d just let out. Jack looked angry.

“With Corey!?” He fumed. Martha looked down to her glass. “Damn” she thought. Martha may not have been looking at Jack, but he was certainly looking at her, and she could feel his angry eyes staring at her in disbelief and disgust. He angrily stood up. “So you never liked Corey then?” Martha looked up at him, she nodded shamefully. Jack couldn’t believe it. “Was it all to make me jealous then!?” He went to storm upstairs, when something crossed his mind that made him, if possible, angrier. “I asked you if you could forgive me, but you said that you and Corey were together.” He’d now turned around to Martha. You could tell that Jack was thinking this through as he was saying this. “But, you didn’t like Corey..” He said, slowly walking back towards her. Martha wasn’t saying anything. “So that was a lie then. You just didn’t want to get back with me.” Jack looked at Martha for a response, but she couldn’t give one. This annoyed Jack, he felt that she couldn’t be bothered to give him an answer. “I can’t believe you! You knew that I liked you, but you still carried on with Corey! It was obviously going to affect me wasn’t it!” He shouted. Martha picked her head up.

“Jack I-”

“No! I don’t want to hear it! You’re not the Martha that I cared for, the one that I longed to be with. I don’t know you.” He said, disgusted, and with that he left the house, slamming the door on his exit.

Martha sat in silence in the exact same place for an hour, thinking about what she’d done. She felt awful, but at the time she had her reasons, but the way Jack had talked about her, the way Jack had looked at her, made her feel disgusted with herself. She could see from his face that Jack had for that moment felt hatred towards her. He’d never looked at her like that before, and she really didn’t like it. She thought back to that night when he’d told her his feelings, and asked for another chance. She wanted to say yes, so badly, but it really hurt her when they split up and she knew that there would always be a chance that they could split up again. And she didn’t want to feel like that ever again, so if they weren’t together, then there was no way they could break up, therefore avoiding the tears that she had cried then. “What can I do?” Martha thought. She’d forgotten all about being mad at Jack about him not caring to say goodbye, she was too busy worrying about him. She sat there, guilt ridden and furious at herself. Then she had an idea. She smiled when it came into her head. “Perfect.” She said aloud.

Next time..

-What is Martha's idea?

-Does Jack forgive her?

-Dave comes home, drunk..

Just thought I'd let you know, it's all going on in next chapter! :P I couldn't really say anything on the "Next time.." without totally giving it away though.

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